Non-Stop (2014) - Action, Mystery, Thriller

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An air marshal springs into action during a transatlantic flight after receiving a series of text messages demanding $150 million into an off-shore account, or someone will die every 20 minutes.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Stars: Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 47 out of 450 found boring (10.44%)

One-line Reviews (468)

" Not very original, but unnerving exciting at times.

However, given the number of SkyMall perusing, bored-looking Air Marshalls I've seen travelling on internal and international flights, I hope they don't see this film and try to reenact it to alleviate their mundanity.

Such a breathtaking , jaw-dropping , spectacular and 100% amazing movie !

A high-flying and intriguing Hitchcock style thriller on steroids.

When you watch a movie as fun and as thrilling as Non-Stop, little does the details matter.

It's the ideal location to make an exciting film.

Overall, Non-Stop is a surprisingly great action thriller that is tense and suspenseful.

Well about the movie its totally action packed high voltage as always Liam delivers to its Fans...

If you took the tense bits of Die Hard, added all of the boring bits of Under Siege, throw in the plot of Unknown and have the setting in the plane, this would probably be the outcome.

Smart, suspenseful plot, with good acting performances.

Very pleasant and entertaining .

Additionally, it turned out to be a fairly entertaining movie.

With Liam Neeson soaring high as a legitimate action hero and gradually intense plot, Non-Stop could have been great, but the asinine final act undermines its thrilling build up.

Sure, the US has its Timothy McVeighs, but I still say: Yawn!

It looked really intense, and that's exactly what I was hoping for walking in.

Save Your Money!

It does have plenty of exciting moments, the direction is competent and it's an action film emphasizing tension over mindless thrills for once.

"Non-Stop" is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action and violence, some language, sensuality and drug references.


As the other reviewers have stated,you're on the edge of your seat.

A unique story that was thrilling and engaging.

There isn't much in the way of plot, the "whodunnit" moments are cheesy (you know, the camera focuses on someone's face, the person looks about in an intense manner...

Overall, a great film that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Thrilling action thriller, quite well done.

Intense & Gratifying .

Rating: 8/10 (Sorry, I enjoyed it very much) http://yjcool.

Despite having several flaws and losing qualities as it unfolds, it is a film that still proved capable of entertaining and involving most of the time.

Overall, one of the most intense thrillers I've ever seen.

Pretty much the same style, but I would say Non- Stop is better, because the tension is always high, the acting is better, and it's completely unpredictable, even though you keep thinking you've figured it all out.

Dreadful but dreadfully entertaining .

It will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Now I can recommend an enjoyable experience with all the thriller tropes in good form and a hero to be admired: Non-Stop with Liam Neeson.

Even though the movie lost a lot of points for the climax, It was still an entertaining flick.

Non-Stop may not be as relentless as its title suggests, but it is undeniably entertaining.

I was on the edge of my seat for practical the whole film.

I couldn't tell you what happened exactly in Flightplan (2005), Executive Decision (1996), or Air Force One (1997) but I sure know they were entertaining films despite their faults.

The story itself was very cliché (e.

This ending is thrilling even though the hijacker's motive is particularly far-fetched.

The pacing of this film varies from mind numbingly slow and deliberate to heart pounding speed and action.

The real problem is with the ending which, like an airplane crashing, dive bombs from a high level of action and suspense to an unsatisfactory and empty ending.

This is a suspenseful film that keeps you guessing until the end and it had me biting my nails from the beginning.

So, it's a watchable movie and moderately exciting.

Pros:Very suspensefulVery unpredictable and excitingThere are no major cons that I can think of.

There are so many mysteries, as well as many unpredictable events.

Yes, if there where an academy award for most blatantly fake yawn, then Liam Neeson would win hands down.

This movie was suspenseful, thrilling, and intriguing.

A prior review said it best "Silly as Hell, but quite Entertaining", which really describes the movie very well.

Everyone is a suspect, it's entertaining, suspenseful and it works like a charm.

The film itself is a straight-forward narrative with an intense storyline that keeps your attention from the start to the end.

It was unexpected, without being cheesy.

This is really good and very entertaining.

For most of the film, we are on a mystery hunt with Neeson, as it plays out more like a 'Whodunit' yarn, than an action packed thriller.

Along with Neeson's strong performance we have Julian Moore's accompanying and powerful performance complimenting Neeson's investigation, she adds on to the more emotional side throughout the intense flight.

"Non-Stop" teams up Liam Neeson with "Taken" Director Jaume Collet-Serra for another thrilling go-round at saving the day.

An unpretentious, fast paced, suspense ridden thrill ride that keeps you guessing .

Still enjoyed it.

Well worth the watch!

No film is without its flaws however and Non-Stop is no exception, with a repetitive screenplay that throws in several cringe-worthy one-liners, it could be argued that the script is the main factor holding the cast back from unleashing their full potential.

Richardson, Chris Roach and Ryan Engle send Neeson's Federal agent on a transatlantic flight from New York to London, where a seemingly uneventful night on the job quickly becomes something else when he receives a series of text messages warning that a passenger will be killed every 20 mins unless he arranges for $150 million to be transferred to a bank account within that time.

The movie manages to make you feel immersed in the story, like if the theater was the plane and you were sitting in one of the plane's seats instead of the theater seat.

"Non-Stop" thrilling entertainer .

But they do with it what they can, and once you get over the unrealistic (yet utterly thrilling) action sequences, you might just see the picture for what it really is: a smart, white-knuckled roller coaster ride that keeps audience members hanging off the edge of their seat for the whole of the thrilling experience - Non-Stop Entertainment!

Non-Stop is a very enjoyable movie that I would recommend to fans of Liam Neeson,thrillers and actions.

It was really exciting and i was incredibly curious to know who the villain was who sent the messages threatening to kill 1 passenger every 20 minutes.

Damn, Neeson is so intense and stylish that even the gun literally flies to his direction, so he can use it against his enemy.

Your constantly on the edge of your seat thinking who is doing this?

Very thrilling though.

Moore and Nyong'o are of course above material like this too, so is the director, but their talent makes it so much more entertaining.

It is about as standard as they come, but Liam Neeson commands the film with intensity and urgency that keeps it from ever getting boring.

Worth watching!

If it weren't for the drivel in the final 30 minutes Non-Stop would be passable cinema fodder, as it is if you're looking for an exciting, interesting and smart Neeson-thriller you should revisit The Grey instead.


There are a few camp and corny moments here and there, but the acting was realistic and believable enough to keep the movie dramatic and engaging.

It's an enjoyable flick and I felt it deserves a 9 simply because the movie made me want to watch it by providing me with a proper amount of entertainment along the way and it had a great pace.

The movie is incredibly played out and totally mind blowing including being unexpected.

In addition to being a riveting thriller, Non-Stop has an interesting political agenda.

With Taken, Taken 2, Unknown, The Grey he has been typecast to play square jawed, indestructible American characters that are indisputably good, endlessly resourceful and ultimately dull.

This does lend itself to some dull moments, as well as times were things are happening at such an alarming rate that you might not catch every important detail, all despite its interesting writing.

It reminded me in a funny way of a film noir, or cold war thriller, the paranoia was very real and intense and the enemy was unseen and mysterious.

The thrills are quick and enjoyable.

Intense thriller full of intense moments of pure shock and suspicion .

What a boring disaster.

This one is actually entertaining well paced, well written, not too outlandish, and it has a good cast.

Entertaining for What It Is .

The script has some good dramatic and humorous dialogue but some of it feels cliché and doesn't help make these characters interesting.

It was really well paced and directed, and it was thrilling enough to really suck you in and keep you transfixed all the way.

Another movie in a series of movies recently, that likes to play the mystery game, to just pick out a random villain at the end, whom no one could have predicted due to the stunning lack of information given during the feature.

Surprisingly entertaining .

while it was entertaining and filled with twists and turns, both my husband and i were disappointed in this movie.

To me NON-STOP was an astounding thriller with a strong build-up, tense setup, reasonable amount of tension and suspense, an overall solid screenplay and a noteworthy performance from Liam Neeson whose character you can easily care for and embodies a role that is absolutely compelling.

It is exciting and well- acted.

Unfortunately, "Non-Stop" suffers from a dire lack of plausibility, but the filmmakers compensate with a compelling mystery, slickly staged combat action scenes, and a brisk, snappy pace that never lets up.

It was overall a fascinating experience with the strong acts creating it a must watch for all action- thriller lovers :)

Smart, suspenseful plot, with good acting performances by Liam Neeson AND supporting actors.

The story was intense and believable and then it happened.

Beyond which, it was getting pretty boring about an hour into it.

Lot's of on the edge-of- your-seat scenes because of how well it was made and has a silent and lonely feel to it which helps you understand everything going on.

Very enjoyable watch.

It's a long time ago that I've watched a movie sitting on the edge of my seat and wondering who would be the one who's doing this.

Non-Stop is decently entertaining.

This is an engaging feature of the movie and makes its audience want that satisfaction of the pieces coming together to solve the crime of this mystery.

Exciting Thriller .

Indeed, you may find yourself feeling a little claustrophobic before an explosive but formulaic finale.

Thrilling ride with messy resolution .

Liam Neeson is a great actor and manages to make being understated cool, while the premise, although preposterous, is claustrophobic and thrilling.

Chemistry with Neeson was bland.

I fell asleep on it several times, and after I finally finished it, I deleted it immediately.

But I would suggest you see it, because it is an enjoyable movie.

Gripping.. like another Taken .

Unexpected sparks of bottom jiggling terror.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on Blu-Ray.

Liam Neeson is an action legend in his own right & has made some of the most entertaining Action Thriller's of the about the last ten years, we've had Neeson vs wolves in the snowy wilderness survival Thriller The Grey & we've had his iconic kidnap & revenge Taken Trilogy & his memory loss Mystery with Unknown & his troubled grizzled Detective Crime Thriller, A Walk Among The Tombstones & his Survive the night chase Thriller, Run All Night, all excellent Neeson flicks.

thrilling ride at 40,000 feet.

The beginning was slow (because it was supposed to be) and once the plane took off, it got suspenseful.

However, before nearing the climax of the movie, the build-up was too slow.

When you think about it, Neeson and Tom Cruise (50 years old himself) are the only consistent "action heroes" that are constantly churning out action films that are actually quite entertaining (except for Jack Reacher...

It is photographed in drab tones and his lead actor's performance is as predictably bleak as it was in Taken and now verges of self-parody.

What makes matters more intriguing is the fact that the only cop on the plane (Liam Neeson), who has to do the investigation, is suspended and has a severe drinking problem.

Thrilling and Exciting All the Way Through, .

The confusion and paranoia was evident throughout the movie, as the minutes ticked by, and more people died.

Also, the other characters in the movie are intriguing enough and they make the movie very interesting.

The action in the movie is certainly worth the watch, having close quarters fighting that makes for very interesting fighting styles in the enclosed spaces.

If you loved the Taken movies and The Gray you will love Liam Neeson again in this as a very intense and intelligent man of action, I give this movie an A!

The storyline had a interesting concept but over a period of time become boring due to how repetitive it was.

Every politically correct red herring is tossed in and is so phony in nature to be embarrassing and thoroughly predictable.


Overall, it's a great action film that is full of twists and turns that will make you glued to the screen and have you guessing the unpredictable outcomes.

Before this finale there is a good amount of action, some of it fairly intense.

It held me in constant suspense, and i really WAS on the edge of my seat for most of the film.

You feel every hit, every gunshot, every slice (yes, slice); it's all intense.

Truly one of the worst movies to come out in recent years.

Meantime, little else can be said about this exciting, nerve racking, nail-biter without divulging important plot points.

If young guys made this movie, then it's forgivable to have these frantic choices; otherwise these decisions just come off as ineffective and pretentious.

And then, lots of suspenseful happenings ensue.

I am rating Non-Stop a 6 because the story and characters are engaging and it definitely adds suspense for the viewer!

) but this was surprisingly suspenseful and full of mystery.

If you need an adrenaline pumped, no-twists revealed until the end kind of a movie this weekend, go check it out!

The combination of action and mystery in this film makes him so exciting the acting was great and the final battle was so good I loved it

With an assortment of varied passengers, this picture is exciting to the very end with the emergency landing and all.

For the most part, the movie has a mysterious and intriguing setup.

A decent thriller with some twists and turns that keeps it from getting boring.

The fact that the air marshal got set up is a great subplot, engaging me to see if he gets his name cleared.

"Non-Stop" is a non-stop action thriller with a simple but engaging story in a claustrophobic environment.

-an idea that a Federal Air Marshall carrying a ridiculously cliché black briefcase can board a plane without any screening at the airport is just plain dumb- does the script writer think TSA would allow for such a security hole- everyone, including the pilot, flight attendants, Air Marshall pass through clearance before boarding a plane (please correct me if there is a chance I might be wrong) -when Liam Neeson asks one fellow for help breaching a federal secure phone line to send a bugged MMS and the guy manages to do it in just 8 minutes or so, DOESN'T IT RING A BELL, Air Marshall????

A good movie with a bumpy landing for an ending is an enjoyable movie that the whole family can enjoy!

intense throughout.

Thrilling mystery .

There are a few plot holes here and there, but the stout performances relief a lot to keep the movie intense and attractive.

Intense, Edge-of-your-seat, Unique, and Entertaining action .

g watching paint dry or standing in a freezer.

Heart-racing action and unexpected plot twists.

in/Non-Stop just as the title advocates is strictly an around-the-clock action packed thriller movie.

Despite being almost totally set inside an airliner, the plot with many twists and turns, keeps every scene intense and interesting.

If you can just get past that and enjoy a suspenseful hour or so of action movie clichés, get a first-class ticket for "Non-Stop" excitement.

The supporting characters give the story line just what it needs to keep you on the edge of suspense through the entire film.

In that respect I left the theater A) laughing at the stupidity of the plot B) disappointed at the waste of money/time.

Anyway the story asked for pawns to draw a confusion graph while narrating the main plot.

"Despite its shoddy CGI shots of a bogus jetliner plunging earthward with two fighter jets flanking it, the film qualifies as an extremely preposterous but thoroughly entertaining airborne mystery- thriller.

A smart action flick, which will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

So i Will definitely suggest you all guys to watch it if you love Liam and action packed high voltage mystery movies...

A very very different type of movie and the cast played their part in making this one of the more enjoyable films I have seen this year.

The last true action hero, the towering elderly Liam Neeson returns to his recently found career path of on-screen macho in this hi-flying adrenaline rush.

Plot holes: yes there were a few things overlooked but it is still a very enjoyable film and that should be what matters, not little things that make no difference (like the temperature as someone said in a different review)

But all over its a good Liam Neeson action film with somewhat a surprising thrilling plot twist.

The films climax isn't bad but once we get the ultimate reveal who was behind hijacking its comes off weak and silly but if you like Taken,Unknown or the Grey this just might keep you entertained because despite the flaws and silliness I still enjoyed it,worth a watch.

However it's still a decent entertaining flick.

The tension follows the eldritch narrative trajectory; exponentially rising tension to a vertiginous height, a brief chain of intense crisis moments, release, a coda of calmness and connection.

If you like films that are exciting, suspenseful and films that keep you guessing then this film will be right up your street.

It's still quite thrilling to watch.

Overall it was very exciting and kept you guessing right up to the end.

It's no 'Taken' that's for sure, but it packs a fair share of solid gripping thrills in between an Agatha Christie mystery that makes it perfectly watchable for those in need of an action fix.

(60%) An intense thrill ride that hooks you in and doesn't let go until the very final reel.

Enjoyable Entertainment.

But that does not help or provide solace to the hapless viewers who are going to be expecting some actual entertainment from this production and will instead discover a monotonous, boring, claustrophobic, lifeless film with no character development, no audience connection, no sympathetic characters, no suspense that is not either awkward or forced, -- and no relief from any of the above until the plane lands or the film ends, whichever comes first.

Still, it comes in to land a few increments above trite.

Plenty of red herrings throughout to misled you and an exciting (if implausible) closing scene.

Richardson, Chris Roach and Ryan Engle's screenplay are some intriguing nuances about alcoholism, security and government cover ups although it never fully explores these interesting points.

The film was moderately entertaining and kept me guessing until its disappointing revelations unraveled with its dumb ending.

There is little that is truly thrilling or suspenseful in what happens in this film, and it drags on to a whodunnit conclusion that you will probably not have guessed.

This movie was action packed & thrilling, at the same time.


The final act in particular is especially thrilling, with plane parts flying everywhere and suspense building until the end.

Check your disbelief like oversized baggage at the door, and you'll find that this high-altitude thriller makes for a perfectly entertaining if forgettable time .

I recently saw "Non-Stop" a couple of days ago and I personally enjoyed it.

Whilst the plot was nonsense - leaving more open questions than answers - it was quite enjoyable nonsense, and I should add that my wife absolutely loved it (although it should also be pointed out that Air Force One is her favourite film!

The film doesn't give you hints to let you know right at the start, it made you sit on the edge, wanting to find out the murderer before the Air Marshall.

it's the best thrilling screenplay that can be written about planes.

Great action flick that was thoroughly entertaining .

It took 'Flight 10 minutes to accomplish a great and suspenseful airplane sequence, in what it took 90 minutes for 'Non-Stop' to not accomplish.

It had me on the edge of my seat almost all the time!

However, in saying all that it is definitely worth watching and definitely not a waste of your money or time.

Still if you are looking for a film with intense action, a minimal story line and Liam Neeson kicking ass, then this is the movie for you.

Director Jaume Collet-Sera steered the movie with intensity which kept me on the edge of my seat; so que Sera, Sera.

As intense scenes begin to unfold the struggle of an investigation to find the unknown individual seems to be pointing to Bill as the plane hijacker.

But he definitely holds your attention and keeps you on the edge just enough.

I will also say that this film was very intense and had my heart racing while watching the 3rd act played out.

A poor attempt at thrilling .

This movie started really slow.

And the fact everyone thinks HE'S the terrorist adds a bit of extra spice, already adding to a thoroughly absorbing experience.

It shouldn't have take a whole lot of effort to fix what was wrong with the script and film this movie in a more dynamic and exciting way.

There are some suspenseful moments and some mystery elements that work well.

The revelation of who is behind this is a kind of a spoiler, but it has an exciting ending.

An intriguing concept with a tragic lead and tons of close-combat sequences, Non-Stop seems poised to please.

In short, Non-Stop is an intense, thrill-a-minute action ride that won't let go of the grip it has on you till the end.

"Heck No", Was it entertaining?

It's still a very entertaining movie.

'Non-Stop' is An Engrossing Action-Thriller, that captivates & arrests its viewer, at most places.

Unlike the highly entertaining nineties guilty pleasure Air Force One, Non-Stop seems to steer more in the direction of the wholly disastrous Flightplan.

Geez this movie is suspenseful.

The film is an okay entertaining thriller.

More often than not, little effort is put in creating an interesting and original story to accompany the action scenes in an action movie, and you get a Steven Seagal movie – which means a boring collage of shootouts, explosions and deaths.

Although I'm Liam's fan, I must admit that Non-Stop is quite cold and slow moving film.

This movie is a very suspenseful and a great "Whodunnit" movie.

All in all it was a highly entertaining film with a constant tension.

Yes, it's a contrived subplot.

Empty Gun .

Intense, Spine-Tingling Film that Keeps You on the Edge of Your Seat Throughout .

Marks at last decides to trust the NYPD officer and hands him his gun, A short time later the officer is shot and asks Mtaks "you gave me an empty gun!

Now to the plot, you know from the trailer that there will be a few twists and turns, but still the presentation of these twists and turns keep you on the edge of your seat despite the fact that you knew it was coming.

The film's first hour unfolds with tension and tiny twists aplenty, as Bill races against time to trace the source of the threatening messages but keeps coming up empty.

When the revelation arrives though, it falls flat and feels downright pretentious.

With something as expected as a Neeson release, also comes the expectation for a clichéd, unoriginal, and purely entertaining action story line.

Liam Neeson is at it again in yet another enjoyable, disposable French-produced action flick in which a hapless, dishevelled guy with big personal problems is forced by circumstance to jump, run, growl and shoot people - often all at the same time.

I watched Non-Stop with my office colleagues who really enjoyed it.

Non-Stop may deliver cheap thrills, ludicrous revelations, and half-hearted scenes of redemption with much entertainment, but contrary to its title, things seem to move at a much slower rate than suggested.

I hate flying just like Air Marshal "Bill Marks" played by Neeson, and haven't flown since 2005, but the movie had a great sense of suspenseful mystery where he had to figure out which passenger(s) were behind the conspiracy of plotting to high-jack an international trans-Atlantic flight to London, United Kingdom against him.

For example, the film has some great, close-quarters fight scenes, Liam Neeson is acting the hell out of his role, the premise had amazing potential to be exciting and the film starts off as a decent thriller that looks like it is building to something interesting.

Considering its from Jaume Collet-Serra who previously gave us Unknown and the immensely entertaining Orphan, you know Non-Stop will be more than just watchable.

Things really get exciting for Marks when he starts getting text messages from a mysterious stranger who's watching him.

Entertaining, makes you stay fixed to the screen.

After last year being introduced to a thrilling series of Action movies starring Liam Neeson called Taken by a fellow IMDb'er last year,I was thrilled to discover a few days ago that Neeson's newest Action title was about to hit UK cinemas,which led to me excitingly getting ready to witness,what would hopefully be a non-stop action thrill ride.

Liam Neeson has become the great intense leading man.

The action is exciting.

The action scenes were also entertaining and for a movie that takes place almost entirely in a plane it was engaging.

The plot keeps you on the edge of your seat guessing what really happens next, it takes pretty good writing to be unpredictable.

The story itself was very cliché (e.

A plane load of civvies, one on the edge air marshal, one love interest and one obligatory cute little girl.

As others have said, there are a few plot holes, but the main and important thing is that the film was really enjoyable.

The storyline in the movie is pretty good and very gripping.

Despite its shoddy CGI shots of a bogus jetliner plunging earthward with two jet fighters flanking it, "Non-Stop" qualifies as an extremely preposterous but thoroughly entertaining airborne mystery-thriller.

They were all very dull and forgettable.

Which is pretty exciting, and mind-blowing.

This movie pulled me into it and I felt intense suspense as it went along.

Neeson is outstanding as the air marshal, running the gamut of emotions from grief to confusion to terror; he's instantly sympathetic and likable.


I can guarantee annoyance levels will reach a near unbearable level about 30 minutes into Non-Stop when Bill's phone continues to "ding ding" with a message received tone, that is up FAR too loud.

The first twenty minutes or so were terribly slow (we were falling asleep in the theater).

It's cheesy, but fun enough to be kind interesting and enjoyable to watch around.

Although silly, it's undeniably enjoyable which lead to instant forgiveness for its twists, because definitely its only ambition is to excite and it succeeds by being creative to its thrills.

The investigation is thrilling, the murders are, clever, the plot is well formulated and the atmosphere is oppressive in this flight-constrained area.

The story kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time and I really enjoyed the mystery of it.

Non-Stop features a gripping story that kept me interested from the beginning to the end.

In other words, it was riveting throughout!

But then we have seen so many such hostage and hi jacking movies that I don't think anything is left to surprise us but still yes non-stop has its moments , even though with the usual and predictable tacticsI was not a fan of the ending because to me it seemed like a quick wrap up and not a smooth transition like you would expect.

The entire plot in which Bill is ensnared - so tautly fascinating at the start - winds up making very little sense, whether in emotional or psychological terms.

As the movie progresses with elaborate schemes, you'd be most likely invested in the story, thus hoping for a clever fascinating conclusion.

And now that I have seen it, I can honestly say that "Non-Stop" turned out to be exciting and thrilling non-stop.

I felt the director could have made the film and characters more tense to keep you on the edge of your seat a little more and perhaps the parameters weren't fully explored on what could have been an amazing film.

His gruff voice, intense stare and the fact that when he's chopping people in the necks with his hands looks like he actually is well versed in the art of hurting bad guys translates to an instant draw for me.

The eventual crash landing makes for a predictable finale and turns out to be more theatrical than realistic as far as its visual appearance is concerned.

"Non-Stop" Entertaining .

The flight thriller "Non-Stop" sure has its turbulent silliness and unauthenticated features, but it still aired out its downright thrilling popcorn entertainment.

Still, this is a film which is all about the plot and for the most part it works; I know I enjoyed it.

A fast paced thriller in the skies .

Having seen all of them, I can certainly say that "Non-Stop" was the most enjoyable, at least to me.

The visuals are stunning in the major action scenes and the acting is amazing.

It should have made for a very exciting movie.

Every word I've written here is true, as you know if you've already given these Canadian character assassins your hard-earned American money for the "privilege" of viewing their insidious propaganda.

Other than that, worth watching, if you are in the mood for a quickie suspense film that gets you off in your employers utility closet.

It's extremely thrilling!

I decided to watch it, and am very glad that I did, it was the most entertaining movie time I have had in quite a while!

Camera angle shows restriction, but still enough for the scenes to be enjoyable without feeling too clustered.

Far-fetched but definitely exciting .

Since the plot was so "mysterious" I was constantly on the edge of my seat - trying to guess who the criminals were.

In my opinion, it's worth watching.

What differentiates Neeson from other formulaic, action stars is his capacity to deliver excellent performances.

My mind was already drifting and thinking of walking out of the cinema hall to get a good sandwich but I waited longer and boy, was I glad not to have walked out and missed the terrific climax of the movie!

While there aren't many throw downs in this movie, the action is still exciting to watch.

So, this movie is well made, it's really entertaining and I'm recommending it to everyone!

Non-Stop just as the title advocates is strictly an around-the-clock action packed thriller movie.

The film does look great, the cinematography is slick and often adds to the atmosphere created, the lighting is moody and neither garish or drab, the special effects are good and don't overload the film in quantity and the confined location is well-chosen and creates a genuine sense of claustrophobia, a feeling maintained for two thirds of the film.

Like most Liam Nesson movies it was very action packed and there were a lot of fighting scenes in this movie.

Edgy, Gripping & Epic.

At least Mr Neeson is predictable - Non stop is probably even worse than any of the others on his downward trajectory since Taken.

I did roll my eyes at the end where he was saving the little girl, makes his character arc far too predictable.

Richardson, Chris Roach & Ryan Engle's Screenplay is engrossing.

An average thriller, but still engaging.

This movie was a fun and thrilling action movie that was filled with one plot twist after another.

When watching this I thought is was boring at first.

Non-Stop was one exciting plane thriller.

It is fun, light and action packed.

In this very exciting movie, you have to suspend your disbelief simply to enjoy the flow of the show, knowing that in real life, it would never happen this way.

Overall, it's a great action film that is full of twists and turns that will make you glued to the screen and have you guessing the unpredictable outcomes.

Being on a plane full of innocent (most of them) passengers, small rooms and fight scenes really made Non-Stop a thrilling movie.

And once the veil is lifted and it was revealed, it was done with an intricate touch that left the unveiling fulfilling and exciting.

The screenplay by Richardson, Roach and Engle takes the premise of a plane hijacking and adds many unexpected twists to it, which results in a great story that manages to keep your attention from beginning to end.

With a movie as fun & thrilling as this, the details don't matter much...

Even if the plot is a little contrived, it does have unexpected twists and turns; including the methods through which the killer carries out his murders.

It's a vaguely entertaining movie.

Very interesting but the build-up may be too slow.

With the idea of a mystery killer in the middle of a flight high up in the air, all that needs to be done is to translate that to the screen, and it will be thrilling.

It's exciting till the end and well done.

Non-Stop was a great movie that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Very enjoyable to watch.

Boring beginning, good middle, poor ending .

Jason Butler Harner is mind blowing as Kyle Rice.

Overall though, the situation presented was very exciting.

The writers did a good job keeping me guessing and on my toes, and I give them immense credit for taking what should be a rather mediocre film and making it quite exciting at times.

Overall it was very exciting and kept you guessing right up to the end.

Overall, Non-Stop is an exciting and suspenseful action thriller.

All in all, though, a very enjoyable little action flick, a nice way to spend a Saturday evening.

I was expecting very cliché & unoriginal story.

Non-Stop is another highly intense, suspenseful, engaging, entertaining, satisfying action thriller with Liam Neeson stars as the one man action hero (again).

Overall i felt Non-Stop was okay, but sadly we have seen this type of movie before, as an action movie it was good to watch, as a mystery i found it a bit too predictable and as thriller it wasn't that good, so i feel my final verdict can only be a 6/10.

Implausibility - no big deal, just keep plodding ahead.

The word thats become synonymous with Liam Neeson since his unpredictable action hero turn in 2008 with the now cult favorite "Taken".

They all have a strong start, gripping midsection (thanks to the start) and a heavily predictable ending.

He will need to find out who is sending him messages and poisoning people (the head pilot dies as does a passenger first believed to be the terrorist), as well as, find and dispose of a bomb found in his fellow Marshall's case (Anson Mount; trafficking cocaine, engaging Neeson in hand-to-hand combat within a restroom in a memorable sequence), with protecting everyone on board a top priority becoming increasingly difficult.

On his part, Serra rewards those willing to check their disbelief at the boarding gate with brisk pacing designed to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY on this movie.

This is not classic cinema but it is well made, gripping, fun, boasting a selection of standout moments.

But, there's the mark of a bored viewer.

The initial sequence in the airport is an engaging opening; a collage of disorientating images which emphasise the disconnection Neeson's character feels from the world around him.

Silly as Hell, but quite entertaining .

I walked out of the theater with a grin on my face quoting Key & Peele, "Liam Neesons is my sh...!". That must be a good thing.

As people start dying in unexpected ways, Bill faces a nemesis whom he cannot see and stop.

There is something rather compelling about action films set on aircraft.

This is a fast paced action movie with a decent plot.

You have some fist fights here and there, a bathroom intense fight scene.

Taking place on a 747 flight from New York to London and featuring a slow moving opening scene consisting of the art of people watching, Non- Stop examines a jobless, alcoholic, air marshal in Bill Marks (Neeson).

The reveal is difficult to fathom but it is an enjoyable film as Neeson desperately tries to find the villain while he increasingly looks like he is losing it and attracts suspicion himself.

Whilst it was a very strong, exciting film it could have been better.

Or the sudden and unexpected death in the case of a mechanical failure.

When the film got to it's main spotlight, the atmosphere grew intense and restless, my eyes darting back and forth between characters, questions were formed in my mind.

Every cliché you've ever seen is tossed into this film.

Luckily, Non-Stop contains a rock solid script reinforced by some good acting, which ultimately delivers an entertaining movie throughout.

It was an entertaining thriller set in a small surrounded area.

Entertaining and suspenseful, is there really a hijacker on the flight to London.

We have a very enjoyable thriller over here.

A tremendously entertaining, wickedly original, explosively tense and adrenaline-charged roller-coaster...

Movie never drags, and is fast paced.

The films story was certainly an original one,and I though I think the final half of the movie is a disappointment,the movie is still a very exciting action and thriller from start to finish.

The supporting actors do a great job too, this is an enjoyable romp, nothing more.

The main thing is that it keeps you watching throughout with nary a slow moment in sight.

Very gripping & keeps you on the edge of your seat!

Sure, it's not perfect, but it is one of those movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the duration.

Because it was simple and predictable once you come to know the truth.

While this might understandably upset those expecting more in the way of spectacular adrenaline-fuelled excitement, I found Non-Stop to be an enjoyable suspense film, albeit one riddled with plot-holes big enough to fly a passenger jet through.

What follows is a suspenseful game of cat and mouse as Marks attempt to find the perpetrator and, when the casualties start to mount, it becomes a thrilling roller-coaster ride.

This exciting film contains suspense , thrills , noisy action, shootouts , violent fights and plot twits .

Still if you are looking for a film with intense action, a minimal story line and Liam Neeson kicking ass, then this is the movie for you.

As if that were not unpleasant enough, Moore disappears from the screen for long periods, almost as if she leaves the plane, only to return to speak a few pointless lines to Neeson.

Here's a list of things that ruined the film for me:-right before take-off, we meet a kaleidoscope of Hollywood cliché characters that you've seen in so many other bad movies- a black guy who dresses like a human Christmass tree and tries to be a douche by refusing to follow orders from an Air Marshall (that is before Liam Nesson's intentions are actually questionable, a Muslim guy in religious outfit that everyone looks at like he was carrying a bomb (which turns out to be the most helpful person on a plane and a know-it-all doctor), a neurotic woman that desperately needs to tell her whole life story to the person sitting next to her, a man with rapist glasses that has " I am a psychopath" written on his forehead, an uninformed, disposable flight attendant who doesn't know how to behave in emergency situations (according to the script writer, airlines only train their personnel on how to pour drinks and smile like idiots), a NYPD cop who has a fight with main protagonist only to be his best friend at the end of movie and finally the main character played by Liam Neeson, which must be the biggest joke of them all- an emotionally unstable alcoholic with highly questionable methods of dealing with security threads...

And why the hell is Neeson so inclined to collaborate with his formulaic and unoriginal director a third time in the upcoming Run All Night feature that is set on February 6th 2015, where, as expected, much of the same uncreative action antics will surely take place?

Has a good story, is REALISTIC, no real plot-holes or goofs, keeps you into it at every second!

I feel like that is an idea largely left untapped; in which the bad guy actually escapes or at the very least leaves the audiences in apprehension - bc everyone is used to the same old boring fairytale ending of good guy walks away scott clean.

There is smoking and intense moments that are not intended for kids.

And throughout the movie you are on the edge of your seat trying to guess what will happen this whole movie will keep you guessing.

The action in the movie was intense and was well performed, again amazing for the tight spaces of the set.

I love this Irish bloke and his career into action films, this is just like all the rest, but that is what is cool about it, he is an "old" bad-ass and he really delivers confidence, action, fighting and awesomeness :)This film is kind of a thriller, but more action packed, it did have me guessing all the way to the end and even after the reveal you still had a lot of things going on.

Fortunately, Non-Stop didn't make this mistake: its story isn't original, but it's entertaining and gripping, and the non-action scenes aren't just tedious fillers – you can actually enjoy the movie as a whole, as it doesn't rely exclusively on action.

Let's skip some part where we see Liam beat up random citizens, yada yada, slow stuff.

First and foremost, this movie is one of the most boring things I've seen in a while.

Went yesterday and really enjoyed it, as did my brother.

Anyone who likes entertaining movies will love Non-Stop.

Good and bad characters, but all well played and fitting in to the story and off course a lot of action packed high speed scenes that works.

It may be dreadful but it's also dreadfully entertaining, though that doesn't necessarily mean it's worth seeing.

I think this is quite original for "airplane dramas" and the ending very different from others I have seen - I would call this a "must" for all movie buffs, lots of originality in this for me and well worth watching, maybe even more than once

Surprisingly entertaining.

Moore is bland, boring, and she overacts a very simple character that was almost unnecessary.

Apart from that, the movie was entertaining and that is why I give it so many stars.

The suspicion also varies over different persons on the plane as the time passes and different twists and turns appear, confusing Bill and building a thrilling ending.

This movie was intense and kept you guessing through-out.

An Engrossing Action-Thriller!

Sure, the plot is flawed and cliché-ridden...

With an intriguing premise, and great actors like Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore, what could go wrong?

Again I'll be honest, this film did have me on the edge of my seat for the most part.

I give the film an 8/10 and if you like action thriller movies with a twist of suspenseful mystery, this is your film to see!

Sometimes slow, needed to develop the plot.

This is a smart Mystery & an exciting one too & it has a nice night time feel to it & a slick look & a great supporting cast with an excellent Julianne Moore in a good solid role here with some nice character depth & back story as Jen, a passenger who helps our hero & we have an off duty New York Cop named Austin played by Corey Stoll & he's a good character here too & there's also solid performances from Scoot McNairy, Nate Parker, Michelle Dokery & Lupita Nyong'O.

After calming his nerves down once the plane begins taking flight,Marks begins talking to fellow passenger Jen Summers,as he settles in for a long,dull flight.

Who else saw the trailer for Non-Stop and thought, "oh dear, here's another movie that will make me feel ashamed when I go buy the tickets for it, I'll probably give it a low grade and write a negative review about it – what a waste of time and money!

Jaume Collet-Serra's Non-Stop was intense thriller full of intense moments of pure shock and suspicion.

Non-Stop script and Neeson's ability to create intense moments causes a back and forth tension for the viewers.

The characters were completely miscast, Julianne Moore (can be great) was utterly pointless as the supporting star and Neeson..well, he is now a parody of himself and is managing to De-value his worth as a lead with every crock of crap he releases.

An uninspiring, badly written mess of a movie .

Non-Stop is an entertaining thriller ride with mysterious story plot.

Although neither as gripping as either "Flightplan" nor as serious as 9/11 hijacking epic"United 93," "Non-Stop" generates more than enough suspenseful, edge-0f-the-seat seconds to offset its superficial moments.

I use the word "suspenseful" for good reason, because this movie has exactly that.

If you can overlook the convenience of how the plot unfolds, then I guarantee an entertaining time.

One of the worst movies ...

This alone makes NON-STOP even more intriguing.

The atmosphere is emphasised by the slow and intoxicating soundtrack, under which lies the heavy throb of the aeroplane engines.

While at times very unbelievable, Non-Stop is still really enjoyable.

Popcorn nonsense - but entertaining popcorn nonsense .

Non-Stop is not normally my cup o' tea, but I found it nonetheless compelling, in a parameterized sort of way.

Perfect pizza movie: some ham, plenty of cheese, needs a beer but enjoyable at the time.. .

The way in which Neeson becomes everybody's prime suspect and then recovers - which is the bulk - of the film is clever and suspenseful.

And that these movies successfully address and show this phenomenon is a success of its own, and in addition there is the superb acting, and an extremely suspenseful production.

Non-Stop is action packed from beginning to end.

It's a contrived scenario, simply just to be contrived.

Overall I would have to say that the film is rather enjoyable and good escape,

It is a "bog standard" action thriller aboard an airplane, and to me, it seemed a bit too goofy in places and overly contrived.

Anyway, the viewers will be on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

However even with the two great people in this movie the film feels too formulaic.

The thrilling parts of the movie (the thrills that are good that is) are usually scenes that contain the score from John Ottman who does a good job of at least trying to make us pumped up or want to know more about the mystery, the film can never quite grab you enough to really make you interested though so you're left kind of hanging as the ending comes up.

The musician John Ottman creates a stirring , rousing soundtrack fitting to frenetic action .

Enjoyable not just another airplane thriller .

In typical Neeson-esque fashion, the ridiculousness goes to the extreme and then there is "The Yawn".

It must be said that this accomplishes all that it set out to do, and is very entertaining without being overblown or too dumb.

one of the better films of the last few years with a very good cast of Liam Neeson and Julian Moore who are some of the best actors around i was glad to see this film as it was a change from a no story driven action flick with people blowing up for no reason with this very good film which is certainly not over the top and is set on a plane which i think is good as you have to keep asking your self how did he kill him/her.

This movie ran the gambit going from slow, to entertaining, to laughable.

Save your money , don't connect with Non Stop because its not worth the cost of a paper barf bag .. Not Hot ...

Liam Neeson has once again given a rock solid performance which make Non-Stop a movie worth watching.

The story itself can be interesting too, if you let the occasional movie cliché slip by every now and then.

Non-Stop is a well made, entertaining, action-thriller.

Introduction to the story about ten minutes and then an hour and a half of tension, fear, paranoia, reversals and, most importantly, totally unpredictable.

But the movie is fast paced and has a thrilling edge to it, so it won't bore you.

Just an enjoyable Neeson thriller & he's so good at them.

His action roles are very enjoyable.

Concept of being trapped and threatened mid-flight is used in an intriguing fashion.

A constantly thrilling film .

Non-Stop is a claustrophobic, thrilling and entertaining time.

It's the time of year of slow, eye-opening blossom of exhilaration and ideas.

On top of this, watching the mastermind that carefully planned out the hijacking so Bill (Neeson) would appear as the real hijacker was brilliantly suspenseful.

That being said there are a few plot holes, the film has a lot of coincidences, but all in all it's thoroughly enjoyable.

Non-Stop is, without a doubt, one of the most thrilling movies of the year.

If you enjoy a thrilling movie that keeps you guessing and works your nerves and thrills, then "Non-Stop" is well worth your time.

However, don't expect too much in terms of dialogues, and the plot builds up to a rather lame ending, lots of loopholes and purely run-of-the-mill, but if you're in the mood (or on a long and boring flight) entertaining nonetheless.

the movie is kind of tense, and pretty exciting.

On the whole, Non-Stop is enjoyable, particularly in its gripping, tense first half.

Tis movie is mind twisting, action packed, and requires thoughtfulness and wits to figure out who did it.

Well, the first goal is easily achieved: we are well aware that we would be safe at the end of the 2-hour movie, however gripping it is.

I was totally immersed in this movie.

Liam does an awesome job of a gripping tale that takes place on a plane

With the only location being an airplane, this action film manages to be quite thrilling and entertaining.

Overall, Non-Stop is a intense, enjoyable movie which is very rewatchable and entertaining, although the final twist is not great.

Amazing gripping Neeson movie .

There were numerous plot holes, lots of subplots that went nowhere, shallow stereotypes, an annoying over-use of red-herrings and whole scenes directly stolen from other - better - movies with similar themes.

This movie is one of those films were your on the edge of your seat and you think who is it.

) continues and the results are silly but vastly enjoyable.

The usual barrier is encountered: The viewer disbelief over the unlikelihood of the byzantinely complex scenario can be suspended IFF the mythos is compelling enough.

A really enjoyable action thriller .

Who would have thought that a movie set solely on a plane could be so entertaining.

It's slow to start, slow throughout and somehow manages to feel slow in the supposedly fast-paced action sequence at the end.

There are a few camp and corny moments here and there, but the acting was realistic and believable enough to keep the movie dramatic and engaging.

Though the acting is fine, the script is a lame, lame soup made of clichés, stereotypes, overly politically-correctness-Islam-appeasement and a few liters of syrup for the oh SO predictable ending.

another highly intense, suspenseful, engaging, entertaining, satisfying action thriller .

Its far from straight forward, and is at times a complex, sometimes thrilling ride, full of twists and turns.

I was on the edge of my seat for almost the whole movie.

Worth watching and rewatching.

The action was also intense as Marks try to solve the mystery of the man who assigns him of doing the impossible tasks and tries to locate his identity among the passengers.

I highly recommend it, to anyone wishing to watch a film full of action.

Plus an unexpected twist to it as well!

Don't waste your money on this.

Exciting, thrilling and therapeutic amid a real plane's disappearance .

Non Stop will keep you on the edge of your seat and will keep you guessing till the end.

A few moments I was on the edge of my seat.

The first 10 minutes are probably the most boring part of the movie, unless you like seeing Liam Neeson getting in a metal detector and helping little girls.

An unnerving, exciting and fast paced movie.

For the most part, it's pretty entertaining that it keep your attention enough, so you don't question that.

Kind of keeps you on the edge of your seat!

A thriller worth watching once they get an alternative ending.

" But it's unpredictable, people who look fine are actually bad people in the film.

Julianne Moore was kind of pointless here.

Marks haggard tired appearance unfortunately reflected my own growing tiredness as the film dragged on to a conclusion that was not able to save it.

As far as the film goes, it is a very entertaining airplane film, acting is excellent, Liam Neeson has become a great star.

Not wanting to give too much away, this movie made me laugh, cry, and sit on the edge of my seat the whole time.