Nine Lives (2016) - Comedy, Drama, Family

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A stuffy businessman finds himself trapped inside the body of his family's cat.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Stars: Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 25 out of 135 found boring (18.51%)

One-line Reviews (58)

It is a pretty good and entertaining movie.

And if this message is cliché, it can't be said enough, especially in these times.

Not one of the jokes could make me chuckle, and the ending was predictable if you just saw the trailer, and read the premise.

Their presence made the film bearable, and my daughter found it diverting enough (and there are a few entertaining moments).

Don't waste your time with this garbage.

Entertaining, Funny, and Emotionally Likable .

The first half of the film seems to be dedicated to boring the viewer so much that the second half actually seems okay.

The performances are bland even from Spacey who can literally transform into any role whether it is a fictional psychopath in Se7en or even a relentless romantic from his second Oscar winning performance in American Beauty; however even for him this performance is dreadful, yes even more dreadful than Horrible Bosses the film makes even the most lovable actor unbearable that is no easy feat.

Most importantly, the darling CAT, with the help, at times, of special effects, is as entertaining a screen star as they come!

For being a PG movie made for families, it does have a heavy focus on business meetings and stock markets, all of which would bore its family audience.

To be honest, I kind of enjoyed it, even though I don't really watch Drama/Comedy/Family movies.

This movie is so bad its cringy aufull and will make any cat lover hate cats the girl is anoying kevin spacy sucks in this film jenifer garner is pretty bad and it is so bland boring and bad the 3 bees of this god auful movie and the ending made 0 sense its full of cleches dont see it you are not a cat so you only have one life and dont waste it on this trash 0.0000001/10

And the most boring part is that all of it is predictable.

Exciting, Interesting, Funny, Unique and fiction.

Predictable accident awaiting, Brand is then transported into the body of Mr. Fuzzypants while his human body lies in a coma.

Just because it has a cat, let's use the nine lives belief as the title of our boring movie.

If you want a family friendly, or just a giggler, go for it and ignore the bored elitist reviews.

There are a few funny parts but there are also lots of unfunny, predictable parts.

My 12-year-old enjoyed it.

Instead, this is a silly, predictable, yet very entertaining, piece of fluff about a wealthy builder (Kevin Spacey) who manages to get trapped inside a cat's body.

It wasn't just that the dialogue was wooden and it seemed like Kevin Spacey (whom we all adore and is the reason I went to this picture) did his performance in over Skype while reading the script for the first time, or that the plot was so predictable you could leave, buy popcorn, apply for a refinance on your mortgage, come back and know exactly where you were - the movie is disturbing.

After all, it is thought-provocative, with a cat character brought to life by a compelling and intelligent cat star.

I was expecting to be dragged by my kids to a mix of "Baby Geniuses 2" and "Battlefield Earth".

I think younger kids might find some funny parts but most of it will bore them or go right over their heads.

Everything is so cliché, so dumb.

Your typical high achieving American tycoon spends too much time away from his family, and accidentally buys some sort of magic cat that he swaps places with in contrived and farcical circumstances, to learn An Important Lesson.

After that, the story picks up and my kids really enjoyed it and I did as well.

And confusing.

Characters were either hated or bland and the effects were nothing special.

With the exception of the daughter every feminine character is so pointless you could have substituted them with a broom with a cardboard drawing nailed to them and you could have gotten the same effect.

Bland, not Funny.

Enjoyable, especially if you've ever lived with a cat.

The movie is a little predictable, which is fine for a movie like this, and if you ended up liking some of the characters, acceptable.

One of the top-ten worst movies I've ever watched, not even worth to make any comments about how bad it is.

I enjoyed it, and would recommend it to anyone willing to admit they like cats and are hopeful that poor parents can be turned around.

It's not a bad movie, just a little predictable.

This movie just felt like a Shaggy Dog clone, but more dull and boring.

Overall it is a very enjoyable film.

The business bits are very uninteresting and I was just waiting for the cat portions to return so I could continue to laugh.

Soon I was paralyzed by the fear that if I acted on these impulses and ran out screaming into the night or assailed the TV with a hammer, my friends would judge me too pretentious to enjoy a simple little family flick like Nine Lives.

The emotional highs and lows are intense and meaningful.

Contender for worst movie of the year, this green screen laden French/American co-production directed by Barry Sonnenfeld is a joyless family comedy that features an embarrassing voice-over from Spacey, and lifeless performances from everyone else.

The rest of the story is too bland to talk about.

The girl, meh, is not made to like but not to hate, very bland.

And before too long, it traps you into a soulless experience likely to evoke far more yawning than laughter.

I, for one, was bored watching these scenes.

My 8-year-old was bored.

Completely empty and completely pointless.

Kids will be bored by all the office politics (Ian Cox is trying to take the company away from Tom Brand, Tom's adult son David from his first marriage works at the office too and is trying to earn his father's respect, etc.)2. Finally the film gets to the "meat" of the plot, and it's not cute.

Every single one of them was unbearable.

Nine Lives is one of the worst movies of all time.


I saw this one and really enjoyed it.

Meow-Yawn .

This is to tedious even for a six year old to enjoy.

I was genuinely entertained with "Nine Lives", and it makes for a very easy viewing of an enjoyable movie.

We wanted an enjoyable family, summer movie and we got it!!

Top 10 worst movies I've seen in my life.