Menace II Society (1993) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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A young street hustler attempts to escape the rigors and temptations of the ghetto in a quest for a better life.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Albert Hughes
Stars: Tyrin Turner, Larenz Tate
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 118 found boring (9.32%)

One-line Reviews (47)

I must say that some of the acting seems a bit corny now, but the images, characters and the story are still as gripping as ever.

The movie is hilarious, sad, suspenseful and very educational for those who think there is racial equality in USA.

Boy 'n' the hood is similar, but is a morality play and also coming of age drama.

It makes the movie so much more exciting and keeps you watching.

So on that note, I highly recommend it with reservations.

Extremely brutal, but gripping and compelling story of a volatile, alienated young teenager (Turner) growing up in the violent atmosphere of the L.

Vastly unequivocal yet breathtaking .

They talk like real friends would, and that makes the whole experience more enjoyable, because you feel as if you are watching actual friends.

That alone makes it worth watching.

As a white, middle class kid who's never set one foot in California, and as an aspiring film critic who perfers Godard over Spielberg, I thought I'd hate this movie just as much as I loathed the pretentious and self-righteous "Boyz in da Hood".

What makes "Menace II Society" so intense was its deep understanding of each and every character,more than justifies their take-no-prisoners approach to film-making.

However,the film was a huge success and became a winner in so many ways making their equally compelling follow-up film,1995's "Dead Presidents",again starring Larenz Tate,who became a superstar in his feature film debut in "Menace II Society" and from here gives one of the most shockingly electrifying performances ever displayed in a motion picture.

It's not a bad one either, but it's all too predictable in the end.

Dark, explosive and intense, Menace II Society is the greatest hood movie ever made.

Menace II Society shall make for a riveting blockbuster remake or an iconic series to be continued over 26 years after it's predecessor.

As a young boy on the edge of adulthood and just out of high school, Caine has no direction in life, and even has trouble answering whether he cares if he lives or dies.

Intense, brutal and with a powerful message.

Intense and Graphic to the core .

Menace II Society, the definitive film of its type, is a gritty and shocking look at the vicious cycle of violence gripping the inner-cities of America.

But in the end, it seemed pointless and it never really went anywhere, even though it took its sweet time getting to that destination.

The many close-ups show his confusion at times and at others, his indifference to violence, implying his slow immersion into becoming like O-Dog.

Such as a brief sex scene later in the film (which comes out of nowhere, I might add) that is very cheesy, and the cliché song only makes it worse.

A great film, I believe, affects you once you leave the theater.

Depicting the life of one adolescent criminal Caine (Tyrin Turner) with little restraint or hints of glossing over the morality, "Menace II Society" is a harrowing piece and fascinating debut by the Hughes Brothers.

One of the most degrading pieces of propaganda!!!!!!.

But by the time Kaydee was ready to leave, it was too late.

Menace II Society is one of the most degrading pieces of propaganda, as it portrays an over-the-top story which passes for "ghetto life".

-Sorry for a few spelling mistakesIt's hard not to find 'Menace II Society' interesting, even entertaining a way.

This is a dark riveting vision of black urban crime.

It left me in awe and on the edge of tears.

The action was intense and senseless; murders over stupid insults or petty theft.

Prefering some formulaic dreary repetitive "realism" type story.

-Sorry for a few spelling mistakes It's hard not to find 'Menace II Society' interesting, even entertaining a way.

Menace II society is one of the most gripping films ever made.

Larenz tate bursts on to the scene here in a stunning performance as O Dog.

This movie may audiences squirm in their seats when they went to see this film,due to the huge amount of disturbing images of realistic bloodletting,explicitly graphic content and strong intense violence,and the raging sound of its raw persuasive language which also included scenes of nudity and sexual situations.

Everybody's out to take what's theirs, so they either play the same game or go home empty handed.

An Intense Hood Film.

It is additionally confusing when one looks back onto a film that is about as morally-sound and positive as you could hope – pretty much to a fault actually.

Strong, Intense Hood Classic .

While widely praised, others have said this film suffers because it is "cliche".

Not as dramatically rich or character strong as heavy hitting classic Boys in the Hood or as well structured as Get Rich or Die Tryin or Straight Outta Compton, Menace feels like the type of small-scale effort that is restricted by a limited budget and tools at its disposal but the way it captures the time and place of Caine and O-Dog's environment is commendable, as the two friends but different souls navigate their coming of age in a landscape that promotes violence as a way of life.

Entertaining with classic dialogue and scenes.

Dutton, it seemed like a dull web of cliches.

Compared to the rest of his character's dialogue, it was confusing to hear both from the same actor, with a huge gap in performance quality.

This Menace to Society is Real but Cliché Ridden **1/2 .

Final Say -Not aging as finely as some of its other 90's counterparts, Menace II Society is still a unique and insightful look into the gang culture that many in the United States have refused to properly acknowledge for far too long.