Mikhael (2019) - Action, Thriller

Hohum Score



When a vengeful man with criminal ties starts hunting down his family, Dr. Mikhael vows to protect them and annihilate his enemy.

Director: Haneef Adeni
Stars: Nivin Pauly, Unni Mukundan
Length: 150 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 4 out of 36 found boring (11.11%)

One-line Reviews (15)

As for Adeni, he'll continue to bore us with more routine revenge flicks (please prove me wrong, man!

Haneef Adeni's direction style is so old and boring.

What a waste of time.

Worth watching if you go without expectation...!!. .

Dear friends malayalam intestry first thrilling and action best for ever you must watch dont miss this chance may be or not coming

Worst movie ever .

kerala first youngs actors unni and nivin high class thrilling movie .

First Half is bit Slow, but has the Elements which keeps us engaging...

Overall its worth watching.. dont expect a bang...

With 'Mikhael', Haneef Adeni reinstates that he is little beyond bland scripting, excessive application of slow motion, Biblical references, and mindless violence.

Lack of script,lack of story,bad direction...

There was a point where confusion started circling, was kind of lost entirely.

The movie doesn't have a Big Story and all, but it keeps engaging us with various emotions...

The minor redeeming factors would include Nivin Pauly getting to be his casual, relaxed self (in the flashback portions as Dr. Michael), a pretty intriguing neurotic angle displayed by Siddique's antagonist character, and the adorable Navani Devanand (who plays Mike's sister Jennifer).

Overall it is a Action Packed Family Movie...