Penny Dreadful (2014) - Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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Explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, American gunslinger Ethan Chandler, scientist Victor Frankenstein and medium Vanessa Ives unite to combat supernatural threats in Victorian London.

IMDB: 8.2
Stars: Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 52 out of 278 found boring (18.7%)

One-line Reviews (203)

In the second episode, a seance goes on forever, in what was an incredibly dull experience, while we are introduced to a prostitute whose accent flakes constantly and Victor Frankenstein.

Don't get me wrong, the pace was slower than I preferred, there was still more violence and gore than what I'd like and I was a little disappointed with the third quarter of the final episode.

This is most assuredly not a "binge watch" type of series - trust me I tried - some episodes move at a pace that would help insomniacs, who don't respond to strong medication, fall asleep.

Penny Dreadful is a highly entertaining show which I think has potential to last a few series at least.

Every episode is as thrilling and jarring as the next and they always end with an exclamation point!

The writing is brilliant, only shadowed by stunning performances through every actor invested.

I do have a bit of a problem with the gratuitous and drawn out philosophically Romantic, grandes cinematique (joking) moments.

I fell asleep many times trying to watch the whole thing.

Just when you think you know something, B A M, they throw in a plot twist to keep you on the edge of your seat!

I love this series but wonder where it will end up as it has been quite predictable.

This is a reunification of all Classic gothic/horror classics, as all these stories and characters (for example Frankenstein and his creature, Dorian Gray, Characters from Dracula and much more) get intertwined in a new thrilling case.

This series is in a class by itself..Cinematography and music score from the opening credits to the episodes themselves is stunning and breathtaking to behold...

The writing on Penny Dreadful can be a touch disjointed and not make sense.

the actor that is the highlight of the season is Patti LuPone, only in 1 episode but a performance that was breathtaking.

Okay, not a bad show, but so pretentious on the surface it's laughable.

The characters felt empty, I couldn't see where the story was going.

Don't waste your time.

The use of actual characters from British Romantic Fiction and Lore, while potentially fun, post-modern spectacle, seems contrived.

That's what we have here, I'm really wondering why these series needed so many pointless borrowings; nothing would change if many of them had original names.

The series fall into the predictable trap of manufactured drama without any justification with no other reason than filler or prolong series.

Yet the more you get to know the more they become lame and boring...

When a programme/book/film relies heavily upon graphic sex scenes and foul language, it usually means it is lacking in other important attributes, such as a compelling and cohesive storyline; such it is with Penny Dreadful.

Action scenes are riveting, with good performances.

Because in that way episodes are getting bored and without scenario.

In fact it only serves to confuse which is a dangerous game to play as at some stage viewers will stop watching because real life is confusing enough.

IMO season 1 was bland and boring, season 2 really improved and story was much more entertaining.

It's worth watching!!!!

Just a boring story about boring people who stand for nothing and never could.

Episode 1 cons:Okay so episode had poorly shot and very amateurish fight sequences between what "looked" to be vampires and the main characters, it was very boring to watch, and this was the PILOT!

Anyway, to me, in my most humble opinion, it's got too much information, too much happening, to the point where it becomes rather confusing.

In short if you like long pointless dialog or are having trouble sleeping and need something to help you fall asleep this is show is for you.

It is not very scary, and oftentimes rather boring.

Someone creating this has the heart of a poet and the eye of an artist..The dialogues are Intense, deep and soul stirring and the entire collection of actors here come across the screen as Absolutely giving their All to the performances...

I think the writing and scripts for each episode are a little lack luster, amateur and boring.

It does have a monotone delivery which can be slow for some.

There is no story.

The story, the clumsy tedious sub plots the derivative banal nature of the villains.

This series is very good and very enjoyable for watching.

Also, the language characters use is refined and it's a pleasure to hear someone talk like that when you're used and bored to hear today's language.

Maybe I am being premature, and hopefully it's just a slow burner that will develop over time.

How a series with so many myths incorporated and so many legendary characters from literature can be so boring is beyond me, but there it is, these series are so boring they should be an audio book for people with insomnia as this will be their path to a very fast snorring feast.

It's fascinating, entertaining, imaginative, and definitely worth watching.

Costumes and sets were stunning.

However, there are some flaws .. characters Dorian Gray and Jackyll and Hyde were not explored with true depth, and season 3 could have been better, instead it focused on a story about apache wolfs that dragged and bored.

The storyline was very obvious and predictable.

The pilot final scene was one of the most boring final scenes in the history of pilots.

The characters are all completely boring and unsympathetic and just plain annoying.

Slow and confusing..Writing SUCKED!..expected A LOT more.

Nothing happens.

This was the same for the third and fourth episodes also: nothing happened bar some pretty language and superb acting from Timothy Dalton and Eva Green, until suddenly, in a scene straight out of the film Philidephia, Dorian Grey (yes, he's in it too), seduces the red-blooded, all-American dead-shot cowboy with the music of Wagner and a single glass of Green Fairy!

It doesn't rely on party tricks, rapid movements or cliché bangs to make you jump and then laugh embarrassed.

That's not to say that it is without emotional impact and doesn't deserve to be classed as a serious TV series because this is one of the most enjoyable and gleefully grim TV shows or movies I have seen in a long time.

It's vulgar, riveting, frightening, pulsating, creative, and addicting.

The plot starts off as interesting and creative but quickly becomes predictable and too dramatic.

The story line is an empty husk that just keeps throwing in more and more characters in the hope that it will end up somewhere.

com?.. I watched all 3 seasons and found that it is kind of enjoyable TV show.. My rating is heavily concentrating on season 2.

The dialogue is gripping.

The first season was terrific, I was delighted, but after I went to the fall, the second one was less than fit, and the third made it visible only to the want, how to finish it, the series was crooked, it was boring and hard to watch, only the senselessness of the characters, and their actions, There was an impression that writing was too lazy, and filmed on the go.

If you're a snob at all about your shows, don't waste your time with this one.

It seems as if the extremely fascinating theme of the Egyptian hieroglyphics has been abandoned (IMDb states that Ferdinand Lyle only appears in 2 episodes in the series, both of which are now used up).

Boring end .

Enticing, Satiable and Intriguing are the first words that come into my mind after watching the first season of this show.

Everyone is an anit-hero and personally I find all the performances very engaging.

And at the end of that fist episode, while I enjoyed it very much, the big reveal, which I won't reveal here, felt a little disappointing to me.

I will continue to watch this show because the first season was so gripping and I hope it gets back to that.

The acting and actors was really good and wasted on such a boring show.

On occasion they aim for moody tension and hit slightly bland instead.

The lassitude of the perfect woman, the languid ease, the obeisance.. Spirit-drained, anaemic.. Pale as ivory and weak as a kitten.. There's a brisk trade for photographs of dead women.

She will have you on the edge of your seat with each performance.

I saw the pilot a while ago and what I remember is that it was torture to sit and watch it because it is so damn boring.

The Bad: it still is predictable.

But the thing that makes it bearable and intriguing is the story itself - the expertly written, fully rounded narrative.

Popular characters from 19th century horror literature coupled with macabre atmosphere and accented by very theater like production and absolutely stunning cinematography will mesmerize anyone who loves that kind of atmospheric and chilling stories.

well worth watching .

Penny Dreadful is an absorbing story that redefines the best of classic horror.

The ambiguity of the enigmatic characters is slowly peeled back to real major questions and uninteresting details.

It's too intense.

Quite frankly, a cure for insomnia.

Surprising, and exciting, well written, and beautifully produced.

Both vulnerable and strong, with fascinating beauty and exuding iron will, she stands out like an impossible flicker of a dying candle in a field swallowed by the pith-black darkness.

I will start with the story which takes place in 1890's London and delves into a story about a man trying to find his daughter along with numerous other side plots which all are very fascinating.

Dialogues are very intriguing and thoughtful making you feel as if you are listening to a poetry.

Malcolm and Ethan Chandler, than I assure you will adore Victor Frankenstein who holds his own thrilling narrative in this profound tale.

Whoever wrote that scene should be given a job writing with the crew of 'orange is the new black' where it seems unrealistic, boring crap is tolerated.

This show would be too dark, gruesome, horrific and violent for some of my friends, but if this does not apply to you, then I would highly recommend it.

Predictable and Dramatic .

Review of Season Three:The third and - surprisingly - final season of the show continues the strong trend of the last series, with some exciting and dramatic viewing.

As the show goes on it gets overly bogged down in lots of clichéd possession stuff involving Green's character which I found really boring and almost unwatchable.

Slow as molasses.

The cast is amazing, the story is captivating and exciting, the ambient fitting for the theme and the editing/filming absolutely stunning.

I think I am going to stick with Game of Thrones and American Horror Story because even though they are slow burners, the cinematography, the acting, and the storyline seem to be going somewhere unexpected, whereas this show is "been there done that, seen it, change the channel.

The writing was even worse, cliché ridden and utterly banal.

The show is slow and would be more compelling with a quicker pace.

Yet the characters were very relatable, the gothic atmosphere was thrilling and Ms Ives' secrets (many great secrets) very intriguing indeed.

The good stuff is; several intriguing characters, good production values, a gloomy atmosphere and thanks to the "all-star" or superhero-ish nature of the show; great potential for entertainment.

They don't use to many cheap thrills, most of it is derived from the intriguing story.

It was like he basically took a Spanish soap opera from the eighties, and replaced Raul with Frankenstein, Manuel with Dracula, etc.. Nothing happens.

Confusing silly and terible acting.

However, Vanessa Ives is a far more intriguing character than Vesper Lynd and the viewer soon becomes aware that there's a lot more to this lady than meets the eye.

I'm all for gothic novels, and this series brought all my favourite characters together in one place, with a very intriguing plot, that never ceased to disappoint me.

If I would keep the seasons in order of how enjoyable they were to me I would say: season 2, season 1, season 3 (actually season 3 was not necessary at all to me and season 1 was just a building up for season 2).

it has art house feeling and slow burn story with very complex character development.. often darker than ghosts/monsters themselves.

Entertaining, gripping, and compelling until it becomes obtrusive .

By last weeks episode I was falling asleep because I couldn't follow the badly scripted dialogue any more.

Overall is just boring, you can write the resume of a season on half a page.

Finally watched this tv show, i devoured the 3 seasons, this is what a supernatural tv show should be the script the cast, highly recommend it

This is a series worth watching more than once.

Unfortunately, the story suffers enormously from bland fits: hashing together every possible well known story is what has bothered me most.

Very disappointing, corny and predictable.

The main story is quite messed up, slow paced and not interesting.

Breathtaking .

) but it is also bestowing upon us some original aberrant characters in which are intriguing little mysteries that leave us yearning for more.

Deliciously intriguing & refreshing horror series.

The first 2 seasons were interesting and entertaining.

The first season is extremely interesting and entertaining.

The visuals are exciting.

However, the other characters are so intriguing that I can ignore her when she's on screen.

Unless you are a big fan of gore-porn and nudity, this show will work as a perfect sleeping pill if you are suffering from insomnia.

I quite like Harry Treadaway but I find his Frankenstein to be far too young and rather dull.

It is a thrilling, enticing 27 episodes.


What the plot concerns, it is compelling to see how darkness and wealth are put together in a gorgeous way.

Creating a visually stunning Landscape that seduces and scares you in equal measures.

The ending is a real shocker but the closing final scenes add a touch of unexpected poignancy that had me really moved, so I was sorry to see this go in the end.

There are other flaws as soon as the series develops like endless pointless dialog and rather overacting by Eva Green.

This alone would make the show worth watching.

I try saying that 2nd season more exciting and suspensive.

Boring crap.

There's not a lot of action and when there is some its quite ordinary, banal and lame.

The quality of the dialogue ranged from boring to ludicrous.

what a trash (and waste of time) .

So far, the storyline has jumped back and forth in time quite a bit, so it can be difficult to follow at times; I just go to a fandom site when I get too confused (beware spoilers in those sites, though, if you don't like knowing ahead of time what will happen).

I bore witness to the nosedive of True Blood, cringed with slack-jawed embarrassment at the Dracula series, and was exasperated by the teen mentality of Supernatural.

Maybe that was the intent, slow incorporation of vivid sex scenes.

As well as that, it has a terrific slew of famous monster movie characters, from Dr. Frankenstein to Dorian Gray, as well as original characters that are just as intriguing, blending together to make a very special universe, unlike no other.

And often this show is absolute magic - especially in intense scenes involving summoning, astral projection, and sinister ceremony.

It's a very good show but it does have a few flaws and sometimes seems a little ill thought out and disjointed.

Stop the killing scenario because in second season I just really got bored and lost my excitement.

All of the characters are written three- dimensionally, and they are what made me stick with this show despite its disjointed and somewhat chaotic plot lines.

But the writing and acting is so good, it's compelling to watch week after week as the characters struggle with their demons and painful loneliness.

until the you fill all the gaps in this ponderously slow moving slog with loads of gratuitous orgies and pointless full frontal nudity.

It is very very entertaining and dark.

Very slow and with seemingly very little direction.

Sometimes its the most beautiful, seducing and engrossing thing which makes it irresistible".

Okay so, once they've finished killing off the minimal security, they enter what looks to be a feeding ground for these vampires, very gory, very raw and visceral imagery, but once again the cliché jump scare and pointless antics of overdone cinematography ruined what could have been something very pivotal.

Too slow and too dark .

The actor playing the monster has just a to pretty and efeminate face to be scary or anything, just bland.

That said, slow and steady wins the race and I think I'll stay on for the long haul.

They along with the original characters, team up, pair off, become entwined, kill hate, love and make a brand new story, making Penny Dreadful a brilliant psychological thriller, where demons over rule vampires, So clever and keeps you on the edge of your seat!

If you are about to die of boredom - they will try to shock you into submission.

If you love a bit of classic horror, gothic romance, and stunning Victorian era fashion...

Its a more intense, stronger story, more capable of surprising and it was an excellent evolution.

Don't waste your time .

It's just too tedious.

Just stunning work by her in the séance scene.

This feeling is heightened by the score which is both evocative and hauntingly beautiful.

This show is strange, awkward, slow, doll, lame, boring and often quite stupid and frustrating.

Too slow and too dark.

The pilot episode was a typical getting-to-know-you episode where it introduces most of the characters and some intriguing aspects.

This is worth watching för Eva Greens performance alone.

I thought the casting was impeccable - reviving Timothy Dalton, a stunning Eva Green, and Hartnett, Carney, Treadaway all fully deliver entertaining performances of haunted/fanatical characters.

The first couple of episodes were entertaining enough, though as the season has progressed I still have no idea who is who and what the point of anything is.

I highly recommend it!

The show is superbly paced, engaging and interesting, bringing a truly Gothic horror experience rarely seen executed at such an impressive level.

That being said, rest of the characters are not far behind, and all of them carry deeply exciting personal stories which are conveyed well.

If you can fast forward through those parts, the show is really entertaining.

In terms of story line, the story becomes further more intriguing as the characters evolve into a different kind from their original character.

So boring .

Penny Dreadful is an exciting spin on a few mythical characters we know e.

Sexy, beautiful, witty, charming, gripping, freaky, suspenseful.

An 8 part season might bring in more thrilling moments as the season progresses on.

Delighted at the intriguing meld of classic characters, re-imagined and poetically entwined.

Billie Piper starts out as a minor character but her character explodes into something very compelling.

When you are an adult, don't waste your time.

It's dreadfully dull on a good day, and on a bad they took a series that should have been broken up into 30 minute segments and made them a full hour long.

All in all, this show is worth a watch and I highly recommend it.

I watched two episodes and a bit before accepting that it was going to be nothing but a show made of 100% recycled material, with recycled storytelling methods, recycled soundtrack, with cheap and pointless attempts made at dramatic intensity.

On show is much gore and action; a thrilling atmosphere of impending horror and doom permeates the proceedings.

The plot and character development are compelling.

The love-child of the multi-channel universe (with its constant need for streaming product) and the ugly implosion of the traditional Hollywood movie system (where anyone with a camera can make a movie .. and often does), shows like this one showcase the new generation of series TV, freed from the constraints of the predictable weekly plot arc, and enriched by the kind of talent behind the camera that formerly was found only in features.

Every interesting aspect of the show is rapidly brushed off so we can delve into her stupid, shallow, and repetitive "story.

Up until that point we do get some random filler episodes (the flashback one) and some more average-to-weak plotting, but as a whole the characters are stronger, the sub-plots are more involved and important, and there's little of that dodgy possession stuff that dragged the first series down.

Great actors performing at their best, that alone makes this worth watching.

Eva Green is STUNNING in every way possible(her acting, her decor, her voice everything!

Gets tedious, boring and mediocre the longer it goes on.

Action scenes are,with the very few exceptions, boring and without much thrill or built up tension.

Beautifully shot, marvelously written, superbly acted and intensely gripping series.

I am not a prude; the fact is, I found these parts boring.

Her third season story with Justine is the most fascinating.

I kept expecting things to happen, the characters were complicated and confusing, the story didn't tie characters together well...

Eva Green's performance as the mysterious Vanessa Ives was stunning and even with all the A-star cast, this series didn't have a blockbuster feel to it, something which made it feel even more genuine.

By far the most scary, riveting and unparalleled horror fantasy TV series till date.

The dialog in this show is so drawn out that you will find yourself more frustrated than entertained.

Masterfully written and beautifully performed, Penny Dreadful is dark, dreary and wildly entertaining, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good drama or fantasy series.

The story lines unfold extremely slow, and although they provide some depth for the characters it also loses the element of surprise and the wonderfully set horror and action scenes from the pilot are scarce throughout the rest of the series and when they return, they are exactly the same.

season one was slow to grab you and was annoying in the sens all of those characters in the same plot seems to be forced and generally cheesy , the show was all over the place , and if those kind of fantasy\ sci-fi shows wasn't my things i would have stopped watching it in mid season 1 (acting was fine as many other reviewers stated before me, and Eva Green mostly great ,sometimes has an overcreepnigly wide smile ) , thanks to the power of inertia i kept watching and season two really lifted itself from season one (plot was more interesting than the natural interest generated by the known characters), and the shows universe seems a lot less forced enabling me to just enjoy it all all the way to this current season 3 .

Great horror, a perplexing mystery, lovely visuals and really well-rounded characters make the first two or three episodes very compelling.

Waste of time.

I'm not sure where the story is going, or, indeed, if it needs to be headed for any specific destination, when every moment of it is so enjoyable.

Penny Dreadful is thrilling, adventurous and gives you all those gothic vibes, and a entertaining story without even being interested in the language or the references.

No story.

Overall the subject matter is very entertaining though and it has the potential to take you on an intriguing journey.

Her performance is very enjoyable and exciting to watch.