Precious Cargo (2016) - Action, Comedy, Crime

Hohum Score



A crime boss tries to make off with loot that belongs to another thief.

IMDB: 4.6
Director: Max Adams
Stars: Bruce Willis, Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 66 found boring (31.81%)

One-line Reviews (41)

The biggest problem I have with this movie,is that they use the same old cliché stereotypes.

So enjoyable .

But at the same time I'm sure she'll probably becomes extremely enjoyable as she starts to purr.

While the characters were all very one-dimensional and underdeveloped, the stunts were crazy exciting.

Writer & director Max Adams' profanity-laden, formulaic action fodder about double-crosses and shoot'em ups is snappy enough nonsense to be interesting and some of its dialogue is amusing.

What I received was some garish Gosselaar garbage, strung together by the most frequent quick cuts to ensure that you are unable to see any of the "absolutely exciting" action.

It's worth watching just to see Forlani channel Jolie....

Dialogue from the very start to the predictable climax is riddled with clichés and cheese, with toe-curling howlers aplenty, and what little there is of the story has no surprises, fun or tension, is very pedestrian in pace and fails to make sense or have signs of maturity.

it is composed of components and stereotypical elements which are either long-know or sooo predictable to a Hollywood "who-gives-a-xxxx" production.

Even the cut scenes looked boring...

Precious Cargo has little that is original, it is a passable time waster but the smart alec dialogue from Gosselaar and his crew quickly becomes tiring and the acting from leads is bland.

Watch it with your friends, watch it when you're lazy, watch it just to have something to enjoy in the meanwhile if you're bored.

Yeah, it might be pretty lame in places, but it is one of those quite enjoyable type of lame.

Cliché that's all i can say .

Problem is all those bangs and it's still boring !!

Really a waste of time watching this movie.

It was fun, silly, worth laughing at, had a few good action sequences and was a predictable heist movie.

They arrived first and had a choice so they chose the slower boat?

plot is hard to follow because you simply stop giving a f**k 5.

but maybe you find something that is entertaining in this ...

Compared with this, "American Heist" was highly enjoyable.

Sure, the acting certainly isn't top notch, and with the exception of Bruce Willis, they are mostly B-grade actors, but sometimes this B-grade films are much more entertaining than your typical big budget blockbuster.

The film as a whole is a mixed bag, featuring sub-par writing at times (the humour is unfunny, the characters and their plots cliched) but generally crisp photography and solid direction that makes this a bit more enjoyable then it has any right to be.

Follow this up with some truly wooden stereotypical characters (this is not Willis at his finest, trust me) and you just have the movie equivalent of watching paint dry.

why take the slowest boat when running away from people who want to kill you?

There were some humorous scenes, which made the film slightly watchable but the storyline is predictable and Jack, who looked and acted just like Chris Pratt, became annoying after a while.

It is nowhere near the top of the list of best Bruce Willis movies, or even the best of action movies released in the past six months, though it is still quite entertaining, despite some of its lesser production values and cringe-worthy moments of bad dialogue.

other than that this was very entertaining and exactly what I needed.

cliché after cliché ...

As for Precious Cargo, it was exciting and was filled with explosions, gun fire and stunts...

Well, it certainly is confusing and the film just stopped making much sense.

You may skip it safely - don't waste your time.

Gosselaar does a really good job carrying this movie and even though this is a low budget B movie it was entertaining, exciting, and really fun to watch.

When will directors finally realize that a crime movie gets the labeled "immortal" pinned on because it contains an unprecedented and fascinating story in which passionate and charismatic actors appear.

Kelly young girl sniper oh my god she was just terrible character so they robbed Armor Truck stole money they give to Eddie, but now that's not the way it goes I Swear the only thing Bruce is only in for ten scenes in movie gosh the only thing where is money, because he Karen as hostage they need to do job to get her back the only thing he shots gun that's it there you go that's Bruce part of movie here you go fans he looks so bored burning out his skull.

The direction is suggestive of inexperience, there is just no energy, momentum or finesse, the non-action oriented parts are handled so indifferently and the action is shot in a way that can be difficult to follow.

As for the (limited) action, it's routine at best, and flat and uninteresting at its worst.

Most others on here have said pretty much what I would have but I want to say I agree with them that this is one of the worst movies ever.

That being said, while it certainly wasn't a great film by any means, it was sufficiently entertaining for me to rate it as slightly above average.

Kelly need a lot of voice coaching, mostly to slow down, because she doesn't carry off 'thoughtful' well enough for the part.

Worst movie ever!.