Mr. Right (2015) - Action, Comedy, Romance

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A girl falls for the "perfect" guy, who happens to have a very fatal flaw: he's a hitman on the run from the crime cartels who employ him.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Paco Cabezas
Stars: Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 14 out of 135 found boring (10.37%)

One-line Reviews (80)

The first hour has it's hit and misses but overall hits, Sam Rockwell is pretty entertaining and there is some entertaining smaller roles Michael Eklund, James Ransone and RZA stand out the most (yeah I know Tim Roth is in it as well, and I like him but the accent he's using threw me a bit off-guard I think).

The both of them are quirky, awkward, unconventionally attractive and very unpredictable in their work.

Also see "Happy Death Day" and the "Accountant" for a more serious but still entertaining film.

The characters are all compelling and I definitely had soft spots for Steve and Hopper.

Exciting with romance, action and comedy .

I highly recommend it.

It was an amazing movie I highly recommend it.

Enjoyable time waster!

The action parts are both intense and very, very well directed (major kudos to whoever filmed these, you should have been given the helm of the Bourne films), and also feature a great deal of really funny humour, although of a different cut than the romcom bits.

All the actors' performance were brilliant, the concept and message of the film is quite innovative, fascinating, thought-provoking and inspiring for novels.

In actual fact she is quite boring and tiring on the eye.

Hilarious, romantic, & action packed .

Overal all, super enjoyable and perky.

Is the movie worth watching?

By the end of the film, I had to admit that I enjoyed it, much to my surprise.

If you like action packed movies with Anna Kendrick being as adorable as ever, (Anna if you're reading this, call me) Sam Rockwell being his usual Charismatic self and The RZA putting the (expletive deleted) on the CHAIN WAX...

Worst movie I've seen so far this year (2017) .

Overall, fun, funny, entertaining, exciting and enjoyable.

For fans of something a little different from the big budget comedy\crime genre, an entertaining and well presented film that delivers well above its humble rating, what more could you ask for?

Won't win any awards, but this is one to watch and I highly recommend this for an enjoyable evening.

He accuses Martha of being uninteresting, and she has an alcoholic breakdown.

Still very enjoyable.

Overall a very enjoyable film.

Anyway, leaving any comparisons aside, I found Mr. Right boring and unsatisfactory, mainly due to the uncertain tone adopted by director Paco Cabezas, who tried too hard to make a "cult" or "cool" film, without achieving it so.

So, I recommend you to invest your time on something more interesting than this tedious movie.

The plot is unabashedly insane and could have done with a lot more explanation; the characters are bat-sh*t crazy and could have had better arcs, but the film as a whole is quite funny and enjoyable, mostly due to its effervescent lead pair that make this candy-floss tale of blood and romance more charming than it has any right to be.

The beginning was a little slow, and had me guessing.

A tad bit simple at time to time, but a solid script, well shot action and an all around funny and snappy atitude makes this a perfect watch for when you just wanna be entertained without too much thinking.

At least it was more entertaining than Pitch Perfect 2.

I mean seriously what depth exactly did you expect from such film?.. Enough with the sofa "experts" saying whatever they read somewhere else and actually review this..This film is entertaining with a really unique way, (i wont deny that the humor is really not for everyone) They create all sort of weird situations that make you laugh with the fact that they even happening like that.

Fun, funny, entertaining, exciting and enjoyable.

I really enjoyed it.

It is the kind of date movie that a guy would enjoy and the kind of action movie a girl would enjoy and why this haven' become a bigger box office success is beyond me as it is probably the most enjoyable action comedy I have ever seen.

Overall, I really enjoyable it and it has an unusual story line like nothing I have seen before.

15 minutes of Kendrick screaming and acting like a disturbed child and Rockwell's usual, yet again unfunny performance sink this into an unwatchable quagmire of schlock movie-making.


The script is a little formulaic and dull.

A very gripping and entertaining film.

Flat and dull.

The most unexpected quirky charming tale, with lots of action and so funny!

The psychotic quirkiness of the characters makes for some highly entertaining television, and no action was sacrificed for the sake of the underlying romantic theme.

With that - He catches a shotgun round with his bare hand, hand gets bloody and then like nothing happened moments later.

It's an awful horrible movie, a waste of your time.

It is fast paced and very goofy.

The lead couple is great, and the supporting characters are intriguing and developed, and played well by the actors.

What really rubbed me was, that the movies dialog between our lead actors, which was so snappy it felt like I was watching an action'ie version of Gilmore Girls, had no natural feel to it, at all.

This movie has no message, no deep meaning, no pretensions at all.

Mr. Right is a very enjoyable movie starring Anna Kendrick as a quirky, mentally unstable paleontologist who has excellent chemistry with Sam Rockwell's equally unbalanced reformed hit-man.

It has everything its funny romantic and a tad crazy and wired but i enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who wouldn't normally watch this type of film.

The movie shows a woman (Anna Kendrick) with a boring life.

It is just mindlessly entertaining.

I've never reviewed a film before, but I enjoyed it so much, I felt compared to share.

It was unexpected and I ended up liking it despite any prejudices I had going in.

I normally am a big fan of both Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell, but both of these talented performers are hopelessly miscast in this dull little movie.

very enjoyable mess of a film .

The reason I knock 3 off is because of that awful knife scene with Anna and Anna's slow progression within the action scenes annoyed me.

The characters (and they are LEGION) have all of the depth of the piece of paper their trite lines are written on.

This is just an enjoyable romp, well worth watching.

This is a wonderful film with all you need for an entertaining dark comedy.

Thoroughly enjoyed it!

It had the perfect combination of heartfelt love and on the edge of your seat suspense.

Beautifully f***ed up is really the only way to describe this movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I had a very enjoyable time watching.

The sound track is so up beat and the characters are wacky but enjoyable.

It's difficult to know where to start with this disjointed, haphazard mess of a motion picture.

I saw thousands of movies, really bad ones, low budgets where you already know after five minutes it's going to be a disaster, but this one has a budget with decent actors, and still it is definitely one of the worst movies I saw.

It's funny, quirky, and action packed.

Absolutely ridiculous, but gleefully entertaining.

Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK)Rating: 3.4/5 starsBreezy, ballsy, crazy, and, most importantly, entertaining, "Mr.

") but when you start the film as a cutesy romantic comedy and then try to keep that tone throughout, without expressly saying Kendrick is crazy, it doesn't feel authentic, or even enjoyable.

But too dull for the big screen.

Thoroughly enjoyable film and quite unique.

The soundtrack is great, it's lively and snappy.

It's absolutely mind boggling that seemingly no one even cared enough to make sure things looked the same from shot to shot.

The movie is more character/actor/dialogue driven but the story has been changed to put an altered spin on it, enough to make it enjoyable.

That, combined with a most unlikely love scenario, made it a 90 minute waste of my life......


This movie was very entertaining had a little bit of everything for everyone.

I gave this movie a 7 because it had some bad language and I noticed the revolvers being used in the movie were obviously empty.

Right" may just be the most enjoyable action-comedy since Melissa McCarthy's "Spy" last year.