Momentum (2015) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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4 criminals steal diamonds from a safe deposit box in Cape Town - including a drive containing a US senator's evil plans. He'll do anything to get it back from Alexis/Olga Kurylenko.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Stephen S. Campanelli
Stars: Olga Kurylenko, James Purefoy
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 19 out of 69 found boring (27.53%)

One-line Reviews (70)


Lifeless acting, terrible dialogue, and an unnecessarily drawn out story.

The main problem is the movie tries to incorporate too many angles, be it may the sinister villain and some unexpected allies.

Unlike most political action movies, the plot in based around a strong female lead and has an interesting and exciting narrative.

I would say that was the worst movie I have ever watched and Total disaster If you have no more movies to watch...

Entertaining Action!.

Morgan Freeman was pointless and why is it that its always either the United States or Russia who has some sinister plan on a hard drive?

Most boring action movie .

The film i thrilling .

The plot was rubbish and the action was so tacky and very far from realistic with lots of boring moments in between.

Anyways, if it's Friday night and you are looking for an action packed film to kick back to, this will not disappoint.

Exciting and easy to follow: I found this movie to be a very good thriller.

Exciting and easy to follow; need Sequels .

Once Alex meets Washington in the plant things slow down and pick up again for the finale.

Plot is basic and easily followed but the action and constant clash between olga and james makes this film worth watching, with a small role in the film for morgan freeman "momentum" is one of the better small production films of 2015 and well worth a watch from the opening scene that looks like a bunch of power rangers on speed to the final 20 minutes of the film momentum delivers.

Sure, the dialogues are predictable.

Super Entertaining with good acting from Olga & James Purefoy .

What a waste of time, almost fall asleep with such a boring story and a stupid ending.

People need to realise a straight forward plot is Not Always a Bad Thing, This Film Was Simple but it Worked because it was Very Thrilling and Full of Action, You also have a Cool women as your Lead character which Helps.

What a waste of time, almost fall asleep with such a boring story and a stupid ending.

Overall you can spend 90mins if you love to watch ladies in action, others please don't waste your time.

Story: Hard to follow, what little of it there is.

It is a fast paced movie and if you do not pay attention you might lose your way.

Although this film doesn't really bring anything new to the table, it's a very entertaining way to spend 90 minutes and I'd recommend it to all fans of the genre.

Besides a couple good action scenes the movie is just dumb and a waste of time.

Aside from that the movie really did play off as pointless and even Morgan Freeman's declaration at the end which suggests a possible sequel down the track, didn't add anything more to the film.

So if you feel like watching a fast-paced, thrilling action movie, "Momentum" will provide some momentary amusement.

What I Liked about this Film was its Dark and Gritty Atmosphere, I like that kind of Atmosphere in an Action Thriller, I also Liked the intense music that was played during the chase scenes.

Worth watching!

Entertaining, unpretentious action movie.

James Purefoy is his usual genius, the man is just absolutely stunning!

If you went into this filming wanting action packed scenes, thrilling chase scenes and just a lot of gun fights...

The interaction between the two opponents was fascinating.

I thought this was a very Action Packed Film and it was extremely Thrilling From beginning to End.

It's quite ironic that the title is called Momentum seeing that the pace is rather slow for an action movie.

As a whole, it is an intense film with enjoyable action that feels real.

It was still worth watching.

It is worth watching and is a reasonable action movie.

The movie is so empty, that they had to fill it with chatty dialog so we would be on the edge of our seats, waiting for the next round of dialog to break up the violence.

There are no plot twists, so don't wait for it to improve.

if you're going to watch cheezy cliché crap make it bearable at least and do a 50 Cent straight to video move at least my man has swagger which always goes well with a brew and blunt.

But this one isn't even so bad it becomes funny, it's the worst kind of bland you can imagine.

Surprisingly entertaining.

A fast paced, action packed movie, you'll forget about soon.

The poor editing really worsened this by making the action looks slow and patchy.

This movie has no soul, no story, no characters anyone would remotely care about, no exciting action, not one line of dialogue that you would like to remember or didn't frown upon.

Did I mention James Purefoy is stunning?

I really enjoyed this one with gripping action, thrills and the chases.

Olga Kurylenko has another ex secret agent movie that I think is better and more action packed, the Courier.

Cute Russian actress, Olga Kurylenko is worth watching .

Very Thrilling and Underrated and a Must Watch!.

So boring and typical.

It's 90 minutes of non stop action with well filmed and violent fight scenes and a fun plot, Olga is an unstoppable badass who is always one step ahead of the badguys and it's really entertaining.

James Purefoy as a Soul-Less, Cold-Blooded Type who Talks a lot about His Admiration for His Adversary and it is one Cliché that wears out its welcome and His Character is Unremarkable and Less than an Alter-Egos should be.

The Film was Fast paced and it Never got Slow, Maybe I'm just a Sucker for Cat and Mouse Action Thrillers, Either way This was a Good One,it was Brutal,Dark and Gripping and I Recommend it.

Dreary and nonsensical .

Olga finds a gun and is ready to shoot Washington but the gun is empty.

If you want to see a girl in action, or you don't waste your time here.

There are some segments of the movie that are dragged out too long, most of these are filled with nonsense dialogue.

This action thriller is surprisingly entertaining.

I expected a film full of clichés and bad acting, but what was delivered was quite entertaining.

Entertaining and deffo set up for a sequel.

Waste of time .

All in all, it was entertaining.

The Music also adds to the Suspense and it makes the movie Even More Thrilling and Exciting.

1 : Action 2: Music 3: Good camera controlThe film has all the elements - and I think (we were 5 who saw it and we agreed ) - it was quite exciting .

The movie is full of clichés and sometimes so boring to watch you wonder how they come up with it.

An entertaining film, with a female action hero in the leading role, that you can watch in a mind-to-zero state.

It's a fast paced flick, with several fights and some shootouts.

There's plenty of action, car chases, fight scenes and more, for those who like an action packed movie, as well as an engaging story with plenty of twists and turns.