Not Another Teen Movie (2001) - Comedy

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A sendup of all the teen movies that have accumulated in the past two decades.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Joel Gallen
Stars: Chyler Leigh, Jaime Pressly
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 87 out of 402 found boring (21.64%)

One-line Reviews (155)

But they don't understand that unless there's a good movie behind it all, then it just all turns into tedious, random, almost hurtful jokes that ultimately make you wish you'd rented something else.

So save your money and stay with the cheaper and SHORTER version-you won't be missing anything worth viewing unless you want it to torture your friends.

Worst movie I've seen in a long while...

This was possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

Actually, the (waaay late to the game, even in 2001) spoof off of John Hughes's 80s Classic Teen fare, Not Another Teen Movie did have me laughing at spots, despite its (mostly) predictable sight gags.

The film also parodies clichés seen in most teen movies like the stereotypical pointless black guy (who makes it clear he's pointless), the stereotypical slutty European girl and the stereotypical cool guy who learns his the movies lesson and realizes the error of his ways towards the end of the movie after falling in love with an unpopular chick etc. There is a lot of other humour related to typical teenage life, problems and such.

it wasnt as good as scary movie but its better than the boring collection of crap i saw 2 days after this one--ali.

The acting is cliché at best and plain bad at worst.

There is no plot or point.

One of the Worst Movies Ever...

This parody of teen movies is sporadicaly amusing, though the original films were more entertaining.

First off, it is boring.

Just about every cliché is touched on, some with more wit than others.

Look over the wall at your local college and see the drab clothes, the acne and the awkwardness of the real thing and you realise that reality wouldn't leave the written page.

I know there are several people who are quoting this as "the worst movie of 2001.

This movie is definitely worth watching!

I guess I enjoyed it so much because I enjoy gross out humour, and I don't take them seriously.

Though it had bland, boring moments - overall the film was funny and did a good job poking fun of Teen movies.

Think of a poorly written, unfunny, boring parody of saturday night live.

Light, but enjoyable.

Good farce, though, is hard to find, and while it won't change anyone's life, Not Another Teen Movie filled an empty slot in pop culture, and did a good job of it.

I felt the same way when I watched Freddy Got Fingered, far from the worst movie of the year.

While parts of do have an element of entertaining value, much of the movie spends most of the time trying too hard, and is over the top and just plain stupid or sick.

It is one of the unfunny, uncreative, one dimensional, movies I can remember, and it's just generally.. well.. boring.

Still, for what it's worth, some of the cameos are enjoyable, and the ending is so ridiculous, it works.

I enjoyed it and suggest it to anyone that liked Scary Movie 1 or 2, Airplane, or any other great parody movies.

There was a bunch of characters, all with pointless roles.

think scary movie (which, by the way, is probably the worst movie-slash-parody EVER).

>>My last 2 cents: This movie is best enjoyable on a Saturday afternoon when there's nothing on and you have nothing to do.

) from someone claiming this to be "The Worst Movie of2001" (as so many others have) who starts off by calling parodiesthe lowest form of comedy.

worst movie i ever seen .

Of course but I was very entertained and enjoyed it.

Jake's sister is a stunning actress and could have been written in a different way.

Perhaps the worst movie I've ever seen .

This was definitely one of the worst movies ever, let alone one of the worst parodies.

Well there is no real plot here as every film of recent memory within the teen genre is given air-time with would-be hilarious results.

The worst movie of 2001?

Crude humor, guys fantasizing about some girl a love story and a cliché ending...

The cast is photogenic, everything is predictable, there's gratuitous nudity, and it all works out in the end.

For Example nobody needs the unbearable new movies of Leslie Nielson.

They practically took chunks of the movie and set them into this one, that made it a bit boring.

This was probably the worst movie I saw in the last 5 years.

There are also slo-motion entrances that are commented upon, the deliberate, slow hand clap and the ugly girl turning into another beautiful creature that no one could see coming.

From the cringe group song for the prom, the Bring It On aspects, the cliché plot that seems to be in every teen film.

Honestly, I enjoyed the little things the most, the beginning with the separation of the cliques, the `walk' of the three popular girls like in Jawbreaker, the `slow' entrance scenes and the clapping.

This is probably the worst movie I've ever seen...

Set in a high school, there is no plot to speak of, only the plots of other teen movies of course.

If this was a 90 min movie, 80 mins of it was a complete waste of time.

Much like you would expect, "Not another teen movie" is packed with all the predictable slapstick, sexual and gross out jokes that a parody of teen movies is guaranteed to have, resulting in a satire that knows what it's making fun of and goes for the right kind of jokes, even if the results are rather hit or miss.

Save your money, save your time.

It trys to shock the viewer visually with poop gags, and naked women, which are predictable aspects of such a movie as this.

The script is at times quite weak, but some of the duller moments in the film are made a bit brighter by some of the actors.

There was every stereotypical teenager you could imagine and in the center of it all was the even more cliché love story.

Horrible, waste of time.

We've got the jock that falls for the nerd girl who turns out to be a hidden beauty through a mini makeover with a slow, dramatic entrance.

This could possibly be the worst movie I have ever sat through in my entire life.

That Jamie Pressley and the naked French girl were stunning.

ANALYSIS: The movie, a pure farce, is funny, but I left the theater feeling cheated of seeing a true all-around high school joke.

This movie was very entertaining and funny.

boring sluggish comedy thats not funny .

OK, this film was never going to win an Oscar, but it's enjoyable throughout and has some very good laughs in it.

This is stupid and boring movie.

Don't waste your money to see it.

This has to a strong contender for the title of "Worst movie ever.

Alternately obnoxious and boring; only point of interest is the fact that the staple "diarrhea" gag features a girl doing the crapping for a change.

Hell, even if you like generic teen comedies, I think you'll find it pretty entertaining.

This film is long, boring, and not funny.

There was also quite a few people from those teen movies on hand, whether in obscure roles (Ferris Bueller's dad shows up briefly as a dad and the teacher who ran the detention (and lead villain) in the Breakfast Club reprised his role for that scene, "Bogey Lowenstein" from 10 Things I hate about You played the "Slow Clap" guy) to more important roles like "Billy Bob" from Varsity Blues playing the same character only stupider as "Reggie Ray" or Molly Ringwald (teen queen of each and every John Huges film from Sixteen Candles to Breakfast Club to Pretty in Pink) showing up in a pivotal role at the end of the movie.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

It did feature amiable leads, some enjoyable cameos, and more than its share of dead-on parody.

The all play their parts well as caricatures of originally uninteresting roles.

If you've seen the other modern spoofs, I'm confident you will appreciate the noticeable and subtle differences between them and Teen Movie that make the latter much more enjoyable and palatable to watch.

LOVED the slow clap guy!

Movie has no plot what-so-ever, and 90% of the dialog was stolen, which even in the realm of parody is pretty lame...

the black guy saying i'm the only black guy was pointless and rude.

I was expecting it to be another dumb movie that I would forget about within a week,but surprisingly,it was really funny and enjoyable!

in the end its just predictable, we know the jokes because we all have made fun of teen movies on our own before!

It's basically a spoof of loads of teen movies (predictable from the title) and if you've seen them, it's hilarious.

It seems as though all the complaints about this movie include the excess of dick and fart jokes and also the plotless nature of the film.

They said it was the worst movie of the year.

Waste of time and money.

Still not a bad movie, it's entertaining until 50 minutes, we have some easy laughs and lots of pretty faces to look at.

For example, in one of the few smart bits, a character tries to start a cliched slow, building applause.

However after watching it several times I realized that after watching it once the plot soon become dull and the movie not funny any more.

and it was a huge waste of time.

It's kind of a half and half deal, but the good parts are more prominent, and it was consistently entertaining and fun.

The jokes were very unfunny and mostly predictable.

This has to be the worst movie ever.

It was a waste of time to watch, and is no worth renting or buying at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

The spoofs are all overdone, there is NOTHING original and this movie is NOTHING compared to Scary Movie, at least it was well done, this movie is just a waste of time to watch.

This was far more enjoyable than I'd expected.

It's just meant to be funny and entertaining.

Very Funny And Enjoyable .

I can't put into words how remarkable this film is, it's perfectly cliché and cringe with all the best teen movie bits done incredibly well, it's disgustingly crude and blue with same 90s music in the background.

They dont, they just have to be funny and entertaining thereis not one person who wrote a review here that didnt laugh at atleast one part in this movie.

Also I heard about the gratuitous amount of nudity in the film, and that clinched it (I'm sounding more and more like a cliche'd teen movie fan by the minute).

And unlike the surprisingly entertaining Scary Movie, this one doesn't manage to worm this satire into a plot, simply because it doesn't have one.

Entertaining movie .

Not another teen movie is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

If you liked how Scary Movie was done and hate all the cliche of Teen Movies you should definitely see this movie.

Not Another Teen Movie was the worst movie I've seen of 2001.

A total waste of 82 minutes of my life .

It would of been a waste of my money and a waste of one and a half hours of my life.

Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Some of the jokes are funny, but mostly its just either gross, or boring.

)Every time something happens, a doofy looking guy tries to start a slow clap, only he never gets the support and embarrassingly must give up.

But if you want to waste your time in a movie theater then this is for you...

The only thing that saved me from getting completely bored where in fact the comments from some teenagers in the cinema where I was watching the film.

I went in thinking it would have sucked, and I walked out thinking that it did not suck as much as I thought.

Some of the humor is stupid (the literal flying pooh scene comes to mind), but some of it is so unexpected that it's almost a breath of fresh air.

Trust me, seeing this movie is a big waste of time.

My favorite one was the slow clapper.

Anyone who was coming of age during the 80s is probably going to find these movie to be hilarious.

That being said, the movie is at least entertaining in the way that all spoofs, even the really bad ones, are, you get a test of your movie knowledge by how many of the movies being spoofed you can name along the way.

This has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The dialogue is snappy and clever.

It's light-hearted and not afraid to appear ridiculous (infact most of the time it does this deliberately) and it doesn't pretend to be "Just another teen movie", indeed it IS "Not another teen movie", it's a very enjoyable laugh at the expense of those films.

This film is more crude and sexual than remembered, and just as predictable.

watching this film is about as much fun as watching paint dry, and its as painful to watch as passing a kidney stone.....

I think this is a very enjoyable movie and it should definitely please you if you loathe generic teen comedies even remotely as much as I do.

As a big fan of John Hughes and other coming of age films, I loved watching all of the iconic moments and cliches have there flaws pointed out or turned on their heads.

A movie that takes itself way too seriously, has no plot, terrible acting, focuses on one overhyped star, is driven by special effects, is entirely unbelievable even for its own genre and is downright boring...

While there are several amusing gags - I smiled at the "American Beauty" and "Grease" references - the bulk of the humor scrapes the bottom of the gross-out comedy parody, relying on waterfalls of feces, homophobia, incest jokes, racial slurs, debasing misanthropy, and enough pointless swearing to make a sailor blush.

In addition to being horrible bad, it is also horribly boring!

Gross, stupid, and yawn like humor.

Melissa Joan Hart plays a nameless girl who keeps trying to give an idiot advice on when to start slow clapping routines.

The overweight football player and his concussions were boring.

It did a good job of stitching many iconic scenes from countless teen movies into one cohesive (and actually quite enjoyable) story.

The plot is nonexistent , very tacky and the actors seem bored in their roles.

I highly recommend it.

The slow clap guy, the "nerd girl" and her "paintings", the one black guy running into another black guy at a party -- there are a lot of priceless scenes.

It's fun to see the audience reaction to some of the scenes and makes it a little more enjoyable.

The straight-up weirdness of some things like the jock's family is funny because it's so unexpected.

If not, it's still funny, making fn out of the utterly predictable lines and stereotyped characters in teen high school.

Not another teen movie is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

No classic, but I enjoyed it.

There's no plot, there's potty humor galore, and that does get old very quickly, the parodies aren't as funny as in say, Airplane!

" I expected some clever spoofs and gags from this film, but I left the theater knowing that I would never regain the hour and a half I wasted watching it.

I hate it when people make comments about these sorts of films saying that the story line is loose or vague or it has no real plot.

It's as entertaining as the first Scary Movie, which was the best spoof movie I've seen since Mel Brooks' Robin Hood Men in Tights and Airplane, my top two all time.

(well for one it was over and for two molly ringwald's cameo was awesome) it was really nice seeing some of the faces i grew to know as a teenager in this movie (since there were some actors cast that were in 80's teen movies included in this film) but other than that it was truely a waste of time.

(I hate the slow clap in the movies thing so I laughed, and as this was what the writer's aimed for I must give credit.

Horrible waste of time .

If you love movies and (like me) have seen far too many of them, Not Another Teen Movie is really very enjoyable and, in a way, quite smart.

Enjoyable movie .

This movie had no story line and found it to be quite boring and predictable.

Another bizarre scene that was repulsive and exciting at the same time was the kissing scene.

It's smug, self-conscious and contrived - it's also ten years late and no doubt most teens aren't even familiar with "The Breakfast Club," Mr. T, Molly Ringwald and Paul Gleason anymore.


The film spoofs scenes from many popular teen films such as Cant Hardly Wait,Pretty In Pink,Sixteen Candles etc.If you like spoof films, don't waste your time with crap like Epic movie, check this one out!

This film is even more offensive and crude (hard to believe, I know) but it's totally predictable and very stupid.

", the slow clapper, all of Malik the token black guy's scenes), flat-out outrageous concepts/scenes.

The 3 minute Prom song was entertaining, the site gags were on most part funny(the paintings, the pictures, etc...

As the name suggests the movie parodies a variety of coming of age and teen movies, as well as common high school tropes.

From the worst movies I ever saw.