Pacific Heights (1990) - Thriller

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A couple work hard to renovate their dream house and become landlords to pay for it. Unfortunately, one of their tenants has plans of his own.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: John Schlesinger
Stars: Melanie Griffith, Matthew Modine
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 17 out of 109 found boring (15.59%)

One-line Reviews (66)

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

This starts off promising, as if it's going to be very suspenseful.

And, at one point near the end, I was expecting a certain film-climax-cliche' and the filmmakers actually passed it up!

Another suggestion: make Carter Hayes (or whatever is real name is) just a little more evil, to make the movie really suspenseful.

As a result, the varying degrees of law around the country would affect how viewers perceive this movie, alternating from suspenseful (as was the intent) to preposterous to downright bizarre.

Please don't waste your time seeing this movie.

Worth watching!

It's a thriller, that knows where it's going, it's building climax, quite intense, where we learn just how pi...

I enjoyed it and would watch it again.

On the surface, this would seem like a rather boring, run of the mill type of story.

Instead it turns out to be a very boring and bland thriller for estate agents, and I found myself falling alsep at least twice whenever Keaton wasn't on screen.

It was entertaining and original.

"Heights" overplays Keaton's villainy, and its climax is pure cliché.

Still a reasonably enjoyable Hollywood formula picture, which feeds on creepy gut feelings.

Don't waste your time on propaganda that implies otherwise.

Surprisingly dull effort from the guy behind "Marathon Man" .

The movie is well edited, and some scenes are quite suspenseful, despite the uninteresting plot and characters.

Directed by John Schlesinger who also has a small cameo as the 'man in elevator' this psycho thriller is an OK way to pass 100 odd minutes but I found it a bit uneventful & forgettable overall, apart from the psycho tenant from hell angle there really isn't much else going on.

William Goldman says that the last 15 minutes are the most important of any movie and that's what saves what is otherwise a sometimes fascinating but often dull film in "Pacific Heights.

Once Carter is evicted from the apartment I sort of switched off as it goes down the revenge route with an extremely predictable ending which you can guess the outcome of within the opening ten or fifteen minutes of the film.

Pretty boring.

Absorbing, reasonably well-performed thriller, about a psycho-renter who wreaks havoc on his naïve, good-hearted landlords, may have been an even more effective picture with a smarter screenplay.

"Pacific Heights" is entertaining, less predictable than many thrillers and definitely not "run of the mill".

Ellen Griswold pops up (and out) halfway through the film to discuss the narrative and plot holes with Griffith to tie up any confusion the audience may have.

Only worth watching if you would like to see Michael Keaton in a strange role.

The movie could have used more tenant-causing-landlord-incidents, but overall, an entertaining thriller.

While some of the incidents are a bit unbelievable, the story is suspenseful and holds your interest.

Melanie Griffith also does really well as Patty who is far more rational and intelligent than her partner and who also provides some of the most enjoyable moments of the movie when she decides to turn the tables on Hayes.

Alternately grim, playful, and gripping, it breathed some life into a worn-out genre.

uninteresting setting .

I quite enjoyed the film, the only actor I knew in it was Melanie Griffith and found the suspense quite gripping.

The story is a thrilling way to the end.

He's playing the tenant from Hell, terrorizing couple-of-the-year Melanie Griffith and Matthew Modine, but I can only describe this is a real estate thriller - which is just as exciting as it sounds.

This is a rather entertaining and suspenseful thriller starring Matthew Modine and Melanie Griffith as Drake Goodman and Patty Palmer - a couple who buys their dream house in an upscale San Francisco neighborhood.

Even if it occasionally gets into some muddy areas along the way, Pacific Heights is compelling to the very end.

It may not be the best thriller around, I don't even think it would make the top ten as far as thrillers go, but it's definitely one worth watching.

Hayes refuses to pay rent, smashes the place up, breeds cockroaches in the place & makes life unbearable for everyone else as Patty & Drake face financial ruin.

It's quite predictable throughout and overall forgettable.

He is so creepy, I think that's what makes the movie so suspenseful like the scene when he's hanging out in the basement when the power goes out.

Ultimately predictable, a lot of potential was wasted here.

I enjoyed it the first time I saw it and was glad to find that my enjoyment has not diminished.

A very enjoyable, suspenseful thriller, with a unique plot, and a cast that successfully animates the characters.

The characters were not at all interesting, and it took way too long for the movie to pick up speed.

Even if the writing is formulaic, the fact that someone can be this unsettling will still creep people out.

In the meantime, observing what Keaton will do actually becomes rather anti-climactic and, ultimately, boring.

If you want to see an unoriginal predictable thriller done well see "Unlawful Entry"(1992) with Kurt Russell and Ray Liotta, at least in that movie the acting was good and their performances let the movie rise above the formulamatic plot.

Easy on the eyes and empty between the ears.

Close to thirty years after it was made, "Pacific Heights" remains an entertaining thriller.

That's because of how formulaic the screenplay was written.

His character is unpredictable and intelligent!

The tension then builds steadily as the conflict becomes increasingly intense and the stakes get higher.

Enjoyable, in spite .

Everything was just so predictable and boring that I wanted to shoot myself.

A twist in plot, but a very enjoyable movie.

"The plot line is fairly interesting but feels rather drawn out through most of the film, until the fantastic ending pulls out all the stops and turns the film into something good.

This is a slow build of a movie, leading inexorably to a violent climax, signalled early on by Keaton who is obviously a psyhopath while Modine is an obvious worm who just has to turn, (though it is Griffith who has the balls in this relationship).

It's these qualities together with the performances of Keaton and Griffith that ultimately make this such an enjoyable movie to watch.

But despite the film's predictability and it's numerous faults, it's still enjoyable entertainment.

It's about the only cliché the film avoids.

It is a fast moving and entertaining piece of work.

Otherwise, you may end up bored.

All in all, an enjoyable roller coaster that seems to be under -rated.

liberties taken with real laws in an attempt to create a "Story" this is a waste of time.

What hurt my rating in this movie was that friend said "It was the scariest, most suspenseful film I've ever seen!

This movie is good for suspense and drama with regards to Keaton, however, apart from that, it is really a boring movie.

Inconsistent, indecisive, predictable .