Peter Rabbit (2018) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Feature adaptation of Beatrix Potter's classic tale of a rebellious rabbit trying to sneak into a farmer's vegetable garden.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Will Gluck
Stars: James Corden, Fayssal Bazzi
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 29 out of 285 found boring (10.17%)

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Enjoyable, funny and moreish .

If they ever decide to make a second part to this one, then I am probably in to see it too and I hope it can be on the same level as this one we have here because it is certainly among the better, more entertaining 2018 films I have seen so far and judging from the reactions of my fellow crowd members I think I definitely wasn't the only one.

Some of the second half is predictable where it is easy to see where it's all going to go, some of the supporting characters are underused (there could have been more of Jeremy Fisher and Jemima Puddle Duck for examples) and maybe there could have been less narration.

Worth watching!

Great for kids, boring for adults .

One of the most entertaining movie in the long time.

It's just painfully average and boring.

'Peter Rabbit' manages to be enormously entertaining, a vast majority of the jokes do hit the mark and they are very funny to hilarious.

Very entertaining and funny, thoroughly recommend for both adults and chikdren

Another great and, as far as I'm concerned, unexpected strong point of the film is the screenplay that despite re-proposing a plot already seen in many other similar films, manages to distinguish itself thanks to a delicious, exhilarating and irresistible humor both British and cynical that works perfectly thanks to some jokes / gags in some cases really brilliant and always well contextualized, inserted with the right timing and never excessive.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it!

Enjoyable .

The story is cliche, and was told many times.

In the end, despite some uneven storytelling, Peter learns some lessons, as do the main live-action characters, and Movie Fans get a pretty enjoyable hour and a half at the movies.

The humor is fun and witty and the story is enjoyable.

However, as already mentioned, the movie is really funny and entertaining.

Turned out to be very entertaining and humorous, had great witty jokes back to back and kept me laughing.

It's predictable, but still enjoyable.

Enjoyable family film.

Peter Rabbit has stunning CGI and is very entertaining, especially with how one can notice all the innuendos in this film.

Entertaining Funny and great animation from Animal Logic Australia .

Big lie Based on the books by Beatrix Potter: This film is not a tribute to Beatrix Potter's petter rabbit but kids might like it, the graphics are outstanding but plot seems drab and revolved around dynamite which did not work well.

I found the Movie a bit boring at times with scenes with out the rabbits in, them parts felt slow.

I never imagined that I would be taught such lesson watching Peter Rabbit, but because the movie hit the perfect balance between entertainment and caution, it was actually enjoyable, coupled with cheerful musics.

All our old favourites were included, Jeremy Fisher, Pigling Bland, Mrs Tiggywinkle and Jemima Puddleduck as well as the core characters of Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Benjamin Bunny.

Beautiful and fantastically entertaining to see in family with children.

The rabbits are super cute and the film is pretty to look at with great visual effects especially when it comes to the CGI rabbits but the movie is extremely unfunny with repetitive jokes that almost always fell flat.

Waste my time with it....

Loud, predictable, cheesy, and just plain stupid.

A brilliant, fascinating and funny lesson of life...

This version of Peter Rabbit is different from the original Beatrix Potter story but it's still enjoyable in its own way .

There's a wide variety of big names all of which make for a surprisingly stunning tale that's sweet, warm, genuinely funny and unbelievably charming.

Entertaining enough .


In addition, thanks to the simple dialog and over advertising, the movie loses some of its uniqueness/edge to boredom at seeing it a thousand times.

Boring as hell.

It is not anything like the books and this has people either disappointed or not want to see it at all..I went to a premiere screening not expecting much,but was throughly surprised by's beautiful,hilarious and the scenery breathtaking..all shot in NSW...

Funny only for those who rejoiced simpler bad taste jokes in a highly predictable plot

Truly enjoyable .

The centerpiece slapstick is noisy but really good (thanks largely to the fully committed Gleeson), and it slows down often enough to allow for nicely silly dialogue and a decent enough (though fairly predictable) story about learning to change.


Peter and his pals, along with wiseacre Pigling Bland (Ewen Leslie), reroute the electricity.

Over the years have taken my now 6 & 9 year old to many films, many i get bored watching and start playing with my phone.

I was pleasantly surprised with the comedy and enjoyed it.

Don't waste your time of your children's.

Everything about it is so enjoyable from Domhnall Gleeson's slap stick style comedy to James Corden voice over work as the Rabbit himself.

Kids can be a lot more critical than we think and eventually are going to notice the similarities and get bored of it quickly.

Terribl terrible and annoying waste of time.

As an adult, I enjoyed it for what it was.

This was worth watching, and kids will probably enjoy it.

It's a really funny, exciting movie.

The cast worked well with what they had but the script instead of following a storyline seemed to be disjointed and rammed full of pop culture references, James cordens rubbish jokes and agendas.

This review of Peter Rabbit is spoiler free*** (3/5)IT'S QUITE FAIR to say that the first feature-length adaptation of Beatrix Potter's beloved children's book Peter Rabbit has followed a recent influx in updating older stories to acquire for modern day audiences - namely director Paul King's charming adaptation of Paddington which won the hearts of millions worldwide thanks to a stunning British cast, a heart-warming story which brought audiences to tears and became Britain's most successful animation.

Sure, 'Peter Rabbit' does have the odd joke that is a little too repetitive, a notable one being with Pigling Bland.

There's no point in saying that the film would be a predictable, generally generic and ultimately bland attempt at aping the recent success of 'Paddington (2014)' even without its ill-judged, misinformed and misguided elements because it simply cannot be divorced from them, as they taint every aspect of the feature and its intended messages almost to the point where I'd consider it a dangerous film to show a child, certainly an impressionable and irresponsible one, without talking to them about it first.

Enjoyable .

"Peter Rabbit" is an enjoyable comedy, charming story about five brave rabbits trying to defeat their biggest enemy - Mr. McGregor.

There were a few low/slow points and my kids started to loose interest, but overall, it was very enjoyable.

Enjoyable family film .

6) Generic love interests - with the girlfriend being the uninteresting smiling wildlife expert, and the boyfriend is a deliberate awkward liar.

What a total waste of money this production is.

I was surprised at how many times I laughed out loud - most notably a "deer in the headlights," rapping birds and a rooster experiencing unexpected fatherhood.

Rating: 7,5/10 The movie is one of the best comedies for families in recent years, I found it really enjoyable and I really liked the comic style, which I found brilliant.

Overall, very enjoyable and much better than expected.

It may have been entirely subkective, but I myself may have liked this film a lot more if I liked Peter more and I really didn't, even if Herbst is enjoyable as always (watched the German dub).

Save your money .

I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

A few over 10 will love it but it's boring and the person next to me fell asleep.

This is a fun entertaining movie, if you are young at heart and don't have sludge in your brain.

It bought back happy memories of our trip to The Lake District and I'm sure some of the proceeds of this film will go towards Beatrice Potter's legacy to protect this stunning part of the world where The Tale of Peter Rabbit and her other immortal characters were born.

and maybe I was just in a congenial mood, but this was much funnier and more engaging than it has any right to be.

Not the Rabbit I Remember, But Entertaining Nonetheless .

It was so boring.

an somewhat uneven, but enjoyable family film .

It is hilarious at times, and always engaging.

Don't waste your time.

It is cute, fluffy and humorous and the story is well told even if it is about as boring as it gets.

Narrated by Margot Robbie, also starring Domhnall Gleeson as Mr. Jeremy Fisher, Rose Byrne as Jemima Puddle-Duck, singer Sia as Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, Marianne Jean-Baptiste as General Manager, Fayssal Bazzi as Mr. Tod, Ewen Leslie as Pigling Bland, Rachel Ward as Peter's Mother and Bryan Brown as Peter's Father.

Really enjoyable fun film.

We enjoyed it very much.

this is either the worst plotline or the best plotline ever depending on how you look at it, i really enjoyed it.


TLDR: Boring, slapstick humor, constant pop culture references and pop music.

"Peter Rabbit" is a very entertaining movie that I will be revisiting again pretty soon.

Oh, like the new Mary Poppins, I was fairly bored in that one and disappointed.

An unexpected hit .

Terrific entertaining Easter Fare- With a great Australian contribution .

There definitely was a message in this movie & that is "We should treat animals like they're humans" & I really liked the message that the movie was trying to convey but in certain scenes, there are some boring moments & of course emotional moments.

The lines of all the characters were formulaic and predictable and where the writers tried to be clever it came across as trying to be clever.

I loved the film and I highly recommend it.

Finally, the script, while faithful to Potter in most respects, has fattened out the tale in a most entertaining fashion, complete with a nice score and energetic direction.

Peter Rabbit on paper seems highly enjoyable.

every scene has some really funny lines, my kids really enjoyed it

Enjoyable in places with a grating James Corden .

I thought that sections of the film were quite boring with truly terrible jokes that left deathly silence ringing around the cinema.

This film is not a tribute to Beatrix Potter's petter rabbit but kids might like it, the graphics are outstanding but plot seems drab and revolved around dynamite which did not work well.

Beatrix Potters wonderful tail brought to life in a very beautiful and enjoyable way.

It seemed that the conflict between irritating man and irritating rabbits went on a bit much, and because I'm not a fan of slap-stick, the plot felt tedious about midway through.

My rating- 6.5/10 (Good with enjoyable parts)

Peter Rabbit - Don't know much about the book so cannot comment on that, but it's a quite fun lighthearted live action/animated flick that got some chuckles out of me and would certainly be enjoyable for kids!

Bland times .

Dialogue or exposition sequences were cleverly made entertaining for younger viewers with the rabbits often trying to read the lips of the characters talking, which led to many cackles in the theatre.

The blend of CGI and real life is stunning, and visually a treat for the eyes.

Enjoyable film .

There are a lot of characters in this movie from the books, but the main ones mostly is the rabbits, McGregor and Bea, the rest are there for either for a running gag or because they were in the books and have a minor character, my favourite characters are Benjamin, Cottontail, Flopsy, Bea and especially Thomas McGregor, Benjamin may be the most relatable abd likeable of the group, Flopsy is funny and adorable, Cottontail is hillarious, Bea is quite charming and Thomas McGregor steals the show completely, he's so over the top, enjoyable and funny with Domhnall Gleeson putting on a really enjoyable performance making him crazier then his role of General Hux, Peter is just your wisecracking hero who only thinks about himself but still has a good heart and James Corden is fine as him, even though Peter could of been voiced by anyone, Mopsy is basicly Flopsy But not as funny, the other characters like Mr. Tod, Mr. Brocker, Tiddywinkles, the Birds, deer, Pigling Bland are bascially background characters that do nothing but make running gags that are not that funny and because they were in the books so they had to be in the film somewhere, but to end on a good the voice acting and performances in this film are pretty good too, while I may have some favourites, the rest of the characters really didn't do much for me.

Well worth watching .

It is not perfect and there are better family films out there, but it was hugely entertaining and charming that is ideal for kids and adults.