Primal Fear (1996) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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An altar boy is accused of murdering a priest, and the truth is buried several layers deep.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Gregory Hoblit
Stars: Richard Gere, Laura Linney
Length: 129 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 29 out of 311 found boring (9.32%)

One-line Reviews (203)

a boring pile of drivel .

Primal Fear is an engaging movie that serves up a plate of delicious moral ambiguity.

For me, the whole thing was a complete waste of time.

Gregory Hoblit directed with focus but not much flash, however Gere's solid performance, and a very exciting supporting turn from Edward Norton as the complicated accused, makes the picture worthwhile.

Not believable at all, but entertaining .

I wasn't expecting it, and having that first fascinating twist sprung on me really made the movie just a little better.

In other words, this movie made him a star, as the cliché goes.

This movie will hold you tight at your seat and at times your heart beat might match step with that of the intense storyline.

Although the twist at the end did cross my mind before the ending, this is still a great, thrilling movie.

enjoyable .

He makes it worth it to sit through the tedious flirtation between Gere and his love interest.

Gregory Hoblit's intriguing thriller 'Primal Fear' keeps the viewer in suspense as the mystery unravels right till the revelation in the end.

His explanation for his actions is not sufficient, and the reality is the courtroom portion of the movie is fairly generic and somewhat uninteresting.

and climax is stunning...

Terrific supporting turns all around, with a literate, smart script and unexpected ending.

"Primal Fear" is irresistible to anyone who enjoys courtroom dramas or psychological thrillers as it has a twisted plot that remains both gripping and immensely entertaining from beginning to end.

That piece of the story seemed pointless and uninteresting.

If you enjoy an engaging and involving thriller with surprises, this is the movie for you.

A great story, great acting, and very intense.

It's a great, suspenseful, smart story.

I regret sometimes to see great actors turning into propaganda instruments for certain people.

Great atmosphere and a strong supporting cast including Laura Linney and Frances McDormand make this an exciting movie experience

Having said that, it's still worth watching and whilst it isn't the best legal thriller I've seen, it's still well above average.

Full of holes but still enjoyable and inventive .

Primarily engrossing viewing .

Ultimately the film answers its biggest questions in rather thrilling fashion.

I've watched this movie around 5-7 times and I assure you, it will be captivating, spellbinding and intriguing to any fanatic of drama, crime investigation, jury, mystery, murder trials, psychiatry, psychology, justice, revenge, deception, love, gore, anger, psychopaths, and manipulation.

The film was a bit slow and gere just doesn't do it for me.

It is also preposterous to see that Cuba Gooding Jr.'s solid performance in Jerry Maguire won the Oscar over Norton's stunning performance.

This is only one of the first masterfully written plot turns that keeps you on the edge of your seat and unable to truly grasp the situation fully.

The story ends on a chilling note, thanks largely to the clever, intense and totally convincing performance ED NORTON gives in his film debut.

It's a completely enjoyable trip, if your expectations are in line.

The plot intricacies get more and more exciting, although sometimes distracted by an unnecessary subplot about the priest' connections with the mob, and it also distracts on Norton's spectacular performance as Aaron Stapler, which finally explodes at the film's climactic confrontation.

One of the best examples of the intense 90s thriller, this movie works very well.

stunning performance by Edward Norton .

'Primal Fear' is a decent and moderately absorbing courtroom drama film.

Predictable .

very intense.

Gregory Hoblit's intense "Primal Fear" is one example.

Then, too, the script, based on a novel by William Diehl, is first rate and full of twists and turns, with a stunning maneuver at the finale.

The case is intriguing and did what seldom movies can do, surprise me.

Although Richard Gere has one of his juiciest roles in Primal Fear, the best performance by far is that of Edward Norton who got the film's only Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a stunning debut picture.

The initial two scenes are among the most boring and needlessly protracted I have ever seen.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning until, what i believe is one of the greatest plot twists ever in film.

Primal Fear is one of those films that can be dull but it can also be compelling.

And i found myself wondering if Richard gere was going to fall asleep, he was so lifeless in this movie.

While it's far from outstanding, `Primal Fear' is a compelling and well-told courtroom drama, being more of a character study and search for justice than a campaign against the death penalty.

RICHARD GERE seemed to specialize in playing these kind of low-down heels (typecasting does have its perils), and LAURA LINNEY as the prosecuting lawyer has her hands full trying to play a game of one-upmanship against him during an intense courtroom trial.

The first half of the movie plays like a thrilling murder trial drama.

This is a pretty well-crafted courtroom drama with an unpredictable plot twist.

The plot twist was unexpected at all.

Having said that, it's the climax of the film that is most stunning and brings the story to a totally unexpected conclusion.

Perhaps at some stage, there was a decent script attached to the project, which was then abandoned in favor of the pointless, shoddy potboiler that ended up being shot.

It all depends if you buy it as you leave the theater.

The movie is finally given some life and is at least a little more entertaining and interesting.

The two good looking ones are credible as people full of themselves but for the rest play uninteresting characters.

His character is genuinely interesting, and it's sometimes fascinating to see this wise guy struggle to cope with the fact that he's taken on something bigger than he bargained for.

Intriguing movie with a shocking ending .

It's thrilling and nuanced.

Turned me on to Edward Norton's work big time as he rides the line between powerful and pure ham and holds it right on the edge.

Nonetheless, it's an enjoyable watching experience.

The story is very well told, with a lot of unexpected twists.

It was entertaining, slowly pulling you in, lots of suspense, and a great twist ending.

In the end, a wonderful movie, you will live with real drama, fascinating dialogues and great music ...

I thought this movie was pretty ordinary and dull.

Stunning film debut for Norton.

At first, you think this is one of those seen before stories and then you end up thinking the screenplay is rather clever and unexpected...

Although the story can be hard to follow at times, (mainly the south river developement story)it is still fast paced and well done entertainment.

It starts with a very confusing case, sheds some light on different aspects of what happened and delivers many twists to keep the audience surprised.

The film is paced very well which prevents a single boring moment, very accomplished direction.

Worth watching for Edward Norton .

I enjoyed it, it was a pleasant watching experience.

Edward Norton Superb, Stunning, Amazing!

Good one , you wont waste your time watching itfor me 7/10

The film was too predictable, too.

It is a complicated story that slowly builds and grows more and more intense until it finally just punches you in the gut.

Too long and boring in places.

An inconclusive, sometimes entertaining, riveting drama.

Primal Fear (1996)Part Mind Game, Part Courtroom AnticsA fast paced film with Richard Gere in the kind of role he does best (an arrogant lawyer) and with Edward Norton in a startling performance as a potential criminal worth the admission alone.

Although he can without doubt pull off the bad boy psycho, the whole time i was thinking how totally obvious and predictable the storyline was becoming and could not believe the ease at which he was seemingly getting off Scott free just for changing personality on three occasions, only one of which was outburst in the courtroom which immediately meant he was crazy and could not be tried as sane despite anyone actually studying him properly.

It has a compelling plot, interesting twists and some amazing acting, notably by Edward Norton.

bit predictable i thought .

Maybe it's a bit basic at times, not to mention the despicable gender politics, but it's still a quintessential and engrossing 90s mystery procedural.

It has mind blowing plot twists and the movie just keeps you guessing!

Knowing the ending, the 130 minutes passed really slow.

Highly entertaining old film with good tempo (rare) with twists.

For the most, Richard Gere's performance can be described as dull.

But with all the pieces in place in the first half, the film never quite results in the tight, suspenseful thriller we expect.

This was a story that was MADE to be a movie and Norton was made to play one of the most fascinating and frightening psychopaths in movie history.

A exciting courtroom film with twists and turns that will have you questioning everyone Richard Gere's character encounters.

But credit should be given where it's due, especially the first hour of the film, which does a pretty solid job of setting up the film as an engrossing mix of murder mystery and courtroom drama.

For the most part it is a very by-the-numbers style courtroom drama that is coated with a somewhat cliche love story about two ex-lovers.

The second half improves the movie immensely, as the predictable twists are finally revealed and the unpredictable ones start arriving.

Unfortunately, the slow pace of the film hindered my enjoyment, and that wasn't helped by the film's over 2-hour runtime.

So you look at the actors involved here : you think Richard Gere is going to give one of his non acting job, that all the female characters are going to be as useless and boring as always and that the so-called "newcomer" will turn out to be one of those tasteless Matt Damon types of actors...

However, the second hour is very compelling.

The second half of the film is much more interesting, exciting, and engaging and when Vail makes this 'discovery' about his client it becomes both a blessing and a curse for Vali in the context of defending Aaron.

Very powerful and gripping thriller/drama.

lead him to believe in his client's innocence and the means by which he proceeds to defend Aaron against the prosecution's accusations turns out to be highly unorthodox and extremely fascinating to watch.

this is one movie I can watch over and over because Edward Norton is so riveting.

Richard Gere, Laura Linney, and, of course, the remarkable Edward Norton are all very convincing as their intriguing, albeit inadequately explained, characters.

Some people were able to guess the ending in advance, but I didn't, and rather enjoyed it.

Stampler's version is also intriguing, he doesn't remember anything, let alone having killed the priest.

Everything clicked, nothing felt forced, and yet it was shocking and suspenseful.

I also didn't find Laura Linney's character, "Janet Venable" to be entertaining, just annoying.

All in all you have a really good film when you thought you were about to watch another dull thing.

same with the final reveal with the cliched slow clap.

She has something to prove and a huge chip on her shoulder and makes for some intense debates in the courtroom between Gere and Linney.

That is the premise of a fascinating and riveting movie starring Richard Gere in a great performance as a do what it takes lawyer and Edward Norton becoming a star playing the accused murderer and whose performance for lack of a better word is chilling.

Yes, American film-makers are generally keen on filming trials but in this movie, the film-maker Gregory Hoblit succeeds in making the trial entrancing and fascinating and in increasing the spectator's curiosity.

Dark and Engrossing .

It dragged on and on and the twist at the end was both obvious and stupid.

Gere is perfect as the self-important lawyer, Norton (in his screen debut) riveting as his client, and Linney gives an effectively understated performance as a prosecutor who can hold her own.

), and the second act was slow, muddled, and, when all was said and done, rife with red herrings (nothing bored me more than the talk about fluctuating real estate prices, which ultimately didn't factor in the plot's resolution).

Sometimes entertaining time-waster .

It's worth watching this movie just to see his character deflate at the end.

The story is very well-constructed, and totally gripping.

A great courtroom drama with an unexpected twist .

"-Nathaniel Hawthorne, 'The Scarlet Letter'Gregory Hoblitt's adaption of William Diehl's 1993 novel is an exciting legal thriller filled with twists and turns that leave the viewer speechless by its jaw-dropping conclusion.

Kept me on the edge of my chair throughout.

You can tell director Gregory Hoblit is going for a noir feel here, but it just falls flat with its uninspired characters, uninteresting visuals, and forced dialogue.

INTENSE AND Terrific...

An intriguing, unique story, with a good star cast.

And I normally don't like Mahoney very much, so it was twice as stunning.

He truly is terrific, and viewing this shortly after seeing "The Score", makes for a fascinating way to see his growth.

Only to be brought down later -- by the unexpected.

There are no red herrings, nor surprises, it's all tediously predictable.

As for the rest of the film, it was extremely entertaining thanks to the outstanding cast, that features both Richard Gere and a very young, Edward Norton, in one of his first roles.

Though an overlong film, Primal Fear is rewardingly entertaining.

The end was so unexpected that it actually scared me, though its not 'scary' in the traditional sense at all.

He closes his eyelids for way too long at critical points in a scene.

The scene between "Aaron" and "Martin" during "Roy's" appearance was riveting and revealing to "Martin" perhaps he had the wrong conviction in his belief his client was totally innocent.

Genuinely Thrilling .

Highly entertaining and well acted court drama .

All these glowing reviews, yet I found this movie to be average and incredibly boring...

The storyline is basic and the outcome predictable even with the "twist" in the plot.

The acting in this movie is enjoyable!

Clever and Absorbing .

When Stampler's mental illness (I won't ruin it for you) is revealed to his psychologist, it is horrifying and rocks the viewer with an unexpected jolt.

But, again, you have to face the facts : Gere is incredibly believable and tasty, Liney, McDormand and Woodard are close to perfection and Norton makes a stunning screen debut (probably the most impressive one since Timothy Hutton's performance in "Ordinary people")...

Our involvement can range from the casual (your friendly clerk at the supermarket checkout counter who tells you to have a nice day) to the extremely intense (there are fairly well authenticated cases of death by witchcraft in some cultures, particularly in central Australian tribes).

He just seems so bland and phony that it ruined the movie.

Stunning film .

Norton is certainly the standout; not because he's great (though you could argue he is), but because his constant mood changes and vastly different personalities are deep and compelling.

This story is suspenseful and the shocking ending worth every minute leading up to it.

It is just that predictable, and it was annoying that the filmmaker obviously thought it was something clever, when in fact it was nothing of the sort.

Even after having seen it 3 times, and knowing the plot twists, I find this film to be "riveting".

Gripping, thoroughly-enjoyable entertainment.

Nutritionally empty .

Although the film suffers from a wealth of annoying inconsistencies and fails to explain many of the significant plot holes, it is forgiven by the casual viewer because of it's compelling storyline.

Going up against the lead prosecutor and ex-girlfriend (played by Laura Linney), Gere takes us through the usual cliché courtroom drama that seems to be prevalent in today's crime based movies and t.

At just over 2hrs, Fear is a riveting education in the routine abduction of our legal system by the rich and powerful.

Still and all, he turns in an engaging, appealing performance.

For the most part, this is a very enjoyable movie.

Edward Norton was about 98% of the reason to watch both of these films, which were both absolutely amazing and intense.

This patheticly lame cliche is 2.5 hours of massive legal inconsistencies and manufactured drama.

In concerns to Norton, this is a fantastic example of an actor that in his career has produced an abundance of stunning turns that in Primal Fear struck gold in arguably his most memorable performance and in a catalogue that includes Fight Club and American History X, that is quite some feat.

If you enjoy an engaging and involving thriller with surprises, this is the movie for you.

Although there was a surprise plot twist that was good, the movie was more a character study than an absorbing courtroom drama such as 'A Few Good Men' which really had my interest in how the case would go.

And I must admit Gere is good when he's playing cynical in the first half(I especially liked his conversations with the journalist, with lines like, "Remember how your mother always told you to save your money for a rainy day?

And yet this movie is worth watching.

There are instances when his performance is intense (most notably when he is talking to that friend of Aaron's).

I even read an early draft of the screenplay, which I thought was exciting and well-crafted.

It isn't a depiction of the realities of multiple personality disorder and as long as you can accept this as clearly and distinctly as you could accept that Richard Gere would be useless as defence council in a challenging murder trial without a script, then you'll see why this otherwise very entertaining story is so fataly flawed.

This is an intense courtroom drama, and a very well made film that makes you think.

Watchable and Exciting Thriller .

Suspenseful and full of intrigue.

You take an easy story, not too flat, not too deep, just two- of three-layered entertaining.

The second half of the film focuses more on the courtroom battle and like A Few Good Men, Philadelphia, and The Lincoln Lawyer the court room scenes are well executed and fairly engaging.

Steve Shagan & Ann Biderman's Adpated Screenplay is taut, with a culmination that's unexpected & absolutely shocking.

Absolutely brilliant and gripping to the very end.

This movie will keep you entertaining from start till end.

In fact, I'd say his performance is so good it is worth watching the film just to see it.

It's just powerful, moving, well acted and thrilling.

A good courtroom drama, where we also get some character development combined with some star acting to bring us an enjoyable and entertaining film overall - the twists and turns in the plot also raise some interesting issues that one can take away.

"Primal Fear" delivers not only as a good courtroom drama, but it also has some very brilliant and compelling performances.

", the ending twist was predictable.

Really breathtaking stuff.

The film is thrilling right up to the end and the final twist, while expected, did not disappoint.

Even if it does, it's a pretty intense crime movie and certainly entertaining.

This film is definitely worth watching when you have a chance, especially for the ending.

This is a movie that combines fascinating character development in a courtroom setting, and it does so very well, though not spectacularly.

Tedious for the first half, exciting for the second half, and stupid for both halves .

The beginning hour is a little slow, but I would encourage you to stick with it even if you get bored.

Although the script may prove to be flawed under close scrutiny, this is a clever and absorbing courtroom drama.

very engaging thriller with excellent performances from NORTON & GERE,this movie put NORTON on the map & the rest is history...

It's a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the final shocking scene.

The movie is exciting from the minute it starts all the way to the very last second.

Having seen the Usual Suspects which is a far better film which uses a similar idea, Primal Fear was quite slow and tedious.

It's basically _Presumed Innocent_ for retarded people, with implausible legal silliness, corrupt Chicago politicians from central casting, and a disappointingly mundane denouement.

It STILL seems derivative, however, until a final twist that I found totally unexpected and surprisingly well-thought-out.

An absorbing, well-acted, and believable courtroom thriller with just enough twists and turns to keep things interesting throughout.

Indeed, the end of the movie is absolutely unexpected...

Engaging, entertaining, an unfolding mystery.

I don't usually like courtroom drama movies because they tend to be dry and predictable.

On the whole, however, this is a very watchable and exciting thriller.

Primal Fear is definitely worth the watch!

I watched it for the second time last week and was really bored.

THen well get an Ally Mcbeal look alike lawyer with half the attitude and double the body fat and have her go up against the main character x files style played by richard gere cos he plays the boring lifeless good looking guy role well almost as good as fox moulder.

Riveting courtroom drama, starring Richard Gere, with occasional flashes of action.

In fact, this was even a very enjoyable movie.

Overall this is an enjoyable courtroom thriller that only struggles in the middle with an inability to really just let rip.

The first hour of Primal Fear is extraordinarily dull.