Nowhere to Run (1993) - Action, Drama, Romance

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Sam, an escaped convict, lands up on a farmland owned by a widow. When he learns that a ruthless contractor is trying to take over her land, he helps her to fight against the injustice.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Robert Harmon
Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Rosanna Arquette
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 16 out of 67 found boring (23.88%)

One-line Reviews (39)

A very enjoyable film and believe it or not, an A+ performance from Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Don't check your smart phone too much because the slow moments pay off without too much meandering.

In fact, the film is extremely slow-moving, the monotony broken up only by a few good action sequences (the barn fire coming to mind).

Then again, "Nowhere to Run" starts out going nowhere a little fast, but quickly starts to run on empty.

Add on a sappy ending and you have what ranks as one of Jean-Claude's worst movies.

It is a boring movie that goes way to slow and one that you simply can't wait for the end.

This is a very engaging thriller, and I'm a big fan of the muscles from Brussels!

Anyway, it's fairly low-brow entertainment, but at least it is entertaining and fun to watch.

It'll be like nothing happened to him!

Anyway, it's fairly low-brow entertainment, but at least it is entertaining and fun to watch.


Yet even if one excuses the predictable plot, surely director Robert Harmon and writers Joe Eszterhas, Robert Marquand, Leslie Bohem, and Randy Feldman could have done something to make the movie more interesting.

I guess it had etched itself on my mind, in order to keep me from forgetting how drab the film is.

At first Sam spends his time sneaking in and out of the Anderson house looking for food and salt & pepper shakers to give his cooked bland and tasteless stakes, from the game he hunts down, some flavor.

A Very Enjoyable Film .

Despite an admirable attempt at acting from the 'muscles from Brussels', I have to consider Nowhere To Run a disappointment, lacking the excitement I expect from the star, the action scenes playing second fiddle to the rather dreary drama.

I highly recommend it.

But back to the movie review - it was very moving to see Van Damme as an unexpected and unwanted saviour of this sad farm family who were bullied by the greedy real estate developer and his gangsters.

I must have enjoyed it I stayed up until 2 am to watch it.

yet it's virtually entirely uneventful.

Its trying to be good, not great, but don't let the naysayers confuse you -- it largely succeeds, and is perhaps the only Van Damme movie you can watch (even the entertaining ones) that does not leave cheese dripping down the screen.

This film was enjoyable, period...

Robert Harmon does a fantastic job here, with fantastic camera work, good angles, creating some nice atmosphere, and keeping the film at an extremely engrossing and very fast pace!.

The plot is dull.

His stiff acting leaves the movie with too many slow spots.

For a movie starring The Muscles from Brussels like Van Damme Nowhere to Run look like it made for TV movie when the story is super low-key and a bit boring with little to no over the top signature action scene from him until the final fight.

There are only a handful of action sequences in the whole show, but they're easily the dullest moments in the film.

Enjoyable movie .

"Nowhere to Run" - running on empty .

I tend to fall into the latter category but must point out that while "Nowhere to Run" ranks among the better Van Dammes, it relies too much on stock situations, (plucky woman defending homestead), and cliche characters, (corrupt business tycoon with oily smile).

On the other hand, the action will NOT disappoint you, specially on the final fight scenes, which are stunning ones.

In real life, Jean Claude Van Damme is not only a great martial arts sensation, but on the talk show circuit he is remarkably witty, charismatic and entertaining.

From Joe Eszterhaz' story Leslie Bohem ('Daylight') and Randy Feldman ('Tango and Cash') wrote an uneventful script about a prisoner who protects an innocent family from bad guys.

Watch this movie ONLY if you're looking for a total waste of your precious time.

What we actually end up with is a genuinely moving, well paced and hugely enjoyable action drama.

They made some attempts to kick in some action a couple of places in the movie, but they were uninteresting at the best.

The dialogue & script just isn't strong enough to make one care for any of the character's on screen, the romance between Van Damme & Arquette is cheesy & as a whole the film is too predictable.

Falls flat after exciting opening...

The kids were also entertaining.