Mission: Impossible (1996) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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An American agent, under false suspicion of disloyalty, must discover and expose the real spy without the help of his organization.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Brian De Palma
Stars: Tom Cruise, Jon Voight
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 64 out of 417 found boring (15.34%)

One-line Reviews (414)

still, pretty engaging, apart from the lack of a coherent plot, theres nothing wrong with the movie - solid entertainment!!!

De Palma is famous for his elaborate set pieces, whether it's the baby carriage bouncing down the steps in the midsts of a slow motion shootout in "The Untouchables," Angie Dickinson in "Dressed to Kill" following a man through an art gallery, John Travolta in "Blow Out" using a radio mic to find Nancy Allen before John Lithgow kills her, the long Steadicam setups for finale of "Carlito's Way," or the wildly suspenseful build up to the pigs blood being dropped on Carrie at her prom, he is a director deservedly known as a modern day master of suspense and the rightful hair to Hitchcock's throne.

At the same time the scene remains unpredictable, with so many things going wrong that it's really uncertain of who will get out alive.

Then to make characters come back to life, or change from one side to another just makes the story even more confusing.

It was plotless.

All that noise made me wonder if the filmmakers were trying to distract us from the plot, which alternates between intriguing and implausable, cohesive and confusing.

But Mission: Impossible was a very entertaining film, and I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the franchise.

While certainly not as breathtaking a thrill ride as other actioners, Mission:Impossible succeeds in delivering a satisfyingly complex, intriguing story and interesting, thoughtful, slick characters.

It has an incredible amount of suspense and intrigue, and I would recommend it to anyone who is tired of the same formulaic Bond-type movies.

Instead, we wind up with a story where we aren't positive why Cruise is doing anything, except for some vague idea, and it comes across confusing, because it's hard to draw a line between his actions and his goal.

Slick, suspenseful and fun, that's what it is.

An engaging piece of Cold War histrionics set in fine motion by DePalma and his stellar entourage of fine actors.

With so many twists and turns, you will be constantly on the edge of your seat.

It definitely is a must see and recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good movie with a good plot and action packed.

The mayhem was so exciting!!

I cannot agree; I found this to be a straightforward, formulaic Hollywood style action/thriller movie, and quite easy to follow if one pays the slightest attention.

Some may think it was confusing, which I don't agree with at all.

Entertaining action film, more or less true to the spirit of the TV series.

I was not moved by it all, as I feel this scene tried to hard to be thrilling, making it quite dull.

That scene alone makes action films nowadays look like an absolute waste of time and money.

This isn't DePalma's (or even Cruise's) best film by some margin, but it's an entertaining, if occasionally annoying, contemporary action spy thriller.

The plot is too thick and twisty for an action movie (hence, all the confusion for the people who wanted an action movie), and there's too much mayhem and uncontrolled improvisation to work as a tight, suspense filled caper like the original series.

It is more than predictable, it so lacks originality that I not only figured out what was going to happen throughout the entire movie less than 10 minutes into it, I even could tell you the lines of each character before they spoke them.

This is about De Palma's camera, Tom Cruise a prop that need only turn up and look appropriately intense.

There were many factors about this film which make it so amazing and so exciting.

The film moves rather impatiently and hurriedly through its scenes of intrigue and doublecrossing (the real source of so much audience confusion) in order to set up its action scenes.

I always forget about this film in Cruise's arsenal, maybe b/c it's just so enjoyable of a film experience to me and so I forget that I am watching Tom Cruise and just get totally into the film itself.

There is one scene in particular that I found intense and suspenseful on a hair-raising level.

The thing I liked about it even the first few times (even though it was confusing), is that I felt like I was thrust into the spy/heist life overnight and had to try and keep up.

Its those type of things that make me dislike a film, but nevertheless the Tom Cruise-led spy flick was overall pretty enjoyable.

The television show was fun, but this movie is slow and boring and has no likeable characters.

Definetly worth watching.

If you want to see Jean Reno in an exciting clever thriller watch RONIN or if you want to see a good film directed by Brian De Palma watch CARRIE , SCARFACE or CARLITO`S WAY

Yes, the plot is a little overly complicated, but there's a reason this film created an entire franchise: it's highly entertaining to see Ethan Hunt and his team take on a seemingly impossible mission.

I found it very loud and confusing, way too intricate and convoluted plot-wise.

With a combination of action and strategy, it can be difficult to follow at some points.

The last action sequence of the helicopter and train with Ethan and our surprise villain, very well thought out, unrealistic, but exciting to watch.

First thrilling installation of the famous saga with non-stop action , rousing score and spectacular images .

The plot is very convoluted with a very predictable twist and the slow pace makes it even harder to get into.

The script is by turns confusing and dull.

) The two or three minutes as Cruise blows up the helichoppter with a piece of explosive chewing gum are fiercely intense and amazing!

MI1 has a really interesting story which when seen for the first time can be a little bit confusing due to the interesting twists in it.

Director Brian De Palma gives us the unexpected, at every turn.

The sharp twist at the end was so unexpected, and very shocking.

Predictable and flat .

'Mission: Impossible' is sort of like an entertaining 'movie: impossible'.

Overall its good and entertaining.


She was highly mysterious,it kept her character unpredictable.

Criticized during it's initial release for a convoluted and hard-to-follow plot, revisiting the 60s' TV series is perhaps the best way to understand what the writers were going for here.

It may falter sometimes in implausability, but the engaging story allows the suspense of disbelief.

The climatic scene was the only exciting part of the movie.

*Production Design/Special Effects: The set design, costumes, and props are all a bit boring.

Okay, so a lot of the stunts were a bit far fetched but what does it matter when they were so entertaining?

Yes, the plot is intense with lots of twists; and yes, it has a lot of quite amazing action involving a high speed train and a helicopter.

The style of the film is great with obviously the iconic theme song being great but also the action scenes seemed realistic but also exciting.

I just wish it had been toned down action technology wise, and beefed up with story believability or replaced a few of the tedious double crosses with um...

Confusing, but entertaining.

from what i could figure out and the fact there were some thrilling moments,i give "Mission Impossible" 6/10.

There are loads of action scenes that are thrilling to watch.

A very good and suspenseful movie starring Tom Cruise in one of his best roles.

Now usually I love a film that takes the audience a while to work out, but in Mission Impossible, I found this story to be too confusing, which did not allow me to appreciate what it was trying to show.

But this movie.. man it was boring as hell, i don't know how i didn't fall sleep in the middle of the movie, it could be more boring?.

though some points in this emotional gap are important to the story, it is just to long and to dull without anything in between to keep the pace.

Exciting espionage thriller.

Thankfully, the boredom caused by Hunt's excessive computer usage is alleviated somewhat by the film's more outlandish elements: Hunt's rubber disguises that are life-like enough to hold up to close inspection, explosive chewing gum, and lots of high-tech gadgetry that now looks incredibly dated and therefore proves rather amusing.

instead of your adrenaline.

Mission Impossible isn't the greatest movie ever made, but it is definetly worth watching.

Whole cast are thoroughly enjoyable, with Cruise leading the way, supported by the lovely Emmanuelle Beart, the increasingly entertaining duo of Jean Reno ("Krieger") and Ving Rhames ("Luther"), and Jon Voight as group leader Jim Phelps.

Director Brian De Palma has given us some real classics during his illustrious career (Phantom of the Paradise, Carrie, Scarface, The Untouchables), but Mission: Impossible isn't one of them, despite a couple of well handled scenes of suspense, a rousing finale, and an impressive cast (Jean Reno, Ving Rhames, Jon Voight, Emmanuelle Béart) headed by Hollywood megastar Cruise.

Watchable thanks to a good cast and intriguing plot devices, just don't expect a great deal of clarity.

A rather dull adaptation .

a very entertaining 6

It was suspenseful wondering if one person might not make it or slip up.

"empty look.

Again, it's confusing and has less action than you would anticipate, which are both things for prospective viewers to be conscious of.

A very entertaining (if unremarkable), slick endeavor.

Nevertheless, "Mission Impossible" emerges as an exciting, suspenseful nail-biter with three electrifying set-pieces: the opening computer heist debacle at an American embassy, the white-knuckled scene in the vault at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, and the chilling train ride sequence as the finale that culminates with a helicopter being dragged by a train through the claustrophobic confines of a tunnel.

I was very much disappointed by this flat action movie and its predictable ending.

The production team was able to take a concept and vague character profiles from the television series from the 1960s and translate into an engaging espionage thriller.

Although not as exciting and good as the third film, this is a smart thriller in which average movie goers might get confused during the movie but this is a solid thriller and it is entertaining.

The story is very intriguing and for every second of the film you feel the tension mounting.

Cliche and insults my intelligence .

A very interesting suspenseful action with Tom Cruise playing a wonderful Ethan Hunt.

However, the plot is still compelling, while on a smaller scale than the other films, and entertains in certain scenes.

Go on, drag out this hoary DVD one more time, and try making the change in your head.

***SPOILER ALERT*** Hard to follow at first with the many side plots in it the movie really takes off when Hunt starts to put all the loose ends together and realizes who this mole, code name Job, really is.

It's not excessively gory, there isn't unnecessary violence, there's no goofball romance, and the twists and turns are unexpected and very effective.

Confusion: Quite Possible .

Mission Impossible falls in the lines of action packed movies like The Bourne Identity or even James Bond movies, smart and inventive keeping audiences on their toes, trying to guide the viewers to think one step ahead with the main character.

The over-the-top stunts added suspense to the thrilling sequences.

Fun, exciting, classic and the weakest in the franchise .

It's just like every other average action movie: Lots of action, not much plot, a boring bad guy and a good looking woman.

To sum up, it had some very good moments, but there were too many boring sequences and bad acting to make it good.

However, even with me paying attention to every single line, it is undoubtedly confusing, to say the least.

With Danny Elfman's soundtrack thrilling as ever and the (quite disappointing sparseness of the) always hummable 'Mission: Impossible' theme tune elevate this movie (notably with the theme tune) to the recognition that only the Bond franchise can trump.

Cruise and De Palma have teamed up to great effect to produce one of the most enjoyable action adventures of the 90's.

As mentioned above, the mission scene was an exciting one, but much of the plot suffers from a slow pace and somewhat mediocre acting (literally with every character), which doesn't help in making the movie more suspenseful or intriguing.

Some of the scenes were boring and pointless.

This is an action packed story with lots of espionage, double crossing and plenty of missions that seem impossible.

Fast-moving heroes seem bullet-proof.

The movie is extremely entertaining, a more meticulous and perhaps subtle 'action film' than usual (indeed, our hero refreshingly never even fires a gun).

This is a shame considering the strong supporting cast and the potential it had to be an intelligent and intriguing update of the original series.

It starts with an exciting build-up set in Prague and doesn't become dull at any point, thanks to the complexity of the plot.

With some good intrigue and tension, a few breathtaking stunts and a strong conspiracy style plot; Mission Impossible is a decent adaptation of the original series, without really being too familiar.

Mission: Impossible is a pretty good film, with top-notch performances from the cast and entertaining action sequences.

Slick and Entertaining .

While I feel it was not a completely bad film, I am a person who was not impressed by most aspects of it, especially in its confusing story.

He is also really expressive in the suspenseful scenes, and he is directly connected to some of the most prominent and extraordinary tension moments in the action movies history.

***SPOILERS*** Action packed movie version of the popular 1960's and 70's TV series that has almost the entire "Mission Impossible" team including its top man Jim Phelps, Jon Voight, wiped out within the first twenty minutes of the film.

Good but Confusing.

In-between muffled protests of "No way" and the physical sense of my eyelids getting heavy, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE is about as suspenseful as watching a plumber unclog a drain.

Slick, Entertaining Summer Fluff .

In fact the last 40 minutes of MI are the most boring I have ever seen in a spy film.

This energetic movie packs unstopped action , hair-raising suspense , exciting thriller , frenetic pursuits and lots of violence .

The action scenes only resort to flashy OTT effects towards the end and the most of it is much better tense operations which are much more enjoyable.

A suspenseful film with a premise that keeps you interest .

The twists, revelations, and plot developments will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Another surprising quality was it's slow movement.

This is perhaps, the worst movie ever made.

As someone watching it for the first time, it truely is even for people that fancy the craft of movie making exhaustingly hard to stay awake.

It only had one exciting action sequence.

The camera work is exceptional with De Palma's trademark sense of motion applied to suspenseful heists and an amazing train ride sequence during which you really get the sense of speed and danger.

Granted, implausible they may be, the film does have the most exciting action sequences in 1996.

The fast paced action is so entertaining.

If it wasn't for the, especially at that time, stunning special effects and many plot twists, this movie would have gone by unnoticed.

But, damn, they were exciting!!!

Also, the plot was a little, well, boring.

My MPAA rating: PG-13: Some Intense Action Violence, and for Language.

Brian De Palma (director of The Untouchables, Scarface) directs Mission Impossible, giving us action, great explosions, close calls and intense scenes immediately after the starting credits.

MI has some very exciting and suspenseful moments, and a cast and a half to enact them for us.

But, despite that, it's really fun and enjoyable.

The sequel was a movie with pure action, because it had a director that goes for a fast paced action movie, John Woo.

It was thrilling, Exciting, nerve-wrecking, suspenseful and completely unpredictable.

It was an exciting and well put together movie, though.

This movie moves with an intense and incredible pace.

Intriguing mysterious spy story with some cool and innovative, well-directed scenes.

All in all, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE is something of a hollow exercise, but with enough exciting moments to keep it mildly entertaining.

This sequence for me was uneventful, unrealistically shot and clichéd, with the way we see Hunt end up being totally unoriginal in my view.

Also the ending scenes with the chase, was very tense and made me sit on the edge of my seat which is very rare for me, it just makes you want them to succeed at the end, and you can really feel what each of the characters are going through, which in my opinion is key to a great movie.

An excellent spy movie that can sometimes be difficult to follow.

This was an entertaining film.

I did find this film to be quite boring and slow at times.

By today's standards "Mission: Impossible" is a bit slower that the other entries into the series.

Highly enjoyable spy flick.

The filmmakers could have chosen to go along with some dark, heavy music or some ominous heartbeat sound effects to put us in the same shoes with the characters, but the fact that it's quiet—too quiet for our liking—makes it so much more compelling.

Twisted, confusing and action packed.

You got Tom Cruise and Jon Voight, some cool action, it looked pretty entertaining.

I'm sure comments relaying that most people found it too "confusing" reached the appropriate people, which would adequately explain the sub-par sequel.

Complete waste of time for anyone who likes either genre.

This is weak scripting, designed to set up big surprise scenes, but which winds up just being confusing.

It is a suspenseful film with a premise that keeps you interest.

I've watched this film many times over the years and I've enjoyed it for its great plot, atmosphere, suspenseful sequences that live up to the franchise name "Impossible" and good acting by the entire cast including Tom Cruise, Jon Voight, Emmanuelle Béart, Henry Czerny, Jean Reno, Ving Rhames and Vanessa Redgrave.

They should have cut out 15-20 minutes of the boring dramatic scenes.

Cruise lives up to his star billing and for me really nails the Ethan Hunt character, Jean Reno, Ving Rames and the stunning Emmanuelle Beart provide able support.

One of the Most suspenseful action movies .

Okay, now that I got all that out of the way; having seen this again on TV recently, first time since I saw it in the theater, I can confirm once again this is slick but still entertaining.

The climax on the train is as exciting as it gets and practically saves the film.

It is an enjoyable thriller and has a decent story.

The most frequent complaint I hear about Mission: Impossible is that the plot is too complex, too hard to follow.

The story is very interesting, but is also hard to follow at some points.

And it's far more entertaining than any of Alf's movies.

What they needed was a really good fight scene some where in the middle of this dull spot, plus deleting about two or three scene's that made it drag on and on.

Thoroughly entertaining.

The camera work is exceptional with De Palma's trademark sense of motion applied to suspenseful heists and an amazing train ride sequence during which you really get the sense of speed and danger.

Glossy Empty Thriller .

Mission Impossible is a film that you have to pay strict attention too,otherwise you will eventually get lost,as it's a very confusing film.

Good and bad, thrilling and frustrating.

If you're not expecting deep sub-texts, moral dilemmas, characters deeper than the average puddle, or anything at all very thought-provoking, this can be a very enjoyable flick.

fascinating .

Childish presentation, boring in parts, very silly overall, noisy irritating soundtrack, unnecessarily long scenes, strange direction techniques, very few real thrills, a lot of hype -- and I never realized what an ENORMOUS nose Tom Cruise has!

It's just a very hard plot to follow and, in the end there's just more confusion.

Slick but entertaining .

THis needs a plot fix, as the storyline is boring.

Exciting and Surprisingly Intelligent .

During this time Hunt is saying and thinking competing versions, and the result is confusing so nobody is sure what to believe.

The rest of the story involves the confusing stuff.

Many have remarked that the plot was difficult to follow.

However, there are many other elements which make this a very enjoyable film - first and foremost, I love the cinematography - the tilted angles which shows how chaotic the situation that Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) is put in.

Another defect worth noting is the film's convoluted plot, which sometimes is hard to follow.

Brian De Palma makes it easy to just 'go with it' by way of an intriguing plot line, a constant array of high-octane sequences and lots of his trademark style!

Entertaining & Fast-Paced.

They told me they fell asleep during it.

The movie has a lot of odd unexpected twists and turns that make the mystery very hard to solve and it also makes the movie twice as suspenseful.

As for those who complained it was too confusing; with all due respect, you need to get out more.

The intense skill to both act and direct that sequence makes the film truly worth seeing.

In the end Mission: Impossible was a fun movie, despite my problems with it, it had good characters, some good tension, and a smart, if confusing story.

Tom Cruise, the great cinematography, and the thrilling climax are what save the film from being a dud.

However, the plot twists were clichés, the characters were shallow, and the storylines were often confusing.

This Mission Turns Out To Be Entertaining .

Tom Cruise acted really well, it was exciting, and they didn't make it all killing, death, etc. This movie was exciting as it sounded, so there was no rip-off.

Those who dismiss it as too confusing have most likely been spoon-fed for a bit too long on a few key movie trends as of late.

There were some great effects in this movie , really enjoyable to watch The movie keeps you on your toes , with lots of twist and turns.

Director Brian De Palma has built an intense convoluted story.

The middle half of the movie is where things start to heat up and that's where you'll be on the edge of your seat.

Unfortunately, the experience is hampered a bit by an overall feeling of dryness, causing some drag in between the more exciting scenes.

Highly entertaining value even after twenty years.

In the past many people have said that the plot to this film is either convoluted or hard to follow.

The plot then focuses on Hunt trying to contact the actual mole in the agency by referencing a specific bible verse from the book of Job (something was mentioned about a "job" in his initial meeting with the executive) and in my mind it is kind of confusing how he knows exactly what to say and who to e-mail to try to find the mole.

Largely by bringing so many great elements together in the scene with slow pacing, great stunt work from Cruise and the way that the scene juggles so many risks from the worker who could walk in at any moment to the sweat dripping from Hunt's head.

He tells an intriguing behind-the-scene story of the two writers writing competing scripts while the movie is in production.

There are a few over-the-top action sequences which are very entertaining.

Mission Impossible is a good entertaining movie.

This can be shown in many action packed sequences in the film when Ethan takes a piece of exploding gum to narrowly escape situations where the audience is felt like he is backed in a corner with nowhere to go.

Mission: Impossible is much more serious and thrilling than the second and incredibly stupid movie, I wasn't imagining Tom Cruise asking John Woo for attention like I did while viewing the second movie, or rather the amount of the movie I could bare to watch.

Quite enjoyable.

A Solid Confusing Thriller .

Director Brian DePalma owes more to Alfred Hitchcock than Bruce Gellar, as the film is more thriller than action, but the film works as an exciting piece of entertainment.

Like I wrote above, one of the most iconic, suspenseful scenes in movie history, is when Hunt tries to break into the CIA.

Clever But Sometimes Boring .

An interesting but slow mission.

In the middle of this wave, Mission: Impossible burst into the blockbuster scene in '96, offering a flashier update on the classic TV series, complete with a prolific cast, some thrilling and memorable setpieces, and of course, action.

It's exciting,suspenseful and downright unpredictable.

It is De Palma's classic ability to build tension and angst during scenes in which the characters are simply laying out the plot or unravelling a mystery that makes it so entertaining.

", etc) and very entertaining.

Though film was entertaining through its Gadgets planing and acting the film's Suspense is not well shown to people they have somewhat ruined it I think.

This potentially intense drama is less than intense.

The badguys are cliche.

Most exciting moment in the film is when they briefly play the original theme music--that moment leads into the Topkaki riff.

There is not an awful lot of shootouts or chases, but it is exciting, and the action is cool and well-done.

The actionpieces are also entertaining and well-directed.

Despite the confusion, this film is still fun to view.

Thrilling espionage, action, adventure, and mystery.

It is just plain BORING!

The movie does have some very good suspenseful parts like the scene where Ethan Hunt is being hung on cables as they try to retrieve the list.

Cruise lives up to his star billing and for me really nails the Ethan Hunt character, Jean Reno, Ving Rames and the stunning Emmanuelle Beart provide able support.

Wow what a waste of time.

The film is a fast paced spy film with lot's of neat gadgets and near impossible feats.

All they achieved is a lot of confusion.

The movie even is enjoyable for the Brian De Palma hater.

Entertaining, slick endeavor.

Thrilling action scenes and a not-too-obvious plot .

Mission: Impossible (1996)The is a taste thing, but I found this movie playing so hard with movie tricks and spy clichés it became weirdly slow at times and weirdly irrelevant.

Tom Cruise is great as the film's action hero lead, unfortunately his supporting cast is quite uninteresting.

As I already said, this film relies heavily on style, and De Palma artfully delivers when it comes to staging an exciting thriller.

An exciting, fantastical thriller action with an interesting mystery plot.

However, some parts of the plot are confusing,such as what exactly Phelps' plan was.


Everyone seems to say that this movie has no plot or doesn't make sense even though everything else about it makes sense.

However, in the writing department, things went a little overboard and the plot is too confusing.

Confusing .

I was able to put the confusing parts aside and enjoy this well made action thriller.

This is really the only one worth watching and M:I2 just destroyed the series that didn't have the sense to die.

The first 20-30 minutes are just plain boring and there are a lot more boring parts to this movie.

There was a good story, which was at times a bit complicated, but you could follow and there were a few tense and exciting scenes.

You just have to get the gist of things, and then it rolls to an exciting climax...

It's all an arrangement for exciting chase sequences and a skilled computer theft procedure, intercut with that most dependable of spy movie supplies, the midnight meeting under a street lamp in a frosty foreign city.

The last 20 minutes has to be basically one of the most exciting in recent years.

I do know others have found it jarring with a confusing storyline and I have to somewhat agree.

It's so intense!

You expected another martial art blow out just like they do in just about every movie, but instead they did this brilliant 20 minutes of stunning action which, as far as I know, has never been done quite like this.

In a film that just screams for non-stop, mindless action sequences, shootouts, and explosions, DePalma instead delivers an involving, complex film with action sequences both quietly effective and amazingly intense, as well as a great performance from John Voight and a charming, likeable, and witty performance from Tom Cruise.

But there are some REALLY good sequences here, and there is even one that I consider to be one of the very best and most suspenseful parts of any movie - the part where Cruise is in the vault.

Any comparison between this effort and the TV series is virtually pointless, as the TV shows were fast, exciting, clever, superbly-directed, full of suspense, with a lot of sharp dialogue, and actors who were true craftsmen.

DePalma directed MISSION IMPOSSIBLE with is usual style of suspenseful, tense, well-laid out scenes, like the CIA break-in where there is the continuous tracking shot of the team going their separate ways to do their various tasks.

There are other exciting moments too, and thank God, as the plot is about as baffling as its lead stars affiliation with Scientology.

The impression is that of an exciting action film; the movie itself is not.

Overall, the movie is enjoyable and deserves an above average ranking because the good sound score and it's impact on the action film industry.

Mission: Impossible has a very complex and often confusing plot and may be, well, impossible, for some people to believe.

Many claimed that this film was confusing.

It was *that* suspenseful and absolutely memorable!

To me a film becomes boring if it becomes predictable - especially if what was predictable was supposed to be a huge twist for the film.

Enjoyable and Entertaining .

A slick, entertaining spy flick that's maybe a little hard to follow at points .

Boring, Loud & Silly .

I think where people saying it's "confusing" comes from is the fact that it's a summer action movie that requires you to think, which most films back then didn't.

It holds up pretty nicely, there are unpredictable twists, and the suspense is *excellent*.

Elaborate and complex with memorable action set pieces, suspenseful situations, and plenty of twists, but they're all set in the midst of a confusing and incomprehensible story.

Overall, very well made and entertaining, if you forget the plot and just let the effects, stunts and visuals blow you away you will not be disappointed.

These are each as unique and thrilling as the last, present only as extensions to an intriguing and involving narrative that rarely, if ever, makes a mistake and constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat.

From Prague to Washington and then to London, Ethan Hunt's hunt is cool, full of trust issues, face masks, Emmanuelle Beart's gorgeous agent trying to prove Hunt's innocence, tense set pieces and adrenaline fueled action.

As a result, human behaviour is of the the most banal, juvenile comic-book kind.

While over all this is an exciting action/spy flicks, there were only a few scenes in the movie I felt were worth the watch.

The lack of action for most of the running time also makes it really boring.

The editing and the incorporation of the musical score is breathtaking, as is the directing and writing.

Thrilling Thriller .

And we can, of course, remember at least two really thrilling sequences here: famous "hacking secret data in the air" episode and the final confrontation on a train.

The plot hums along, and the heist scene is one of the most suspenseful I've seen in a while.

Clever, thought provoking and very entertaining, Mission Impossible is a very memorable film.

There are neat ideas behind it, such as using a digital list of undercover agents as a MacGuffin, but on its own this is all rather dry and stuffy.

To emphasize the action in the scenes Mission Impossible incorporates both slow motion and fast paced motion.

Intriguing action movie.

A cool and entertaining spy thriller.

Director Brian DE Palma brings us this thriller based on the 60's TV show that is from the beginning very confusing, often tedious and overall a big dissapointment.

First, the storyline and characters are thoroughly uninteresting.

The movie is fun, fast paced and full of action and energy.

Its an engaging and intriguing film that deserves a lot more than it gets.

The confusion comes mostly from a number of technicalities that are hard to keep track of and are kind of vital in order to understand the story.

Unlike the later flicks, key scenes are drawn out: there is a real Spense of suspense that is rarely achieved.

There is plenty of action that will keep you interested from start to finish, and it is at times very intense as well.

You can tell they had lots of fun in their scene's which for me makes those scene's really enjoyable to watch.

This sequence, played largely without dialogue and no music, is effective in building tension and literally putting you on the edge of your seat.

Not only it lacks any kind of realism, any kind of acting and any kind of plot, but also it shows us such an old load of cliché that you will be asking for your money back.

No Story, unbelievable Action .

Worse there`s no absurd but clever plotlines that the original series was famous for , this MISSION IMPOSSIBLE is just a generic spy thriller with a confusing unexplained plot.

Anyway, the film whilst hurts on some levels, is enjoyable on others.

All in all, not as good as De Palma's earlier works, but nonetheless quite stylish, charming and enjoyable, not to mention a really good adaptation of a TV series.

Highly convoluted—but entertaining espionage thriller centering around a group of elite, covert spies who work for a top secret government agency.

Unbelievable but somewhat entertaining .

Cruise is his usual suave self, Rhames is entertaining as Luther Stickle, and Reno is appropriately shady as Kreiger.

The interesting characters, good cinematography, fun James Bond-like gadgets, just the right amount of action scenes and one very memorable heist scene with Tom Cruise dangling from a wire all make this an enjoyable two hours of entertainment.

Although fans of the original TV series were up in arms, the film was still enjoyable, with enough intrigue and twists to keep viewers interested.

Mission: Impossible is the best way to make a spy film; intelligent plot, complexion, and intense sprawled action scenes throughout.

I give credit to Robert Towne, one of Hollywood's greatest screenwriters, for being able to construct an engaging story that was full of intrigue, surprise, and tense moments.

He's also known for his themes around voyeurism, violence, and guilt, as well as his many visual hallmarks, including split-screen, slow zooms, 360 degree shots, and extensive use of POV shots, all of which manage to work their way into "Mission: Impossible.

Overall, just another boring, poorly acted attempt at a good movie.

Grade: 10/10 (Action packed spy classic)

The fun is watching the great action scenes with their suspenseful turns.

Fascinating and luxurious cinematography by excellent cameraman by Stephen H.

The first is in IMF HQ in Langley, VA where Hunt tries to obtain the NOC list is very suspenseful as he has to pass 3 security systems to obtain the NOC list.

So the plot is simple (there are some twists, but simple twists that will make you yawn).

Still, it is entertaining enough.

This is one of the worst movies of the 90's.

Even if you find yourself having trouble following the convoluted plot, there are enough fantastic action sequences to keep the film entertaining.

First of all, this is a very enjoyable movie.

Apart from Cruise, who manages to turn an otherwise one-dimensional protagonist into a charismatic lead, the only characters worth watching are Phelps (a superb Voight) and Max, a criminal mastermind, masterfully underplayed by Vanessa Redgrave.

The rest that follows will either be confusing to write down or would reveal some of the surprises that the story holds.

The interesting characters, good cinematography, fun James Bond-like gadgets, just the right amount of action scenes and one very memorable heist scene with Tom Cruise dangling from a wire all make this an enjoyable two hours of entertainment.

Who wouldn't want to see Luc Besson, Walter Hill, John Milius, James Cameron, or Michael Mann directed a Mission: Impossible sequel, though they may be too big for a franchise films, but still, a sequel directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, Gareth Evans, Kathryn Bigelow, Matthew Vaughn, Takashi Miike, or Edgar Wright seems completely plausible and super exciting.

A suspenseful spy thriller that started one of the best film franchises of all time.

Lots of action packed fun.

Blow something up, run away, yawn .

Like most extravagant action movies - it's an entertaining ride that one doesn't question along the way lest one wants that experience to be ruined.

soo confusing that you dont care about the plot in a very very short time - otherwise loaded with jazzy tricks - this is america's answer to britain's james bond - good try guys, next time think abt the plot as well.

However, its still an enjoyable 110 minutes.

The plot is also full of twists and mysterious characters which make the movie more thrilling than more action sequences could.

Tom Cruise's charismatic performance a Ethan Hunt proved that he could carry an action film and the fact that he does his own stunts makes the action sequences all the more engaging.

Someone who claims to have enjoyed this mess might like to attempt a brief summary of the plot, not omitting, as the film did WHY these boring people were doing what they were.

That said, though, it was an extremely well done formulaic Hollywood style action/thriller.

The action scenes kept me on the edge of my seat and I thought the cast was excellent, especially Ving Rhames, Jon Voight and an uncredited cameo by Emilio Estevez.

A Waste of time .

Hacking into the CIA Rope scene was awesome, it was very quite, and suspenseful, definitely his best stunt scene out of all mission impossible movies so far.

This is a very boring action film, i hoped something better because the 2 TV series, the nineties one, and the sixties one were two great TV series.

Helmed by Brian De Palma (the director of Carrie & Scarface), the storyline is quite difficult to follow for there are many twists n turns in the movie that don't make much sense.

Based on the old TV spy show by Bruce Geller, this is an enjoyable, handsomely made thriller with a strong cast, exciting locations, some great action scenes and an intriguing if rather familiar premise.

Mission: Impossible actually has action, characterization, and a compelling plot.

From the now famous (and often copied/spoofed) CIA computer room break-in to the adrenaline-pumping helicopter/train finale, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE is one of the best spy-thrillers ever made, and though I love many of the Bond movies up until TOMORROW NEVER DIES, this film most assuredly topples them all.

This is little more than a formulaic Hollywood thriller, and if that's what you expect, then it delivers as a visually striking and well-paced movie.

It isn't action packed like the sequels are,it's more of a mystery type thriller,but it has plenty of suspense,plenty of surprises,with an explosive finale that will have you on the edge of your seat!.

The film is essentially a series of entertaining, tongue-in-cheek set pieces with tense character interactions as it is hard to know who Ethan can trust in his quest for the truth and THREE memorable set pieces: (1) the early Aquarium restaurant scene in Prague, the (2) aforementioned CIA break-in, and (3) the climactic speeding train scene from London to Paris.

The plot is kind of mannered and all twists and turns are predictable so the story wasn't interesting to me and there is no trace of tension or surprise factor.

John Voights villain was an unexpected one.

The film is so thrilling and is a long hunt all the time, very nice made!

Brian DePalma proved his good direction in this action packed film.

The exciting CIA break in is already a classic and the spectacular ending on the TGV also doesn't disappoint.

The more exciting scenes in the middle are just sort of tense and might feature some spy gear, such as the iconic scene where Ethan breaks into the IMF to get hold of the NOC list in the ultra high security room.

The predictable plot generates little interest.

I like it's confusing plot.

Not just because of how De Palma filmed them, which is a great plus, but because of how engaging the dialogue is.

A top drawing movie star in Tom Cruise, a really good villain, a big action film director, an enormous budget, and a complex and intriguing story line with plenty of action scenes.

Terribly Overrated and Dull .

The action is intense and the story is very clever.


So this is my review, one of the most boring films i have seen in my life, i give it 1/10.

A very good and suspenseful movie starring Tom Cru...

This movie is an enjoyable, amazing and thrilling movie.

This is an exciting thriller with plenty of twists and turns before the end.

When I first heard of this movie, I was excited because it looked really entertaining.

Which can be breathtaking.

This actually very slow "action" movie, which does contain a somewhat reminiscent of older spy-films, albeit dumbed down, was just a misstep from fairly decent director, Brian De Palma.

enjoyable if difficult to follow .

De Palma's direction is strong whether it be the slanting angles of Hunt's confrontation with Kittridge or the tense robbery of the CIA and the action scenes are worth watching.

If you're willing, you'll experience an incredibly exciting picture that launched one of the best film franchises of all time.

Some of the suspenseful moments (of which there are many) are the best edge-of-your-seat scenes one could ever ask for.

But despite of it,De Palma's direction is also worthy of praise and it managed to be an entertaining action thriller.

Everything is well done and the result is fun and exciting despite a kinda choppy story.

If you find it confusing, you are probably USED to badly written movies.

The result is a film which is, in many ways, insubstantial, but also fast moving and often stylish and enjoyable.


Nothing is quite as it seems and the action is mixed with complicated, and somewhat confusing material.

The overall story is interesting and there are some plot twists and unpredictable moments.

With actors like, Jean Reno, Jon Voight and Tom Cruise the performances are engaging and convincing to build up on a good script.

The roof top train chase, breaking into the supercomputer, the face masks, the betrayal, among other things, all are fascinating ideas, just poorly executed.

There's no romance in this one either which gives the film a "no mushy business" directness but a lack of any human dimension, which is why the film's midsection is quite dull (until we reach the film's now-famous CIA break-in scene).

I had to see this movie twice because the first time was very confusing, with a complicated plot so I had to watch a second time to understand the whole movie.

The result, while admittedly thick, is clever and gripping.

I give it a 7.4/10. If you like spy thrillers this one is cool and I highly recommend it.

Brian DePalma's modern remake of the 1960s MISSION IMPOSSIBLE TV series is highly enjoyable.

Well made high-tech hijinks and full of breathtaking set-up with impressive frames such as the climactic train sequence that took 6 weeks to film at the 007 stage at Pinewood Studios .

DePalma is an infamous admirer of Hitchcock, so I'm not surprised he's happy to hoist such a heinous MacGuffin on which to hang his outlandish, stylized, and highly engrossing set-pieces without too much concern for credibility.

This is a very good and thrilling film.

It has been said that it was too hard to follow and that it did not make sense.

Mission:Impossible is a tightly scripted, taut, very suspenseful update of the old TV series that not only proves to be intelligent, but also has some adrenaline-pumping action sequences.

When they sneak into that vault for the computer data was just thrilling.

Action- packed, suspenseful, and very entertaining.

Obviously the exciting scene of Tom coming through the ceiling on wires and copying the information onto disk.

With seemingly endless twists and turns, this movie is far from predictable upon first viewing, especially with the foreknowledge that exists with fans of the original TV series.

But it's a great start, and well worth watching.

It takes a while to get going with a promising first scene let down by several boring ones until the plot really kicks in leaving us with a good feeling as we leave the cinema at the end.

'Mission: Impossible', directed by Brian De Palma, is an Entertaining & Fast-Paced Action-Thriller.

Mission Impossible is loaded with great stunts, an admittedly confusing but compelling story and a buffed up Cruise doing what he does best....

It's unfortunate they made that 40 minute soap opera so dull and draggy.

Finally, a suspenseful and entertaining movie with a plot.

Aside from this, the movie itself is utterly formulaic, uniting the implausible with the predictable.

There is no story - none; they dash the premise of the original to smithereens within minutes (leaving one to wonder why they wanted to grab the franchise in the first place) and the plot thereafter makes absolutely no sense at all.

Dont waste your time seeing the second one if youve not seen this one first because, this film is so much more cryptic than the second.

Rated PG-13 for Intense Action ViolenceGenre: Action/Adventure/Mystery/ThrillerStar Rating: **** out of 5This film is based on the classical CBS TV-series that ran from 1966-1973.


2) the ultra-stylish, eye-popping, breathtaking, nail-biting, brilliant computer room break-in sequence, with Tom Cruise hanging from a cable on the ceiling---woah..3) the scene in the restaurant with the fish tank (notice how the angles on the characters when they're talking get increasingly more crooked...

Why other good actors like Jean Reno and Jon Voight would waste their time with this is absolutely beyond me.

Special effects crew (the amazing ILM) save their best for last in the mind blowing finale, set in the London to Paris rail tunnel.

Tom Cruise has a long but spectacular stunt (MINOR SPOILERS) inside CIA headquarters that's gripping to watch.

MI:2 on the other had had NO plot, and the 2 hours were just one long slow motion of Cruise with his long hair turning his head.

I also liked it because it was so unpredictable and because of the storyline.

Jon Voight takes on the Jim Phelps role and pretty much contributes the same dull auto-pilot performance that he has reserved for his roles in popular entertainment for the last 20 years.

His visuals, as always, are exciting.

Well as much as I agree with the Chunnel chase as being very exciting, I thought the best scenes were his interactions with Phelps in the final scenes.

There are two scenes in this film that are by far some of the most suspenseful scenes I have ever seen.

The plot was dull and boring about them trying to find a mole in their agency and spend most of it in one room, the characters were forgettable, and Tom Cruise was the only good thing about the movie.

While certainly entertaining the story derails into implausible action scenes as oppose to the cleverness of the TV show.

The problem with all these stunts is that the parts between the action sequences aren't all that interesting, and at times can slow the film down to walking pace.

De Palma is proficient at grand, slow-moving vistas of tension and violence.

Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, Henry Czerny, and Jean Reno all deliver stunning performances.

Lalo Schifrin's original score is cleverly re-worked and it accompanies the enjoyable turns of Cruise, Emmanuelle Seigner, Jon Voight, Jean Reno, Ving Rhames and an uncredited Emilio Estevez.