Pineapple Express (2008) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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A process server and his marijuana dealer wind up on the run from hitmen and a corrupt police officer after he witnesses his dealer's boss murder a competitor while trying to serve papers on him.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: David Gordon Green
Stars: Seth Rogen, James Franco
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 94 out of 429 found boring (21.91%)

One-line Reviews (247)

As entertaining as the film is, it does fray at the end.

It's just amazing how pointless the majority of the storytelling is though.

So to anyone that hasn't seen this movie yet and really loves a nice action/comedy sort of movie then this is for you, because it is an entertaining movie and one of the best movies of the summer of 2008.

James Franco is totally unexpected in this role and it works well for him.

But there are a lot of other funny lines too (not least from the parents of Amber Heard's character), some very funny physical stuff and, at the heart of the movie, an engaging relationship between the two main characters.

Unfortunately, there are only so many pot jokes and the rest of the humor in this movie, along with the plot, is predictable.

The plot is hysterical, violent, riotous, action packed, boisterous, vivacious and has a rib-tickling ending.

From the solid deliveries, the new and freshly picked gags and jokes from the mind of screenwriters Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen and to the memorable and instant classic quotes, Pineapple Express is one of the funniest films I've seen so I highly recommend it if you're into stoner comedies or just to have a good laugh.

I fell asleep and got hurt again .

Waste of time.

Though this may be atypical shock value to disguise the lack of story.

Might be the worst movie ever .

Directed by David Gordon Green (All the Real Girls, Snow Angels, Undertow) made an entertaining stoner comedy with amusing performances by Rogan and especially Franco.

I suppose these movies were funny long time ago, but nowadays watch a movie about stone guys is just boring, it is like watching a film with two drunk guys...

But Pineapple Express started out slow, building up steam before finally getting several guffaws out of me, while Tropic Thunder did it from the first moment the screen lit up.

One enjoyable stoner comedy for 2008.

Entertaining stoner comedy with jarring moments of violence.

So it pains me a bit to say that Pineapple Express, the latest shindig from the Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen gang, was actually entertaining.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The scene stealers, however, turn out to be Danny McBride (the suspicious brother in last year's "The Heartbreak Kid"), who survives every action-thriller cliché imaginable, and Craig Robinson (the hilariously observant nightclub bouncer in "Knocked Up") as the overly sensitive hit-man Matheson.

'Pineapple Express' aims to do for stoner movies what 'Superbad' did for the gross-out coming of age comedy...

Lots of sexual jokes near the end, although they made it funny, it got boring after a while of hearing the same thing.

There will be many who will dismiss "Pineapple Express" as immature, overly silly, disjointed, and scatter-shot.

This film made me want to fall asleep with its unreal story line, i mean what happens to his girl friend at the end she just seemed to have been cut out of the rest of the film.

It starts okay, if a bit slow, but the jokes just get more tedious as the film continues.

This is what lifts it above the recent bland comedies.

Ambling, discordant, self indulgent, silly, and freaking funny...

Besides a virtually non-existent plot, poor character development and a film that's entirely based around an over-rated drug, what I found most disturbing was the callous and gratuitous portrayal of violence.

The car chase and the fight scenes were entertaining but the jokes were sometimes slow in coming.

And to top it off for people who like easy and entertaining films, there's even a bit of action and a car chase in the film.

The only people in the half-empty theatre I saw it in who were laughing (and they were laughing their asses off, even when there weren't any jokes) were three pothead idiots who were obviously baked out of their minds.

A waste of time.

Sometimes those decisions make Apatow and company's films feels fresh, realistic, unpredictable, and interesting.

this is a horrible and close to unbearable action "comedy".

Pineapple Express maybe completely pointless, it also doesn't have any valuable lesson to teach us (don't do weed?

Overall, Pineapple Express was a great film from 08 and I enjoyed it.

Pineapple Express was not as good as say Superbad or 40 Year Old Virgin in my opinion, but it was an entertaining stoner movie with a good mix of action and comedy.

Its flat and boring.

However, instead of that happening, Green turns the action packed third act into one of the most ridiculously hilarious scenes of recent memory.

If you love Seth Rogen, James Franco, violence, stoner comedies, and action packed stoner comedies, then 'Pinapple Express' is your kind of movie.

Why is Pineapple Express such a great movie is because director David Gordan Green,producer Judd Apatow and co-writer Seth Rogan have taken the stoner film genre and raised it to another level giving viewers a film that is funny and thrilling mixing great laughs and wonderful Action that is done in a surrealistic way to the point of going completely over the top.

However, the intro scene was bland, unutilized well, and hence ended up as unnecessary.

While that isn't exactly saying his performance was stellar, because the movie was ho-hum at best, it can be said for Franco is a pleasant surprise.

Gary Cole and Rosie Perez were beyond uninteresting or even threatening as the film's villains.

Rogan was again entertaining and Franco was different in a very good way.

I also would like to give props to the Director of Photography Tim Orr, who has some very exciting camera work, as well as calm steady wide angle shots.

Pineapple Express, for the Apatow fan, is as awesome and dumb and illogical and purely enjoyable as comedies get this year, let alone for its 'fold', which in this case is the pot comedy cross-pollinated with ridiculous 80s action flick.

But the script is so slow and unproductive, it is amazing that it did not even try to fill the holes by mild funniness.

At the theater I was in, 8 people walked out--- and it was raining buckets outside--- and I saw one guy demanding a refund.

And another burning question to ask is 'Why did some 'good' actors waste their time showing up in this movie?

is absolutely the worst movie I've seen this year!!!!

The minor roles are well drawn out which adds to the charm of the movie.

James Franco (yes, THAT James Franco), taking a break from the latest intense drama or Spider-Man film, delivers the funniest performance since Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat.

The buddy here is the unexpected Franco.

Confusion and laughter ensues.

The situations are sometimes predictable and sometimes quite funny.

I actually believe I may have become dumber after witnessing possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

It's a couple of stoners who are being chased by a big drug smuggler and it's pretty predictable from there.

It was too boring.

truly, insanely and shamelessly entertaining pot-movie spoof on action movies .

You owe it to yourself to see this self-indulgent masterpiece of genre mixing.

The scenes last way too long, there aren't any jokes and too many characters to keep a cohesive story.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

What makes this movie so great and accessible (to the viewer that is allowed to see it, mind you) is that it's got something for every kind of comedy fan: ridiculous action gags, the witty and snappy Apatow-brand dialog, funny cops, hilarious pot jokes, and James Franco playing the most lovable stoner of all time.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The premise and plot is somewhat predictable as a couple of stoners get involved with a murderous drug dealer, and stumble and bumble whilst on the run.

I highly recommend it to anyone who has a sense of humour.

i enjoyed it allot, if your a fan of Seth Rogan, you should definitely see this movie.

it is boring and not funny at all...

I saw the adorable Amber Heard in the plodding crapfest Never Back Down earlier this week, and it's refreshing to see this charming little lady in a good film, even if her role resembles nothing more than a plot prop.

If this is a proper review or not i couldn't give a sh**, i enjoyed it and i think others would to.. those who know what it's about before watching it that is.. and aren't stuck up!

In fact Pineapple Express is so funny, so relentlessly action packed and loaded with the kind of dialog that's brilliant for being so natural in its crude and stupidity (again, an Apatow trademark), that it's incredible to think the director is David Gordon Green.

This is an enjoyable movie that serves the buddy genre well.

Worst movie ever.

the jokes = sub-par, the action = UNWATCHABLE (makes me long for a new Stephen sommers movie) avoid.

If more time was spent editing out a few things, this movie could become a classic, but instead, it is just merely worth watching.

This movie constantly reminded me that, how bored one can get.

Long slow start not leading to a very good comedy .

Wait, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's sort of a good thing, I mean comical violence with weed is pretty fun to watch but the movie itself dragged on for way too much and it felt like the director wanted to take a risk, which is absolutely fine by me.

I do love unusual, gritty even outlandish or disturbing film, as long as it wears some artistic or good entertaining qualities.

Forty years of chemical refinement seems to have created Frankenstein pot, stem cell pot, giga byte pot, pot which takes gentle 'screw the Man' plot devices and substitutes automatic weapons, massive fire power, gut wrenching wounds, severed ears, gallons of blood and a body count that 'Saving Private Ryan' would envy to support a ponderous plot that pot can not handle.

I saw an interview of Seth Rogen where he was saying they wanted to try very hard to create an actual story line and have entertaining and funny parts that went beyond the classic "stoner" movie.

And enjoyable!

The first half of the film was hilarious - loads of stoner jokes, funny scenes (foot through the car window was great), weed Paranoia, comedy punch ups etc etc. However, it then turns into a quite a pointless gore fest.

It gets boring.

Tacky, whacky take your pick, although I didn't find the movie to be very funny, I still liked it because it was entertaining.

Every line from his mouth was one bad comedy cliché' after another that we've all heard over and over again from different films.

Lucky me I guess but did I just waste 2 hours of my life ?

Much of the film after the first hour is rambling, halfway incoherent and goes on way too long, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I laughed out load 2, 3 times max with this bland, made for TV release.

I would have given it a 1 but there was one laugh that was worth watching this film for ....

I went to watch this film with my friend after seeing it had got a good review, and yes it made us laugh but not because it was funny because it was pointless and made no sense whatsoever.

And while the humour seems somewhat sacrificed to make way for the (stunning) final action set piece it doesn't seem forced unlike "Get Smart" witch merely when for effect over substance.

This was probably the worst movie I've seen all year.

Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg's Screenplay is twisted, funny & absorbing.

Hilarious if you're a smoker, pointless watching if you're not .

In between though, there's a whole lot of unfunny, seemingly improv-ed dialogue riffing that was probably more enjoyable to write than to hear.

There's quite a bit of humor involved during this part, and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Go watch paint dry instead.

There was an entertaining and diverse cast including Ed Begley, Jr. who made me laugh.

Once again some have complained that this film was too long for a comedy, but I really did find the film to move really fast and I thought it had a good pace to it and because it was so entertaining with non stop humorous scenes and action (especially in the second half) that I find it hard to believe that people were getting tired of it.

Much of it seems to be "one take only" or hurried in script, repetitive and direction-less and actually boring, often.

Apparently just as bored and let down by the movie as I was she tossed one of them at me to amuse herself.

The second half ceased to be funny or clever and turned into one long, idiotic cliché.

For those who are still waiting for the movie, it's a very good comedy, very entertaining and i hope you like it like i did !

I realize this review is rambling, halfway incoherent and goes on way too long, so I'm just gonna go ahead and claim that its structure is as deliberately ragged as the film's.

The ending is actually quite exciting and while violent, it's been set up so that the violence is actually more comic book than disturbing.

it's basically the entire movie in an enjoyable two minute setting.

Other than that its pretty funny and really action packed.

This was definitely one of the funnest and entertaining movie I have seen in a while.

Maybe stoners that can relate to the idiocy and bland humor would find this film enjoyable.

it's very entertaining and a movie you could probably watch more than once( meaning it's worth buying at the store).

Rogen and McBride do their usual thing (which I honestly don't think I will ever get tired of), but Franco's jocose character was completely unexpected.

So for negatives, the only thing that I have is that about in the middle for about a half an hour things kind of dragged where was like come on let's get to the point.

You get the feeling that Apatow and Rogen have let the success get to their heads and decided to fore go the script editing process and instead indulge themselves in shoving in every drugs/stoner/male bonding movie cliché into its nearly 2 hour run time.


Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) to be all quite enjoyable.

Even he fell asleep towards the end (I did the same shortly after).

It's not enlightening per se, but it's entertaining, and down to earth.

It wasn't that I hated the movie, I was just bored by it and it didn't make me laugh.

and was honestly enjoyable from beginning to end.

Saul is a dealer and has some exciting new stuff called Pineapple Express.

You'd rather Dale and Saul just do stupid stuff and laugh at them than listen to them argue and other pointless subplot friendship stuff.

Seth Rogan is very good and entertaining and Rosie Perez whom I had no faith in for this movie actually performs very well and fits her character perfectly.

In the meantime between now and when Pineapple Express is released on DVD, save your money and re-watch Half Baked.

The entire conclusion of the storyline where all the bad guys and Seth's friends are battling each other is really exciting to watch as well.

Don't waste your time or money...

Like many of the the Apatow pictures, the movie is too long.

But Pineapple Express was such a complete waste of time that we're not even admitting to people that we saw it, unless they tell us they're considering seeing it - in which case we're telling them to see Tropic Thunder instead.

It was enjoyable action comedy.

Pineapple Express has a plot, characters that are very funny, good performances, classic one liners, and a great deal of entertaining action.

Complete waste of time & money .

The plot itself offers some surprising twists and well written action scenes, decorated with unexpected brutal effects and extraordinary twists.

The last 20 or 25 minutes are particularly exciting and hilarious, as they arm themselves to the teeth and finally throw down (in spectacularly stylized violence) with those who have had them on the run.

hope this helpsIt went on way too long and the ending, well, um, too Hollywoodish and not really a Apatow staple...

Waste of our $17, don't waste your time.

I was expecting it to be a comedy, it turned out to be yet another American weed-propaganda movie.

Don't waste your money or time on this one.

The plot was uninteresting (which I could have lived with if it were funny), the characters were flat (which I could have lived with if it were funny), the jokes were tasteless (which I could have lived with if it were funny) - Do you see a trend here?

It makes it even more enjoyable to watch them together in a film.

There are plenty of intense action scenes, and overall I'd say it is totally geared toward men.

So If you like bad acting and fake-humour this is your kind of film, If you want to keep it real and laugh at seriously funny stuff, it's probably a waste of time.

Indeed, with the comedy not really working, the body count and graphic violence are quite excessive and unpleasant because, in order to work, the audience either needed to be enjoying it as a silly affair (like Shoot 'Em Up) or as engaging action.

Throw in some action (tons at the end), memorable supporting cast (the black dude from the Office is very good here), loads of smoking and a top heavy Rosie Perez (and if she showed her boobs, this would have been an INSTANT classic), you have yourself a very entertaining flick.

Go into this thing expecting just flat out zany laughs, don't go if you're looking for a movie with a tight, intense plot and a life lesson or anything.

I really enjoyed it, even though I feel it went a little over the top with "bros" (in fact, I'm getting tired of using the term as we speak).

The predictable plot makes the 1 hour 50 minute running time see superfluous.

The jokes and drug humor here were funny, and I thought the idea of Dale using various guises in his job as a process server was entertaining.

The only crime is that investors and ticket-buyers waste their money on this film.

I never liked Kocked-Up of Seth Rogan, even though it was okay as a comedy movie, but not close to American Pie, SuperBad etc.So, I wasn't in for PineApple Expression, but then I saw the rating to be 7+ for a comedy and that too a pot related comedy, I thought this must be a real nice flick with pretty hilarious jokes, but frankly I was boring, the pot jokes were more or less clichéd.

This was a very hit-and-miss decision and while it was entertaining the final 20 minutes; it wasn't up to par with the improvisation and mayhem of the first 80 minutes.

As I said, absolute waste of time.

Hope this will save someone from 01 hour 52 mins of boredom.....

left early and got a refund .

However, it is brought down by its boring villiains.

The jokes were contrived and predictable .

So much of it is funny, entertaining and very memorable!

Sometimes you just have to wonder who's greenlighting this kind of unwatchable boring stoner garbage.

The action part is also quite enticing and exciting to watch.

The "buddy" scenario is just so damn enjoyable in this flick.

This movie was so bad that, while I was working, at the drive-in movie theater, I actually fell asleep, while walking across the field, and whacked my head on a slab of concrete that used to be some kind of heater thing.

Entertaining and surprisingly good comedy.

Filled with amazing direction,a great cast,intense,over the top Action and a memorable script,Pineapple Express is instant classic stoner Comedy and the Judd Apatow gang at their best.

It fits being the best end for the worst movie.

Very predictable plot, what there is of it.

Probably one of the 5 worst movies I've ever seen.

It is as much funny as it is action packed.

However the feeling i had when i left the theater, wasn't as good as i thought it was going to be.

A really over-rated movie with foolish comedy and predictable plot.

There were some bright spots where I laughed but I was mostly counting the comedy cliche's instead of being blown away by real moments of inspired comedy.

Anyway, if you haven't seen it, just ask a friend and that should be enough to convince you to save your money.

The movie was way too long, it had a lot of failed comedy in it, and it really over exaggerated Pot smokers.

"; and as he is dragged towards a manhole, "What's down there?

Overall well worth watching.

And while watching Rogen alone is certainly entertaining, watching him get goofy with a buddy is even better.

Very entertaining and funny.

It quickly becomes a victim of it's own smugness and excess with it's one note repetitive theme that quickly loses potency after ten minutes.

it has to have some redeeming stoner humor that the stodgy reviewer didn't pick up on, right?

Not in the same league as a Cheech & Chong movie, but still really enjoyable.

Even when the film is not revelling in its drugs esoteric, the screenplay remains ever sharp; a sudden transition from comedy to action fails to halt its momentum, despite the unexpected contrast.

It has a very fast paced rhythm, a very good thing because the movie never turns to be tiresome to the viewer.

Totally waste of time, i can not even understand on what things people laugh :o This movie doesnot have a single scene worth watching or having a comedy sense!

It's so boring...

Bringing a dull spot within the movie.

I just like this movie a lot, it is extremely entertaining and hilarious beyond.

In addition to that, the majority of the storyline segments feel like a complete waste of time.

***The latest comedy from Judd Apatow's crowd, 'Pineapple Express' aims to do for stoner movies what 'Superbad' did for the gross-out coming of age comedy, what 'Knocked-up' did for the Rom-Com and what 'The 40 Year Old Virgin' did for um…virgins?

I'm not a big fan of his art films, but he's a decent director, and anyone could have shot this one, entertaining though it may be.

saying this movie is a waste of time, money, and life would be such an epic understatement.

The Aforementioned Potty Jokes and the usual Gross-Out Stuff that just won't Go Away Nowadays is, by now, just Ho-Hum and seems to be used Ad-Nauseum to Separate Generations and keep the Gap Wide.

In the end, this was a fun and enjoyable film that will be the perfect summer comedy to finish off a strong season.

With a premise as simple as a stoner comedy needs, Pineapple Express is enjoyable to anyone.

Give this waste of time the "Sticks and Stems" award it deserves.

Now the movie made me chuckle a few times but the long dragged out scenes and then switching to a fast paced action movie not only confused me, but made me bored.

But, amidst the well put together action scenes, the plot is pretty intense.

But for the rest of us, it's just humorless and boring.

Way too long and stupid.

So many different characters make this movie so enjoyable I had to see it twice before forming my opinion.

Way too much filthy language, but otherwise a fairly entertaining flick.

Amber gets a high score from me, but the movie fares badly because of the down-class, mostly boring first half.

For a film that crawls toward the 2-hour mark, "Pineapple Express" is loaded with filler, and many scenes (a seemingly improvised exchange between Rogen and Franco in the woods early on sets the tedious tone) seem to directly bank on the notion that most of the audience will be too high to tell the difference.

What, I found impressive about the film was it's fast paced and humorous script and I also liked the on screen chemistry from the film's two lead actors.

so bored I counted .

I was told that this was like a Cheech and Chong movie, those were dumb but funny and slightly entertaining.

Of course "Pineapple Express" was an entertaining movie.

As they slip deeper and deeper into a drug war between two local kingpins, Ted Jones (Gary Cole in an uninspiring role) and the "Asian" family, they become fugitives from both the law and the dealers.

This movie has too much vulgar language but it's normal, it's make audience has more laugh, so enjoyable.

Well, it's not about marijuana in the sense that Acapulco Gold is about marijuana, but rather it is about a strain of really potent marijuana that gets our uninspiring heroes into a lot of trouble.

In conclusion the movie kept me laughing and on the edge of my seat.

Whether this is because some of the action set pieces are more thrilling than they are funny, or that the lines are not as ridiculously improvised left the film missing out is unclear.

But fortunately, it does include an intriguing storyline that works as a cohesive whole, and ties together some key drug related themes, and even manages to include some morality too.

Unlike the punks responsible for the most recent Harold & Kumar disaster, the people behind PINEAPPLE EXPRESS are actually interested in making a solid film, one with an engaging story and consistent character development.

That said however, it is a funny film and well worth watching.

While there are plenty of enjoyable moments in Pineapple Express, it is most consistent in, well...

His character was greatly intriguing maybe because I have never seen him play a role like this and it was refreshing.

An enjoyable film that is quite possibly the best "stoner" comedy ever filmed.

His whole look at me I'm a stoner and I'm proud so I write movies about it and then write myself into the lead role thing is tired and boring.

What makes a movie like Pineapple Express or Knocked Up grossly superior to contemporary, more formulaic studio comedies is more than a few funny lines and a good story.

Hilarious and exciting!

Pineapple Express isn't as funny as one would hope, but its definitely entertaining enough to keep your interest until the end, and let's not forget the wonderful performances and quirky one-liners.

This movie starts off right away as a comedy and has you guessing what Dale does for a living, but through one mind-boggling incident a very compelling action thriller develops that redfines cinema.

I left the theater feeling unclean and also ripped off for paying to see this drivel.

Close to unbearable .

Completely Unwatchable...

Also, this film is way too long.

Boring .

Worst movie of 2008 .

I don't think this film hits all the right buttons to make the audience laugh as well as some of Judd Apatow's more recent productions, I remember opening night at SuperBad it was impossible to hear a lot of the jokes through the laughter, and maybe even some crying, this wasn't so much the case with Pineapple Express, but it was still definitely worth watching.

Seth Rogen, who also wrote this trite, is the drug dealer.

Meanwhile, they make use of pretty much every action movie cliché along the way.

Funny and suspenseful, I would definitely recommend Pineapple Express to anyone looking for a good action comedy.

Pineapple Express is a very funny and entertaining movie.

I've seen this a few times and it is enjoyable and stupid.

As a movie, Pineaple Express is an entertaining and at times sweet take on friendship based around two very down to earth characters that most people should be able to relate to in some way or another.

For anyone else, you'd best save your money and not waste your time.

other than that it was rather boring.

The movie is way too long (or I guess, so boring and predictable that it SEEMS way too long) and the ending is stupid.

IT WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH; i walked out of the theater with my cheeks feeling sore from all the laughing.


One of the worst movies I ve seen .

It has the extremely predictable plot: "Someone witnessed accidentally a murder, so let's chase him, and his buddy, to kill them both", while carrying out the known by heart themes: From zeroes to heroes, from haters to lovers,.. you know.. the usual.

Don't waste your time watching this crap.

I wanted to leave...

Save the opening credits sequence, that presented (Rogan)'s character and life, it was like the desert of writing, as it was all empty and dry.

Seeing constant drug taking and violence with no real plot-development isn't entertaining to watch, it's rather boring and that's what Pineapple Express felt like.

Well, the start is slow and long because it's not really funny unless you find pot smokers acting stoned funny in itself.

The supporting cast is nicely assembled as well, featuring very funny individuals like Danny McBride & Craig Robinson alongside seasoned vets like Gary Cole & Ed Begley Jr.The story's an entertaining one, blending elements of stoner & crime comedies in a pretty novel way.