Pretty Persuasion (2005) - Comedy, Drama

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A 15-year-old girl incites chaos among her friends and a media frenzy when she accuses her drama teacher of sexual harassment.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Marcos Siega
Stars: Evan Rachel Wood, Ron Livingston
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 18 out of 83 found boring (21.68%)

One-line Reviews (62)

It's a daring, provocative, and hilarious performance by one of the industry's most intriguing actresses.

Or will she just feel more empty and alone?

As a fan of uncompromising cinema, I found Pretty Persuasion both thoroughly engaging and pleasantly unpredictable, the kind of film genuinely deserving of those oft-used labels 'quirky', 'witty', and 'off-beat'; you could do worse than to give this movie a permanent place on your DVD shelf, filed alongside Mean Girls, Cruel Intentions, To Die For, Wild Things and Heathers.

Rachel Wood's super intense too.

Waste of time and talent.

But don't worry, the slowness is redeemed by the plot twists.

The cast, especially James Woods, is equally up to what Kimberly dishes out, and the dialog, crisp and sharp, keeps the film on a roll with always a surprising "bon mot" thrown in when unexpected.

Picking up the story is the stunning, lesbian reporter Emily Klein (Jane Krakowsi).

The final 'twist' hinged on a stupid and paltry cliché.

The dark humor is non-existent-pointless bigotry without context is just...

A massive waste of 2 hours of your life...

With another impressive performance of the gifted Evan Rachel Wood and the stunning James Wood, this dramatic dark comedy may shock with the crude sex scenes, the deranged family of Kimberly or the outrageous perjuries of the girls; or make the viewer laugh with the permanent black humor or the scenes of the racist Hank Joyce; or feel sorry for the poor teacher Percy Anderson.

I found the film intensely funny, gripping and well-acted.

Great performance over-all (Selma Blair is stuck YET AGAIN playing the ditz) but it does get slow at times.

an intriguing aspect is her stepmother witch Kimberly insults with "go f the dog".

The movie is alternately predictable and shocking in its failure to fashion a coherent plot.

This film is as soulless, vapid and empty as the characters it was trying to portray.

I was expecting something better but it is so boring, if you want to waste 2 hours of your life watching an no sense, bad plot and boring movie, do it.

This one will have you on the edge of your seat waiting for Kimberly to reveal the next nugget of political incorrectness.

Amazing and Unexpected Dark Comedy .

If you wanna waste your time watch this.

The script breaks that facade on occasion but with all that bad she does, the scenes of her vulnerability seem a bit contrived, forced and inauthentic, as if Kimberly was manipulating the audience as well.

And that pretty brunette haired white chick too she's so hot and sweet, and intense.

Sex is really intense.

The most intriguing thing about "Pretty Persuasion" is the way it embeds a complementary theme about Hollywood hypocrisy in the very structure of the film.

How many times a year do you get a movie with a rich and entertaining script like this one?

I wouldn't be surprised as it has all the characteristics of the really bad films that go there for their fair share of empty hype.

He has a great way with actors, managing to get a great performance out of everyone involved, especially Evan Rachel Wood (who also looks stunning) and James Wood, playing her wacky, almost insane father in the film.

A "clever" little indie black comedy, about a precocious fifteen year old high schooler/aspiring actress and her watered down, contrived, pseudo-sadistic, clownish exploits.

When the Palestinian girl killed herself, I shook my head, wishing fervently that I'd walked out of the theater much earlier in this misbegotten film.

The film offers a bland attempt at oversexualized "camp" from moment to moment, which should be appreciated as an interesting attempt, while blindly becoming formulaic satire in a cloak of edgy "indie" tragedy.

Because it was so original and yes, witty, it made it enjoyable and that was even all the more shocking.

but they failed-badly-and instead of offended or even once amused, I was really sort of bored.

And cliché...

Well worth watching, even if finding it is a challenge.

Pretty Persuasion teeters on the edge of laughter and shock throughout this roller-coaster ride of sex, lies, love, friendship, racism, and teenage angst.

I'd like to go higher, but the slow beginning, and the poor performances by Blair and Woods prevent me from doing so.

Add to that the confusion of having to live with multiple cultures in with racists and wars raging.

Life's so intense.

Even under the guise of examining how ambiguous male-driven media messages from Britney Spears to Lolita to TV shows, etc. create confusing role models of appropriate behavior for girls in their real lives, males are seen as clueless pawns of younger females.

The script is meant to be a biting satire but comes across as incredibly lame and pointless.

Jaime's so intense.

Drawn Out Social and Political Satire of Teen Girls .

Her voice inflections are monotone and quiet and sounds about as interesting as someone reading the dictionary aloud in a large empty stadium.

But despite all my raving of the film's performances, I still find myself bored with Pretty Persuasion.

On a lighter note, I get great pleasure out of films like Mean Girls (2004), Heathers (1988) and even The Virgin Suicides (1999) presenting us with the mysteriously intriguing world of female adolescence.

If I actually find a high school movie entertaining, you should probably watch it.

There is something about this movie which keeps you on it and for someone who gets bored very easily, this is quite an achievement.

So intense.

) Still thought it was intriguing.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

One of the most fascinating movies I've seen all year.

Or even more appropriately Weld''s portrayal of Abigail in "The Crucible", because at its core "Pretty Persuasion" is a modern version of Arthur Miller's classic; an intriguing blend of "The Crucible", "To Die For" and "Heathers".

you've seen at least a handful of films that strive for that same "shocking" attitude, with little more to offer than a cheap attempt at irony, and ridiculously glossy, under-ripe adolescent sexual schlock, then you will definitely find Pretty Persuasion right along with every pretentious, audience-insulting, over-indulgent piece of garbage there is out there.

The plot is extremely contrived and the ending is comparable to a join-the-dots activity for a two year old.

Trite and fake .

I love Selma so damn much it's so super intense.

pointless bigotry...


While, yes, all the characters are seemingly caricatures (Evan Rachel Wood is NOT a caricature in this movie, but rather a complicated character who forces herself into caricature as an element of her persona), it's wickedly amazing to watch and it's more entertaining, while being both disgusting and edifying, than almost any movie that I've seen this year.

Evan Rachel Wood is not taxed by playing a cold-hearted girl whose motives, ultimately, are fairly uninteresting.

I don't know why, I knew I was supposed to hate a lot of these characters, but I found them to be so human a the bored rich people who have nothing better to do than complain.