Patriots Day (2016) - Action, Crime, Drama

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The story of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath, which includes the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists responsible.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Peter Berg
Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Monaghan
Length: 133 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 20 out of 242 found boring (8.26%)

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Perhaps one of the most exciting scenes in the film is when Meng escapes his captors and then becomes a certifiable hero by recalling his GPS coordinates, which assists law enforcement in locating the Tsarnaevs.

I will say that it is still an enjoyable movie though.

Overall, Patriots Day is a breathtaking movie with outstanding acting, writing and directing that does justice to the people involved.

It's a thrilling movie that knows how to effectively tap into your emotions and takes full advantage of that ability.

Emotional, Suspenseful Patriot's Day .

As an action movie, and suspenseful thriller, I think the film was really well made.

Intense movie .

Yep this is a anti-propaganda review.

I highly recommend it.

Worth watching.

Yes what they did was unforgivable, but their quest to escape is just as intense as Saunders and the F.

Lot of voices repeating its full of cliché, American patriotism etc...

It avoids the excessive corniness and epic-ness till the last minutes and plays it like a catastrophe movie followed by exciting manhunt.

The most compelling part of the movie for me was the detective work that narrowed down the investigation to the Tsarnaev Brothers.

The drama is every bit as riveting as the brutal action sequences (especially the final confrontation).

Thrilling, Gut Wrenching, and Absolutely Stunning .

I was blown away; it was phenomenally filmed and very intriguing.

Patriot's Day is gripping viewing that is well worth watching.

This film is more gritty and intriguing with a lot more cursing than what was expected.

Keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

The scene dragged on and at the same time I think they missed the opportunity to make more of the running-over the older brother with the car.

It is an otherwise well made, and entertaining, action flick though.

I understand the original account of the events is a haze but the encounter must have been intense, going by the films depiction.

That's what was so intriguing about this film, you didn't just get archetypal villains in this film, instead we get two brothers, one of them who is a serious Muslim with a wife and two daughters, the other is an asshole college student like any other.

The first act was a bit slow.

If we spread propaganda against each other then their will be no difference between educated sane humanists and the terrorists.

Peter Berg's "Patriots Day" is an efficient and intense movie that stays within its limits without ever forgetting the weight of what is being narrated.

Intense thriller, nail-biting moments!!.

The terror, gut-wrenching shock, and confusion of the bombing is dramatically portrayed, as is the following manhunt.

The first part of the film, the lead up to the bomb is dull.

Superbly paced, intense and involving even if you know what will happen and the outcome of this story, this is surely not to be missed out one.

On April 15th, 2013, the city of Boston was devastated by an unexpected terrorist attack during their annual Boston Marathon.

Very Excellent Drama and Thriller as a Movie to watch,enjoy on weekend but contains too much propaganda .

The violence is realistic and engaging, it does a great job of getting the audience into the moment.

Gripping and engaging is the least way of course to describe the encounter between the terrorists and the police.

I found it quite hard to follow as it flicked from filmed footage.

Well worth watching .

The scenes are well-constructed, the photography first-rate, the leading characters compelling.

This movie features a top-notch cast and a compelling look at the Boston Marathon bombing.

The fact that this story is less than 4 years old really worked for it because it really milked the events prior and it felt tense, then once the bombs went off the pace really picked up and even though you know how it ends you are still tense and on the edge of your seat.

He sets up a large command center in an empty warehouse where agents pour over photos and videos from the scene, desperate to find whoever is responsible for the bombing.

It is gripping and remarkably captivating.

It's a horrible way to start a movie because it's so monotonous, and the characters themselves are uninteresting and unrealistic.

The film does have an intense feel, as Berg does not get carried away with Hollywood big action set up.

One was a drama and the other one was an action packed story.

For the most part the movie is incredibly boring.

The problem is this - the camera work is so amateurish that it renders the movie close to unwatchable.

Intense look at the Boston Marathon bombings .

On one hand, there are some points in this film where the soundtrack really enhances the intensity, and one point in particular that, when the soundtrack kicked in, had me on the edge of my seat, literally breathing deeply to avoid having an asthma attack in the theatre from the amount of suspense I was feeling.

", really necessary after a white-knuckle intense shoot-out?

It's usually engaging, though, and provides a fairly realistic look at a relatively recent terror-attack.

Apart from those reservations, this is a solidly well-made piece of docufiction that is enjoyable throughout.

Even with a fictional character in the movie, I felt the movie was very intense and very respectful (check in particular the last 10 min.

However there is something both glib and empty about this movie using a real life tragedy for a commercial thriller so soon after the events.

And let me just comment, there are scenes with the student from China that are probably the most intense and nail-biting cinema experiences I've had in years.

Peter BERG and Mark WahlBERG selling propaganda and hate .

"United 93" chose realism over sentimentality and still was a riveting human drama.

Peter Burg was able to tell a gripping and compelling story that has you at the edge of your seat from start to finish; while taking you through a suspenseful investigation all at the same time.

This keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole movie.

It is not a documentary, instead a very entertaining movie.

That director Berg is able to fashion a coherent, suspenseful, drama out of this sad piece of history, whilst essentially telling a true, ultimately uplifting story is a credit to him as a story teller.

Though fairly long, it moves along well and is somewhat suspenseful - difficult to do when everyone knows the ending.

There also seemed to be others complaining about things missing; I'm not sure but I think Peter Bergs take on everything is very intense, especially the thrilling bits hunting down the terrorists.

So I'm gonna be very honest with you, the movie is very fantastically amazing in terms of the thrills it gives you, in terms of the Dramatization and i will give it 10 out of 10 for that, but when it comes to facts, history, and real life events when one wants to go to the depth of the tragic event and learn the actual truth , then it is very biased, misleading propaganda against a group of people who follows a specific religion.

From the bombings to the manhunt, you get to see the thrilling, and sometimes chilling, journey to bring the case to a close.

It is a thoughtful and intense journey into the lives of so many different people, both good and evil, and it is constantly engaging and exciting, showing how sometimes good can overcome bad, no matter how overwhelming it can seem.

The movie is intense.

Wahlberg is quite stunning as the weary Saunders, and you can see the strain the events take on him as the film progresses, much like Vincent's suit in Collateral.

Patriots Day recounts the horrifying bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon with great care for the details: the chaotic confusion, the shocking violence, the individual personhood of those affected, even the necessary moments of levity.

Review: I really enjoyed this intense, and emotional movie, which explains in depth, what actually happened during the Boston Marathon bombing.

This true story is one of the best on the edge of your seat I've seen.

Overall, Patriots Day is every bit as thrilling as its true story.

Unfortunately, for all the reality in the engaging and human thrills (especially during the manhunt), we're bombarded with some super lame dialogue full of exposition & preachifying, leaving us feeling talked at instead of engaged with.

Patriot's Day is definitely uneven in its narrative but its brutal intensity, realistic depiction, and suspense is so engrossing you will leave the movie feeling the horror of terrorism and the heroic nature of those who stepped up to help Boston.

)As the film progresses the most interesting and intriguing character is Special Agent Richard DesLauriers (Kevin Bacon) the FBI agent in charge of the investigation.

Patriots Day is a riveting tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing, with an alluring direction by Peter Berg and a story set to inspire.

An entertaining film conveys important events to a larger audience, which can only be a good thing.

Even though Berg makes us wait for the film's stunning title-piece every moment is brilliantly played.

dating, guys getting high on weed, etc) which were certainly entertaining or aggravating.

It's LEGAL Propaganda.

In my opinion this picture is compelling viewing from start to finish.

Each varying in success, after 2004 has passed Berg has put his name to the likes of The Kingdom, Hancock, Lone Survivor, Battleship and last year's surprisingly effective Deepwater Horizon and seemingly unable to withhold from the lure of working Sir Mark Wahlberg (who is rather dry in his role here) once again, we now have Patriot's Day which was released mere months after Deepwater Horizon in what seems like a hope the patriotic film had a chance to compete at this year's awards circuit.

The pacing is awful, the characters are bland, and the bad guys are the only good characters.

They are done in a suspenseful and tense way that make them some of the most gripping scenes I've ever seen.

The film's run-time definitely seems padded with unnecessary scenes showing us the victims' mundane lives before the bombings and the domestic bliss and/or squabbles of the fictional Tommy Saunders and other law enforcement.

Really engrossing film .

Should films which portray true-life events be entertaining?

Lone Survivor was gripping.

There were only two sequences in the film that I found gripping.

It's a gripping story that won't leave anybody without an opinion on how those terrorists are just a bunch of cowards and nothing more.

I just wanted a good, realistic, exciting depiction of the Boston Marathon Bombing and its aftermath.

Highly recommend this film but be prepared to be on the edge of your seat.

Informative and thrilling .

He directed and gripping and powerful movie and it will touch you deeply especially the scene where walhberg crys to his wife about what he had scene and how this effected him.

There is a tendency (for this British viewer at least) for the film to overreach with its stirring patriotic message in the closing scenes, and there was the predictable trotting out of the 'real life' photos and videos in the finale, albeit that some of these are movingly portrayed.

At least propaganda movie "American Sniper" was skillfully done, despite it's cringiness.

Add "Zero Dark 30" for the "legal propaganda" trilogy.

Gripping reminder of the tragic day .

It's human nature to re-define tragedy as triumph, but such shallow grandstanding casts a propaganda pall over the film.

Berg is more than capable of staging an accomplished set-piece, and he is successful in delivering a realistic and riveting climax, rounding off a solid piece of storytelling that is respectful of all the Bostonians who came together in 2013 for the city they love.

I have to consider myself a cinematic patriot by lining up "Patriots Day" as one of the most gripping films of 2016.

He's always good with action and usually boring handling everything else ("The Kingdom", "Battleship", "Hancock", "Lone Survivor" and "Deepwater Horizon", among others).

The investigation is intriguing and the sequence of events quite interesting and edifying.

A gripping drama which had me glued to my seat from start to finish.

Deepwater Horizon sans much of an ecological message, just seemed quite pointless, being another (ho-hum!


So the feature film that concludes, apparently, that directional volition about dramatizing the confrontation between a daring and patriotic paladin against a painful misfortune is ironically "Patriots Day", a work with ambiguous messages and diverted pretensions taking back in time the unity and tenacity feeling that arose on April 15, 2013 by a long-runtime thriller docudrama with a rather slow pace, which doesn't use all its options due to a arrhythmic editing work, an un- strategic directional style and an unglued narrative thread, at least, with regard to the babel of supporting characters and formulaic flaws, taking into account the previous works of this patriotic and concise filmmaker.

This was an excellent film and I highly recommend it!

Thrilling and Emotional UN PC FILM.

I noted some negative comments about how other massacres far worse deserved a movie instead of this one, or how this is political propaganda, blah blah blah.

But there's a tiny little detail that changes everything: that all that must sell somehow, because even the extraordinary stories have to be entertaining.

The performances and camera-work in this movie are excellent, the film score is emotional at times and intense at other times, it works well with all the scenes.

In conclusion, I undoubtedly appreciated Patriots Day as a historical chronicle and a sincere tribute to the policemen and citizens who joined together in front of a big tragedy; but I liked it more as an intense and efficient thriller, very well structured, full of suspense and with exciting action scenes.

For me, this is Berg's most gripping movie, surpassing the absolutely riveting Lone Survivor, based on Marcus Luttrell's eponymous book about a team of special commandos who get trapped in Afghanistan.

No, this movie is not great art, it's probably not award winning in any category; but, were it not for the subject matter, I'd say it was an enjoyable film and a great way to spend an couple of hours.

Equal parts heartbreaking, tense and thrilling.

Once the bombings occur, the action is non-stop and best described as riveting.

Very interesting, entertaining and most of all emotional story.

I have seen many reviews that criticized the movie for various reasons - too soon after the event, too slow in the beginning, stony acting by Mark Wahlberg, etc. I disagree, respectfully, with all of them.

It is a thrilling telling of a tragic event, brought marvelously to life through an excellent cast, skilled direction, and a well-structured script.

This story becomes exciting as the variety of local and national investigative agencies zero in on the perps, using captured video from stores and phones to eventually spy the radical Islamists.

This is a movie the knows it's audience; middle class Americans that'll want more of an enjoyable tribute to Boston's dedication then a psychological look into the tragedy.

Peter Berg's movies are intense and sensitive.

He doesn't really have much to do in the movie, and even though his character played a fundamental part during an intense scene, I felt the character's backstory really wasn't necessary and could have been easily replaced to explore more of the other narratives at hand.

On the plus side, the film does a decent job of reenacting the events in an gripping and entertaining way.

The movie was exciting, acting was acceprional, the Bomb scene was excellent.

So there it is: a formulaic good vs bad story, based on a real event, complete with short interviews from the real victims while the credits roll.

A Jumbled Messy Bore .

Fitting tribute to Boston Marathon victims as well as gripping action-thriller .

Emotionally intense–not for the faint of heart .

The film at times goes into investigative mode, so it gets riveting, which I think is important because the collaboration and the conflict and the banter between law enforcement agencies did play an integral role on how the event ultimately concluded.

It was just way too long and awkward for a feature film.

Because of that, if you liked Deep Water Horizon then you'll probably like this because his acting is the same in both (which works fine because it's similar type of emotion and adrenaline you'd expect from both situations).

A fascinating piece of the narrative is the behind-the-scenes investigation into the bombings, with FBI agent Richard DesLauriers (played by a highly effective Kevin Bacon) facing pressure from others when he initially declines to release information on the suspects.

Those paid/extorted to produce this propaganda piece did give us (1) gigantic hint that it was a boatload of crap - akin to a rewrite of history itself.

), epic acting, a strong script and powerful imagery makes this an engrossing memorable movie.

Well acted and produced and very entertaining.

Can it be more contrived?

It manages to shed some light on the events that occurred whilst also portraying a compelling account of teamwork triumphing over adversity.

It will have you crying, gasping for air, gripping your arm rest and sometimes all at once.

Although tragedies often are more conducive for a documentary film, writer-director Peter Berg combines the information found in a doc film with cinematic storytelling techniques to successfully construct a narrative that will rock you to the core and keep you on the edge of your seat.

All the different perspectives are largely the same or just uninteresting, and the same is with the characters.

This police procedural drama directed by Peter Berg, the filmmaker behind 'Deepwater Horizon' which hit theaters just four months ago, paints a riveting picture of a shocking tragedy that gripped our nation to it's core.

The tension from scene to scene had me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails.

Overall, this is compelling stuff.

Overall though, this movie is a solid opening to the year and a welcome break up from the mundane.

All of the up-close and personal moments dragged the movie down and damaged the pacing.

Based on the terrorist bomb attack and subsequent manhunt for the perpetrators Patriots Day is a gripping enough thriller in spite of knowing it's outcome.

Berg deciding to focus on Wahlberg ( he's also the producer) instead of a relay between other key players to tell this gripping story ultimately dilutes the suspense by concentrating on Sarge and ignoring other contributors to a well done team effort.

With terrific direction, a powerhouse cast, and a gripping story that cuts to the chase, I was glued to my seat in the cinema from start to finish which also saw me secretly cheering for the police to take down the Boston bombers.

Portraying the terrorist attack that happened in 2013 at Boston in way how it shaped humans and had it's impact on everyone included inside that was quite fascinating.


It is certainly exciting and for that very reason, it also leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Overall Patriots Day is a good drama thriller film filled with drama, action, violence, shooting, explosions, bombs, guns, police, FBI Agents, runners, people, families, a good mixture of people from different race, creeds, religions, nationalities, love, loyalty, passion, sadness, tragedy, team work, togetherness, unity, determination, resilience, CCTV footage, real footage of what really happened which was captured on all the US news stations, testimonies from the real life people who were there and involved in the bombings, information on all the people involved in the case, people arguing with each other and losing their rag with people like their loved ones, swearing, some sad and heart felt moments, on the edge of your seat stuff, the will to win and succeed and not let evil win, runners that took part in the Boston Marathon, a good insight in to what really happened in this tragedy, outstanding performances from the actors and actresses as the main characters in the film and many other things throughout the film.

Patriots Day is a riveting tribute to it's real-life tragedy with an alluring story and direction in the bargain .

The movie has been critically acclaimed with The Guardian saying of it: "The latest collaboration between Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg is a moving and compelling homage to a city and its spirit, as well as a gripping procedural.

In all honesty the first 20-30 minutes of this were painfully dull and had me wondering why I was even bothering to watch this.

Solid, enjoyable flick .

Although the genre demands a preface to the main action with introductions for some of the heroes and victims, this segment is usually the slowest as it is here.

There are scenes that were extremely intense and had me really attached to characters, there were scenes where I was thirsting for blood, there were scenes that made me sob, and there were even a few that made me laugh.

Intense, suspenseful and disturbingly involving .

Instead, it came off just a tad predictable.

The film music composer Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross is also stunning that works well with the tone they are trying to make with the movie.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat for nearly the whole two hours.

While there are predictable social media conspiracy theories that the "whole thing was a hoax", the two bombs that went off near the finish line of the Boston marathon on April 15th 2013 killed three members of the public and injured more than 250 others.

The action sequences in the last part of the movie was raw, gritty and overall entertaining to watch thanks to how it was shot.

Scenes of the race, the crowds, the finish line site that was bombed and the mass confusion and bloodshed lead to how police investigate.

Teamwork triumphs over adversity in this relatively realistic and compelling tale.

For the most part, it is a fast-paced gripping drama made more so by the knowledge that the events really happened.

The learning curve is evident in that he has learned to dial down that American #1 jingoistic histrionics and is finally able to achieve the fine balance between connecting with the audience on a deeper level and succeeding as pure adrenaline entertainment.

**spoiler alert** Honestly the only scene in the movie that is worth watching and is exciting is a shootout between the cops and the bombers in a Boston neighborhood.

In Patriots Day American actor and Massachusetts native Mark Wahlberg (Ted films, 2 Guns) stars as a police sergeant on the trail of the Boston Marathon bomber in this thrilling real-life action-drama.

Overall, tense and exciting.

The film is well staged and conveys a strong sense of being there, It is also gripping and entertaining, albeit respectful to the victims.

Then there's the long drawn out real life interviews at the end.

Waste of time, waste of money, waste of celluloid.

What starts off as an exciting day turns into a blistering tragedy at the sound of pressure cooker bombs going off in the crowd.

Patriots Day may have too much heart for it's own good, but it's still an inspiring, entertaining look at the tragic events .

Patriots Day deconstructs the events of the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013 and the ensuing manhunt for the terrorists in a stone-cold adrenaline pumping fashion.

This is a really good movie that is exceptionally engaging.

It's an upsetting and uncomfortable experience but lingers with its gripping storytelling quality.

One of the most action packed saddest movies ive ever seen.

exceptionally engaging and VERY well done .

Although some of the characters seemed over-dramatic, yeah it's was a very serious situation but it just felt pretentious at times.

VERDICT: Berg and Wahlberg strike again with another epic action packed modern disaster masterpiece with phenomenal performances and edge of your seat adrenaline, Patriots Day is as good as heroism gets.

It's tense, it's exciting, the background music is moody, some scenes are hard to watch.