Muppets Most Wanted (2014) - Adventure, Comedy, Crime

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While on a grand world tour, The Muppets find themselves wrapped into an European jewel-heist caper headed by a Kermit the Frog look-alike and his dastardly sidekick.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: James Bobin
Stars: Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 21 out of 125 found boring (16.8%)

One-line Reviews (85)

Most of the human characters are reduced to cameos, and there are too many, and very few of them are funny or memorable, often feeling too short and awkward, with the film making a big waste of Salma Hayak and Christoph Waltz and Ray Liotta and Danny Trejo's cameos are pointless.

Many of the other songs are surprisingly mundane, considering McKenzie wrote far more brilliant songs for "The Muppets".

One would be hard- pressed to compare this movie to its predecessor, as it was far more bright and cheery, while this one took a much more bland approach to its set up.

The songs were catchy and stuck in my head for a few months even after I watched this amazing movie I also thought that the puppetry and acting was done very well and I say that this movie is worth watching!

Funny, witty (they're not always the same thing), and full of heart, 'Muppets Most Wanted' is an entertaining romp for all ages.

There are several narrative strains to follow with diverse levels of compelling material.

Otherwise, it was enjoyable.

and as much as I enjoyed it, something seemed missing.

My jaw was dropped after seeing the unexpected and watching Danny Trejo and Ray Liotta dance and sing.

The cover songs were empty shadows of other songs, probably because they were mostly sung by prison inmates, and the original numbers were forgettable.

Don't get me wrong, MMW was definitely fun, and I highly recommend it to anyone with kids, to keep the legacy alive.

The film is fun enough, a solid and enjoyable film with a good musical number (The Gulag Song) near the end of the film.

Wanted with a charge of boredom .

Something So Right, for instance, is a torch song for Miss Piggy that swells with unexpected emotion and character insight - just before Celine Dion turns up to give the song an additional diva-tastic punch.

There are moments of brilliance, but most of the movie is bland and predictable.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable movie for all ages.

Add to that a plot which is confusing for children, and the fact that it was nearly 1 hour 45 mins in length with MANY thrown-in sub-plots that really served no purpose, and this is a take-it-or-leave-it kind of film.

Ricky Gervais is surprisingly dull, being both unfunny enough to stand alongside the Muppets, and not menacing enough to be a villain.

Both bumble around in a predictable way looking for clues, Sam being the more keen by the books man/eagle, where as Burrell is the more laid back lazy not quite so intelligent European.

This movie gets an awful lot right and it is highly entertaining.

The movie has very few slow moments and even when a gag doesn't work, you appreciate the level of enthusiasm.

Entertaining and Funny .

Still, the movie is entertaining.

She was most enjoyable and tough as nails when she had to be.

They're bland, they're uninspired, and they're not funny.

This new Muppet's movie started out pretty good the whole ides of having a evil frog switch with a Kermit made me continue watching it, but it all fell apart when they started the singing I mean why have a story like this and then add some really crappy music with it I have to say this would have been one of the best kid flicks I would have surly bought if it weren't for the long crappy not needed music even the cameos were kinda crappy and didn't add very much to the movie at all I prefer the first Muppet's movie from 2011 because I expected ever thing from music and comdie and I really enjoyed it not so much this one thou this is what i get for not watching the trailer first

Especially Ty Burrell, who was fantastic alongside Sam the Eagle and was delightfully entertaining with his homage to Inspector Clouseau.

All the elements of a good are not present I didn't feel that invested in what was going on or in any of the characters because this is franchise without consequences for the muppets , everything is just going to turn out fine in the end and it's really boring.

Meanwhile, the Muppets are being led by this awkward impostor, who winds up wooing Miss Piggy into marriage, and somehow their stage plays, despite misdirection and unstructured skits, are selling out everywhere… The real shock is with so many cooks in the kitchen, nothing really gets accomplished… And while the Muppets are known for their songs, turning each movie into an adventurous musical, the tunes here seem more like distractions from lack of plot than singing-dialogue to carry the story, which worked especially good in THE MUPPET MOVIE… Does the tune "Moving Right Along" ring a bell?

Yet she dominates a considerable chunk of screen time; moments where Fozzie Bear, Gonzo or any of the aforementioned entertaining puppets can steal scenes or take the narrative in funnier directions.

The pig is the focus of several dull and uncomfortable scenes adding up to a half-hearted chuckle, at best.

I can dig them in some cases, but having random stars show up in predictable situations (Usher as an usher?

But none of it will ever matter in the end, Muppets Most Wanted is quite entertaining because that is what this material is always best at.

These events have a mischievous intersection that takes the Muppets on an entertaining adventure.

So go right ahead, dance your snappy Muppet Gulag Jigs.

and naturally there are many pointless needless cameos.

Their duet is one of the better parts of the movie, and things start to slow down afterward.

The Russian "history lesson" America's TV shills told us we were getting from the Sochi Un-Olympics Opening Propaganda Pageant continues with MUPPETS MOST WANTED.

I personally found it flat, boring, uninspired and a simple travesty of what "The Muppets" meant when Henson was alive and at the helm.

James Bobin, who directed the first film, returns here and has put together another entertaining Muppet musical.

That joke is really tiresome.

So as the plot thickens for the pre-teens to keep their interest, the younger children may start fidgeting.

So if your kids are complaining about being bored, take them to see this movie.

The sequel song was also very clever and catchy, if no The Rainbow Connection, The First Time It Happens, Professional Pirate and Man or Muppet, while the main villain Constantine does have some entertaining moments if rather overused, as do Ty Burell and Jermaine Clement.

I really cannot for the life of me think who on earth would want to sit through this a second time; I should think kids will be bored out of their skull by it, anyone coming across the Muppets for the first time must wonder what on earth all the fuss was about and veterans like me will be dismayed at what has become of what was once one of the most imaginative, fresh and innovative creative teams working in comedy anywhere in the Western world.

It's definitely a disappointment if you're expecting something like the 2011 reboot or the 70s original (or it's two follow-ups) but if you really like the Muppets you'll probably find it at least somewhat enjoyable.

With a very basic plot and loads of cameos the film could have been good, but instead it was far too long to hold my family's attention.

They were correct it was a OK film but most of the lightning quick one liners are missing in fact the first half of the movie was dull and slow moving.

At 113 minutes the movie feels long for such a trite story idea.

The opening song, "We're Doing a Sequel" sums up what to expect, it's not as good as the previous film, Gervais and Constantine with his funny accent and faces are likable, the story is substandard, there are no hilarious jokes, and the songs aren't as catchy as before, but with many celebrity cameos and your favourite puppet characters you can't complain, the family will still have fun watching this average but enjoyable crime comedy adventure.

I kept trying to fall asleep so I wouldn't have to watch.

Indeed, the only reason I bothered to record and watch it was in memory of Henson and all those Friday evenings long ago when the TV series was broadcast and kept us doubled up with laughter and the anarchic and loony things undertaken by Gonzo, the Swedish chef, the boomerang fish-throwing 'juggler' etc. etc. (all of whom, very sadly, just had brief "walk on" roles in this compendium of boredom).

I kind of missed Amy Adams and Jason Segel but Tina Fey, Ty Burrell and Ricky Gervais were very entertaining.

There is an unevenness to the film, with cameos ranging from the pointless (Lady Gaga) to the sublime (Waltzing With Christoph Waltz).

Pretty entertaining children's movie and stars the lovely Tina Fey as Nadya, a Gulag Camp Commander (yes this is the right film).

Put simply this is one of the best Muppets films to date due to its suspenseful plot and the sheer range of performances from each of its characters.

Totally enjoyable.

until we reached the inevitably plain and predictable ending.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

Disney still feels it is necessary to waste time and money or digitally removing all rods that control then puppet's (like Kermit) arms.

As co-written by Nicholas Stoller and director James Dobin, "Muppets Most Wanted" features a tired storyline, pointless musical interludes, some thudding one-liners, and a barrage of pop culture references that seem way above the heads of the movie's target demographic - unless the writers are actually aiming for the nostalgic baby boomer crowd, in which case we have a lot more serious problem here than just a mediocre movie.

As with past films the hilarious personality of the Muppets lends itself to complete the film as a lighthearted comedy which could have easily become an intensely suspenseful and dramatic film.

At less, the movie made the credits entertaining.

2011's "The Muppets" tried hard (maybe too hard) but stumbled out the gate by making us sit through unbearable musical numbers such as Texas Richman's rap and Amy Adams' "Me Party.

Great, hilarious and enjoyable film.

Somewhere in the making of this movie, the filmmakers left their love of the Muppets, and their desire to make them intriguing characters, by the door, and it shows by what you don't see the Muppets do.

The first movie of this new 'series' was cheesy and so predictable that ever a 3 year old child would know what's going to happen next.

Each character is allowed the opportunity to fully develop its unique contribution to the entire film and also provide depth to an overall enjoyable experience.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat because you never know who was going to show up next.

It just ticked along through unoriginal mundane formulaic fodder, no traditional Muppet hysteria present anywhere...

Gervais is the only dull knife in the box, never seeming to fully buy in to the Muppet world.

One of the things that makes the Muppets so enjoyable for me,be it on TV or the big screen,are the musical pieces,and we do get a good amount of toe tappers!

Don't get me wrong, Muppets Most Wanted is a fun and entertaining movie for the most part, it just seems like it is trying too hard to be a Muppet movie, rather than letting it flow naturally.

Certainly worth the watch.

And the cameos range from Ray Liotta and Danny Trejo as Russian inmates and a mixed bag other celebs thrown in for good, or in this case, pointlessly boring measure.

There were a few laughs, but it was too slow and too serious.

The film it's self was too predictable.

Oh, and two or maybe three of the songs are either weird or catchy enough to be enjoyable.

We're not expecting a big thought provoking film, it's the Muppets and they do what they do best by entertaining.

I used to follow "The Muppet Show" relatively regularly, and with some episodes of exception, I was most often bored, so I sat down to watch the movie (I don't even know why) with approximately these expectations.

That bravery in engaging the bizarre is very much in the spirit of the Muppets.

The trailers made me think that Constantine was a master of disguise who imitates Kermit perfectly, but instead the filmmakers resorted to that tired cliché of an obvious fake who everyone believes is the real deal, a cliché that quickly wears out its welcome if overused.

Every musical set piece is just wonderfully enjoyable.

Even the song he sings to Miss Piggy; while loaded with a number of silly vocabulary words, it's just a lyrical and visual bore devoid of a memorable or catchy tune.

I saw this on the day after it debuted in theaters and really enjoyed it, and found it the best live action movie I've ever seen!