Oasis of the Zombies (1982) - Horror

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An expedition searching for treasure supposedly buried by the German army in the African desert during WW II comes up against an army of Nazi zombies guarding the fortune.

IMDB: 2.6
Director: Jesús Franco
Stars: Manuel Gélin, Eduardo Fajardo
Length: 82 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 43 out of 82 found boring (52.43%)

One-line Reviews (92)

Some regard it as a low budget gem, others as one of the most boring zombie movies ever made.

Boy what a waste of time..I am a fan of 60-90s italian horror and this is near the bottom..not even the beautiful desert scenery can save this movie.

How Franco, who writes and directs this yawn-inducer, is considered an exploitation icon is an absolute mystery to me.

The dullest zombie movie ever.

Very, very dull film.

One Boring Ridiculous Zombie Movie .

Scenes featuring characters are often drawn out..this would be okay if they were even remotely interesting, which they are not.

But even with its weirdness and awkwardness, the film manages to be entertaining and give you some memorable scenes.

Oh man, this movie came very close of actually boring me to death!

So, in summary, you have a surprisingly dull film with bad acting, terrible make-up, awful music...

Yes, by today's standards, this film probably is boring.

All we get are close-ups of maggot-ridden visages and languid bodies walking slowly across the desert sand with one brutal killing and a lot of what appears to be nothing more than scratches.

La Tumba de los Muertos Vivientes is quite simply one of the most boring films I've seen, I can't stress enough just how dull this pathetic attempt at a film is.

Leaden paced, practically unbearable zombie film which features very little of the undead attackers.

They did absolutely nothing with the movie it's premise, that in its core still was decently entertaining enough.

Oddly, the movie gets an extra star because the slow, turgid rhythm of every scene seems to give the movie a hypnotic effect that might be meant to induce in its audience some of the tiring, draining effects of being stuck out in a desert for a long stretch with nothing to do.

It is boring, impossible to understand at times, and visually painful.

The zombie faces are grotty and worm-infested, and this is actually rather effective, but the music score and bizarre sound effects(full of a series of really odd noises)that accompany them are just annoying and uneventful.

Other than those lines, the only thing worth watching for is the corny music and sound effects.

There's a great deal of repetition, though, and it grows increasingly tedious because there's no imagination in shooting the same images over and over.

This plays more like a boring drama with zombies just thrown in for the hell of it.

This movie is boring, poorly made and very UN-Franco!

It's hard to get excited seeing the same lingering zooms, ponderous actions and having to listen to Daniel White's lousy score of cringe-induced skews being dragged out.

You could fall asleep.

Stupid & Boring.

The slow pace is the last major problem, and really hampers the film a lot more than it should.

Most Boring Zombie Film Ever.

As I said, many have said it was boring -- particularly the "flashback time-filler".

Meeting with a generally negative reception, the lack of Franco's best friends sex and gore (for the most part) helps to make 'Oasis of the Zombies' a fairly dull affair.

The only good things about this is that some of the zombie makeup is good and the funeral like music is really creepy--but the movie is so abysmal and boring that nothing can save it.

"Oasis of the Zombies" might be the most boring zombie flick I have ever seen.

There was no plot coming together.

Let me diverge from the track for a minute by saying that lots of commentors on this film have said that is was "boring".

One sampling is this by someone just having survived the "onslaught" of the boring dead, saying when asked if he found what he was looking for, responded with "I found myself.


This is one of the worst one I've seen in long time and if you wanna see really bad one see this it's keep you boring all of time.

There was little zombie action, a terrible script, no Jesus Franco sleaze, and it was just a big bore.

which is pointless to point out except I'm supposed to provide at least ten lines in my comment.

I purchased the tape and watched it 3 times, falling asleep multiple times each viewing...

Having said this, this specific version of Franco's obsessions is pretty dull, even by his standards.

A doggedly uneventful zombie film that just manages to hold a spell over you.

Nothing happens in this movie which makes it a total bore to watch.

The plot is something to do with nazi zombies, like in the similarly awful but much more enjoyable Franco flick "Zombie Lake".

In the end, it's just very boring, very poorly made, and contains almost no positive features that would ever, ever warrant a viewing.

That said, I give it a five because it is worth watching if you just want some decent background noise, there's one or two alright zombies, and the screaming of "er-EE-ka" actually made me giggle.

Sleep-inducing zombie flick from prolific director Jess Franco that has very little to offer in terms of horror, suspense, or interest otherwise.

The pace is too slow, shots are shaky with no purpose, and scripting is disjointed and very basic.

This is by far one of the most boring movies i've ever seen in my life.

But as I said before, THE MOVIE IS SO BORING!

To pad the scant running time there is pointless WWII footage lifted from another movie, intercut with an actor from this movie pointing his gun and pretending to shoot while doing dramatic dives and spins from behind palm trees.

Some of the lead zombies look half-decent but most look like men who fell asleep at a party and were 'decorated' by their drunken friends.

Basically, this one did a couple of things better than did that film, but it managed to still be quite bad, mainly due to the fact it was boring, slow and plodded along at a horrible pace.


It's one of those movies which feels like nothing happens in the entire runtime.

Other than a brief (and zombie-less) battle near the beginning, I think I was pretty much entirely bored.

This is one of the most unwatchable movies I've had the misfortune of sitting through.

(-5 points)Total Positive Points Earned: 2 Total Negative Points Earned: 98 One of the Bottom Ten Worst movies I've ever seen.

Oasis of boring zombie rubbish .

Tombs of the utterly boring dead.

extremely bored.

As the movie progressed I was now fully aware I had rented THE WORST MOVIE IN HISTORY.

To tell the truth I was expecting something much, much worse when I got to the end of it, while viewable (think along the lines of a crash car taking place and you simply having trouble taking your eyes off it) I still couldn't deny just how uninvolved, flat and dull it was despite being compelled.

First time I saw 'Oasis of the zombies', I felt so bored, that I was almost in sleep.

Oasis of the Zombies somehow manages to be below average even considering the type of film - this sort of thing should be fun at least, but this film succeeded only in boring me stupid for the majority of its duration.

Sure you can buy a bare-bones DVD for under 10.00 US , but why waste your time.

It works perfectly fine, keeping the plot simple, yet engaging.

What's boring about something like that?

The problem is that there is no plot at all, the scenes are just randomly slapped together and feature about 5 minutes of zombies in total.

this one will bore you to tears!

If you want an entertaining film that couples zombies and Nazis, see Shock Waves.

Not even laughably bad, just slow, boring and dumb.

It's boring, due to a simple plot told in a confusing way (with a completely unnecessary flashback sequence), it's paced like watching molasses move up hill in January, and it has no characters that make any impression whatsoever.

The fact that they have several creepy moments throughout is rather enjoyable, with the opening attack being the most creepy with off-screen noises and the general sense of the unknown really hammering it home.

Other than that: scant zombie action, scant nudity, minimal gore, no story, slight atmosphere, and brutal THE END caption as a final insult.

This is an astonishingly bad movie that doesn't, unfortunately, make it into the 'So Bad It's Funny' category because it is just so boring.

Althought bit of dumb, but still very enjoyable movie.

Totally unwatchable .

The zombies when they eventually turn up look pretty creepy, but the rest of the movie is very dull.

Worse its boring, something about Nazi zombies & a quest for desert gold in the middle of an African wasteland.

It has a plodding pace, horrible voice overs, hot women, terrible lighting, deliriously bad camera work, a script written by a chimp, varying and disconnected ambient noise...

The fact that I was thinking about that while watching "Oasis of the Zombies" shows how inept and boring it is.

After this good laugh I was tortured by the bad dialogue and plot, boring stretches where nothing happens, and the fact that it was filmed on really crappy film which causes parts of the movie, especially near the end, to be completely unrecognizable.

There should not be a zombie movie that i not only am not grossed out by, but am falling asleep to.

We follow the totally uninteresting treasure hunt of some youngsters in the African desert.

Likewise, the script seemed somewhat disjointed.

But with this boring and muddled mess of a movie, you need to remove all desire to see anything even remotely entertaining.

Acting is poor (but there are some stunning women about), and the character's they play (mainly the college kids) are plain stupid.

It's boring, amateuristic, dull and not bloody or scary, hell, it has nothing to do with horror at all!

I do not even know how to review the movie because it was just so boring.

Awful acting, the most boring story and lots of talking...

Very dull.

*SPOILERS* These zombies are really slow, fake, and boring.