Not Without My Daughter (1991) - Drama, Thriller

Hohum Score



An American woman, trapped in Islamic Iran by her brutish husband, must find a way to escape with her daughter as well.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Brian Gilbert
Stars: Sally Field, Alfred Molina
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 20 out of 131 found boring (15.26%)

One-line Reviews (55)

If you like propaganda and sensationalism then watch this movie or what is on television.

Idiotic, Racist, Worse than a Waste of Time .

Bland but still somehow gripping .

Propaganda .

It's a thoroughly well-acted, very absorbing drama, shrewdly evoking the central character's escalating nightmare as she comes to terms with being held hostage by her husband and being totally powerless to do anything about it.

A politically propaganda movie.

She simply made the movie worth watching.

" to them is one of the most intense of the whole film.

Plot is totally predictable.

While the book is riveting and suspenseful, the movie missed a lot of opportunities to be a truly great film adaptation.

Whoever says that this movie is boring or worthless should think from the point of Mother-Daughter relationship.

There are plot strands that end up going nowhere, and this is easily 20 minutes too long.

Classic propaganda.

Is a movie made with a clear anti-Iran propaganda.

But I don't know why the film, the director, Sally Field's husband in the film, all his relatives and even the boring little girl weren't at least nominated to the Razzie Awards.

I found 'Not Without My Daughter' compelling from start to finish.

) Thus, the movie is worse than a waste of time.

I won't reveal the ending, but I can certainly say it is intense, very edgy, nail-biting stuff, which makes you incredibly nervous, and it's very well-drawn out.

i think it is more like a propaganda than being a movie .

I don't understand the rather low ratings of this film, although it drags quite a bit in the middle, it is a gripping true story, well scripted and well acted.

Compelling, with serious limitations .

This movie works on the level of a personal story, politicaly, it can be said that it is just pro US propaganda.

This movie has only been made for propaganda.

I saw this movie quite some time ago and enjoyed it.

Engrossing, suspenseful .

I have seen this movie a few times and in my opinion, I enjoyed it and didn't find it racist at all.

Normally this would only warrant a "ho-hum.

Overall this movie contains so much negative portrayal of what simply does not exist, part of a large corporate propaganda to put down the image of Iran.

An exciting and intriguing look at cultural differences .

But don't forget, Not Without My Daughter is a highly dramatized movie, the seemingly sadistic nature of Moody and the primitive conditions in the setting chances are have been exaggerated to make the movie more exciting to viewers.

I found this story so engaging that I then searched for more information about Betty's story, interviews etc. The movie is quite violent (women being beaten) in parts so I would not recommend this being viewed anywhere that children could walk in This movie has really stood the test of time.

Even from the film itself, it is kind of obvious that it is intended as propaganda and a political move.

All religious and political divisions of Iranians can be united by the racism and propaganda that this film portrays against them.

" Although there are a couple of air raids, and you see these children being collected to be sent off to the war, you never really get the sense that there was a war going on, This is just another whiny movie for overweight homemakers who need a bit of inspiration in their banal lives because their husbands have stopped being intimate with them.

" It is time to slow your roll on making money off this unknown truth of your situation.

however,judged strictly on its merits,it's a pretty compelling and engaging movie.

it is also suspenseful and well paced.

It's just propaganda, and anybody who believed it is probably not very intelligent.

Leaving aside for a moment the poor story, plot, credibility as based on a true story, etc. -- the movie comes off as sheer anti-Islam propaganda.

Intense and well acted, not completely sure on accuracy though .

The book was very detailed & fairly intense, so when I saw the movie, I was somewhat disappointed to see the truth in the statement that "Movies are Never as Good as the Actual Book" Still it was an okay movie, though nothing very great or special.

The movie is fast paced and although it is long, I didn't once find myself looking at the time.

That's the main thing which hurt an otherwise intriguing and interesting movie.

Amazing, gripping, bold and stark truth!.

No doubt Mrs. Mahmoody's experience in Iran was not pleasant, but the portrayal of Iran and Iranians in this movie is an appalling propaganda to exploit differences between the cultures and to spread seeds of hatred.

one of the worst movies i have seen in my life!!!!.

i being a right minded 3rd person saw the movie with an empty mind and found it to be a hardhitting, well crafted movie.

I just found the story a bit too lazy and predictable because it was full of clichés.

But "Not Without My Daughter" looks and feels like a sub-par TV movie: it's simplistic and predictable, and gives us self-righteous Americans an uncluttered opportunity to hate the brutal Iranians.

this is pure semitic propaganda.

Second, the Persian family that is presented here in this lousy American propaganda movie is a very unusual family.

What point would there be for a movie director to make the husband's character more long and drawn out if he turns out in the end to be a creep anyway??

I enjoyed it.

American propaganda .

Shelve this one in the propaganda section, right next to the Goebels collection.