Nighthawks (1981) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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Conservative street cop DaSilva reluctantly agrees to terminate an international terrorist who has demanded media attention. But DaSilva's "at-home" tactics are very much put to the challenge.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Bruce Malmuth
Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Rutger Hauer
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 14 out of 138 found boring (10.14%)

One-line Reviews (91)

Cliché Guevara .

The powers that be decide they need more men on the street to track down Wolfie and so Da Silva, Fox and some others are dragged off the beat and summarily given training on anti-terrorist tactics; tactics a battle scarred Da Silva finds exceptionally uncool.

A real "on the edge of your seat" film throughout.

There's some really slow spots in the movie and the music score is really dated as well.

It's a run-of-the-mill action movie because from start with its explosive first scene to finish the action packed is continued ,in fact ,the final confrontation is impressive and extremely violent , including plot twists .

After seeing 40 minutes of the movie I stopped watching because I thought it was boring.

The sound acting from the tip-top cast rates as another major asset: Stallone and Dee Williams display a convincing and engaging chemistry in the leads, Hauer impresses as a supremely chilling and cold-blooded villain, plus there are praiseworthy contributions from Lindsay Wagner as DaSilva's concerned girlfriend Irene, Persis Khambata as Wulfgar's loyal cohort Shakka Holland, Nigel Davenport as no-nonsense Interpol agent Peter Hartman, and Joe Spinell as DaSilva's huffy superior Lt.

Directed by Bruce Malmuth (Hard to Kill) made an reasonably entertaining thriller with really good acting from Stallone and especially Hauer, who naturally steals the show.

Despite the quality cast, Nighthawks is a dreary, amateurish, poorly written action flick.

A callous music record, and slow moving scenes can make this thriller not very thrilling at all.

Fast paced and suspenseful .

Come on this is a deliberately dumb movie which is a million times more enjoyable than serious films like THE DEVIL`S OWN that deal with terrorism

But thanks to Hauer and Stallone, it's actually very watchable and very action packed indeed.

Concluding: this film becomes uninvolving and therefore quite boring because of bad characters, uninspired acting by most involved, bad directing and an important lack of logic.

An often forgotten 80s action thriller, and one of Stallone's earlier roles, this is an exciting and thoroughly entertaining cop movie, and one of Stallone's better performances.

If you are expecting Nighthawks to be an all-action affair in the vein of RAMBO, DEMOLITION MAN or even ASSASSINS, you'll be disappointed, but nevertheless, this is purely a taut thriller flick with memorable scenes such as the disco showdown, the foot chase, the tram hijack, Sly practising at the shooting range ( I saw this bit in an advert years ago on ITV ) and the exciting finale which has definitely been censored in UK VHS and DVD versions.

The film is combined of unstopped action ,shootouts , violence , fighting , adequate characterization and breathtakingly suspenseful denouement .

That is to say it is slow and built around a couple of key scenes.

With that said, the best thing about the picture is certainly the cast who at least keep the film mildly entertaining.

I enjoyed "Nighthawks" when I saw it in the theater (Bellerose, NY) and I enjoyed it tonight.

Rutger Hauer stole the show and he stole the movie I love how Sly and Rutger brilliantly plays and portrays their characters and yes this movie is entertaining and fast paced it goes quickly around.

Billy Dee Williams's character was bland that I didn't find myself rooting for nor hating him.

it does have some interesting parts but most of it it's boring.

Director Bruce Malmuth, working from a tight and absorbing script by David Shaber, relates the gripping story at a constant brisk pace, builds and sustains a substantial amount of nerve-rattling tension, stages the exciting action set pieces with skill and flair (the ending in particular packs quite a fierce and rousing punch), maintains a hard, serious tone throughout, and makes expert use of the authentically gritty Big Apple locations.

Very exciting chase scenes.

Stallone .. at his best here & the scenes .. in New York .. are shot great .. for me living .. in the country .. And it .. was super see all the action & chasing .. of the bad guy .. & to watch up .. to a thrilling end .. is so cool .. & know .. Sylvester Stallone .. was just start .. to get name .. for himself .. so set back & eat some popcorn & enjoy .. great .. action .. "Nighthawks" ...

One of the worst movies ever.

Intriguing story of two N.

You have to know that the beginning of the movie is a bit slow with no action.

An fairly well-made suspenseful action/thriller.

This suspenseful little thriller sees the characters struggle against a system that has perpetuated many falsehoods Although it was made over 30 years ago, it hasn't lost any of its power.

The story is original and much of the plot intriguing.

It's not the best movie in career for any of them , but certainly worth watching .

Nighthawks for me has always been one of Stallone's most entertaining performances.

In the end you get a fast paced and often quite suspenseful movie with first rate performances from Stallone and Hauer.

This is a well directed, exciting movie that manages to grab you early on, and hardly ever lets up until a clever finish.

Indeed the shootouts are all adequate and such but Malmuth uses a far more intense approach to the action and delivers more a police suspenser rather than a police styled actioner.

But he's not the only star in this film because Billy Dee Williams, Rutger Hauer, and Lindsay Wagner joins him in this thrilling action film!

Solid engaging action thriller .

Some years ago, when this came on TV, guys in my class watched it and told me how boring they thought it was.

It has lots of action and gripping tension throughout, not to mention good acting from all the cast and a gripping storyline.

)Anyway, now that I've ranted, I have to admit that I enjoyed it for the most part, with the exception of the initial pacing.

Billy-Dee Williams was an unexpected surprise, and he was actually pretty good.

It might be a cliché but this film always "kept m on the edge of my seat.

Exciting early '80's action film is quite well written, directed, and acted, and has subject matter that would resonate in a whole new way 20 years later...

They've given this rubbish 3 ticks (out of 4) and described it as "gripping" and "an excellent star vehicle".

The film is action packed and very gritty.

The story and the characters are very well developed and the thriller is intense.

While this plot has been tackled a million times before, it still made for an enjoyable film.

Exciting shoot 'em up with Stallone and Williams as cops who try to nab terrorist Hauer, who is fantastic in his first American film.

This movie has an intense thrilling surprise at the ending, so if you have never seen it before, then go rent it right away!!

Sporting a 'Serpico'-like beard, Stallone cuts down on the gung-ho poses that 'Rambo' and 'Rocky' fans have come to get bored of.

Good entertainment, if a little predictable.

NIGHTHAWKS does a terrific interpretation of how fascinating and surreptitious the terrorist bad guy is compared to a troublesome criminal.

It's a surprisingly entertaining movie, still packs a punch, and the tense tram standoff in the third act keeps the blood pumping 'til the very end.

Exciting Terrorist Thriller.

It has nary a dull moment and Rutger Hauers' Wulfgar makes you shiver with fear.

Positives were the relationship between Wulfgar and DaSilva, the engaging soundtrack, and the fact that this movie had a GOOD plot (unlike many of Stallone's movies).

However one of the biggest shocks about Nighthawks is how much more suspenseful it is then truly action packed.

He really makes DaSilva a very tough, and gritty NYC cop who also has principles and morals, and stays true to who he is, and he goes after crime so intensely and fiercely especially during his pursuit of Wulfgar, and the animosity between those two characters is what really drives the film forward, and that electrifying, psychological edge that they both work off of each other just makes it so compelling.

Stallone's worst movie.


It was action packed, dark, gritty, and very relevant even though it was released back in '81.

Amongst the scenes which were deleted from original cut of the movie are almost all scenes between Sylvester Stallone and Lindsey Wagner, Rutger Hauer and Persis Khambatta, more scenes explaining the plot better, and many other scenes because Universal wanted fast paced action movie .

Seriously, how much slower could this thriller go?

The chase scene in the subway is thrilling, well shot and engrossing.

Stallone delivers his lines with his usual monotone aplomb!

Other than that, it is roughly 90 minutes of boredom set in the early 1980s.

) Two cops keeping their eyes open for riveting Rutger Hauer, the scariest terrorist alive!

The surprise ending caps off an entertaining thriller.

Between gun battles in a disco, knife murders at the Museum of Modern Art and a thrilling cable car hostage sequence, DaSilva attempts to connect to his wife Iris (Wagner).

Exciting picture with plenty of action about two-fisted police detectives hunting a brutal , ruthless terrorist .

All three of those actors are riveting in this rough, gritty film.

The movie contains riveting chases, a spectacle for a final confrontation, and an aggressively structured formula throughout the entire film.

4 points for Sly (whom i love) wearing a beard, and some quite exciting scenes.

There are some terrific action scenes in this movie such as the thrilling chase sequence on the New York subway and a nail-biting sequence when Wulfgar and his female partner-in-crime, Shakka, hi- jack a cable car full of VIPs.

It's really too bad the film plays out as bland as it does because the cast and locations are so good that one wishes the story and direction were better.

One big problem with this movie, and ironically it's with the best and most suspenseful scene in it; when DaSilva spots Wulfgar in a crowded discotheque.

There's some good action sequences and the suspenseful scenes are genuine.

A little gem of a film well worth watching.

If you use this as complete escapism, it's an amazing show and an enjoyable watch.

The duo are initially reluctant to continue their anti-terrorist participation but soon Da Silva starts to learn how Wulfgar's mind works, and as he nears the prey things get personal and Wulfgar decides to teach Da Silva a lesson, as well as causing untold horror and mass confusion at the death of many innocent civilians.

This film boasts several impressive suspenseful scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat.

I found myself bored by the end of the first forty-five minutes, until the montage of Stallone and Williams looking for clues to the dead flight attendant at the various discoteques.

The last twenty 20 minute cable car scene with madman takes hostages, makes quite thrilling viewing, mainly cause of Hauer's intentions.

There are some silly bits in it though, Hauer having a 'transformation' at the beginning, to look more like Rutger Hauer, Stallone overacting on several occasions with a funky beard and even funkier glasses, but the director knows how to handle the action well, despite it being very formulaic, and having a Brian De Palma ending.

This is one of Stallone`s best films which isn`t saying much I know , but still NIGHTHAWKS is an entertaining very dumb thriller .

nighthawks is stallone's first action thriller, and while it isn't as action packed and unbelievable as his later movies, it still delivers some top notch action and thrills, and has a great villain in the form of rutger huer, he is a truly heartless villain with no conscience, stallone gives a better performance than usual although he looks a little weird with his al pacino serpico look, it's a solid action thriller but anybody expecting 'rambo' or 'cobra' may be a little disappointing as its quite slow paced and nowhere near as violent as them movies.

Rutger Hauer is still riveting.

Also they could had made the whole hunt of DaSilva (Sylvester Stallone) on Wulfgar (Rutger Hauer) so much more exciting, tense and spectacular.

One of only a handful of SLY STALLONE films that is actually worth the watch!!