Padmaavat (2018) - Drama, History, Romance

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Set in medieval Rajasthan, Queen Padmavati is married to a noble king and they live in a prosperous fortress with their subjects until an ambitious Sultan hears of Padmavati's beauty and forms an obsessive love for the Queen of Mewar.

Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Stars: Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh
Length: 164 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 67 out of 322 found boring (20.8%)

One-line Reviews (206)

Very boring movie.

Shahid plays Maharaj of Mewar looking very Royal in his grand attire looking and playing the part with calm composure and elegance but at times he sounds like Sanjeev Kumar while delivering slow dialogues.

First half of film is very slow.

Slow Boring .

Some critics have commented that the movie showed Muslim jalaludin in bad light but I think he had more dimension than Ratan who is shown as a refined but boring.

Deepika Padoukne leads as Padmavati, looking stunning as usual in spectacular costumes which spin so fast during incredible, fast-paced dance sequences.

The movie is slow sometimes, and the duration of movie looks like stretched, the plot is not something flawless.

The pace is a bit slow and it seems that there are more focusing on Sultan Alauddin Khilji than on the Rani.

It's a fascinating concept that Sanjay Leela Bhansali brings to life.

But at this point I would not say anything bad about the movie, because there are different ways to approach a plot and begin the story with: and that sometimes means slow and calm.

Don't waste your time and money for this 3rd class bollywood trash .

Only this controversy could have saved this movie otherwise simply boring.

That ending had me on the edge of my seat, it was the only saving grace of this sinking ship.

The chemistry between the lead characters is complete vanilla and the film focuses more on the villain's bonding with other characters (which is confusing as the film was titled 'Padmavati' before).

Great visuals, stunning dialogues, admirable performance, especially the legend of Khilji, form the heart and soul of 'Padmaavat'!!.

They slow down the pace.

I left the theater satisfied enough and I got good value for my money.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

A breathtaking, emotional and epic tale.

Lousy waste of money .

With Padmaavat, we have one of the most exciting villain in recent times, Alauddin Khilji.

It is a waste of money and time.

Boring !!.

This movie is a waste of time and money.

It is so boring that i have to leave the theater twice....

The fights looked dull.

A villain so intriguing, he would attain a cult status for the coming generations.

The scenes between him and Shahid are some of the most engrossing, as both flex their acting muscles at opposite ends of the moral spectrum.

In fact the movie was really enjoyable with the songs, drama, the story and the execution.

Bored to the core...

Intense images where drama and emotionality arrive achieving a temporary translation, feel and live every moment.

I know that the story of Padmavati is inspired by Malik Muhammad Jayasi's poem "Padmavat," but the least SLB could have done is to give an interesting twist to an otherwise predictable plot and to tweak it to give it a more contemporary touch.

Felt more like cinematic propaganda then entertainment.

It was a lot of slow dialogue and slow songs without much point of interest.

I could fall asleep listening to Khilji talk.

The importance of Queen Padmavati's bravery and her wish to end her life rather than being violated by the invading ruler Alaudin Khilji was riveting!

This was a pretty bad movie and you shouodnt waste your time watching this pathetic movie

The king's obsession along-with the love-story between the Raja-Queen traffics this hour till it make you go ho-hum.

All three actors did the right job but ranveer was more exciting and he is where the scenes light up my moments.

There is much to dislike in this pointless movie, than the one that are being discussed.

Story is heavy and slow.

Jewelry by far outstanding and intriguing - the fashion this is going to spawn in India, mind boggles.

Waste of money and time.

Waste of time & money.

The movie basically depends on heavy emotions which are showed in a slow and subtle sense.

The acting of Shahid Kapoor and Aditi Rao was stunning.

So slow and stupid expressions.

Bhansali failed in delivering a good start as the film starts on a slow note and doesn't even speed up until Pre-Interval.

The film was far too long.

However, if you go into the movie with an empty mind, then I think you will most likely enjoy it.

It was so intense and heartbreaking...

The whole as a movie was unbearable..

Background score is very intriguing.

The song 'Ghoomar' is stunning to the eyes, whilst 'Khalibali' will depart you awestruck because of Ranveer's amazing act.

The BGM at some scenes felt very loud to the years and quite repetitive to Bajirao Mastani.

In the end , padmaavat Is an epic for sure, it has great characters , an adrenaline drive of music , great visuals and a really cool bad guy.

Stunning Visual Experience!!!.

His writing is very authentic and straight on point which makes any film worth watching.

Then one is bound to feel like a small child sitting in front of an engaging storyteller.

The traditional music and traditional dancing are beautiful and mesmerinzing, the sets are stunning and words cannot describe the richness and details of the costumes and jewelry.

All style and absolutely no substance, felt more like cinematic propaganda then entertainment.

The movie's set was very imaginative and colourful which grabbed my attention and made me continue to watch the movie however the movie was very dragged with a pointless storyline.

In all this movies is total waste of time, money and energy.

She looks absolutely breathtaking and does a commendable job towards the latter part of the movie.

its a very sad waste of time.

The film is painfully long, but when you add the predictable plot to it then it becomes a deadly combination.

Very boring and slow, focus of the movie seems to be just few models playing dressing up, swooning and lots and lots of slow motion staring.

The music is also as impressive than Bhansali's predecessor either, but still enjoyable.

Bhansali's been doing same things again and again that this was really boring for the most part.

Padmaavat as the story evolves you notice Sanjay bansali preference over ranvir Singh and allaluddin's personality over ratan Singh and padmavati's story , most part of the movies moves in showing allahuddin's carector development , unnecessary inclusion of to songs between allahuddin and malik kafir showing homosexuality in the name of padmavathi , on that over acting by ranveer Singh , don't waste your money and time for this crab ,

My God, the visuals are stunning.

I hate the dragged out moments of turban putting, holi, etc. The final fight scene...

Worst movie .

The scenes between him and Shahid are some of the most engrossing, as both flex their acting muscles at opposite ends of the moral spectrum.

The slow paced screenplay and melodramatic performances are really not my type of film.

after all this movie is really worth watching and you will be supersized by the end if you do not know the historical story.

Confusing .

And worse, the increase the length of the film and slow down the pace.

First of all very slow movie.

Also, if you despise melodrama, abhor simple stories, execrate romance and moral in movies simply don't see it, why boring even torturing yourself!

The sets and cinematography is stunning.

I was well prepared that it might be boring, or too cocky, or just unbearably long.

This film is definitely worth watching.

But all in all, still a very enjoyable movie.

Don't waste your time watching this movie, it's just crap.

Thowever, it thankfully speeds up into the riveting final act which is simply jaw-dropping.

However, when it came to executing this mythical tale, Bhansali leaves his audience bored and uninterested!

Worth watching in big screens for SLB's style of periodic drama rendition.

Don't waste your time .

Don't waste your time.

Overrated and waste of time.

This one is like a coming of age storytelling by Bhansali Sir.. Why mixed reviews,even the negative ones are biased.

A total waste of time.

I tend to stay very far away from the cheesy movies filled with silly dances and pointless music from these parts - and in spite of several conscious attempts in the past to warm up to some of the better-received movies, "Bollywood" just hasn't worked for me (with some notable exceptions like "Company" by RGV and some of Mani Ratnam's creations which do not follow the standard script anyway).

Like his previous films, Padmaavat is visually stunning and breath-taking.

While Padmaavat is lacking in several areas, it is a visual feast and worth watching for that alone.

Compound it with a beefed up physique, dark soulless eyes and sexual monstrosity which is way more intense than that of rapists depicted in 90s flicks.

worst movie .

Well here the story is plain and worse, he streaches the film way too long that I got bored and restless towards the end.

This movie is worth watching in cinema for Ranveer Singh's performance alone!!!

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has moved the benchmark for Indian Cinema higher with this stunning film.

Very boring and slow, focus of the movie seems to be just few models playing dressing up, swooning and lots and lots of slow motion staring.

The villain was comically over the top, but at least this made him inappropriately funny, so he was a more interesting character than the two dull leads.

The story was a bit predictable and too factual which increased the potential of boredom for the next hour.

Total waste of time, money and resources.

This makes all the controversy pointless, and pale in comparison to the spectacle that unfolds.

Oveall A pretty good movie which is worth watching intheatres for the brilliant acting and fairy tale story.

He can make anything look visually stunning.

Over streched, Uninspiring story telling, Silly dialogues, Over dressed characters and extremely slow paced movie.

The action sequences are dull and should have been taken care of much better given the fact the drama in the movie is truly weak.

Most fascinating and epic movie.. all time.

, the story of Padmaavat is based on the epic poem of the same name, so they sharpened the creative work for a very unpredictable ending...

Waste of time .

The movie was mundane with very few scenes strong enough to stir the emotions.

This is Bhansali's best work and is definitely worth the watch.

As a story-teller, Bhansali has excelled quite nicely, but, the tad long runtime of the movie gets a chunk tedious in entirety.

If I keep aside, for a moment, my dislike for films that Bollywoodize history, Padmavat was entertaining too with some very well made scenes including the now-taboo Sati scene.

I thought it might be comparable to at least one episode of Game of Thrones but it was so unrealistic and the scenes were so badly directed, it's a pure waste of time.

It is annoyingly repetitive.

Breathtaking cinematography, stellar performances, melodious music makes a Bollywood classic .

Breathtaking cinematography.

For those, who expect specific storylines, explicit conversations, precise incidents and a swift pace, it could be boring.

Stunning costumes and locations.

Even for a slow changing conservative society as India, this movie is particularly awful, cring-worthy and distasteful.

Very slow.

Worst movie I hv ever seen .

With the slow narration, weak war scenes movie fall flat not meeting the expectations of the cinema viewer.

It has its flaws, many of them actually, but stunning cinematography, awesome dialogues and three great performances make it an experience of a lifetime.

Fantastic and thrilling movie.

Excrutiatingly boring...

Boring movie - went with good expectation .

Some scnes were quite predictable too.

The male and female lead had zero chemistry and were boring me to tears.

What I was treated to was a film with stunning set and costume designs; and that is what I enjoyed the most about it.

It is a good time pass with lot of entertaining moments , can be called a desI version of troy kind of subject.

The editing is horrendous n the film is very boring.

Lack of story and characters are played really poorly.

The costumes, the set design, the cinematography - all of them are absolutely stunning.

I give four stars because (a) of the respect I have for realizing a movie project of this proportions, (b) although not on their height, stunning visuals, (c) time and work the actors and the entire crew have put into this movie and (d) because I could see two of my favourite Bollywood actors together (or better separated) on screen again.

The initial course of the movie skims through a lot of the events and you would feel like its fast paced.

Contrary to what I read in some reviews, I found the story moving fast and totally gripping and was completely engrossed in it throughout.

I felt that the story telling was slow.

boring to stay in the theater.

Boring, irritating, mismatched characters, stupid dialogues, senseless story, stretched everything.

There are some dramatic scenes in the movie which are worth watching.

The stern-ness of Rawal and the scary-ness of Khilji is what made the scene enjoyable to me.

Bhansali & Prakash Kapadia's Screenplay, which is on Malik Muhammad Jayasi epic poem by the same name, is engaging in most parts.

Padmaavat is made engaging by the performances.

One of the worst movie from Bansali.

It's show the one and only most fascinating indian culture and every shot of movie looking like painting.

For people like me, who go to watch such movies expecting to catch those bizarre backgrounds, unconventional attires, eccentric kings, massive warriors, intriguing sword fights and unique features which conventional movies do not have, it is an OK movie.

Padmavat is being shown as 3D but actually this is 2D converted into 3D, which makes actions unclear and dull.

Spread across Afghanisthan, Singhal and Rajasthan, each and every frame of the movie is visually stunning and is a treat for the eyes, including the actors, who look flawless.

It got pretty boring to be blunt.

It was a sheer adrenaline pump to see a Kshatriya safeguarding the pride and honour depicting a Kshatriya Dharma.

Ranveer Singh chews up the scenery, and delivers a passionate and riveting performance as Sultan Alauddin Khilji.

Film has many boring moments, unnecessary songs.

Unrealistic and Totally predictable .

Each scene is breathtaking and visually appealing to the eye.

Overall worth watching if you take it as fiction, the portrayal of Alaud-din is awful .

slow pace of the movie isits real strength .

Waste of money and time .

Very entertaining and lavish .

Overall, this movie has repetition value, but one will watch only selective parts and sequences due to it's too long and sometimes bored to watch all along.

Visually Rich But Empty Spectacle .

First half is so so boring, and no story at all.

The first half is really slow.

Typical Bolywood boring movie.

Honestly the worst movie I have ever seen, waste of time.

Fascinating .

You end up watching a movie with lots of costumes, excruciatingly slow scenes, a protagonists(Ratan Singh) who always made wrong emotional decisions, a queen(Padmavati) which is supposed to have mesmerising beauty (casting Deepika for beauty!

It is a compelling story depicted with visual magic only geniuses can conjure on a movie screen.

Weird flashbacks breaking the flow, overly long filler scenes of boring moments, musical scores that did not fit...

Surprisingly Interesting & Thrilling Drama .

It was dragged in a beautiful fashion, to bore the user to death..second half is better.

Boring as hell .

A ho-hum then, between over the top Kill-ji and the underwhelming Kill-joy, who themselves see no immorality in coveting multiple wives, over Padmini.

The song numbers were also very entertaining.

'Rajguru' is so much in rush to go as if he was bored there.

Pathetic movie, Pure waste of money.

Dont' waste part of your life watching this movie.

Agreed its visually stunning but how much stunningness can cure the boredom....

Pointless bragging, Make-up, Slow motion staring = Story .

Waste of time.

His last, Bajirao Mastani, was a more engaging watch, with message of love irrespective of religion which is relevant even now.

This is visual breathtaking movie of this year.

Mind blowing performence by Ranveer singh , which deserves a special mention.

Visually appealing and very very gripping from beginning until the credits roll.

Singh as Alauddin Khilji has given her best in the movie and has delivered mind blowing performance to give life to the character, specially in the song KHALIBALI.

Total waste of time...

The music from start to finish will undoubtedly keep you on the edge of your seat.

The makeup, the expressions are just mind blowing!!

Worst movie .

Now on the negatives, after delivering quite a compelling one with Bajirao Mastani, Bhansali's story for Padmaavat appears stale.

Waste of time and money!.

The movie is too long, acting is so so:the actress playing Padmavati had the same facial expression from beginning to end.

Anyone can make his films look visually stunning if he has the money to pay for the VFX.

"ok i've wasted 3 hours of my life" that's the feel i got after this movie.

it just makes huge sounds and I guess Ranvir is just a hype..very boring after second half ..

Now coming to the film: 'Padmaavat' is an intense film, about heroes of honor & a villain, who defines ruthlessness with zeal.

Barring its length & its slow first-hour, the Writing is well-done overall.

Then one is bound to feel like a small child sitting in front of an engaging storyteller.

Every frame that he is in, creates a deadly feeling and Ranveer has showcased valor, cunningness, and cruelty in a stunning manner.


Yet SLB manages to eke out a long-winded yawn inspiring two hour forty-five-minute slow passage of Padmavati's life as wife of Rawal to her sacrifice at the jauhar.

Very slow movie - not a 3D film .