Polaroid (2019) - Drama, Horror, Thriller

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High school loner Bird Fitcher has no idea what dark secrets are tied to the Polaroid camera she finds. It doesn't take long to discover that those who've their picture taken with it, soon die.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Lars Klevberg
Stars: Kathryn Prescott, Tyler Young
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 41 out of 151 found boring (27.15%)

One-line Reviews (94)

totally uninteresting .

The end was predictable but worth watching.

Shockingly dull .

But don't get me wrong, Polaroid isn't a terrible horror film to pass the time, it just ultimately falls under the category of being another very predictable teen supernatural horror that brings NOTHING new or exciting to the table.

This movie dragged on waaay too long without a good storyline.

Unlike the 2nd half of the movie, 1st half was so bad, lacking explanation and with so predictable obvious common effects, making the whole movie look fake, not even showing the evil.

Only little children don't know about them, hence why this ultra-formulaic commercial flick is recommended only to the youngest demographic.

I was also surprised how boring some of it was.

It's not edge of your seat scary, but a couple of death scenes are pretty intense (Madeleine Petsch and Katie Stevens, the new scream queens?

Cliché hell .

The movie starts out slow then everytime suddenly feels rushed like it was been pushed to some deadline.

Acting isn't bad, creature is great aswell but the kills are boring.

The characters and the plot come from an uninspired, unoriginal script, it's quite predictable and the twists have little to no impact.

Values & Themes: Friends looking out for each other, getting to the truth, doing what is rightA good thriller with exciting plot points, creative effects, and a great cast!

The characters and the plot derive from an uninspired, unoriginal script, it's boring and the surprises have little or no effect.

Yawn .

Bored to freaking death.

In the end, it was even more intense than I expected.

So cliche'd, so much stolen from similar movies.

Typical falling over etc really got on my nerves, and a couple of the characters were dead annoying, but overall it's probably worth watching.

So, if you want to waste your time, waste it in something better.

worth the watch 👍👍👏👏

I watch every horror movie I can get my hands on and most of them are weak and boring.

Was a goodfilm to watch, had all you needed to keep you gript storyline was good made sence, wasent spectacular new story but i enjoyed it ....

Music score (9, it was suspenseful) 6.

Its slow and previsible as hell.

Overall, it's definitely worth watching.

This movie is legit boring af, maybe it's good for my nephews and stuff but for me, it was boring and I couldn't continue watching it after watching half of it because everything gets so predictable and even the jump scares are average.

Completely predictable, undeveloped characters, mostly off-screen PG-13 deaths with characters walking around in the dark...

Doesn't get much worse than this, boring and cliched .

It was suspenseful and eerie.

As a result of being written with the help of The Pathetic Hollywood Formula Horror-Cliches Handbook, the film is predictable from start to finish.

Its just boring and generic from beginning to the end.


Lame and boring!!.

Pretty predictable with a couple cool death scenes tossed in.

Despite being unusual, the camera gimmick doesn't work, the actors look bored, and the effects are awful.

Don't waste your time!

Very Enjoyable.

Really bored!

This film is formulaic and stale, has no nudity, and they screw up the whole point by overthinking the monster.

Bird searching things also part of the boring scene!

Entertaining .

The Goosebumps-tier plot is interesting, all the acting is good and most importantly it's actually wince-inducingly scary and suspenseful throughout.

Usually young protagonists in trouble with formulaic scares abound.

I seen too many horror movies to sit thru this very average movie alone after my boyfriend fell asleep.

There is the original score and it plays, but it's just as uninspiring as the plot.

I am surprised that there is no bigger audience for this good filmSo back to the film; normaly at the end of the film, a Horror filmwith an age rating of 13 Years mostly is getting boring.

You'll be dragged up into an attic, thrown down basement stairs, neck broken, head turned around Exorcist style.

Great waste of time..not interesting..this effects is for 1990 years not for 2019..and that asthmatic monster is weird..

Unfortunately, you'll have to sit through an entire HOUR of a very boring movie, before it get even a little interesting.

"Polaroid" is a zombie horror flick that is arguably good-looking, all-cliché-rehabilitating mainstream, offering some fun and cheap teen bruises.


It was enjoyable.

) the thin, cliche love story between the 'funny arguing' couple of the group resonates with you - Charles and you argue all the time.

Its not really that bad, it's becomes alittle bit boring.

Different from other boring horror flick where they have unnecessary jumpscares, illogical story and stupid acting, loud sound, meaningless sequels etc. This is one is far away from them.

Something charmingly inept and entertaining or potentially decent and watchable.

Polaroid is a lame, unoriginal and predictably boring horror film that has an above average cast that unfortunately can't do anything to save the film they are in.

Bland characters and they were as stupid as teenagers can be.

Well worth watching.

I nearly so nearly turned this movie off before it got to half way as I was so bored and I thought it was going to be another whoever is in the picture dies type movie to add to the tonnes we already have and I was pretty much right.

With that said, it was still a very well made movie and well worth watching, which is why I gave it an 8.

Zzzz Still Falling Down Getting Caught By Monster Zzzz .

Nice photography and intense acting.

Horror movies are scary when things are slow and allow the fear to build up, which is exactly what you will get in the first two acts.

Waste of time .

But, it's still somewhat entertaining.

Def an enjoyable horror movie.

They tried to layer this mediocre, cliche ridden teen scare with needless twist, after twists with the identity of the killer.

Ever find a movie boring because the characters keep running separately?

Polaroid is another boring "ghost-like" horror film.

I'm a big horror fan but these kinds of films will put me off for life - I thoroughly believe that If I carried on watching it would've bored me to death.

Entertaining and suspenseful.

Polaroid is a decently executed, yet cliche teen horror that shows flashes of genuine foreboding creepiness, and some plot predictability along the way.

It's entertaining .

It could easily have been college age kids to raise their age for more intense scares.

It is an average PG-13 movie and I must say that I enjoyed it.

So poor, dark, predictable, BORING .

Yes,it regurgitates many other better movies,but it is entertaining,well shot and not as boring as many other films.

OK to kill an afternoon if you're bored.

Really enjoyed it and made me jump a couple of times which is always good.

the one thing that kills a horror movie is if it's boring.

Great idea for a film and worth watching, action was a bit toned down hence the PG-13 rating.

It excels at being dull to the point where it's somehow even too dull to fall asleep to.

You are left with a paint-by-numbers affair that will bore seasoned genre admirers to death.

Polaroid low budget movie remake, All things in this movie was good didnt got any problem with it the plot is some interesting it reminds me of final destination meets a monster, as a scary it had some scary moments but nothing new just normal like other movies but the plot sounded interesting and its low budget we dont have to expect too much from it but i liked it and its a good movie for low budget and genre its worth a watch if you havent seen any from it or the original one, and better than most other horror long movies that bores u and keeps you to the end and leaves you with nothing, 6/10⭐

To end it was predictable.

Very Enjoyable!

This is a good tense thriller and my children and I enjoyed it immensely.

I thought there was a certain backstory that was very unnerving as well and by the time the intense finale arrives, everything is that much more effectively frightening as things are amped up.

But the film's real problems are its formulaic nature that prevents it from being more than mildly interesting; this predictability also disallows any excitement.

Predictable hokum with a few minor scares.

Very predictable and basic.