Penny Dreadful (2006) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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Young Penny goes on a retreat with her psychologist; the intention is to help her overcome her phobia, an intense fear of cars. Unexpected events find her in a nightmarish situation where her worst fears come true.

IMDB: 4.9
Director: Richard Brandes
Stars: Rachel Miner, Mimi Rogers
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 39 out of 117 found boring (33.33%)

One-line Reviews (104)

This here is mostly hurt by it's repetitive nature.

This is a wonderfully suspenseful, well written & directed movie, with a tour-de-force performance from Miner.

They are TOO LONG and drawn out to sustain the movie.

Usually, there are so bland and generic and look like Pamela Anderson with no acting skills !

The script is well written and it still manages to be interesting and entertaining without ever coming off as yawn-some - I was interested with the film the entire time and was curious to see what would happen next, never a bad thing.

Like nice, intense acting in horror flicks.

The weakest of the "8 Films to Die For" series, "Penny Dreadful" is every bit as exciting as you might imagine a movie about a woman stuck in a car all night would be.

I was so very bored that I couldn't wait till the next murder or the end of the movie.

It is a typical teenage horror movie, with one horrible cliché after another with one exception: the total cost for this one could not have exceeded $1000.

Instead, it's a mildly entertaining though very forgettable picture whose concept is met with 90 minutes of hollow and clunky filler.

I enjoyed the gripping idea of this girl with a paranoia that isn't common.

Yeah, well the body restraints are necessary for some of the titles, just to make sure you sit through the whole movie WITHOUT turning it off halfway through due to boredom.

That was unexpected, and surprisingly different.

Other than that, it was a complete and irritating bore, spent mostly listening to Rachel Miner's character whine about something else.

You have to build your film, you can't just start up there and expect the thing to stay there, people will get tired and bored.

This movie kept me on the edge of my seat!

Predictable and annoying...

Secondly the choices of the actresses are predictable/annoying and that would set perfectly for a bunch of hormonious late teen girls having a sleepover.

It gets a little confusing as well, since the final ten minutes aren't all that confusing, as there's plenty of scenes are plain confusing and aren't all that good at explaining what's going on.

Formulaic - some OK, some not .

Boring Slashhiker In The Woods Flick .

It has a distinctive pattern that soon grows tiresome, since it all does the same thing over and over again.

character, but got absolutely NONE, this film falls flat on its bland face, and in a week I will barely be able to remember it.

The young actress did a fairly good job with the lousy script she was given, but other than that, this was difficult to stay awake through.

" Finally as if things couldn't get worst, the ending finally arrived and well It seemed totally disjointed from the rest of the film.

They're dull and aren't so interesting after awhile due to their frequency, and that just about all of them are done in the same fashion as each other just gets a little boring at times after seeing them time and again.

Every slasher movie cliché imaginable, no matter how nonsensical, is piled on...

But slasher movies are so boring when they follow the numbers, give no accent to the characters, and give you nothing more about the story then what you see on the screen.

I know these movies are hit and miss but truly don't waste any time watching this one.

However, I was completely mistaken and more importantly blown away by the uber- suspenseful "Penny Dreadful"!

It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Also, the director decided to lay on the suspense so thick that when he actually decided to up the ante with some action, I was so bored that I missed it or didn't even care.

just add it to the long list of dull modern horror films instead.

In short, the idea was great but the movie was executed poorly, simply making it just too dull to be worth seeing.

I thought the film was very formulaic(?

Repetitive and redundant scenes leaving I as well as (I later learned) other audience members in a state of stagnant purgatory.

It's not without problems, but all I can say is I enjoyed it and would see it again.

This movie was a frustrating waste of time .

She was gripping at my arm the whole time.

it turns boring 30 minutes in.

I was also truly impressed by the beating that poor car took during the overly long, drawn out "bad guy trying to get the innocent victim" scenes.

I enjoyed it, and will recommend it to friends.

The situations are absolutely predictable, like the cell phone that does not work, persons being killed one by one, or the hook for a sequel in the last scene.

Strikingly entertaining and first-rate in most all cinematic categories, Penny Dreadful is a smart horror film that works due to a convincing titled character (Mimi Rogers).

Though some people said it want a little bit slow, I think it did very well to establish the mood and the setting and build suspense.

"Penny Dreadful" benefices from an overall unsettling atmosphere and a couple of nail-biting suspense sequences, but the film is too long and it's impossible for director Richard Brandes to hold the viewer's attention throughout the entire playtime.

I will say Brandes is quite talented with a keen ability to squeeze every bit of tension out of this rather-predictable flick.

If the future of horror films involves unearthing every cliché of the last 30 years, then we're in for some serious boredom.

However every single horror film cliché is used here.

I thought it was absolutely riveting.

The entire film is slow paced and could easily be condensed in to 30 minutes of mindless drivel.

"Penny Dreadful" (another one of the eight horror films in the After Dark Horror Film Festival that took place in November 2006) is a surprisingly spooky and enjoyable horror film.

Also it felt very predictable so I would not recommend the movie.

It's very dull and drawn out.

Film is quite predictable and a lot of scenes seem to repeat themselves.

Those were pointless, and they distracted from one of the scariest/most tense scenes in the film.

There are some intense scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat as Penny has to deal with her fear of the car and her want to get away from this mad person.

Worth watching if you can catch it on telly for free or if your interested in the horror genre.

"Penny Dreadful" is fun and entertaining for half the time and only mildly flawed for the rest.

The main problem with Penny Dreadful is that it's boring and too long.

Although the movie starts out OK, it slinks to absolute stupidity.. I don't care if I hit someone, I wouldn't be so stupid to put him in the car let alone go to some abandoned park to drop him off.. At first I thought it was a set up by Mimi rogers but it turns into a disappointing cliché horror movie.

I enjoyed it...

All of the actors were awful, the plot was cliché, and the killer was a total yawn.

She was intense, in my opinion, and very cinematic.

Now several scenes feel dragged and tedious.

Again, there were some periods of confusion, some of which must have been on my end of the channel.

Cliché ridden horror flick is surprisingly intense thanks to the effective multiple dilemmas facing our heroine Penny.

The film in fact features just about all of it's goof points in the beginning of the film, which is quite entertaining.

The other parts of the movie that are completely pointless are the 3 supporting characters that serve NO PURPOSE in the film...

Penny Dreadful has some suspenseful moments in it.

Ultimately, though, the director ended up with a stuttering feeling; long periods of dull heavy-breathing and near hysteria interspersed with a rapid, shoot-your-wad-too-soon murders.

Uninteresting .

Overall I say this movie had a good premise, one that held promise but sadly the only thing entertaining about this film is the opening credit sequence.

Upsetting as there is a story in here just not fleshed out to its potential and annoying for the main characters overlong, over drawn out character study.

The finale is weak and predictable and because this is such a simplistic movie it's hard to understand why they couldn't have executed a standard finale with the same intense gusto they had been demonstrating throughout.

But when it comes to calling this movie predictable, I felt that director Richard Brandes likes to play with expectations.

Obviously aimed at late-night cable-TV audiences with insomnia, the classless filmmakers immediately tip their hand when flashing back to Penny's accident: as her dying mother gives her words of encouragement, blood gushes from her throat.

First off the main character Penny was very very annoying and not a really good character mainly because as other films may have played off it's main characters fears and vices this film hammers us with the girls issues for far too long and makes for a tedious viewing.

Cliché, Cliché, Cliché .

Unfortunately for the stellar cast, the movie makes every necessary effort to ruin surprises, cut to the wrong camera shot at the climactic moment, and follow every scary movie cliché there is.

I think the other people introduced were simply meant to extend the films running time and add kills, which I don't mind, but they needed more development and seemed rather pointless in the end.

But it's suspenseful.

Part of the "8 Films To Die For," this was a bit campy and predictable, but nonetheless very entertaining.

I was completely bored from the first ten minutes on.

Absolute waste of time.

It was just so pointless.

At some points it's stressfully uninteresting.

If you can get past all that you may find this to be slightly entertaining.

Despite some chilling moments, 'Penny' is little more than a clichéd but somewhat entertaining low-budget horror flick.

The film really just drones on for most of the running time and it all boils down to a stupid ending.

I liked the fact that some of my favorite B-movie faces (Mickey Jones, Michael Berryman)because at least they got a paycheck out of this waste of time.

This was one of the most boring movies i've ever watched.

It was very long, drawn out, and boring.

It's easily the worst movie I've seen in the Horrorfest lineup.

We are then treated to a straight forty or fifty minutes of Penny panicking in this car & it gets very boring very quickly & in order to balance that up three locals are introduced so they can be killed off but since the murders are neither exciting, memorable or particularly gory they don't help that much.

He has heard Penny discussing her fear of cars and decides to toy with her throughout the night, by locking her in the car, and forcing her to watch his rather bland murders.

While this movie is thrilling when something happens, it's just lacking in steam and firepower to sustain it for the entire duration.

The same kind of suspenseful and ambiance-oriented and violent horror that I loved in the classics like "Dracula" (Bela Lugosi) and "Frankentsein" (Karloff, yeah!!!

It's no wonder it's in Horrorfest because it really is pretty disturbing and way intense.

If you're in the mood for an enjoyable film that doesn't desperately try to shock the audience with a twist, give "Penny Dreadful" a chance.

And, the cliché-ridden script is also hard to overcome considering this is still a hitch-hiker psycho-thriller that has been done before.

I found myself on the edge of my seat wanting them to come on and get going.

Many viewers will find this intensely boring.

First, the setting for these movies is always intriguing.