Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (1989) - Comedy, Crime

Hohum Score



Those bumbling cadets take to the streets when three inept goons successfully orchestrate a metropolitan crime wave.

IMDB: 4.4
Director: Peter Bonerz
Stars: Bubba Smith, David Graf
Length: 84 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 15 out of 69 found boring (21.73%)

One-line Reviews (38)

Mahoneys replacement is boring and not near as charming.

The only remotely entertaining character in the series Harris is there with his hapless sidekick Proctor.

this one is a lot more exciting than the others i say.

The premise was stale by the fourth film but now it is a case of an increasingly thin and repetitive premise stretched to breaking point.

Possibly the worst is Bruce Mahler as Fackler, an accident-prone cop instigating wearily mistimed and predictable slapstick sequences.

Pointless .

While maybe the not greatest comedy, if you are looking for some simple fun, I'd say Police Academy 6 is a very good and entertaining film.

As for the rest of the film, pointless and pretty boring, and unfortunately, the last to feature all continuing actors (besides Steve Guttenburg) together, the next (and hopefully last) sequel, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the first film, only featured five of them.

They recycle the same story and the same jokes for the sixth time, and what was original in the first movie, still fun in the second and third, has now grown boring to death.

This is the most exciting movie in the POLICE ACADEMY series since there is a lot more action than there is in the other ones which I like.

The one thing about these films I find entertaining is the many ways of pulling pranks on Captain Harris.

Matt McCoy is a hopelessly bland and unbearably wooden lead, couldn't have been a worse substitute for Steve Guttenberg.

Not so many pranks, nudity or rudeness, just simple childish 'Pink Panther' styled buffoonery but more idiotic and predictable if that's possible.

probably the worst movie of all time even Vanilla Ice movies are better.

Another snoozer .

I even wanted to know who the leak was, the plot is more compelling than usual.

And they also manage to fend off police for the hours you watch this movie in utterly boring fashion.

While Police Academy 6: City Under Siege is certainly no cinematic masterpiece, it is a very entertaining and funny film that gets a bad rap, probably in part to how bad the previous and following films in the series were.

Not the Greatest Movie Ever, But Still Entertaining .

One of worst movies I've ever seen.

Improbably, the descent to the very yawning maws of the comedic Underworld have abundantly gathered pace through this bloodied abortion.

This has its moments, but the film is dull and a poor excuse for another sequel.

it was a little more entertaining,and maybe funnier.

It´s waste of money & time.

If you like a depressive, boring Sunday afternoon, just watch one of the Police Academy movies.

but on the other hand it's not the funniest movie ever made and it's just a rehash of the last 5 movies, but it's STILL good and worth watching if you've nothing better to do & obiously if you've seen the first 5.

With a huge crime wave gripping the city "the Mayor" (played by Kenneth Mars) has decided to task "Commissioner Lassard" (George Gaynes) with the mission to catch those responsible.

wow so pointless.

In fact, it became tiresome even back in the fourth movie and, if they weren't smart enough to stop on three, they should have stopped after the fourth, which turned out to be a total failure.

The issue is the forced comedy beats, not the orchestrated comedy beats, the dull silly humour moments.

100% the most boring movie that i have ever seen.

Police Academy's are the worst movies that ever made,even "Crossroads" is better than "Police Academy".

This sequel is without a doubt one of the lamest comedies ever, the humor is dated, the actors bored and no laugh is contained in this horse manure.

I think that this (and the next in the series, where the silly gang go to Moscow) is two of the worst movies ever made actually.

Pretty good, considering that there is no plot, just a string of (sometimes tired) gags.

There's a scene where the blue-eyed boring one and the silly noises one enter a "Comedy Pub" to quieten it down after a blackout.

I credit director Peter Bonerz for making this movie worth watching.

Most of them are actually being pretty bad or worse and lose what was enjoyable about the original in the first place.