Mississippi Burning (1988) - Crime, Drama, History

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Two F.B.I. Agents with wildly different styles arrive in Mississippi to investigate the disappearance of some civil rights activists.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Alan Parker
Stars: Gene Hackman, Willem Dafoe
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 6 out of 206 found boring (2.91%)

One-line Reviews (79)

Forget the Sanitized and Inflated Role the Real FBI had in this Case and be Ready for some Intense and Insightful Drama that is Heart Wrenching and Hard to Watch at Times.

Lee Ermey; Gailard Sartain; Badja Djola in an intense cameo appearance; Tobin Bell, making here his feature film debut, years before his breakthrough role in the "Saw" franchise and Stephen Tobolowsky, among others.

Well executed,gripping story.

Overall I'd definitely say this is worth watching; it has an important message but also proves to be a gripping thriller.

Director Alan parkar deserves standing ovation for making a outstanding eye opener , compelling depiction of real social problem is just too perfect , excellent cinematography , screenplay , powerhouse performances by Gene Hackman , Willem Dafoe ,Francis mc dormand made is cult classic thriller , such a movies are gem of cinema , feeling proud on such a talented filmakers & actors 👍👍

The acting is perfect, the atmosphere is compelling...

This would get kind of boring, except for the changes happening within Hackman's character who starts to become more passionate about what's happening as he befriends the deputy's wife, Frances McDormand, and just gets more and more p***ed about stuff.

Interesting story of pointless bigotry and hatred .

Regardless of historical facts, this movie is worth watching because Hackman & Defoe are just brilliant in their roles of FBI agents who "demand justice".

Superbly directed motion picture from an engaging screenplay penned by Chris Gerolmo, based on actual facts and visually stunning, shot by the cinematographer Peter Biziou, who won a well deserved Academy Award, "Mississippi Burning" is a gritty, realistic & sweaty movie experience, filmed on location near where the actual murders took place with even some scenes shot in a documentary style which enhanced the straight tone of the film.

The script is spongey with regional color and snappy, powerful dialogue.

Anyway, (re)watching Mississippi Burning is still a thrilling experience.

The main question looming over the head of Alan Parker's Mississippi Burning is whether or not the film has a moral responsibility to tell its true-life tale of racial hatred and murder in Civil Rights Act- era Mississippi exactly how it happened, or if artistic license grants the creators of the film the right to tell an entertaining story that maintains a powerful message of social injustice and equal rights.

I will say, some scenes because the violence was very intense to the maximum, were rather upsetting to watch, like any scene when someone was attacked, the nature of the violence was very upsetting.

Gripping account of 1964 murder of three civil rights workers.

car chase) music that continues to get louder and more intense the more it goes on.

It's however not really a story that grabs me and draws me into it, even though the subject itself is to me always interesting and potentially gripping and extremely powerful.

So yes there are some flaws with this film and rather ironically the narrative does suffer from being a bit 'black and white' However, it is a powerful drama that takes us back to an appalling time period, and although some of its brutality makes it hard to watch, I did find it to be a relatively engaging story.

You will get an rich, engaging crime drama depicting a pivotal time in American History, and you will never forget it.

The story is engaging and the characters are convincing.

The performances are fantastic, the story is very gripping, and with all the controversy and violence you really understand how terrible this time was.

The film succeeds by being gripping, emotional, and disturbing… Alan parker graphically explores the hatred, motivations and mentality that were once flaming through the American society in the 60's.

Hackman and Defoe are accompanied by a range of highly talented actors, including Oscar winner Frances McDormand, the always enjoyable R.

It is important and it is entertaining.

Lee Ermey, Pruitt Taylor Vince and Stephen Tobolowsky all put in compelling turns as various sinister characters and the film's story never flags for a second, making this film the final word regarding its subject matter.

A stirring and gripping semi-fictional account of the murder of three civil rights activists in Mississippi during the 1960s, "Mississippi Burning" unflinchingly shows the nightmare of race relations in the American South in riveting manner.

Willem Dafoe is, as always, fascinating to watch.

Thrilling and strong movie - like In the Heat of the Night a classic with Willem Dafoe and Gene Hackman delivering strong performances.

This team of experts have created a must see, compelling picture which will leave an indelible impression.

It moves at a thrilling pace, involving the viewer in the sordid ways of racism at his worst, stereotyping that (almost) all of the white southern characters are evil and preaches the audience about the innocent victims of the intolerance and the deserved punishment of their executioners, guided by the eyes of two different lawmen, the liberal moralist - Willem Dafoe and the conservative 'vigilante' , Gene Hackman.

There may be justice in some of these criticisms, but I nevertheless found it a film well worth watching.

It was only under intense pressure that he finally caved.

Hackman, Dafoe, and McDormand are in the center of the movie and they all deliver gripping performances playing off each other extremely well.

The film succeeds by being gripping, emotional, and disturbing .

Maybe a bit too much of a film but still enjoyable .

The script handles the civil rights case with care and avoids falling into melodramatic territory by remaining gripping and suspenseful.

This is gripping from start to finish, exciting and also funny.

It is true to say that the acting from both Defoe and especially Hackman is top notch, the photography and film score excellent coupled with the overall pace of the film makes for a very entertaining viewing.

I found the movie very entertaining and it never fails to keep your attention.

Alan Parker directs such a thrilling movie, with alot of really hard to watch moments in.

Of course, just because the stereotypes are such opposites, the confrontations between them are extremely intense and atmospheric.

If you are looking for an entertaining and educational movie, I can recommend Mississippi Burning.

Gripping from beginning to end.

The was a very suspenseful film, and you sure are right that it will give you an uneasy feeling from start to finish!

Alan Parker's engaging story is both respectful and non-judgemental.

It's a punch-the-air moment of badassery, and one of many such scenes that allow the film to be entertaining as well as thought-provoking.

He managed to be compelling and charismatic and scary as hell all at the same time.

I kept seeing rather boring bits so that caused me to skip much of the film.

A interesting and entertaining film!!!!.

" - a gripping & engaging experience !.

A truly gripping movie .

What you get with Mississippi Burning is an interesting and fairly entertaining film which provides an insight into racial segregation in 1960's America - at least that's how I saw it!!!


This is a very gripping,edge of your seat film,and very well done.

A taut, absorbing, and worthwhile film.

A Gripping, Tense Story.

But as a gripping thriller, it is top-notch.

Still Thrilling .

Among the highlights of this film are an absorbing story, noteworthy cinematography, and very good performances.

It is Compelling Cinema with Outstanding Performances by Outstanding Actors both Leads and Supporting.

Contains Spoilers Mississippi Burning is a riveting dramatization of the real-life investigation into the disappearance of three 1960's civil rights workers in rural Mississippi.

This was a very intense story about three missing civil rights workers in 1964 and the U.

I'm really not sure how to rate this film because on one hand it's an incredibly entertaining police drama that gets your blood boiling at the opening shot and it just gets hotter and hotter as the film moves along.

His delivery, mannerisms and character make Mississippi Burning quite enjoyable to watch from a cinematic point of view.

Another Dark yet Determined Movie from Director Alan Parker that is as Disturbing as it is Entertaining in an Educational kind of way.

Few other films are as powerful, meaningful and profoundly unsettling yet simultaneously intense and action packed as Alan Parker's Mississippi Burning.

The final 30 minutes set aside themes and discussion and go right for a thriller climax with enjoyable touches.

The rest of the movie runs quite slow until about two thirds of the duration, then it goes faster in pace with shorter duration on scenes and sequences.

By simply making it a high powered, entertaining motion picture, your message can be widely accepted by its viewer and therefore making your statement known and clear.

This was a very compelling story,and not a very easy one to watch.

It's true that the civil right theme is told through a white's man point of view, but I think it still remains compelling and well intentioned.

It's a gripping film that should be used in schools and in colleges.

The music of MB is really thrilling, chilling and dramatic, and makes the movie's story even better.

The story of the Mississippi Burning case is so compelling, why fictionalize it at all?

If you are looking for a really dramatic and entertaining movie then ‘Mississippi Burning' is the movie that I highly recommend for you.

Based on true events, this is an absorbing drama about one of the most explosive chapters of American history.

Location shooting is evocative.

This third-act revolution certainly gets the audience's blood pumping, while Trevor Jones' score sees to it that we're pounded over the head with suspenseful anticipation.

**In the beginning, when I taped it I thought it was boring & slow.