Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986) - Horror

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The Freeling family have a new house, but their troubles with supernatural forces don't seem to be over.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Brian Gibson
Stars: JoBeth Williams, Craig T. Nelson
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 28 out of 132 found boring (21.21%)

One-line Reviews (83)

A lame follow up to the phenomenally successful and tremendously entertaining 1982 spook fest about a normal suburban family terrorized by ghouls.

At least it's better than the deadly dull second sequel "Poltergeist III".

Fairly pointless sequel .

Verdict: So all in all P2 deserves to be recognised as a compelling and most riveting sequel that should have gotten the recognition it deserves.

Now, some of the effects were enjoyable, such as the light, which is a plus.

It drags along at a slow pace, doesn't contain much suspense, and only has one or two memorable moments in it.

But what is there is still strangely empty; and that, in the end, is due to the absence of both Spielberg and Hooper in the basic involvement of things.

But it was still entertaining and it does have its moments.

He is tiresome and off-putting - descriptions which reflect the film as a whole.

The film also has a very slow start, and takes a while to get going.

Vapid Indian spells with extremely bad special effects, killer tequila worms, the son's braces becoming monsters, and contrived dialogue from characters so wonderfully natural the first time around, and in a house that's not even their own: Craig T.

The extremely boring screenplay and the total lack of humor in order to put thing into perspective a little make this a truly pointless film, only for die-hard fans of the first.

Both sequels rely on cheap jump gags, bizarre and unexplained twists, disjointed subplots, tedious dialogue, and weird and boring gore.

The third act was predictable and much of the film was underdeveloped.

Rated PG-13 for intense violence and language.

Julian Beck registers a very chilling performance and Will Sampson is trying to keep from bursting out laughing from this badly edited movie which more times than it can count suddenly jumps into another contrived plot point.

Heather O'Rourke is still adorable as Carol Anne, Zelda Rubinstein, in a glorifified supporting role, stops by to help the Freelings the best she can(..having delved into the history of what took place in the cavernous dwelling under their house), and Sampson as the Indian shaman is a charming, welcome presence who wishes to bestow wisdom to the family often just confusing poor Steve whose life has fallen on hard times thanks to the spirits which won't leave Carol Anne alone.


The horror elements are totally disjointed and don't make any sense at all.

There is a lot to like in this film, but you will walk away from it feeling empty, especially about the forced "funny" final moments.

" The rest of the movie is pretty dull.

The family are confronted by two unexpected visitors; Taylor, a Native American medicine man sent by to psychic Tangina Barrons and Rev Henry Kane a rather creepy preacher.

This one is worth watching just to see Craig T.

Exciting, great story, acting, effects, and music score.

It's too bland and lackluster when compared to the original frightfest of popping coffins and evil apparitions.

The sequel is just boring, albeit we do get to see Craig T Nelson acting all coked up for some reason.

Enjoyable .

A highly entertaining sequel to the classic chiller .

This continues the storyline and it's interesting to see the pieces falling into place, but it is an empty film.

Worth watching!


There is some good moments here and there that are pretty enjoyable, as the first attack in the bathroom is a great highlight with some great special effects showing the spirits getting released and an imaginative series that had a great sense of trying to be original, the braces wiring springing to life and ensnaring them in the bathroom is a big scene that's pretty imaginative, and the displays of his religious powers are rather entertaining.

Much of this movie is just flashbacks of the first film (Which just made me want to watch Poltergeist again), very drawn out and boring plot conversations, and random Indian rituals.

What an uncanny and intense performance!

I felt the movie had a descent script, very good acting, and some intriguing scares.

This was just plain boring.

That leads into the thrilling finale back in the caverns underground which lend themselves to a spooky setting where the skeletons and cramped rocky settings give this the fine backdrop for the battle in the other dimension which is pretty thrilling overall and really offers a lot to like.

Instead of cutting deeper into the story and motives behind the poltergeist ghosts and the mysterious Reverend Kane (a creepy Julian Beck) , we are bombarded with special effects and standard horror devices (chainsaws, etc.). In the odd moments in which the movie tries to cover its plot holes, using a story about an indian massacre, the movie only succeeds in creating more confusion.

The Other Side is just as dull...

Like a lot of sequels that are here to make cash, it feels awfully contrived.

Some problems that the film faced are that there are too much dwelling on what happened in the first film, the film's pace is quite slow, rather humourless, some rather meaningless scenes, a lot of talking that has no real interest and overall it's rather a pointless sequel with no meaning to the narrative when it finally finishes.

as a result pic becomes predictable and boring the effects are hammy and aside from Julian Beck,(who gives the movies only high point with a terrifically creepy performance)Jobeth Williams and Craig T Nelson look bored to death.

Unfortunately, the main flaw with this film is that it's climax is devastatingly anti-climatic, we see the "other side" for the first time, but it is all very bizarre and unsuspenseful which ruins the film's impact, which until the final 10 minutes was reasonably exciting and scary.

There are some lively action and some mildly evocative and intense moments after 45-minutes or so.

This pointless sequel and occasionally plodding will like to strange deeds buffs and Poltergeist trilogy fans.

For sequel month, it only fits we'd get a sequel that's pretty pointless.

Most sequels stink but there are a few that are worth watching, this is one of them.

This one is so much more exciting than the original and the are so many good actors Craig T Nelson ,Julian Beck and don't forget Will Sampson.

The Freeling family has survived the intense ordeal of the supernatural from the first movie.

Unfortunately, a dull script, uninspired direction, weak performances and truly absurd special-effects laden moments seriously let Poltergeist II down: writers Michael Grais and Mark Victor fill the film with terrible dialogue, director Brian Gibson fails to match the magic of the original film, Craig T.

'Poltergeist 2: The Other Side' is unpredictable, creepy and engaging.

I enjoyed it very much.

Otherwise, there's some enjoyable parts here.

This movie is very intense.

I found some parts of the movie a little dull at times, I did get little bored at times, didn't flow like the first movie.

Sometimes the horror is a bit over-the-top and seeing a family get scared at the same things over and over gets a little tedious.

Pointless scenes drag on, filled with boring dialog about the family's power when they work together, blah, blah, blah, and the characters all become so annoying that you'll wear out your fast forward button.

The most entertaining bit is probably how this new villain Kane looks a lot like Fred Phelps.

The cast look as bored as i was.

The supernatural attacks lack imagination & are dull, director Gibson fails to create, build or sustain any sort of atmosphere, menace or tension & I was literary laughing & shaking my head in disbelief at some of these scenes.

The original "Poltergeist", directed by Tobe Hooper but clearly a Spielberg-pastiche, is one of the most overrated and boring movies of all time and the sequels (this one as well as part 3, starring Tom Skerritt) are every bit as lame.

"Poltergeist II: The Other Side" is an entertaining movie, considering it is from 1986.

The screenplay and story by Michael Grais and Mark Victor were well-written, giving us a captivating and exciting plot, and the direction by Brian Gibson is solid and thrilling like the original.

I have seen this sequel to "Poltergeist" many times and have always enjoyed it as much as I did the first movie.

The actor who plays Kane is a very scary character and i'm sure bumping into him would scare the bravest of people as he looks like death warmed up,a great character for the movie and keeps you on the edge of your seat all through the film.

Technically Poltergeist II: The Other Side is OK & considering it's supposed $19,000,000 I would expect so, having said that the special optical effects are generally quite poor & as a whole it's a bland unremarkable film in the way it's constructed.

Dull .

The most welcome return on POLTERGEIST II, besides Edlund's special effects, is Jerry Goldsmith's intense orchestral score.

Pointless film and sequel .

The film is too slow for the first half & tries to cram too much into it's second.

Not a patch on the 1982 original, but entertaining all the same .

"Poltergeist II - The Other Side" have its flaws, even if the original story flows well for this sequel, the novelty factor was over and Gibson couldn't reproduce the same eerie atmosphere, the mastering of suspense or the creativity behind the camera-work, and the fact that MGM butchered the movie from the initial length of 130 minutes to just 91, most of the scenes / plot extensions felt incomplete and, most especially, the ending confrontation when the audience can finally have a look on the other side, was too short and the impact was kind of dull.

What it sorely lacked was atmosphere, but otherwise it's mildly entertaining.

The Tequilla scene is worth watching (I'm ready to quit drinking!

There is a lot to like in this film, but you will walk away from it feeling empty, especially about the forced "funny" final moments.

The ending is too literal in its presentation and feels a bit rushed and forced; it's either too weird or not weird enough (hard to decide), but overall, 'Poltergeist II: The Other Side' is a lot better than most people would expect and is quite a compelling horror film.

Poltergeist 2 is lovingly crafted with big heart by director Brian Gibson & it's truly a fantastic favourite from my childhood & a Nostalgic time-capsule of the great 80's Supernatural Horror "Effects" films, a nice story & set-up for a great thrilling sequel.

This was boring and so cringe worthy even for 1986.

It's a slow burner to begin with, as there are interesting theories thrown in and the story is more of mystical journey for the family.

), but the child actor still delivers, her first encounter with Reverend Kane in the Mall is unforgettable as a good piece of thrilling cinema (it helped, that little Heather was in real life scared of Julian Beck, who sported a gaunt look due to his stomach cancer).

slow moving.

This disappointing follow-up to the classic POLTERGEIST ('82) rehashes a boring plot which in this case substitutes humour and sentimentalising in place of thrills and chills.

Giger designs, are absoloutely stunning, breathing incredible life into such wondrously creepy creations as the memorable Vomit Creature and The Beast and Jerry Goldsmith's score too is simply amazing.