My Friend Dahmer (2017) - Biography, Drama

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A young Jeffrey Dahmer struggles to belong in high school.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Marc Meyers
Stars: Ross Lynch, Alex Wolff
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 24 out of 80 found boring (30%)

One-line Reviews (68)

Not bad, just boring and couldn't keep my attention even though it's something i'm curious about.

Overall, these are compelling characters and the movie works well.

Hence, i would like to see more action and interesting, also exciting scene,s attributing to the high resemblance and good acting of Dahmer, which as a result would create a harmonious, complete and unique movie.

In fact it's fast becoming a cliche.

My friend Dahmer is a movie about the coming of age of one of the US's most notorious serial killers, Jeffery Dahmer.

The early years of the man dubbed the 'Milwaukee Cannibal' make for a compelling character study.

Like a companion piece to 2002's underrated "Dahmer," this semi-fictionalized account of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's adolescence is an engaging, compelling character study blessed with terrific acting.

Jeffery Dahmer is a mopey, four-eyed moptop, shuffling through adolescence, dealing with a fractious household in the bland and brown seventies.

However true to real life, the plodding pace and unremarkable content failed to deliver.

The film also fails to really get into the issues of Dahmer's sexuality, and his confusion and frustration about being gay.

" It's empty and hollow and may have been something with better directing or a more complicated look at Dahmer who is shown here as your typical outcast.

It would have been entertaining to watch, good for the overall story which is rather boring without it, and good for Ross Lynch to have such an intense roll.

I also found it annoying that they tried so hard to make Dahmer's little loser entourage out to be these "witty cool kids" and Dahmer out to be some sort of Napoleon Dynamite (another incredibly dull movie) type character that you're supposed to relate to and have empathy for.

The acting was B-Movie acting and feeling was bland.

This film confuses while it delivers a familiar coming of age story while all along reminding the viewer of WHO we're sympathizing with.

It was dull and failed to differentiate between the subject's evolution into depravity and presumed madness, and the "normal" growth of any other disaffected person.

"My Friend Dahmer" is a slow-paced film disclosing his coming of age in the high-school.

The cookie cutter high school friend plot might be factual, but it makes for an uninteresting lens on a rather interesting individual.

It is really slow paced and is more of a drama rather than a horror movie ...

As for it being boring, I would suggest folks taking ten seconds to see what a film is about before they watch it and rip it for being something else.


Also of note for the squeamish set: no serial killing here, just the seemingly mundane life of a high school misfit.

Narratively, however, it's extremely plodding, and could easily have been trimmed by 20 minutes.

In this film, we see a number of these traits burgeoning within (and directly affecting the character of) Jeffrey; a dysfunctional home, social isolation and awkwardness, animal abuse, alcohol abuse, a preoccupation with death, confusion about sexuality, a desire to fit in and more.

Waste of time!!!!!.

The pace of the story is slow, and I find it rather boring.

It's definitely not what I was expecting, but I enjoyed it all the same.

The Coming of Age of a Serial-Killer .

What an absolute bore .

A film that defines boring.

LITERALLY nothing happened!!!!!!!!!

This is sort of a coming of age film - where the main character is Jeffrey Dahmer.

The movies writing and directing are slow paced and overall fantastic, it knows what kind of movie it is supposed to be and it succeeds brilliantly, making this movie a great true crime story.

Dahmer led such a dreary existence that his psycopathy was intensified.

Shining a light on the early year's of one of the most notorious and monstrous killers of all time in the form of notorious American Jeffrey Dahmer, My Friend Dahmer is an intriguing and stoic look at Dahmer's life as a high school student and repressed teenager coming to terms with his dark wants and desires.

It felt kind of pointless after watching this.

I mean it was a complete waste of time.

Compelling insite and unexpected .

We watch Dahmer slowly move from goofy, entertaining kid into the monster we knew.

Don't waste your time...

Final Say -An impressively intimate musing on the early life of one of the world's most evil criminals, My Friend Dahmer is an intriguing look back on the beginnings of a monster that features an impressive lead performance by Lynch.

All credit then to Marc Meyers on what proves to be a fascinating piece.

More Bland than I Thought, The Only Thing Scary is the Suspense...

NOTHING happened in this movie.

Dull .

I am watcing this" and when I watched it only last night, I really enjoyed it.

I see complaints of "disgustingly making him sympathetic" or it was boring.

Rather slow and very twisted .

The pace of the film is purposely slow, and despite it, you always feel that an explosion is about to happen.

I could see a documentary being a lot more exciting way to get this information across than what we got here.

This yawner was not even entertaining.

It's fascinating how the names of some of North America's most sensationalized serial killers have their names as familiar through cross-generational age groups as George Washington, Martin Luthur King and Michael Jackson.

This film though close to boring, was interesting enough to keep my attention.

All credit then to Marc Meyers on what proves to be a fascinating piece.

Don't get me wrong, his portrayal is terrifying and too real but it is a part horror movie so he succeeded to make it breathtaking and disturbing.

Being accepted as part of a group does little to slow the progression into madness that eventually ensues.

It still seemed somewhat entertaining with Jeffrey Dahmer being Jeffrey Dahmer and the suspense killed me.

Hauntingly obscure and evocative of the time and place, it's one of my favorite soundtracks ever.

So boring I could barely get through it.

Not interesting, slow passed and boring.

Boring .

One of the most boring, un-eventful movies I've ever seen .

The film was entertaining and the acting was suburb with Anne Heche capturing the neurotic mother who is border line crazy.

Yes, as a reader of the graphic novel may have suspected, the pace ends up being a bit slow, but it's still compelling stuff -- the viewer is there just as Dahmer arrives at a fork in the road of his life.

One of the worst and most boring films I've ever seen, SO glad we watched from Sky movies as opposed to putting out hard, earned money at the cinema.

As a result, the film becomes dull, as events are repeated monotonously, to emphatically suggest that Dahmer's eventual behaviour was caused by his external circumstances.

But despite the good performances, the narrative is boring and maybe indicated for fans of the story of Dahmer only.

From collecting road kill after school, acting out in class and in a school environment to get attention and dealing with his parents volatile relationship and mental health issues, Dahmer lived a far from normal life that Meyer's showcases here in a mundane manner, that suggests Dahmer wasn't too far removed from help in a time that began to shape him into the creature he was slowly turning into as he lost more and more of his humanity.