Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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In a world where people collect Pokémon to do battle, a boy comes across an intelligent talking Pikachu who seeks to be a detective.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Rob Letterman
Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 117 out of 901 found boring (12.98%)

One-line Reviews (491)

Very few laughs, loud, annoying characters and virtually NO story.

What makes Detective Pikachu work as well as it does, is the fact that the main characters Tim and Pikachu create a compelling chemistry just about as convincing as the special effects are fantastic and the story thoroughly interesting.

Even though I'm not a big fan of so many recurring flashbacks and exposition, specially in the first half, the story manages to compensate with its action, humor, and engaging situations the heroes are tossed into.

The story was boring, the actors good and the whole thing is just a 5.

Main Actor acting is dull.

Very enjoyable movie that captures the magic of the world of Pokemon .

Teaming up with Justice Smith's blue collar insurance worker Tim Goodman to help solve the mystery of his missing father, Pikachu is a great CGI creation that faithfully and energetically brings the well-known pop culture figure to life and whenever Pikachu is sharing the screen time or front and centre to proceedings, Detective Pikachu is a breezy, fun and often exciting ride that overcomes its plot weaknesses with relative ease.

Overall a really enjoyable movie, funny and well written.

This family friendly fantasy adventure has a few "ok" or "fun" bits but it's mainly very boring with really, really cheap looking c.

The story-line felt a little but too complicated for me 6 year old daughter to follow yet was a little bit tiresome for me, despite a few attempted twists along the way.

All that a side, this detective never even considers going to the scene of the crime, he ends up their by accident, and everything he learns, we learn from out main character in the very next scene, so one of those moments were pointless.

The Mario Brothers Movie was a better acted, written and more interesting videogame adaptation than this bland pile of nothing.

Yawn Worthy .

One of the most engaging movies I've watched for a long time .

I quite enjoyed it

Lots and lots of funny moments amidst a humdrum tale with a few predictable twists.

The plot was plain dull and nothing intrigued me.

We really enjoyed it .

Cgi is really great and I loved all the Pokemon looks but the storyline is pretty predictable and badly written.

PokémonDetective Pikachu is a really enjoyable and fun movie to watch.

It was entertaining and that's what I wanted from it.

Having said all of that it is an entertaining movie with some fun and action.

But without prior knowledge of the universe, the movie was still rather enjoyable.

I feel bored till half part.

So entertaining .

So this movie will be entertaining and give them that nostalgic feeling (mostly on the nostalgic side).

Colour me surprised, for against all the odds and pre-conceived perceptions, Pokémon Detective Pikachu is one of the straight up most enjoyable video game adaptations of all time and a sure-fire delight to long-time fans the world over.

Overall though, this is an entertaining film.

To sum up, this movie was probably the worst movie I watched in several years.

The story of course is cliche, and very very predictable: the black guy and the WOman fights the rich white man.

The plot is confusing, and very predictable.

For those who do not know the game Pokémon, it is a little confusing to understand characters like Pikachu, Mewtwo, Cubone, Snubbull, Psyduck, Aipoms, Pika-Pika, Mime, and others.

I only just now got around to watching this movie, and I have to say, I absolutely enjoyed it.


If you grew up with Pokémon starting in 1998 as I did, this movie is enjoyable regardless.

Ryan Reynolds is a natural Pikachu, but I felt the shtick got tiresome at times.

But when I watched the film it was pretty well done, the movie was really good and I enjoyed it.

Ryan Reynolds is very funny and the story is engaging and fun.

An Entertaining Movie, But Cliché With it's Story .

A good film worth the watch, nothing more nothing less.

I enjoyed it .

The story was bland, the acting was near emotionless and I wanted more from the Pokemon themselves...

Very much enjoyed it.

Plenty of plotholes, cringe worthy dialogue and just boring boring boring scenes where characters rehash what we already know.

Silly and occasionally entertaining .

Very funny, lil bit mellow yet so entertaining.

It's fun, really entertaining and so well made.

It was predictable from the beginning.

The plot is simultaneously simple and confusing.

The story was very entertaining and didn't drag on, the pokemon are adorable and amazing and the colors are so vibrant.

Obviously, the super team of writers was so obsessed by the structural elements of the story: hero/ quest/ pivotal moments/ twist and redemption, as if the investigation was too important to let some recreation of the Pokemonverse interfere with it, so instead of a predictable but enjoyable live-action version of the original story, what we get is a novelty on the paper but eventually a boring character investigating on an uninteresting case and with a fun sidekick.


Some of the worst CGI in near memory is dumped on the screen in one utterly pointless action scene you'll be hard pressed to unsee.

Its enjoyable for everyone.

Overall a very solid and entertaining movie which captured the magic of the Pokémon world very well with engaging and entertaining characters.

Surprisingly entertaining and funny .

Even though I find this movie to be predictable since I guessed it's two plot twist from the trailer and in the first ten minutes.


Bad Guy plot is too predictable.

The first act felt like an okay setup, the 2nd was pretty slow for me, but overall I found the movie enjoyable an if you are a Pokemon fan there are many references and easter eggs that you will enjoy.

I was so incredibly bored at so many points that it felt well over two hours.

Worth watching .

Ryan Reynolds is as usual funny and entertaining.

The CGI is average (Pikachu looks very good throughout the entire film), the plot is boring and predictable, and most of the acting is pretty bad.

I think it had to do with the fact that it kept adding more Pokémon to the roster, demanding more of my time, and thus, losing my interest when the plot got more confusing.

The plot was generic, as expected, and pretty predictable.

Detective Pikachu from the world's largest media franchise delivers a visually stunning rendition of the "Pokemon world" in the form of Ryme city.

There was a noticeable change in the mood and atmosphere when Pikachu enters the film; it goes from boring and lifeless to vibrant and even a little fun.

I think this movie is interesting in the way that no one really knows what to expect when they go see it, but at the very least they hope for something fun, and something entertaining.

It is tough finding a movie entertaining for the whole family.

It also even makes some of the CGI look uncanny; the scene with Psyduck and Pikachu in the car is one of those moments as the dull color grading makes the fur on both of the Pokemon look a bit too smooth and thus reaching into the uncanny valley.

The bond between Tim and Pikachu is cute and wholesome and the new live action world of Pokémon will want you living in the vibrant and exciting Ryme City.

Really unpredictable story, nice animation, and really nice story.

Plot contrivances and weird things happening for no logical reason, as well as scenes which were surprisingly boring.

If i feel this is boring,Wait until half - end .

I hope the next one lives up to anything beyond this drab.

Justice Smith is an engaging character, who I actually cared about.

It's entertaining .

The first 20 minutes of the movie are somewhat slow, until Pikachu is introduced that is.

It contains a thrilling adventure and everything a good film would need.

Everthing else was kinda stupid, too simple or boring and guessible.

It's wierd, confusing and fun.

enjoyable and fun family movie.

The visual effects are absolutely stunning, and each Pokémon has such care put into their design, animation, and sound that they feel like plausible animals.

Ah characters, plain boring human characters, not gonna talk about them.

The CGI is stunning; the Pokémon look amazing and Rhyme City is beautiful.

It's a boring movie.

Very cliché too.

I went into this movie expecting for it to be terrible since I've heard it was bad, but I actually really enjoyed it!

The little action in the movie is very exciting and insanely fun to watch.

It's an entertaining movie with a subpar plot and bad characters.

It may have been more enjoyable if their acting didn't come across as some improve exercise class.

The actors have done a decent job, the story is pretty intriguing, has lot of fun moments and overall its a total package for your whole family to watch.

Pokémon bores the hell out of me, this is no different.

Central to the film's success as an entertaining offering is Letterman and his team's heartfelt bringing to life of Pokémon's wild collection of crazy critters, led by the ever popular and seriously cute new imagining of everyone's favourite (rat?

The plot was great, entertaining and a shock ending (I love not expecting things) made this movie a hit!

100% worth the watch!

I watched out of sure boredom.

The film was genuinely unpredictable and kept you questioning what was going to happen which was very rare with these types of film.

Visually stunning.

The beginning was a bit slow.

The plot is dull and slow at times and the way it progresses just goes from a cliched nature to transpiring un-entertaining events.

So boring and cliche!!.

but quite boring .

I wasn't inspecting much when I sat down in my seat at the cinema, but at the end of the movie, I thought It was witty with a well structured plot and had stunning cinematography.

They deliver their lines so bland and boring that you wanna claw your ears out.

I kind of liked the idea of Pokemon and Humans living together, and the small snippets we see of them do jobs for people and other tasks in the background is a nice touch, but that only really appears in the first half of the movie and then it just becomes bland and generic.

Either way, the movie is enjoyable and I cannot wait to see where this franchise goes.

This is one of the most predictable films I have ever seen.

I'm not the biggest fan of Pokemon, however it was really enjoyable.


Despite a miscast lead actor and slow/mistoned first act until it finds its footing and stabilizes mid-film and onwards, Det.

Total genre confusion.

Fun and enjoyable film.

It was definately interesting seeing the pokemon in the movie, seeing them interact with the citizens and seeing the roles they play is definately intersesting, but beyond the pokemons who are undoubtedly the stars the story is pretty standard and cliche.

I really enjoyed it .

Ryan Reynolds saved all this cliche movie!!!!!!.

And while that was the point of the marketing campaign for "Detective Pikachu", a warm and engaging movie is the surprising result.

What makes this film entertaining is the fairly interesting mystery, meaning that naturally an audience of any age will be curious to journey with Tim, even more so once Tim is introduced to Pikachu which is voiced by funny man Ryan Reynolds.

After all a really enjoyable movie, a few step from being a perfect movie, for some few details.

Non fans might find the film engaging courtesy of Reynolds but it is a strange concept with a lukewarm plot and predictable twists.

It makes the experience incredibly boring and tedious.

Movie was boring .

OK so the plot was VERY predictable and there were tons of plot holes/ questions I have after watching the movie.

As a bit of a fan of the Pokémon brand, I found Detective Pikachu to be an enjoyable and a nostalgic watch.

The journey these two take makes for a quite enjoyable little movie, even if the story itself seems a little been-there-done-that.

The beginning was very slow, and I feel like a lot of things weren't as explained as well as they should have.

Entertainment value: 7 Visuals: 6 Soundtrack: 5 Plot: 4 World building and depth: 5 Characters and dialog: 2 Total: 6The good: The movie is partially visually stunning, the city and landscape is beautifully rendered.

Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu cracks some fun jokes now and again at the beginning of the movie, but that to me is maybe the only enjoyable thing about this film.

It is a huge confusing mess during the final 20 minutes.

Dog poor writing and a story that is both boring to watch and makes little sense?.

When the two trailers dropped they gave me hope but after seeing the final film I was left feeling empty as if I spent money on nothing.

Some of the story elements are so confusing and come out of nowhere that it starts to become distracting.

It's very formulaic and it doesn't cleverly use the genre to enhance to story.

Entertaining .

There are a number of twists and turns to the plot but they're all predictable and, to be honest, fairly cliché.

Humorous and enjoyable .

lots of cliches and predictable moments.

The central conceit of combining a noirish buddy film with a bright colorful fantasia was goofy but highly entertaining.

We also didn't get to see the true powers of the Pokemon's, mainly because the director chose to concentrate on Tim's life story, which made the film extremely dull.

I judge movies by "was it a waste of time or not" (and an added bonus is if it's good or not) And this was certainly not the case.

No, it is certainly not perfect, but it is still a fairly enjoyable and fun experience.

Because of Howard Clifford being written so horribly, the plot was so predictable that it hurts.

Excellent movie, enjoyable the whole way through.

And all the personalities are boring and their development is non-existent.


And yet sometimes the worst ideas make for the most entertaining movies.

Whilst the visuals of the Pokemon are great and Ryan did pull off a few funny moments the rest of this film is just boring.

I got bored in some parts, too cliche and basic, basically there to make sure there is a coherent story (and add some kind of emotional weight), but with 3 or 4 great sequences, the top notch CGI and Reynolds charm, plus the fine performances from Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton, I enjoyed it way more than I thought.

All in all, even though this film is so simple and I'm not fan of it, I think it's enjoyable for at least once.

It's also fairly forgettable as a whole, but thankfully it's well made and sufficiently entertaining throughout, which can't be said for the large majority of video game adaptations.

The thing is that most of it falls into one of the two following bins: either great or boring.

Putting all biases aside because I am a 20-something person, this movie was very entertaining and visually stunning.

This should all amount to a great success, but the story was somehow both convoluted and banal.

I'm rarely the guy who "wants more action", but Detective Pikachu really needed more thrilling moments, preferably involving Pokémon.

All that said, this is still a humorous and mightily enjoyable film and well worth a watch or three.

Aforementioned motion picture abide breathtaking remarkably seductive moreover appeals to me as something that gives me a reason to make my appendages used for support to be disabled.

The fact that you also get a reasonable mystery story, and some exciting action set pieces, that do not go into CGI overload, makes the whole thing much more enjoyable to a non-Pokemon person than you had an right to expect.

I really enjoyed it.

If you aren't a Pokémon fan, however, I have a feeling that this movie will just bore and confuse you.

Adorable and Enjoyable .

Also the story, it's a good story, with enjoyable ideas, with interesting plot twist.

This helps because the adults who were dragged to see this movie can enjoy those jokes.

Detective Pikachu is a bright, fun and entertaining ride throughout it's 1 hour and 45 minute runtime.

The VFX and cinematography are the best parts of this movie and are incredibly stunning.

With that said, other than enjoying the occasional nostalgia watching part of my childhood on the big screen, the story was about as cliched and predictable as it comes.

But all in all, it's a must watch if you're a fan of Pokemon and unique and reasonably entertaining watch even if you're not.

In fact, I enjoyed it quite a bit as a Pokemon fan.

"Detective Pikachu" is still a fun, exciting movie for the entire family.

Two problems in Detective Pikachu are a miscast main actor and slow/mistoned first act.

Not that I laughed my ass off or anything, but he is just very enjoyable.

It was engaging enough that it made me forgive most of those story beats.

Very Enjoyable with Impressive Visuals .

How could a Pokemon movie be so boring?

Plot wise the movie is nothing unique, but even with that the movie was still enjoyable mainly because of the cast who gave a good performance.

The movie is good, not astounding or terrific, but enjoyable.

Confusing and at times, bad.

After an intense cataclysmic action scene he comments: "How can you not believe in climate change?

The story was not in depth and yes it is geared towards older kids but it was fun, fast paced and sweet.

Even the twist it has in store is predictable from afar.


Ryan Reynolds is fantastic as pikachu in a genuinely enjoyable film.

It's way too predictable and stereotypical that I can't give it a rating higher than a six.

This was also an incredibly predictable movie.

Unexpected .

Great CGI but terribly boring and predictable story.

The realistic Pokemon designs are inspired and convincing and Reynolds performance as Pikachu has you smiling, laughing and on the edge of your seat throughout the adventure.

Also, the first act is slow and mistoned, being borderline-boring and over-dark/bleak wholly dissonant and confusingly mismatched with its core and foundational childhood transportive tone that made the franchise such a behemoth in the first place.

They needed to make the Human characters more entertaining rather than just the Pokemon themselves.

Everything is incredibly predictable and cliche.

The story was so predictable I guessed everything that was going to happen before the movie started.

TLDR: Boring predictable plot with no feeling of risk or consequences, boring wooden characters, a very basic kids movie.

But I still enjoyed it.

The main plot is a little confusing to follow and doesn't really explain the relevance of one character in particular who was made to be important.

Enjoyable for what it is; not much to look back at, later!

Enough references to the world of Pokémon that we grew up with, but plenty of fresh ideas to make it new and unpredictable.

I missed some pokemon, and there are many repetitive pokemon's animation.

Visually stunning..Detective pikachu is the best movie based video game ever made..ryan reynold did it well 😂

Really entertaining, all the story going well.

Predictable and lousy ending.

The movie lacks a compelling story, some of the details don't really add up, the dialogues are sometimes too juvenile, and the acting isn't all that convincing.

Oh & all the comedy-witty-humour feels totally forced & very Awkward as it all falls flat & the actors say it all with no impact or effort in the performance at all, it's all very dull.

The visuals are incredibly clean and breathtaking and the action is steadily paced.

Ryan Reynolds keeps the film afloat with an enjoyable portrayal of the adorable Pikachu, just about salvaging the film from a rather convoluted storyline with uninteresting characters and a ridiculous plot twist that fails to stick the landing towards the end of an anticlimactic finale.

Overall, this is an enjoyable film that manages to adapt a recently released and not well-known spin off into a successful film.

The pokemon look very good and pikachu is mildly entertaining.

The first scene didn't really enhance my expectations, Justice Smith who plays Tim struck me as the kind of dull actor who plays the younger version of the hero and then you get the real star after ten minutes, I wasn't sure I would enjoy his "presence" for more than an hour and half.

This is due to for a majority of the film it felt really slow and that it needed to pick up the pace.

Starting with what's good with the movie, it is quite entertaining.

The story was rather predictable and insanely messy.

It's cheesy, predictable, and even downright cringy at times.

Enjoyable .

As I was watching it eventually dawned on me that, of course, they had to throw in a completely pointless romance with our main character Tim that was stupid.

I sense the majority of these high reviews are symptoms of "I see Pokémon, I vote 10", because even when ignoring the late 2000s looking CGI for most of the Pokémon, 'Pokémon: Detective Pikachu' is a severely flawed film with a total lack of plot, interesting characters or real conflict.

It was a better effort than what I recall the cartoon movies producing, but it gets boring seeing the same antagonist(s) at the climax of it all.

This movie is very entertaining.

The Pikachu was so cute and entertaining.

The CGI is stunning and beautiful.

But, correspondingly, how cute Pikachu is, how boring the plot is.

Coming to the pacing, the film gets bland and boring in several scenes in Act 1, especially where Pikachu and Tim start investigating the latter's father's disappearance.

The story was extremely predictable, and the twists were not surprising.

His personality fit the character very well and made for an enjoyable time.

Good movie, enjoyed it even not knowing anything about Pokemon .

Overall Detective Pikachu is an entertaining yet predictable movie.

From the beginning and how slowly the story dragged on and the Pokémon CGI sucked, no awesome battles just bland.

Really fun and very enjoyable.

A bland young man is upset because he learned that his detective father has died.

Quite empty .

This movie was very boring for me ...

He was funny and entertaining the whole way through.

Overall a very, very, very fun movie that I would want to see again almost just to catch all the Pokémon they included in the backgrounds, simply because this world is immense and breathtaking.

For a long time the throne of the worst movie ever made was uncontested and belonged to Avatar: The Last Airbender movie.

Detective Pikachu completely embraces the Pokémon lore to dish out an effectively character-driven and visually stunning mystery with few decent surprises in store.

Part of it as to do with the performance and how they're directed, but primarily is an issue stemming from a rather bland and unrefined screenplay.

The action was entertaining and felt a bit nostalgic and it had some good funny moments too.

While its writing is a bit predictable, the fabulous world-building, nostalgic appeal and top-notch cast make it a very fun film that the whole family can enjoy.

The directing is also really enjoyable and good.

One of the best things I can say about the film was that it looked visually stunning in parts.

Pikachu is engaging visually, and Reynolds does good work with the funny dialogue that he has.

The plot is very predictable and the ending is horrible.

When it came to the story I thought that it did a very good job of engaging the audience in especially with the humorous parts of the film, it had me laughing to my self a numerous of times and I was able to understand the film from beginning till end.

If you don't take the whole idea too seriously, it is a really fun and entertaining movie.

I'd recommend watching this movie when it comes out on DVD or with a group of friends just to laugh at it in theaters but there are much better movies out there in may 2019 worth watching in theatres.

PTo my surprise, this is actually an enjoyable family film even if you know nothing about Pokémon.

Well, first of all, to the parents of young children (let's say younger than ten, not Peppa Pig level but capable to enjoy a good Disney film and grab a few mature elements of it) here's a sound advice: don't take them to this film, they'll be bored as hell.

While Pokémon might be aimed at a younger audience, I will say that this movie actually is well-worth watching even as an adult (without any interest in the Pokémon phenomena).

Just the characters and the predictable plot were my main problems.


The most enjoyable thing about this movie is the fluffiness of the pokemon and how crowded it is.

Outstanding V/SFX and a decent story made this film enjoyable.

This pile of junk is easily the worst movie I've been dumb enough to pay money to see in probably ten years...

All in I reallly enjoyed it - a fun, funny engaging movie.

It's one of those movies that make the most predictable move every single time; it's almost like they were trying to use as little creativity as possible.

Easter eggs exciting and very cute for fans, the performance of Justice Smith is great, and Ryan Reynolds as ¨Pikachu¨ was the best decision they took, I loved it.

Most intense scene is, when Tim, Pikachu and a journalist "Lucy" went to the old abandon lab to investigate!

Yes, the plot is so-so and predictable.

Although it was brave, I found it quite confusing.

Very entertaining .

While it may be predictable, the film manages to keep you watching thanks to the super cute Pikachu voiced by the fantastic Ryan Reynolds who's quick witted lines and passionate VO keeps you smiling right through.

This is some detective (boring) movie with monsters that look like Pokemons.

Worst movie in history .

Fun filled visually engaging movie .

Story is a bit boring.

And all the bad stuff is merely annoyingly average and banal instead of outright awful.

The action sequences are pretty entertaining and then humour and chemistry between the characters, minus the decision making and some of the acting, is actually really nice and flows well.

Despite not being a fan of - or, even, all that familiar with - Pokémon (I have a passing knowledge of it and I think I saw one episode of the TV series about ten years ago), I think that 'Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)' is an entertaining film.

I finally sat down and watched it because the kids begged and was very surprised when I enjoyed it!

It kind of took me out of the moment and I think they could have approached that scene another way, but other than that it was an overall enjoyable experience.

Actually enjoyable .

The first half of the plot is redundant and procrastinating, with a slow rhythm.

Entertaining Watch .

a Pikachu that can talk and the bland guy, for some reason, can understand him and vice-versa.

Great characters, lots of laughs, breathtaking CGI ...

I also liked that they were brave in their third act with Pokemons and humans becoming into one, which is a mixture of weird and compelling.

The Pokemon were fun and cute and exciting, and the humour was definitely above par.

Unfortunately, it's let down quite a bit by its predictable third act that gets too big and traditional for its own good.

Took my little lad to see this and it is the first movie he fell asleep to!

CGI is truly breathtaking and characters and story are good and coherent.

I found Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu enjoyable.

Surprisingly entertaining...

The story was boring and predictable, the actors quite bad.

The movie although loses its steam around this beginning of the 3rd act, where there's this OVERLY long and boring sequence of them being on top of a Mountain Sequence, I really really wish they would've cut that down, that's mainly the biggest flaw in the film.

This movie was spectacular to look at visually, and the story was actually interesting and enjoyable enough.

This was by far one of the most enjoyable movies i've seen, would recommend it to anyone if they're not a fan of the franchise.

It is saturated with political and social justice propaganda.

The plot was interesting enough to keep me interested throughout but along the way things start to get a tad predictable.

I (willingly) get dragged to all of this tripe with my kids, and out of all of the films I've suffered through lately (Avengers: Endgame, and Dumbo) this one was almost the least painful of the bunch.

Next the film had stunning and interesting visuals.

On the flip side Justice Smith's performance as the film's leadwas lame and uninteresting and he really drags on the wholemovie with his bad performance.

But as a movie, it's rather boring and predictable.

It was enjoyable to watch I will say.

It unbalances the pacing and even the tone of the movie, making it dull during some periods.

Worse, this movie is more concerned with making Pokemon references than actually telling an engaging story with characters worth caring about.

Started watching the movie expecting a large amount of throwbacks and parts of the Pokémon world from the cartoon and games, turned out to just be a movie featuring Pokémon characters which was overly boring.

Porr direction for the film with the poor story with it's predictable plots from the beginning and it's poor editing and even Pikachu's powers weren't used most of the film and you can't get out of this film satisfied.

The movie was surprisingly entertaining although towards the end it does drags a bit.

Executing all of it poorly, the movie wastes a great premise on a film that is too contrived for adults, and too creepy for kids.

It's a hodgepodge of elements we've seen in countless other places - take the rough outline of the Detective Pikachu video game, add a few elements from various Spider-Man flicks, and give it a couple of whirls - but the movie is more interested in mood and banter than it is in anything resembling a compelling narrative shape.

I'm still a fan of it in my older age, despite the games repeating the same formula and really becoming boring.

So my conclusion is that they tried to make a movie to appeal to fans and non-fans, but they end up just making a boring tedious movie.

The movie was definitely worth the watch!

But the good news is Reynolds is entertaining and charming even as an electric mouse and I found a few hints of Deadpool-like meta humor (don't worry it's PG).

Pikachu pass out after drag out from the river by Tim!

I thought it was ambitious and nice to see the all these little fuzzy creatures come to live but its a very standard affair plot-wise and feels slow.

I'd this movie an overall score of 8.5-9/10 because of how well it did for a video-game movie and the amazing sense of humour and immersive world which made watching it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Fun and exciting!!.

There's a double-twist which is incredibly predictable and there's a lot of undoing plot elements as soon as they're revealed.

Like at the ditto fighting scene, it is a really confusing scene.

Final Say -One of 2019's genuinely nice surprises, Pokémon Detective Pikachu wonderfully brings to life a beloved property, that while aimed more directly at old fans rather than casual cinemagoers, provides a wonderfully enjoyable and colour-filled trip regardless.

Overall, the film is a well-executed, light-hearted and enjoyable experience, despite its few flaws.

It's a little silly, a little predictable, but overall just a very enjoyable and fun movie.

On the flip side Justice Smith performance as the films primary lead was totally lame, uninteresting, boring and annoying all at the same time, he literally drags on the whole film with his bad performance.

Don't get me wrong, it's an enjoyable movie, just not one I'll care to rehash and end up buying.

Ryan Reynolds' sarcastic-type pikachu was probably the only thing entertaining in this movie apart from the visual effects.

I think it's too contradictive, at first they give us hype but the story goes boring and boring.

Where the movie falls short is a story which becomes predictable and suffers from poor pacing.

Antagonist motives unexplained, numerous plot holes and continuity issues, bland characters.

For long time fans of the series/games you will see a somewhat predictable film with good acting, interesting characters, and plenty of nods and Easter eggs.

An electrifying fun watch for kids and entertaining enough for us adults .

The climactic battle between Mewtwo and Pikachu was intriguing and well choreographed; especially Pikachu's Volt tackle was awesome.

It was funny, light hearted, action packed and not long.

A compelling ride with some mesmerizing themes to keep you entertained for the entirety of its run time.

I always knew what would happen and it was boring from the start to the end.

The storyline was intriguing and kept you guessing, and this movie leaves you thinking that the possibilities are endless for future live action Pokemon movies, such as Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu, and Team Rocket and Meowth!

There is no words to hate this movie and i could not describe about the movie because movie was very enjoyable.

It's entertaining, heartwarming and funny.

On an overall scale, Pokémon Detective Pikachu is an unimaginative, uneventful & uninspiring franchise-starter, and one of the most bland & boring films to surface in cinemas this summer.

Detective Pikachu was an incredibly enjoyable experience.

Here voiced by Ryan Reynolds, in what ends up being an inspired choice of voice casting, with Reynolds bringing his wild energy and ad-libbing to the table with full force, Pikachu is the this films MVP (even if a particularly worried Psyduck and an intense Mr. Mime come close to stealing the spotlight).

A senseless, predictable and consistently dull story that upholds no imagination whatsoever.

" You heard it, Detective Pikachu is a show that lives off its source material and takes it to familiar yet entertaining directions.


It's family safe (although a bit confusing for very young children), and it's midly entertaining, which is more than what I expected, to be honest.

Detective pickachu was a fantastic,fun and unpredictable adventure that has got me excited for pokemons future in film.

Action Packed and Thrilling .

Visually stunning all the way through!

it sucked and I believe it's a waste of time.

Despite excellent CGI, and enthusiastic and high energy voicework from Ryan Reynolds, Pokemon Detective Pikachu suffers from an unfunny script, predictability, bland cinematography and camerawork, forgettable performances, a cut and paste story straight from Zootopia, a lack of excitement and zero fun.

Ryan Reynolds Pikachu is genuinely funny, plus the animation is on point as well which overall helps the film to be engaging and a good watch for all the family.

(IMO) kinda predictable.

Justice Smith portrays the only human character that has a compelling backstory and a likable personality.

However, upon seeing the wonderful, riveting plot of this masterpiece of a film, that old childlike wonder that I'd once had before I became a cynical fuck began to return, and I was enjoying myself.

But still fun and entertaining.

Meanwhile, the action is mostly chaotic and dull.

A world immersed with real life people and Pokemon living side by side is somewhat of a fantasy for the pokefans among us, so delivering this concept to us through the cinema world was, some said, thought to be a tall order....

Well those were my only gripes and if you take a read back you'd see those were too lightly treaded and that is because the flaws were relatively mundane and obscure.

The movie was entertaining and I love watch Psi Duck, and also the interactive play between humans and Pokémon was good.

A cyberpunk feel, buddy cop dynamics, majestic CGI, fandom service, & surprisingly-effective (albeit blockbuster) mystery make Detective Pikachu, despite a miscast lead actor & slow first act, a strong introduction to a Pokémon Cinematic Universe.

Anyway, even with my low 2 ⭐ review somehow the movie is still worth the watch if you don't expect much and just prepare to see some pretty bad acting.

In the mid of movie, I'm getting boring.

I wanted to love it, but the script needed a lot of work to make it a truly engaging story.

The movie was kind of boring and contained some predictable content that made the movie less exciting.

Not only did the movie made me live in a world with Pokémon, it was finally a live action movie based on a video game and anime that was worth watching.

The action is exciting.

This movie can make you feel like you're immersed in a living Pokemon world and alongside some exciting action sequences, this means a real visual treat is in store particularly for Pokemon fans.

Throughout the movie there is predictable and forced character growth that Smith does little to provide any real emotion towards.

The story is just a little bit too cliche and simple, and this movie should had focused on a kid trying to train his Pikachu.

Entertaining for old nostalgia, dont expect much from the story .

DP offers an entertaining adventure from the start of the movie, giving us a "real life" look into all of our childhood fantasies of living in a world of Pokemon.

The movie felt a little cliched in some parts, but apart from that it was very enjoyable.

This film completely embraces the Pokémon lore to dish out an effectively character-driven and visually stunning mystery with a few surprises of its own.

The movie does contain a pretty clever and unexpected twist which surprised me--unlikely in a movie like this.

Fun, but a bit slow .

While not perfect nor overly gripping, Detective Pikachu still delivers and is quite an enjoyable film overall - no matter what age...

The story was also pretty compelling, especially the twist.

Most of the Pokémon that were featured heavily were from the first generation, which was definitely exciting to me and my friends.

Nevertheless it was entertaining.

Mildly entertaining for younger children.

If you are one of them, then you'll probably find enjoyment out of it, but for many people, who are not invested into the franchise, will find the film boring and uninteresting.

My partner only have played Pokemon GO and got hella confused by this movie, she gave it only a 4 out of 10, a boring and confusing movie.

I seriously enjoyed it.

In fact, whenever it wasn't doing something Pokémon related, things would become boring.

By far the most original and surely entertaining video game film ever made, Detective Pikachu manages to bring the fun of its source material on the big screen in bigger waves than you thought imaginable.

Highly enjoyable, especially for Pokeman fans.

I grew up with the original Pokemons, so naturally the creatures were the most fascinating part, and I was surprised at how well the CGI worked.

I went into it with low expectations, but the movie delivers an enjoyable experience for adults due to the humor of Ryan Reynolds.

I thought the friends in the beginning were funny and enjoyable.

But an unimaginative plot and bland, unlikeable characters make for a decidedly boring movie.

As a non-Pokémon fan I really enjoyed it .

Enjoyable from start to finish

Visually nice, entertaining and Reynolds kills it.

A Highly Enjoyable Detective Romp...

Extremely unexpected and underrated.

Beyond him, however, the rest of the characters are incredibly bland and one-dimensional.

Boring .

The performances are enjoyable and each character feels like they are indeed from the world of Pokémon.

An enjoyable watch .

If you've always wanted to fall asleep in a theater, then this is the movie for you.

In these two regards it delivers, the storyline is enjoyable with a fair amount of unexpected twists and turns and a lot of imagination thrown in for good measure too.

Boring commercial.

I quite enjoyed it.

Being a big Pokemon fan since 2011 I can gladly say that this movie was worth watching.

But at other times, the color grading feels too washed out and grey (especially during the laboratory sequence), which makes certain scenes look pretty bland.

What I found issue was a certain Pokemon's voice being hard to comprehend and the plot, despite trying to let the audience play detective, the movie is actually predictable.

Wait until it goes on Netflix don't waste your money on this one in the theaters just go see Avengers again.

The plot is unpredictable and well paced.

The film gives a great setup for non Pokémon fans along with the film's leading characters being enjoyable on screen (Particularly Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds).

It was boring from the first until half of its story.

They make up for the lack of story with great settings, think night time Tokyo neon lights, stunning special effects, and great feelings of nostalgia if you grew up watching, playing, or trading Pokémon.

very, very bland.

My kid is a Pokemon fan, I am slightly familiar with it, but we both enjoyed it so much.

At the end, it's definitely an entertaining film and a fun watch.

One of the most straight up enjoyable video game movies of all time!

It's funniest part of movie who tries to make you sleep just like Jigliepuff.

No story no detectiveness nothing.

Overall, Pokemon Detective Pikachu is a predictable film filled with bad acting,a bad script, and a poor story.

Detective Pikachu was a fun and exciting movie to watch.

As the name suggests, the movie focuses on Ryan Reynolds' depiction of Detective Pikachu and his amazing rendition and expressions is what made the film so enjoyable and entertaining all throughout.

The animation was gorgeous, the story was exciting and touching, and it can be thoroughly enjoyed by any age group.

But watching our childhood with special effects, it suddenly became enjoyable for me.

The story is about a guy who's gets the news that his father has died he travels to the city his estranged father lives in and discovers a talking pikachu who was his father's pokemon the two form a partnership to discover what happened to his father what follows is about what you'd expect from a pokemon comedy movie with Mr mine jokes an underwhelming battle between Pikachu and a Charazard and other unfunny pokemon related jokes aswell as trying to jam a story into it that revolves around Mewtwo its predictable unfunny and a waste of a live action movie that could of been so much more than what amounts to a pokemon version of Ted.

The facial features of Pikachu are engrossing and they convey his emotions very well.

There were quite a few kids in the theater all of whom became bored a quarter of the way in.

If the film took it's time and organized itself a bit better than it would've made for a more enjoyable film.

Though I found these parts derivative and predictable, it impressively pays off with the climax.

As it stands though, this was very average to me and a bit boring at parts.

The ending was really unexpected.

But I must say, "Detective Pikachu" is entertaining and visually stunning.

In the end, the characters and settings themselves made for an enjoyable theatre experience and I was able to forgive the way the story played itself out.

Total Bore for me ...

Many stupid plot holes within an uninteresting story, average fan service, an animation-style that looked like it was made on the first two PlayStation generations, unsatisfing characters with like zero understandable personal progression and humour where every 'okay' joke was followed by many more lame jokes.

Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu, is of course wonderful, and every scene with him is entertaining.

I wouldn't pay $11.50 for a ticket but seeing it when it's cheap, definitely worth the watch.

The story was a bit slow starting off.

Pokémon fanatics may still find something salvageable in this dull, bizarre mess but for me, this was one hell of a painstakingly tedious ride from start to finish.


However, by the end, I HIGHLY recommend it to Pokemon Fans, new and old.

It felt kinda familiar but also still entertaining enough to like it and not get bored, even when everyone already knows how the Story around Mewtwo will evolve.

But on the whole, the cheesiness became charming, and the well plotted adventure story kept the movie entertaining.

There are a few other quallel's I had with this film such as the boring cinematography and lack of variety with the Pokemon.

The end of the movie and the "big twist" was made predictable from the first 15 minutes.

In fact, the film embodies all the worst clichés about action-comedy-pictures aimed for a younger audience: since they can't drop F-bombs, they think they should compensate with chase scenes, explosions, pseudo-suspenseful sequences where we've got to follow people walking for endless minutes before "something" happens, cute romantic innuendo and the most possibly prefabricated sad backstory applied to a main character in order to provide him three-dimensionality.

Humorous and enjoyable.

A fun, funny, and by far entertaining adaptation (even with its flaws) .

The plot twist ending is unexpected!

It's a pretty generic tale and the central mystery isn't all that compelling, but Ryan Reynolds' fun performance and some excellent CGI make this a pretty entertaining time.

Very fun, very entertaining, very enjoy the movie .

Although the team did an excellent job the bring the Pokémon to life, I didn't think there was much else to the movie, predictable bad guy plot.

Nevertheless, they were still entertaining.

I was a little bit bored when the conversation got heavy though.

It's the way they make it fun that makes for an enjoyable watch.

One Hollywood cliche after the other, constant exposition and huge plot holes.

Overall Smith and Reynold's work great together, the effects work are fun and sometimes even stunning, and this is definitely a movie for Pokemon fans.

Plot is boring and soooo predictable (Cliche).

With that said, the premise of this movie is a simple detective story that ultimately may be predictable for some if you're trying to be one step ahead of the protagonists.

Very Confusing and Boring .

However, the movie turned out to be so boring and cliche.

I didn't put a 9 because I think the animated movies plots were better (well, the first one at least), but this one was entertaining and the CGI was awesome, though the inception thing was unnecesary.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu is a film for all ages, and is actually very enjoyable.

It was a great movie for kids while still being entertaining for adults.

But whilst all the Pokemon characters are all colourful and memorable, all the humans are just very bland by comparison.

Also remember how I complained about the seemingly dull and dumb attitude of the main protagonist?

Cinematography, (Most) of the Designs and Sets are stunning.

Nicely shot and directed with cool Pokemon but the human characters are shallow and bland and share almost no chemistry with eachother.

Problem is that there are many 10 pointer reviews wich are confusing.

We also of course get a cliche "mom is dead or dying" arch which is supposed to help us sympathize with Tim.

Really boring .

While there are plot points which aren't original, the movie overall is a fun, entertaining watch for both kids, their parents, and nostalgic adults like me who grew up with this cultural phenomenon which we all thought would be just a fad.

This movie was fun, entertaining, and even had a moderately interesting plot.

The actors are boring, the plot is boring, the "Pokemons" are boring, no fight.

It was an ok movie for me, the kids enjoyed it a lot.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu is really enjoyable and fun to watch.

There's almost nothing happening for most of the times, we're just watching empty streets for padding.

I thought the appearances of the Pokemon made for a very exciting and realistic journey into the Pokemon world.

I mean I didn't expect much seeing the plot similar to any other pokemon animated movies, but the plot was a bit extra boring.

The villain as well was also really engaging with an interesting plan.

I will give it a 7, cause it is quite entertaining, a bit boring sometimes, and does not have that memorable impact.

Anyway, the film is quite entertaining and has an interesting story.

They went a relatively cliche route and a lot of the comedic elements fell flat.

The world of Pokémon comes alive beautifully, full of these fascinating critters that we simply adore.

My 9 year old said it was boring.

Nighy was predictable and disappointing.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu has a convoluted plot but is still a great video game movie that's consistently funny, heartwarming and fast paced.

Visually stunning for sure, good story to get away from copying the original idea of ash Ketchum (which would've been a mess to say the least) and fun moments throughout.

The plot is good, but a bit predictable (gets a little wierd in the end).

Even without knowing much about Pokemon, this film is an immensely entertaining ride, full of plenty of gags and solid action sequences.

Seeing there friendship develop was very entertaining and heartwarming to see.

It's enjoyable for everyone and makes for a great family film.

Somewhat Predictable, Definitely Entertaining .

I found the last act of the movie very enjoyable, with some great special effects and great action scenes.

The twists were predictable and messy.

Yes, Detective Pikachu does bring alot of family friendly fun and action, giving an enjoyable time for the whole family.

Just a slow plot and we don't really care about the characters or the resolution.

An enjoyable movie .

I was not expecting much from this movie due to the old movie adaptions of video games and it not having main elements from the anime like the character "Ash", but after putting that aside and giving this movie a chance I have to admit that I really enjoyed it.

The second half is downhill, lacking the funny moments and one liners, so you're stuck with forgettable main character A, forgettable love interest B, forgettable villain C, generic big bad evil corporation D, and overall bland dialogue.

What a useless story and pointless action scenes.

Solidly enjoyable .

Despite a slow and mistoned first act, once Pikachu and Tim meet, the rest is golden with a phenomenal buddy cop dynamics bolstered by Reynolds' SPECTACULAR Pikachu bringing his Deadpool-ish comedic delivery and irreverency/lighthearted airiness into perhaps the most iconic creature in fiction - doing him and the franchise proud while matching the film's resplendent visuals and setting.

Total target audience confusion.

I loved the characters presented (Psyduck is my favorite: 3) and found the ending a little predictable.