Pet (2016) - Horror, Thriller

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A man bumps into an old crush and holds her captive underneath the animal shelter where he works.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Carles Torrens
Stars: Dominic Monaghan, Ksenia Solo
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 13 out of 73 found boring (17.8%)

One-line Reviews (67)

Unexpected twists would have been 7 or 8 stars if the ending wasn't so predictable .

Horrible waste of time...

The location and the amount of success he has with keeping the girl a prisoner defies all logic, but if you see through that, this mediocre movie is very watchable, entertaining and the message that is being told throughout this movie becomes solid with an effective ending.

The way the movie built up tension was different overall, but still enjoyable.

Nice film, small cast, some lines seemed to be delivered in a lacklustre way, but over all I enjoyed it.

When watching this movie you need to ignore how slow it is and instead you should focus on the characters.

It's the most basic, but also most effective, formula for a successful and entertaining thriller.

Interesting Premise But Fairly Boring Movie Overall .

Pretty messed up, it makes you think some things so worth Watching.

The movie is so fast and thrilling till end.

Yes as some has told you this one can be a little slow.

Sometimes I felt kind of boring!!.

The psychological battle that follows Holly's imprisonment is fairly predictable, as is its final result.

For about half of the film's running time, "Pet" is a straightforward, archetypal and even somewhat predictable thriller.

Worth the watch.

I only wished that there was more done that could have made this movie much more entertaining of a watch, as half the movie didn't feel like much happened.

Even as a stand alone movie, the twists, yes plural, twists are weak and predictable and pathetic.

I wasn't expecting all the twists, but that is quite okay, as it made the movie interesting before it could get boring.

Slow and predictable .

), it makes up for any plausibility shortfalls by crafting two well developed main characters with any intriguing power dynamic between them.

However, it's also entirely routine and unexciting, with cliche after cliche building to an entirely expected outcome.

Too cliché.

Being able to transform from a simpering doe-eyed victim to a full-on take charge protagonist that's able to effectively manipulate his thought-process which is quite enjoyable to see play out as she's a full-on rampaging maniac throughout here.

The first 30 or so minutes are a "cringe" but still engaging.

A very enjoyable movie .

Writers were fired by now as the end made no sense, was cliché and weak.

It's horribly acted, cliché, predictable, etc. I got about forty minutes in and just couldn't bring myself to finish.

It's no easy task for the writers, directors and actors, but when they accomplish it I always find it an enjoyable experience.

Enjoyable yarn with an odd finish.

For me, Pet nailed every second, and was riveting throughout.

MAKING US THE REAL VICTIMS, screw this trope infested erroneous waste of 94 minutes of yr life!

With the first half of this one so concerned with the manner of him stalking her, from the diner where she works to the confrontation at the bar with her ex-boyfriend that results in him being beaten up for a misunderstanding, none of this activity is really all that rooted in the tropes of the genre resulting in a series of bland, incredibly boring sequences that don't do anything for this type of story.

It just dragged on, and on.

It loses all tension and focus, making it a bland experience.

The movie might worth a 5 but it's meaning makes it worth watching.

Which is a shame as the two lead performances were committed and intriguing to watch.

A boring, hard to get through movie about the stereo typical weak male who wants to dominate a woman and make her love him.

Enjoyable yarn with an odd finish!

I felt that I needed to fast forward the last quarter of the movie because after the big plot twist, it started to get boring.

The film starts off pretty dry, the set up is bland and none of the characters really caught my interest at all.

CONS: Slow burner.

Relying on implausibility to make unpredictable twists does not make an engrossing thriller.

For me, Pet nailed every second, and was riveting throughout.

The acting is excellent, the story in itself good and the product as a whole absolutely entertaining and worth watching.

The cast was well performed and, though slower paced than most, the story felt cohesive and well planned.

I appreciated how the characters were developed in the mean time, but the movie felt rather "too" slow for my liking.

It takes way too long to get to the actual horror setup here because it's going on the concept of him trying to get in contact with her through those means that aren't in the slightest bit revolving around any kind of scary action.


PET is another boring kidnap thriller that revolves around a psycho keeping a woman captive and caged in his basement.

Like I said well worth the watch.

The screenplay, courtesy of Jeremy Slater (co-writer of superhero movie "Fantastic Four") often reverts to clichés and derivative concepts, but director Carles Torrens nevertheless manages to keep the entire movie tense and compelling.

so damn trite ...

tension is low but twist is intriguing .

Worth Watching!.

Overall still a good thriller, more than horror, with a decent twist or so (even if they become a little predictable for any horror/thriller/mystery buff.

It quickly derails and eventually crashes in a heap of pointless and gruesome nonsense.

One of the reasons was predictable.

Though enjoyable film, until the finale.

Unfortunately the ending was way to predictable.

What really keeps you on the edge of your seat though is the actors.

Unexpected Twist .

Don't waste your time or money.

A lot of films like this sound promising in their synopsis and then turn out to be bland, cliché-ridden, run-of-the-mill tripe.

However it's probably more exciting to just go out and walk your dog.

The first half of the movie struggles to pick up the pace in a seemingly predictable kidnapping film.

I tend to shy away from movies that look like they spend the majority of the time in one location, but this film did a comendable job of remaining relatively gripping throughout, desipite the simple setting.

Other than one suspenseful moment, it was all very boring.