Outpost (2008) - Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

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In war-torn Eastern Europe, a world-weary group of mercenaries discover a long-hidden secret in an abandoned WWII bunker.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Steve Barker
Stars: Ray Stevenson, Julian Wadham
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 25 out of 110 found boring (22.72%)

One-line Reviews (79)

Nice thrilling movie full of action and violence.

There are a few good scares to be had, but in fairness the film is a little slow and doesn't really satisfy as either a horror or an action film.

go and watch supershark, way better waste of time.

Please don't waste that investment next time, guys!

)Instead of making the scares action packed or very visual,it relies on trying to make the viewer see what the men see and hear and makes you wonder how you would react in their situation-i can only compare it to the feeling of anticipation got when you saw jaws for the 1st time compared to how sequels of jaws made you feel,i.

All in all it's worth watching if you enjoy them sort of films .

This exciting movie displays thrills , chills , warfare action and lots of blood and gore .

A little bit dreary, dull, depressing and unexciting.

The only negative thing I have to say is that the first half hour was a bit slow for me and that time would have been better served developing the character's backgrounds.

it cant be classified either as horror or science fiction it is more like very bad drama and waste of time.

But to be fair I tough it was a bit boring and not scary at all.

The script has some really fascinating material woven throughout, especially references to and depictions of Nazi experiments gone terribly wrong, or worse, terribly right.

Because, sadly, "Outpost" is just a little bit dreary, dull, depressing and unexciting.

Action + Horror = Boredom.

It's a truly entertaining ride, and definitely worth a watch.

Other than those two things and a couple of minor points though this movie was entertaining enough to me.

It starts like one of those low budget action movies with a mission and end up with bad acting and no plot...

At first I thought the slow build-up in tension from the start and the feasible if ridiculous premise of their arrival at the outpost could have been the makings of an average pushing entertaining straight-to-DVD film.

This one of the worst movies I've seen in very long time !

However, the film carries it off well and rarely strays from the tension until the final showdown which, it has to be said, is a little predictable in its outcome.

This low budget 'B' list movie had me totally on the edge of my seat and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone to watch and not be sort of intrigued/disturbed by it.

Otherwise, this one was quite fun and enjoyable.

Either way, they are both very enjoyable - great cinematography, cast, fluid scares.

The explanation and exposition was somewhat confusing and the magical 'science' behind it all was unrealised.

Amazingly dull, depressing and deary...

Verdict: Silly, has its faults, but very well executed and quite enjoyable.

One of the more enjoyable elements to be found here is the fact that this one really manages to do an impressive job during it's build-up to their arrival at the site as the first half of this one manages to get some enjoyable elements featured.

"Outpost" is a well-made action horror film that avoids boredom or annoying moments of cinematic malarkey (an affliction to be found in the majority of modern films, regardless of genre or subject matter).

Its quite an effort to churn out such surprisingly dull and boring stuff.

Sounds silly perhaps but I found it to better than my expectations, some dodgy accents aside, it's a pretty entertaining film, how can you not be entertained by an army of ghostly killer Nazi zombies?

It's a pretty solid plot, not very original, but intriguing and interesting all the same.

Throw in a twist that you may or may not see coming (I didn't), and this makes for an entertaining way to spend 1hr and 40 minutes.

It's all aided along nicely by the little creaks and moans heard throughout the bunker just off-camera, letting the creepiness get rather overwhelming before it turns into the raging zombie action/horror of the later half which changes the eeriness for a series of fun and highly enjoyable stalking scenes as they run wild in the compound attacking the soldiers inside the different rooms and hallways of the underground bunker which is full of graphic, bloody kills and creepy images showing them coming up from behind taking them out in grand style.

THIS is by FAR the worst movie ever made .

That is quite fun, but it's simply hard to ignore how slow it is to get going.

The ending is simply too banal.

This makes the nature of the villains seem contrived to fit whatever works best for the film at any given time, rather than following a strict set of rules.

3.5 out of 10, very generously rounded up to 4 for a few nasty moments of gore (the 'bullet in the eye' scene and a pick-axe death), and for making me laugh with the blatant use of CGI animation in a supposed WWII propaganda movie.

Barker slow burns the first half hour and then steadily turns up the heat as the secrets of the "Outpost" start to unravel, with the sense of dread that accompanies said unravelling palpable in the extreme.

Grippingly atmospheric though a little contrived .

Worth watching.

A typical us vs them situation is established very quickly and the casualty rate moves in a predictable fashion.

Somewhat enjoyable action horror .

Suspenseful and eery .

The action scenes are great and keep you on the edge of your seat and the ending will stick in your mind for days after.

Don't waste your time on it !

Could have been great, but instead it was dull and plodding until the end.

Overall,an enjoyable film which is worth a view.

Eastern Europe bunkers are empty, people have taken even wires.

Considering it's budget and the dedication of the production team, I believe it is worth 8 out of 10 stars for producing this unexpected likable film.

Dark cinematography by Struthers and suspenseful musical score by James Seymour .

Well worth watching.

With his bleak, desaturated visuals, measured approach, and notable lack of score, Barker is clearly aiming for a foreboding sense of menace and an unbearably claustrophobic atmosphere, followed by nail-biting tension and, finally, visceral horror; what he achieves, however, is a dull, listless mess full of unlikable characters, dreadful dialogue, indecipherable scientific codswallop, and frustrating lapses in logic.

Despite slow and traditional beginning, there is some twist and turns in the middle and in the end.

This is one of the worst movies I have seen for awhile and I'm quite shocked at all the good comments about it.

The film is still suspenseful and entertaining, it's just a shame the film couldn't follow its own mythos.

After half an hour of this dreary treacle sliding slowly in front of my eyes, I felt as if my brain had been removed and had been replaced by porridge.

Speaking of the commentary, it's an enjoyable and enthusiastic chat between director and producer that reveals how imagination, ingenuity can overcome a lack of money and special effects.

The film takes on a slow pace, trotting along, relying on acting and dialogue to keep it together.

buuuuh very bad and boring .

I quite enjoyed it :)Regards, Roland PS - the lead actor (Ray Stevenson) is the next Frank Castle aka The Punisher in the up coming Punisher: War Zone movie, a much better choice than Thomas Jane IMOhttp://www.

Other characters are fairly predictable – the twitchy Russian, the sarcastic Scots, the redneck American and the token black guy doomed to die a horrible death.

I found Outpost an intriguing film.

For the longest time, there is absolutely nothing happening.

Outpost takes it's time to deliver the first and I might add grisly kill, after that the numbers a swiftly whittled down to the final 4, who make a stand, and what an action packed stand it is.

They find a hidden bunker that was once the site of experiments in Nazi super-science and is now dark and empty…or is it?

The gore had me flinching and the atmospherics got me twitching lol ..I keep promising a friend that I will watch a few of his war movies with him but keep on making excuses not to ..{The Pianist, Harts War & Enemy At The Gates} I find these kind of movies long and drawn out.

The dialogue also throughout the movie was rather dull.

You have to wait about 40 minutes of the movie for a big action scene which ends in about two minutes and then it goes back to the boring plot.

Highly enjoyable if slightly flawed effort .

And this is done in very boring way: like a 13 year-old presenting a powerpoint.

All around I would say that it is well worth watching.

Although i wont give away any spoilers, I must say that the best thing about this film was it's slow burning build up, eerie suspense and atmosphere, these things carried this film to deliver a very heart pounding climax with believable acting.

There are some good gore scenes which see our mercenaries get a slow painful taste of 1940's science.

Unexpected surprise in a good way .

Tho ill admit the creatures seem confusing as one minute they have incredible ability and the next they are zombie like.. The acting is very good, the plot is good.

The music is at times annoyingly loud and anti climactic but overall this is a classic film and well worth watching.

Everything after that was, unfortunately, all too predictable.

They get a lot of mileage and suspense out of a near-empty field and some gloomy corridors.