Parental Guidance (2012) - Comedy, Family

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Artie and Diane agree to look after their three grandkids when their type-A helicopter parents need to leave town for work. Problems arise when the kids' 21st-century behavior collides with Artie and Diane's old-school methods.

Director: Andy Fickman
Stars: Billy Crystal, Bette Midler
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 24 out of 124 found boring (19.35%)

One-line Reviews (73)

An entertaining family movie .

While the conclusion to the story was slightly predictable it didn't detract from the enjoyment.

Maybe it is designed to make fun of the "cliche family comedy" industry by trapping Billy Crystal in a world that is a "cliche family comedy movie" and we get to see his reaction as he tries to transforms this world into a unique comedy experience.

It had a great story line and was very entertaining.

If you have seen other family movies, don't worry, EVERY BAD cliché you have EVER seen about families, is in this movie.

This sitcom is pretty predictable stuff (not entirely so - granddaughter Harper's audition didn't go as I had expected).

I endured this movie simply because I have never walked out on a movie ever.

Good Effort and Entertaining .

Yawn .

With her innate acting ability she will have you on the edge of tears one moment and laughing till you pee the next.

This was an enjoyable film, it's funny and heartwarming, never takes itself too seriously.

Yes the movie has a typical predictable story line.

enjoyed it so much!

It emphasized the tired, painful slapstick and saccharine sentiment of so many other formulaic family comedies, that I was determined to avoid it.

Fluff comedy can be great and Parental Guidance is very entertaining and the perfect way to spend an evening out (or in) with the family watching it.

Billy Crystal made the movie more entertaining-- I wish they would have shown him more.

And would be best suited for children over ten, only because the movie is very slow moving at times, and younger children would become board.

Bette Midler is an excellent side-kick and helps a somewhat silly but entertaining movie worthwhile.

The only reason I gave it even 2 stars was because it effectively portrayed the shallowness of the no winners/no losers sports, success driven parenting, empty therapy, etc.It's possible that someone Billy Crystal's age could have a daughter Marisa Tomei's age.

Unexpected cheer for the holidays.

A mostly entertaining family movie starring Crystal and Midler.

Crystal and Midler Get on their Schtick and Liven Up This Formulaic Family Comedy .

nothing new, an us-versus-them scenario that you know is going to end in victory for the tried-and-true over the new- fangled PC thinking - this is one hell of an enjoyable movie.

Well written at the start, but ultimately dull .

A story of a couple in late middle age who re-engage with their aspirational children (and grandchildren), the promise is of a highly perceptive movie; but subsequently, the film dumbs down, into a fairly bland tale with a predictable message that real happiness is to be found by striking a middle course between alternative approaches, all you need is love, and that a clichéd picture of American family life is pretty much unbeatable.

Bette Midler got the very few good lines, but other than that I was in turns bored or irritated.

the story though,a little clichéd is actually entertaining.

Bette Midler is classy and very entertaining to watch, I dug her just as much as Crystal.

Everyone knows what to expect from both Crystal and Midler, but the real magic is their chemistry and how they play off each other, especially when you throw three unpredictable kids into the mix.

A script that insults the intelligence of a 5 year old, with EVERY bad cliché about families ever invented.

However, the rest of the film was filled with cliché humor and it knows it.

But aside from a few totally unnecessary gross-out gags (you could almost hear the producers telling the writers where to insert them), it was mostly inoffensive and quick moving enough to be entertaining.

Initially I thought I had landed a dud, but eventually the characters developed and I enjoyed it.

So, if you like family films, this one is entertaining, and could appeal to both kids and adults.

There are no plot twists here so as expected everything turns out well in the end.

The couple, including the always compelling Marisa Tomei, take orders from the kids and the technology upon which they are dependent and the plot plays out as you expect with Crystal and Midler's neglectful grandparents learning to connect and the parents learning to disconnect to some degree.

Place this depressing bit of generation gap on the screen and the result is this flimsy, trite, overacted, and wearisome PARENTAL GUIDANCE.

Based on previous experience, Alice is concerned over how they would handle her kids (who are overly disciplined) What follows is a week long fun ride with unexpected situations arising due to Artie who is put at blame.

Bad Acting - Predictable Plot - Worst Movie In a Long While .

Billy and Bette were irritating and the kids -- who are usually cute and cuddly in this type of movie -- were not even likable; like their forced laughs at Billy Crystal's jokes, they too were pretentious and precocious.

I highly recommend it for the holiday season, it will have you walking out with a smile.

My wife and I both enjoyed it.

It's just an old, tired cliché from every sitcom from the last forty years.

This film is enjoyable for the most part, although the film plays it safe.

The inclusion of family photos with the names of the producers, etc. was a very clever and enjoyable experience.

This is also entirely predictable and the plot is one you could see over and over again in any sitcom on TV if you wanted to.

Not spectacular, but OK family comedy, entertaining .

Though there are the obvious movie moments (rain just at the right time, a crazy over the top technology house), this really does a good job of entertaining while also showing the true importance and value of family and family relationships.

The film gives you a few brief laughs but mostly will leave you bored because of the familiarity of the story.

It doesn't matter if it's a raunchy comedy or a family film, his quirky and unique sense of humor always makes whatever he stars in that much more enjoyable and Parental Guidance is no different.

Where to start with this movie, as a family movie this fails, simply because if you watch this with your kids they will be bored to tears as my 11yr old and his 10 year old friend were.

"Parental Guidance" is extremely funny and enjoyable.

I took some issues with it but they were all so minor compared to how entertaining the movie was.

But everything in between was pitch-perfect - a tremendously accurate (if only slightly over-the-top) portrayal of multi-generational families, their dynamics, and the outcomes that can occur when folks empty their pockets of defense-mechanisms.

Bored because Billy Crystal never shuts up when he's on-screen.

She is so intense with her acting and so believable with her crying scenes.

I am a big fan so his humor comes through but my kids related to the story line and kids in the movie and even the hubby enjoyed it.

Unbelievably predictable conversations, script and plot 2.

It didn't take long to notice how considerably bad Bette Midler, Billy Crystal and Marisa Tomei's acting was in this overly drawn out and boring movie.

Throughout the movie, Billy Crystal is relaxed and smooth talking and first provides the calmness to the dizzying hyperactivity of the family and then sparkle with his comedy to take us through the predictable second half.

It is a predictable story with a strained relationship between the grandparents and their adult daughter, and lack of connection with the kids, babysitting the kids becomes chaotic, most of the laughs come from the sarcasm and banter between the kids and the grownups, it did make me laugh in the right places, so overall it's an alright comedy.

Asked to 'baby sit' for a week, the two forms of parenting clash and the result is a display of some of the most trite overindulged childish behavior ever screened.

Even though the basic storyline seemed a little formulaic, I thought it had a good message-- relax, don't take life so seriously, and have fun.

And the whole thing has a contrived air about them.

But here's the big problem: since this is supposedly a family film, all of Billy's characteristic sarcasm (which made him entertaining in films like Harry Met Sally) isn watered down just shy of a good punchline.

The movie is predictable, sloppy and at times out right outrageous to be taken seriously.

Yes, PG is unsophisticated and predictable and even a bit low-brow.

It's predictable stuff, the grandparents get up to lots of stuff that everyone disagrees with most of the time, and there is the building bridges scene, the embarrassing scene, the fun scene, and after the fun scene, the scene that takes them right back to the start, just when they were doing so well.

This movie was entertaining, upbeat and absolutely hilarious in parts.

If your a parent you will most probably be able to relate to many of the situations that the family find themselves in, but I ended up falling asleep through some of the movie out of sheer boredom.

People walked out of the theater, and I wish I had, too.

The plot is utterly predictable, the acting awful, the (otherwise talented) cast horribly misused, and the whole exercise is pointless.

This sitcom like family comedy is just above the ordinary but it is nevertheless quite entertaining.