Pan Am (2011) - Drama, History, Romance

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Period drama about the pilots and flight attendants who once made Pan Am the most glamorous way to fly.

Stars: Christina Ricci, Margot Robbie
Length: 42 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-PG
Reviews: 12 out of 83 found boring (14.45%)

One-line Reviews (41)

Mike Vogel is pleasant but a bit bland.

Though it's a bit slow, that's how things were back then at the time that this show is set it.

The story line was boring and predictable.

The family drama of Kate and Laura is probably the most compelling and starts the show on the right foot.

The cast is great but while I found myself engrossed in some of the sub story lines (like Maggie's growing involvement in ethically questionable stuff or Laura's figurative jailbreak from a previously boring life with a new taste for adventure as a flight attendant and novice photographer, for instance), others kind of bored me.

The show has way too many arcs for a show this early in it's run, and the story development is too slow.

This playbook is tiresome and getting old, I wish that someone in Hollywood would have the guts to go against the system and be original instead of just doing the same thing over and over again.

What an awful waste of money and it could have been so good.

It is disjointed and chaotic and has no real structure.

The TV series started out interestingly enough, the pilot episode was fairly entertaining and some of the scenes were spot on.

Don't waste your time.

The show is a waste of money in it's current form.

Then there is the badly written and acted "spy story" of one of the stewardesses, which acts out so little empathetic and exciting, it is a bore - how did they manage to do that?

The relationships feel contrived and artificial.

It was exciting!

I've only seen the pilot so far and hoping that the remaining episodes are just as intriguing.

As for the various plots: I've gotten hooked on the series, but some plot lines were more believable and entertaining than others.

It's utterly pointless and the "Pan Am" setting could be anything, there's nothing here that is specific to Pan Am at all, it's purely a glamorous setting of convenience ...

It transports whomever is watching to an intense, wonderful time in history with excellent writing, lush production scenes & costuming, interesting & smart actors........

I hope this show makes it because it's good and, despite some disjointed stuff that seems to happen in many of the episodes, I still like it.

At least the stories have some fascinating subjects.

The acting is marginally better than the script, though I failed to experience any emotion but boredom.

The first episode was very enjoyable and I hope that it continues and has great success.

Maybe not perfect, but still an enjoyable blast from the past .

But mostly, "Pan Am" is exciting, well-written, and beautifully shot.

This is a very interesting and intriguing show.

Though pilot episodes are usually a little confusing and the rushed story a little shaky, I thought the "Pan Am" pilot set itself up very nicely.

It's turned out to be some sort of CGI soapie with lipstick and corsets with a heavy patina of predictable bilge spread thickly around the edges.

More relaxed, more enjoyable and you were treated like a customer as opposed to being handled like cattle on the way to slaughter.

These are cardboard cut-out, shallow, boring, clichés that would not make the cut in a bad cheap movie.

Except completely UN-entertaining......

Otherwise It's pretty compelling.

It has so many elements that can be used for pure entertaining value for those who don't want to think and some that actually require a little more thinking.

There is some sort of back story involving some covert branch of the government, but it is very poorly explained and filmed and just comes off as confusing and unbelievable.

This is a delightful plunge into the past with some pretty good acting (especially Karine Vanasse and Kelli Garner)and some moderately intriguing story lines.

I love the way the music is played to the scenes, this makes it soon enjoyable!

First off there is so many period mistakes in this show it makes it practically unwatchable.

But, the storyline is weak and confusing.

I very much enjoyed watching Pan Am, I felt that I go a exciting voyage with them.

Mike Vogel's pretty boy Dean is an unlikely yet perfect match for the cool and mysterious Collette (Karine Vannasse), and the nice slow burn romance that's building between naive Laura (Margot Robbie) and hotshot pilot Ted (Michael Mosely) is charming.

Overseas airline travel, especially on Pan Am, really was as exciting and glamorous as depicted.