Monster's Ball (2001) - Drama, Romance

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After a family tragedy, a racist prison guard re-examines his attitudes while falling in love with the African-American wife of the last prisoner he executed.

Director: Marc Forster
Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, Halle Berry
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 115 out of 528 found boring (21.78%)

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Save your money and stay away!

Despite all of this, the hope and comfort that unexpected love can bring is ultimately shown as being able to point the way to hope and optimism for the future.

The characters, the actors that portrayed them, and the story were all very intriguing.

Slow and difficult, great performances notwithstanding .

While the pace of the film appears quite slow, the plot itself progresses at breakneck speed, and momentous, life changing decisions like committing suicide or putting your father in a nursing home appear to be taken and executed in a split second.

Hank's father was racist toward the African American race which made the plot a little more suspenseful.

His father is a racist, but they get rid of him in the middle of the movie, leaving no story at all except all of the tragedies that occur to the two main characters, which is not at all a plot.

the exact same analogy can be applied to film, this film I loved, I thought a well deserved Oscar (academy members were in agreement with me also)for Ms Berry, not for her being black, or not for the sex scene, but maybe alone for the scene leading up to the sex scene, in which I felt she acted 'out of the box' and drew incredible believable emotions from somewhere, she was drunk, distraught, lonely, giddy, etc. All these confusing emotions then culminated in 'that' scene, it was as if it were a natural progression of confusing emotions, ultimately ending in release and contentment.

I watched it again last night, however, and have seen the intricacity and subltety that is completely driven by the acting of Billy Bob Thornton, but even more effectively and stunning, by Halle Berry.


What makes a story true is not its connection to The World As We Know It, but its capacity to create a reality that holds up under scrutiny in its own universe, with characters who belong to and interact in a coherent and engaging way with that environment.

This was a decent movie but it was slow with a capital "S".

A great wonderful must see movie..i highly recommend it!!.

Moreover, the film's effect has inspired considerable debate and discussion, and that always makes a film more enjoyable, right?

Trite, boring story around a few long, harsh sex scenes.

'Waste of time.

It's about a new mother facing unexpected SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and the circumstance she and her husband face - managing loss and grief, dealing with friends and neighbors who once were.

One big bore.

Disappointing, very long and drawn out...

And much like our human flaws this movie's flaws are in the vagueness and unpredictable nature of the characters.

The plot developments are predictable to the degree that they have something of an inevitability about them, and the 'salvation' of Thornton's character Hank is somewhat too smooth a process.

No plot!

The acting was horrible, the cast just didn't 'jive', the plot was boring, the whole thing's overrated, and I still can't get over how Berry won that Oscar.

Summary: The death of his son awakens intense feelings of love, suffering, and humanity in the previously hate-filled Hank Grotowski.

Although I think the film is adequate, if not spectacular, the performances by the two leads are what makes the film as intriguing as it is.

for instance i thought one character's son was his brother(probably due to the lack of women around)..and it seemed so predictable how everyone seemed to disappear to hone down the cast to the principles....

Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry are fantastic as they keep the viewer mesmerised throughout a film that could be described a slow at the best of times.

Billy Bob is amazing in his confusion over his son, and his love for a black woman when he has spent his life under his father's shadow, as a racist.

(7) The movie is soooo slow.

Who cares if they acted great; the story was boring and not the least bit entertaining.

This is particularly true of the two leads, who are abusive, frustrated, and bitter--until their unexpected affair forces them to evolve in new directions.

) is Billy Bob's father---Peter Boyle gives a sneering portrayal of a man who's emotional range teeters between his matter-of-fact contempt for African-Americans and his contempt for his son, because he chooses to live life in a comfort zone of numbing boredom.

And even though Heath Ledger was on screen for a very short time, it was really fascinating to see him in action, perfect as always.

one scene worth watching .

None of the themes, like racism, social alienation and family drama, are treated in the compelling way they were meant to be treated.

Monster's Ball is rewarding for those wanting a touching and drawn out dramatic experience.

They may be at a lull in their career or they are just financially secure enough that they can do something a little unorthodox.

The plot is trivial and predictable, the acting awful, the cinamatography barely acceptable.

I guess by 2005 they'll decide to get sensitive to Asians, and Lucy Liu will win for her riveting turn in Charlie's Angels IV.

The final scene is so cliché that I couldn't believe my eyes - all of a sudden we're in Disneyland.

Ohhh it is SO much more than that: this is a morose, sometimes mundane, ultimately satisfying 'Sundance Channel' type of movie that prides itself on pure character development and story line.

Cheap,Bad,Boring,useless,waste of time and everything else,Ledger is the on only good thing in this flick .

Full of wildly contrived plot points, bizarre tonal shifts and cheap melodramatics, this film seems the work of a supremely unassured, confused filmmaker.

Billy Bob Thornton also delivered a subtly gripping performance.

Too heavy and slow to take seriously.

Scenes with Billy Bob doing mundane tasks like painting his house or driving in his car are realistic touches that point out the routine nature of real life, but the scenes also often make the film feel slow and boring.

Halle Berry Was Stunning.

It was a bit hard to swallow, but that aside, the acting was first rate, and the subtleties of the performances and the writing make this a riveting and lasting film.

Working from a screenplay by Milo Addica and Will Rokos that is intelligent, incisive and uncompromising, Forster delivers an emotionally absorbing drama that is raw, insightful and presented with a subtle intensity that is so thoroughly engrossing it becomes mesmerizing.

And that forced happy ending tries to make sure we all leave the theater with a sense of hope and joy.

Monsters Ball was one of the worst movies I ever saw.

Dull .

It's a life of bordered accuracy and isolation in a boring environment, inspired by the Southern States of the US.

The movie is very dreary and depressing, it plods along, the story lacks any real depth, there's no outstanding part in the film that makes you sit up and take notice.

Even when they eventually found out about each other, each one silently bore the revelation of their connection and they ended up saying that they were going to be okay.

Boring soap opera .

The problem is the contrived script, which tends to focus on the worst in humanity and sometimes creates a feeling of surreal un-reality.

The slow transformation of Hank--from the son who listens to the father to the son who forces his father to live in an old age home--is more a contribution of Forster than Thornton.

Some say the plot is predictable and flat, and the characters too.

as it is in reality is A WASTE OF TIME.

billy bob thornton is accused by many of the imdb bored-out-of-their-minds-wannabe-critics as being sleepy.

This is painfully slow and boring,and the plot has so many holes in it, that it is completely ineffective.

Long dull story, poorly shot and edited .

Halle berry's stunning performance was the best thing about movie.

Explicit and tragic, the film is extremely depressing but entirely riveting.

A Powerful and Intriguing flim: Sure to surprise you .

The film is just a boring, depressing, pointless mess.

There will be some who find this movie too slow; granted, if you're looking for action, this won't appeal to you.

I highly recommend it.

A movie is something that has to be somewhat entertaining, somewhat interesting, somewhat worth the time that it takes for me to watch it.

part of the problem that i now have with this movie rests in the fact that i'm not the only person who has felt this way about it; that the story moves slowly, and that the characters are uninteresting.

Intriguing "all stars" reviews .

However, the movie was a major disappointment -long and no plot.

There is an unexpected twist from Thorton's son pretty early on in the film.

What a boring movie, I can not believe i sat thru the whole thing without falling to sleep.

Billy Bob Thornton is compelling as a racist,self-loathing prison guard who frees himself from the jail hishate-filled life has become, ultimately redeemed by love.

The movie was boring as it chronicled their story and I wanted the fat kid to sit on them till they suffocated.

Monster's ball doesn't use cheap Hollywood sentiment like you might expect from this kind of movies, but is sincere and very compelling.

I thought the beginning was slow and stunk, i thought the middle was slow and stunk and i know the ending was slow and stunk.

It felt over played and worst of all both pointless and a waste of time.

I was so bored by it all.

Gripping tale .

It's engaging and provocative all the way to the final reel, if a little ponderous for my tastes.

Sometimes there was a little too much filler material (dragged out sex scenes, scenes with no dialog, etc.)Overall, this is not a movie you want to watch as a "pick me up.

More like Monster's Bore .

A potentially tricky but intriguing scenario arises when a tragic coincidence brings him together with Leticia (a sensational Halle Berry), the shattered widow whom the deceased criminal has left behind.

Don't think for a second though, that Berry should or will win the Oscar over Spacek's riveting performance in "In the Bedroom".

We are left with an intriguing and unanswerable question: how does this woman feel that her husband's executioner is now her lover?

Slow beginning, great ending .

So starved of affection and respect by his father, he performs a highly unexpected act way too early in the film....

But I must warn you that the sex scenes are a bit gratuitous and display some of the most explicit and intense material I have seen in mainstream cinema.

The movie offers nothing new, exciting or worth spending 2 hours for....

The angles, focus (particularly in car scenes) and lighting are riveting, and give the film a curious and compelling feel.

Boring .

If you can endure the slow build-up its worth watching as an example of transformation and the reason for optimism.

Severe and overwhelming nonexistence of single optimistic warm feeling throughout the film will keep you on the edge and even in the end of the long fall towards the deeps of sadness and anxiety will only lead to a tiny, little, unstable promise of better things to come...

Clichéd at best, slow plot, brief appearance by Heath Ledger, who plays an unloved soul who kills himself.

Going from such a stone-hearted man to a loving caretaker(/sex god) was not only impressive, but enjoyable.

Sometimes, the character's motives are contrived and some scenes could have been shot better.

Slow moving with good performances .

The screenplay refuses to settle the issue with easy, formulaic Hollywood solutions.

A great score, excellent acting by Thornton and Barry, and a good script combine for an enjoyable and extraordinary 114 minutes of film.

The main character's transition from racial bigot and abusive father to all-round Mr. Nice Guy is laughable, and even the painfully slow pace of the plot cannot disguise it.

A compelling plot and good screen play.

It is a compelling drama intertwining the issues of racism, loss, and the relationships between generations.

It seemed so phony and pretentious.

This movie was so bad there were people in the audience here in Manhattan that were laughing at inappropriate times which was entertaining in itself.

A very compelling and sincere movie .

All the drama, all the emotion, all the hidden truths about relationship within the family based on hate and lack of love disappears and we're stuck with empty story.

The supporting cast, led by Ledger and Coronji Calhoun as Berry's obese son Tyrell, also supply powerful and evocative performances and there is nobody on the cast you could criticise.

Other then her perfect body, I cannot find a reason to sit through this contrived film.

It bored me, and I couldn't wait to see the end credits roll.

The story line was catchy but for me the movie started off kind of slow.

`Monster's Ball' is compelling, unforgettable drama, and an example of filmmaking at it's best.

It was also very unpredictable that the fat kid would get run over by a car causing his death.

Remember the story of the Emperor's New Clothes and you don't have to like something just because everyone tells you how marvellous it is If you want to see a film that portrays loss grief and emotion rent 'In the Bedroom' - it is far superior to this self-indulgent narcissistic piece of Oscar award P.

The story is complex and slow because it tries to focus on character development and social interaction with people who are confused, sad and struggling with life.

To top it all off, the sex scenes were too intense.

The fact the film is "slow" for some viewers does not mean its bad.

I thought it was trite and overbearing.

This movie just went on and on and went nowhere painfully slowly.

Other than that this movie doesn't deserves to be even nominated for 1 Oscar at all or nominated for Anything biggest piece of rubbish i've seen in my whole life i hate every single bit of it,Piece of CRAP Horrbile Script JUST AWFUL,the movie was very dull and useless they probably rated it so high because they all got horny when Berry Got Naked!

The film's pace and narrative are confusing though that's not necessarily a bad thing.

The film takes your emotions on a roller coaster as we watch Halle deal with her overweight and depressed son, the trials of being less fortunate, and an unexpected bi-racial love affair.

But it's also,to be honest,a deeply intriguing one,and makes for particularly riveting viewing.

Overall, good that's it non-patronising, and good that it's not a typical Hollywood movie, but fails, as inherently the story is an uninteresting one.

The writer of this movie obviously understood this fact and wanted to make this movie as real as possible, and that is why I enjoyed it so much.

quite titilating and exciting film.

Monster's Ball is a compelling film of family conflict, rage and redemption.

Recommended to viewers who appreciate bitter drama at its most intense.

The quarrel between the father and the son is somewhat disturbing and unpredictable (I never thought Sonny would shoot himself with the gun he had to kill his father).

Unless you are into pseudo-arty, pretentious films, this will be endured rather than enjoyed.

Many people do and can change their attitudes as they age and encounter new experiences, but it's a slow and unpredictable process.

It is a harrowing, disturbing, but breathtaking moment.

Hank's father was racist toward the African American race which made the plot a little more suspenseful.

Intriguing study of alienation, racism and generationally bred hate with Thornton (in one of his best performances to date) as a redneck corrections officer on death row and Ledger as his son and Boyle as his bigot father, both also members of the force, who unexpectedly falls in love with the grieving widow (Berry in an Oscar calibre turn) of his last charge.

Every now and then a superb movie pops up that is totally unexpected!

In fact, the characters are sooo dull and such a bunch of losers you sometimes would like to kick their buts to get them going.

If you find it moving slow at first, you MUST stay with it.. the acting (especially by Halle Berry) is spellbinding and you will be drawn into it.

***SLIGHT SPOILERS*** "Monster's ball" is too slow, too "hard-to-buy", with an amazingly poor and untrue dialog -- much more so for a picture showing as anti-Hollywod realism.

A compelling story of loss, love, and growth .

beautiful, compelling, dramatic, and stunning.

A slow, plodding drama with rumbling racial undercurrents, the film tells a simple story, though not uneventful, with finely nuanced performances, especially by Berry who earned her keep and kudos.

Still worth seeing for some riveting performances, though definitely not for the writing.

Throughout its entire playtime, Monster's Ball FEELS like a brilliant film but it leaves a gigantic empty feeling in your stomach when you come to think that the drama and the characters you felt so connected with are actually depth-less and unsupported.

Although insensitive to his own grief, Hank will find a strange and unpredictable attachment with Leticia, a black woman going through a much more painful process of mourning.


Though slow at times, this movie had outstanding acting by both Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton.

The problem is the story is fairly uninteresting, there's nothing new.

Disturbing, engaging work .

I think I would have enjoyed it more if her role had been played by someone not quite as attractive.

I jumped in exactly the same places either because her performance is so powerful that it knocked me off my seat or because the script dragged my guts out with a pitchfork and smacked me across the face.

It begins with a slew of tragedies, and the first half climaxes with a stunning sex scene that people are going to be talking about, whether in shock or criticism, for years.

Unfortunately though, I found it to be very boring until 30 minutes to the end where it was rushed.

Good film but again, quite bleak and dreary.

Deeply absorbing drama .

They are drawn together out of pure desperation, by an aching need to feel some emotion through their numbing grief.

Heavy with irony, this piece almost withers under its weighty elements, but there are compensations: performances by Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry are top-notch, and the director handles them just right; the dialogue is well-written throughout, with the conversational scenes very natural and overshadowing the more predictable mechanics of the plot.

A lot of hype for a pointless movie .

This is a trite, weak story of unjustified redemption, as a vehicle for soft porn.

The excellent music goes with well played characters and the timing makes the whole athmosphere so intense you cannot escape and switch off, even if you know that there will be no "great solution" at all.

The addition of uninspired cinematography and horribly misguided direction make this a nearly unwatchable disaster.

Although, it was slow ...

Halle Berry was brilliant (definitely deserving of her Oscar win), but the other roles, especially Billy Bob Thornton's, were too shallow and trite.

Beautiful, strong, and utterly pointless .

Similarly, Leticia's slow uptake on Hank's role in her husband's death and her relationship with money (gathering fallen coins while paying the cab, the growing tips at the restaurant, to the purchase of the expensive hat when she has to pay her bills) are built up with care by Forster and wonderfully executed by the actors.

The only thing slow here was the pace of the movie and pace of the dialogue.

I suppose, that Monster's Ball is one of the movies which you like or think that they are boring.

It was several "side scenes" that were so disjointed from the movie that tended to bother me after awhile.

During the course of his duties, he participates in the execution of Lawrence Musgrove (Sean Combs)--an execution that, in the most unexpected way imaginable, leads to the violent death of his son (Heath Ledger.

i was bored to tears, and i couldn't wait for it to end.

I found myself watching the clock several times, and literally forcing myself to finish the movie, which is extremely rare for this film addict, and when the conclusion finally occurred, I was left completely empty.

In a way it's like one of those movies like 'No Country For Old Men', because when I was very young, a simple kid, and saw that movie, I was actually bored by it.

There were many turns and twists and some good nudity scenes that compensate sometimes the slow paced scenes.

There is a story worth telling here but at times it just stops being entertaining and it borders on lifelessness.

The opening sequences all seem trite, awkwardly staged, simplistic and just plain poorly written, especially when compared to most of the rest of the film.

Once Hank and Leticia begin a relationship following the deaths of their children the film takes on a very sleepy and ponderous turn.

but that doesbnt mean it was good cause every scene was entertaining.

DISMAL, BORING, and not really full of the raw emotion I was expecting.

I saw Monster's Ball a few months ago, and I thought it was a very compelling movie for all the reasons other people have discussed.

But it is a compelling piece of work nonetheless, and is well-worth the price of admission or rental.

While some people have bashed this movie as being very slow and or boring I found it lay somewhere in between.

Unless you want to see Halle Berry naked in something other than Swordfish, don't waste your time with this movie.

Pretentious, Predictable and Forced .

Contains Spoilers If it wins an award it is usually a boring social message movie that has some artistic flavor to it.

Not necessarily forced, but contrived, as if there was only about three takes done for each scene of acting.

Billy Bob was just plain boring.

Heath Ledger makes a short but intense appearance as the son that Hank (Billy Bob Thornton) despises.

There is no plot, there is crime with no punishment, and there are just dreadful plot holes (who did Lawrence kill, why is Buck keeping a scrapbook, how did a character get away with murder, how did a character get hit by a car).

It's compelling.

Aren't people getting tired of this bleak, historically predictable plotline by now?

Thornton is impressive as the secretive (ex-)prison guard, and Berry is most magnificent in her award winning role, together they make a compelling duo, and their love scene is one of the most passionate I know in cinema.


after starting off promising it ends up being yet another Hollywood movie, straining the limits of credibility and boring you after the first hour.

It is a compelling and deeply disturbing drama that serious film lovers will surely enjoy.

Slow camera movements and long zoom-ins and zoom-outs characterise the film, or often a static frame will see people enter and exit the action.

zzz..zzz..zzz .

A Stronger Cliché of a Love Story .

Bitter, Intense Drama .

Great acting, boring plot, self-conscious direction .

The story line was catchy but for me the movie started off kind of slow.

more dead people than "true lies" slower than "straight story" .

There were many moments that I felt were drawn out too long, and I left the theatre as almost exactly the same person that entered it (I like movies that make me take a look at the way I think or feel about things).

Thornton seems to do well enough with the subtle facial expressions (indicating a man tormented by his own self), but aside from his attack on Ledger, he is bland and unconvincing, even for naturalistic style.

A trite, weak story of unjustified redemption, as a vehicle for soft porn.


The direction and execution is so dull and mechanical, there is nothing to hold the viewer's interest.

As for performance, all four main characters were riveting.

It had a quality to it that made you want to watch one minuet, and than turn away and cry from boredom the next.

I've overheard people at the cineplex confusing it with Monsters, Inc or wondering if it's a lame horror flick.

You're bored for like a good hour and then Thorton and Berry are having sex for what seems like FOREVER!

" The plot in this movie was predictable and by the midpoint I could guess what would happen before it did.

If you wanna Halle Berry actually possess some acting skill than watch it but mostly its just a waste of time.

This movie is pointless, it seems to tell the viewer, 'look we made a movie without car chases because we respect your intellect' and somehow they expect us to be happy just with that.

She is completely unbearable.

I just want to say what the fatal flaw was in this film that kept me from engaging it as the masterpiece it's supposed to be.

Lots of Crying, Dying and sadness through the whole movie..even in the sex scenes people were crying, I couldnt fall asleep after watching the movie because I was so depressed, however it was worth watching such a mellowing story with awesome acting, and great direction.

Undoing systematic ideologies like intense racism take more than a few days, or even weeks.

Beyond boring.

The acting is good but there's just no story to support the acting.

This film overall is VERY overrated, its average at best, and pretty boring as well.

Profound movie well worth watching again.

compelling and emotional love story .

Billy Bob Thornton, a complex, intense and almost schizophrenic actor, has never been better.

Thus, it's just too long and too boring.

Slow, deeply unsettling and absolutely great.

The only thing that stopped this movie from being a masterpiece in my books was the slow pace, which did a great deal to set the mood, but got tedious as the film went on.

For sure, there are some great ideas behind the camera, but what is the point if the film itself is aesthetically ugly and quite dull?

This is the type of cliche ridden claptrap which passes for independent cinema.

This had got to be the most meaningless movie ever made!

Anyone who watches the news can see that the world is full of sad stories like these, and to say it is "cliche" or "overdone" is a bit blind.

If it had not have cost me so much in admission, I would have walked out.

Another big turn off to me were the extremely explicit and drawn out sex scenes throughout the movie.

The story while slow, still manages to be confusing.

Powerful, but no plot.

I was VERY disappointed, particularly in Berry's suprisingly bland and 'usual' performance.

and when thornton meets berry and starts a relation with her he just feels alone and empty.

That the acting (particularly by Halle Berry) was fenomenal, the plot was compelling, and everything in was great.

It touched upon life and love, forgiveness and hope, and makes compelling viewing for young and old.

My problem with this movie is that it failed to be compelling and the story seemed rushed.

It is a contrived and convenient transformation that only the foolish and naïve viewer will readily accept.

He, too, has moments of clarity and realism that are stunning.

It is a desperate and empty place inhabited by desperate and empty people.

(R)Odyssey of misery for broken people, two of which connect in unexpected ways--Thornton is a beaten-down corrections officer who can't stand his "weak" son (Ledger) and has learned hate and racism from a lifetime with his father (Boyle, doing what he can with a despicable, one-dimensional role); Berry is a tired and frustrated waitress about to be evicted from her home, with a husband (Combs) on death row and a dangerously overweight son (Calhoun).

The Monster's Ball is a very bleak film yet it's also quite rare in that it's truly unpredictable.

Its emotional honesty, compelling social themes, and powerful performances make this a winner.

The ultra-deliberate pacing, solemn tone, and strained acting amount to a hollywood love story that swallows up in its formula all of the potentially serious and interesting possibilities of the story behind the ho-hum screenplay.

Never going to get that time back, boring and unrealistic with terrible acting from Berry as usual

From a formal point of view, the film is visually stunning in its simplicity, usually trading in flashy, gimmicky, visual effects for minimalist lighting and sober editing.

The two characters recognize each other while suffering, because death is also manifested in the agony of sex and the characters of Thornton and Berry have one of the most unpredictable, exciting and violent love scenes on a sofa in all positions.

The quick clips of a hand in the cage made it all the more confusing, and I couldn't figure out the connection.

This movie is slow (which is Okay), has characters that are as shallow as they can be (which is bad) and has no "body" at all (which is terrible).

Mildly Entertaining .

Certain plot points seem rather contrived, though perhaps the filmmakers intended for coincidence to play a thematic role in the story.

Did the writer think that having rather graphic sex scenes would make up for the rather boring story?

Don't waste your time on this movie!

Anyway--- "Monster's Ball" was surprisingly engaging, and surprisingly "meta race/class/death.

The story is compelling and heartbreaking, it's moving and chocking.

Good performances but the story is slow and {atleast to me} unbelieveable.

Good acting, boring movie.

Slow beginning, but stick with it for fascinating love story.

I really enjoyed it and that's why I give it an 8/10.

After a sweetly balanced approach their attraction comes together in what is an intense scene where the limits of love and sex are undistinguishable.

Dramatically it is seriously unbalanced by the accumulation of violent deaths and high drama in the gripping first half, offset by the highly undramatic and very intimate focus on the budding Berry-Thornton relationship in the second.

Stay away from this self-indulgent pile of garbage.

The events that make up Monster's Ball come together far too neatly to be believed, but the dialogue is entertaining enough, the acting is good enough, and the subject material is important enough that I was more than willing to suspend disbelief for a couple hours.

The rarity is having it shown in such a compelling and moving way in which Monster's Ball succeeds in doing.

The sure direction by Marc Forster and the original screenplay by Milo Addica and Will Rokos, make this film very compelling to watch.

The script moves along very fast and the film is neve boring.

Trying to deal with all these matters in the scope of a normal two-hour film results in a claustrophobic, over-intense piece of hothouse film- making.

But the vehicle itself is a 15-minute story dragged out to two hours, punctuated with largely gratuitous graphic violence and sex.

Plot seems intriguing and I was curious to see if Halle deserved her Oscar.

The story was boring.

They have covered such vast ground that they get time to stop and think – for the whole film we have been up there where we're all looking in the sky, observing and absorbing and now for the finale we are on the ground level as everything slots into place and a new order threatens to break through despite people knowing certain things it would be better if they perhaps didn't.

Worst Movie of the Year .

The story of two families with very disturbed relations looks very intriguing.

while many other subplots are also flowing through this tremendously powerful and entertaining movie.

It was engrossing to watch each unfold, and how Letitia responds to them.

Lingering shots of a burning cigarette in an empty room, reflections in windows, odd shots of someone's hand in a birdcage, and the magnifying mirror in different bathrooms set motifs that suggested different layers in this film of tragedy and acceptance.

Finally, the story revolves around the growing romance between Hank and Leticia - a romance that I thought was just too contrived to be taken seriously.

" I don't know what the director was trying to accomplish, but he sure succeeded if he meant to make a nearly unwatchable film.

Fate has dealt him an unexpected hand.

Despite the fine performances, the story is slow-moving and surprisingly boring.

When you get bored, you can count the number of scenes with overwrought and pointless camera work.

Plodding pace, sooo slow in developing.

Dont even bother to waste your time or money on this trash.

I say eventually because it takes nearly an hour for the film to get to the point where the characters rise above clichés and their lives become compelling.

This movie was very slow-moving and was in desperate need of some comic relief.

This movie is enjoyable for what it's truly: a good melodrama.

The sex between Hank and Lucille was emotionally strong and intense.

It's no action movie, and certainly not for the young (indeed, the sex scenes make you wonder how it got away with as low as a 15 certificate in the UK), but for those who appreciate the finer things in life, films don't come much finer than Monsters Ball, a piece worth watching for the acting performances alone.

After a few dramatic events the wife of the executed man and the prison guard accidentally meet at a time in which they feel alone and empty.


I am a big Indy fan and dislike the standard action movie Hollywood cranks out, so it's strange for me to complain that a movie is too slow and depressing.

Don't waste your time on this inferior screenplay, because the concrete detail is bogus: if he orders the same thing every time at the diner, why doesn't he know the price?

All-in-all, a stunning achievement.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It is slow-paced, depressing, contrived, lurid and unconvincing.

The film is in general very good, it seems to go slowly but showing each time the facts and unexpected coincidences.

The plot, compared to the other aspects of the piece, doesn't hit the same heights, but is nevertheless intriguing and enough to really suck in the viewer.

I just returned home after watching this riveting motion picture.

The rest of the movie was fine and engrossing and it ended appropriately, I thought.

"Monster's Ball" is a compelling and intense drama, which combines several difficult subjects.

Boring collection of cliches .

In 2001 Nicole proved it in The Others and the stunning Moulin Rouge.

A welcome change from the mindless, boring, Oh So Predictable teenage coming-of-age movies the studios crank out.

Aside from one or two moments, I found myself really bored in the second half of the film and just found it to be a rather dull, ponderous, film with some sex thrown in now and again and found myself just praying for it to end.

Overall, a great film, gently compelling it's viewers to question the way we treat ourselves and others into greater consideration.

This is the third worst movie I ever sat all the way through, topped (bottomed?

But "Monster's Ball" is so slow and intense and ignores all of the standard "drama issues" you have to think for yourselve what this is all about.

Refreshingly Monster's Ball takes as a given that we humans are complex, contrary creatures, and slow learners to boot.

And so it is with `Monster's Ball,' a riveting film, directed by Marc Forster, that is so real it transcends entertainment and becomes a voyeuristic experience that leaves you with the sense that you've been through everything that's happened yourself.

The quick jump cuts to the bird cage while Hank and Leticia succumbed to their passion seemed disjointed, particularly since there was no prior reference to that prop.

It is a controversial and gripping tale tackling many powerful issues about racism, bigotry, despair and redemption, all social complexities done bravely, boldly and honestly to make a most watchable film.

Fascinating and dramatic film surrounding characters going from one crisis to another.

Monster's Ball is three hours of my life that I can never get back.

Intense, moving...

His son's character is confusing.

Whilst this is all fairly unexciting stuff, it is perhaps an attempt (and arguably a successful one) to capture the mundanity, boredom and feeling of insignificance that seem to pervade the lives of the film's characters.

spoiler (like anything could make it worse)First a poor black guy gets executed (this is long and drawn out, yawn yawn).

But overall the movie was just bland.

The character development is fascinating in a man so set in his ways that he places the same order at the same diner at the same time of day to the same waitress everyday.

Sean Combs (a man whose music I have never had much time for) gives a quiet dignity to his role as the death row inmate husband of Halle Berry's character, completely banishing from memory his enjoyable but predictable performance in Jon Favreau's `Made'.


(You wonder, could anyone really be this SLOW?

Puff Daddy is abominable: we feel no emotion coming from him at all, only dull dreary nothingness.

The direction is good and matches the narrative's sense of a slow collapse; it is dark, patient and very professional.

For those here who have commented that they found the movie dull, slow, or boring, all I can say is go rent a Joel Schumacher film and leave movies like this to the rest of us.

This movie has everything, I want from one, it´s very depressive extremely engaging, about a lot of miss understood people, like Billy Bob Thornton wich gives his best performance ever also Halle Berry who won an Oscar for her role in this film, she absolutely wonderful, girls don´t look any better than her, i saw the Unrated version wich contained a lot more explicit sex scenes with her and Billy Bob, to se Halle Berry nude is a dream.

No Story.

The direction may seem a bit stagy, but the actors are compelling enough to make this a relatively minor point.

bleak, rather pointless .

Gripping, intense and brilliantly performed - Berry's finest hour by a mile - 82% .