Paradise Hills (2019) - Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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Uma is a young woman who wakes up in an apparently idyllic reform school for young ladies. But a dark secret lies within its walls.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Alice Waddington
Stars: Emma Roberts, Danielle Macdonald
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 30 out of 107 found boring (28.03%)

One-line Reviews (66)

The biggest crime this film commits though is just how boring it is.

The plot is simple but it's so interesting and very exciting to watch.

The world that it's set in isn't properly explained or explored, and the plot points are either horribly predictable or way too far out of left field to be interesting or logical.

Yet, the final scene was a nice reward after the confusing opening scene.

The plot was interesting and unexpected.

Visually stunning.

If you want to see what "stunning visuals" really are, go watch "The Fall".

Everything just seemed really dumb and self-indulgent to me.

Boring fail.

That is only plus point of the movie, otherwise it looks wasted and boring.

Thrilling .

Best way to beat insomnia .

It was so ham-fistedly feminist "woke" that it was unbearable and very cringey.

At the beginning can be a bit boring and boring but then it has a lot of fun and enough intensity.

Visually Stunning .

Dull, slow moving and poorly structured .

What a load of self indulgent tosh.

The movie is too banal and predictable, it's plot is completely simple, what is the common property for many popular pictures.

Decently executed movie with enough of a twist ending to make it worth the watch.

However 3 part of movie has nothing happened.

1.5 hours feels like an eternity of boring .

Bored to death!

Predictable and boring .

However, the story was predictable and that ruined most of the fun.

There is no story, no hero, no moral, no happy theme.

It was also really boring.

Storyline, script, acting - boring.

Visually Stunning .

Derivative, unimaginative, predictable .

And the story goes on to become a predictable escape narrative, with the image of feminism.

Despite this there are still a number of flaws in the movie and while I enjoyed it to an extent the frustration of thinking what could have been is the feeling that sticks with me.

Yu and Chloe needed more screentime and the ending was so cliche.

You knew exactly what's going to happen and the plot was so cliché.

Sci-fi, mystery, thriller, supernatural, slow-burner(too slow if you ask me), horror, drama, romance, steam punk.

The fantastical set designs were intriguing.

Few bad castings, course takes (despite some high caliber talent), and bad chemistry between characters really pushed it towards the territory of unwatchable...

The storyline was thrilling and of course Emma Roberts was so perfect for this role.

Frankly it is rather confusing at first.

But story line was little boring.

A boring Dark Shadows .

In my opinion though, Art direction by itself makes the movie very enjoyable and whereas the story tells nothing new, it gets very entertaining once you give in to the camp, hyperstylised atmosphere.

Bland, flat, recycled .

Another boring film!

I know it's supposed to be a kind of homage to alice in wonderland, but it's just dreary, predictable and not as woke as it thinks it is.

Too slow, not intense and too many overuse scene!

From that ideology the resulting fantasy lacks any grounding to say anything about the human experience, and so its play acting bad propaganda.

It's a bland crossover of "The Island" and a Disney cartoon.

it was entertaining for what it was and worth a watch for the visuals alone.

They even flirted with the idea of a lesbian relationship, but didn't commit in the end, which just made it pointless and another "taboo" box ticked.

They're simply stunning.

The beginning was intriguing, the middle got quite slow and a bit all over the place.

Generally speaking, a movie worth watching; it's a pity the movie didn't have good US distribution; and I'll keep an eye out for Waddington's next.

Is she going to get together with bland white boy Mike?

The story is not adding up, I just couldn't get what was the meaning of everything in the movie and the sounds are terrible..I literally couldn't stand it anymore, extremely boring, bad non sense explained story).

For a decent cast the characters somehow manage to come across extremely bland.

Thought it was gonna be somewhat good considering the cast but sadly it's a total waste of time.

It was a nicely shot vision with a story that might be okay for teens but as a boring Sunday afternoon lemonade I almost enjoyed it.

Characters are flat and boring.

Nice and interesting looks/visuals meet slow plot and a too obvious/blunt metaphor to our modern society (or the critic of) - some of the twists are rather flat (the resolution) or the nature of the Dutchess (how does that make any sense) is out of place.

Main juxtaposition being that this is set in a visually stunning fantasy world, while Level 16 is very bland and sterile.

Even the normally entertaining Milla Jovovich couldn't save this dud.

I feel terrible saying this, but I was bored.

It's long and boring.

I sensed the gay emitting from this movie in the first 5 minutes and as any gay I was completely on board, but as the movie progressed the romance plot with barely any buildup and no payoff, went nowhere.

But even that can be seen as a cliche overall.

Everything becomes predictable, mostly the ending.