Nightlight (2015) - Horror, Thriller

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Five friends play a game in a ''mysterious'' forest with a long history as a beacon for troubled young people contemplating suicide.

IMDB: 4.4
Director: Scott Beck
Stars: Shelby Young, Carter Jenkins
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 35 found boring (28.57%)

One-line Reviews (28)

I knew "Nightlight" was going to become a waste of time but time was mine to be wasted and no money was involved so...

NIGHTLIGHT is generic, it's predictable, it's dizzying, it's a major time-waster.

Sometimes show a creature like a demon, sometimes the movies talk about a spirit of a boy, I don't understand that, was to vague at this point in the history of the movie, and the are a lot of cliché.

I'd like to see this remade without the found footage BS in it as a regular film, but it was worth a watch and entertaining.


It is slow, with long pauses when there is nothing in the view of the flashlight.

The countless cliché horror movie situations that occur are nearly as dense as the forest itself.

Suspenseful, cool story, scary.

It is so hackneyed, repetitive, been-there-done-that, I'm not going to waste my time or yours.

Though the found-footage aspect, given a more intriguing spin here as actually being framed from the lights of the their equipment instead of a video-camera as per usual, still comes with the rather tired antic of having the out-of-focus shaking visual trick that renders a lot of scenes really hard to make out what's happening and there's little thought into what's going on here as the story makes no sense, these here are really all that keep this one down.

Did I feel bored?

A slow first half, full of the usual laughing and joking, eventually gives way to terror and weird events, but it's all quite mundane.

I'd say it's worth watching :)Just don't go in thinking you're gonna be real scared

Some of the suspenseful moments were great, they were killing me with it.

There is no message, no moral, no plot, and not one single, solitary thing to recommend about this film.

For the most part this one was a highly enjoyable and exciting effort.

Though there's some early fun here as it sets up the fact that there's something in the woods with them, once it showcases what's out there the film really kicks up with an impressive series of scenes as there's all manner of chases, confrontations and generally creepy encounters here that are immensely enjoyable and entertaining.

This leads to plenty of high-energy action along the way here with this one getting the dive into the underground caves or the attack on the abandoned car in the middle of the woods being superb stand-outs that really sell this one quite nicely and makes for another highly-enjoyable part of the film to go along with all the utterly chilling encounters.

Worth watching .

Starts kind of promising with slightly above average bunch of characters and then goes in to slow, boring, camera shaky, dark night ride with very little pay off at the end.

There's plenty of utterly suspenseful times here, with the encounter with the boyfriend out among the rocks overlooking the cliff and the group in the woods where the falling tree nearly crushes them come off the best though the absolutely chilling sequence where they are followed by the unseen force turning on the motion-activated lights behind them which gets closer and closer while they wait for it to appear which it does in a rather chilling and startling effect, and the finale in the church is an absolute stand-out as well as the creaking wood and ominous foot- steps continually getting closer lead to a rather chilling finish.

What really works so well throughout here is the absolutely incredible atmosphere throughout this one as there's some thoroughly suspenseful and creepy moments in here that work due to the fantastic idea of how this one plays out.

Bottom line: Don't waste your time, tape, or HD space.


Either the viewer punch himself or herself for watching this or they find a way to punch the makers of this for actually pulling such a strange stunt that never gives us the taste for horror, just thrilling ourselves with screaming and blurred images that doesn't reveal anything with a huge flashlight in the middle of the screen.

The jerking motion designed to create horror and confusion is dead.

So no, overall, at the end of it, you will consider it a complete waste of time.

It was also kind of hard to follow, it jumped around a lot.