New Tricks (2003) - Comedy, Crime, Drama

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Three retired police officers are drafted in to solve cold cases, with a touch of comedy and drama

IMDB: 7.8
Stars: Dennis Waterman, Amanda Redman
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 4 out of 49 found boring (8.16%)

One-line Reviews (32)

It's Funny,Sad & Thrilling in Equal measure and just goes to show you don't need Whizzbang CSI type Investigations to Enjoy a very well Written and Acted Series.

Worth watching if you like your detective stories told in British style.

The concept of creating a team of retired officers to solve cold cases is intriguing.

Brian Lane is the most fascinating and complex character, well drawn and excellently delivered by Alun Armstrong.

I pity the so called young and hip series which feel the need to give identification figures to every focus group the entertainment industry cares about - "New Tricks" manages to make you care about the characters because they simply feel real and because it uses their genuine faults and quirks to propel exquisite and hilariously entertaining story lines.

Brian Lane is tormented and flawed with OCD and social disorders but is such a compelling neurotic memory savant.

and is a hugely successful and Enjoyable Series...

The first few series were fresh and very entertaining.

Many of the plots are completely over the top (the witch episode, for example) and in some seasons the scripts have got too sluggish and boring.

While not quite reaching the heights that 'Minder' did for Waterman, it's nevertheless highly entertaining - and he does get to sing the title theme...

He became like a one person GRUMPY OLD MAN show, and it was as tiresome as it was tedious to endure.

It's not funny anymore, got boring and predictable.

I've only watched one from this series but intend to watch more because it moves swiftly, has interesting and rather eccentric characters, and the plot took some unpredictable turns before the solution came.

The fact that the 4 lead actors deliver real engaging performances makes it exceptional television.

This is a consistently entertaining cop show that doesn't simply rely on gritty story arcs, shoot-outs, car chases, clunky macho dialogue and bright, shiny pathological labs with the corpse of the week laid out and being probed by a medical examiner.

(I felt sorry for her then)All in all, an entertaining and often funny series.

And why do we again have to have the cliché of the boss who repeatedly threatens to (or actually does) take them off the case?

Amanda Redman never disappoints in anything she's in, and she gives a thoroughly entertaining and sometimes serious portrayal of Sandra, and Dennis Waterman from The Sweeney and Minder delights with his vocals in the title song(which is quite catchy), and equally delights with his three-times-divorced, heavy-smoking character of Gerry Standing.

I hate to have to miss parts of this great show due to the unbearable smacking and slurping coming out of his mouth.

Extremely entertaining .

Great show, very good plots and very entertaining .

Not just to pick on British actors, I could do without the gum smacking of Brad Pitt and Matt Damon and it's such a shame because they are great actors, but it's unbearable to watch.

They were bland, uninteresting, and brought little if anything to the table the way that Armstrong and Bolam had.

Sadly, the show became formulaic (i.

Eccentric characters and unpredictable plots make it a series worth watching...

Hugely Enjoyable Detective Series ***** out of ***** (a rare 5-star review) .

For me the Series peaked around Series 4 or 5, back then it was must see TV, as the old cast started leaving they took a little something with them, it was never the same, but still worth watching.

These are talented actors having a good time and creating something extremely entertaining.

flaws), charm, and exceptional savant skills of the UCOS squad resulted in one of the most entertaining shows on TV.

This is a unique and entertaining crime drama with good humor and great actors.

Worth watching over and over again .

Entertaining to say the least .