Puss in Boots (2011) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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An outlaw cat, his childhood egg-friend and a seductive thief kitty set out in search for the eggs of the fabled Golden Goose to clear his name, restore his lost honor and regain the trust of his mother and town.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Chris Miller
Stars: Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 21 out of 157 found boring (13.37%)

One-line Reviews (114)

Lots of trite stereotypes mixed in with cool Flamenco dancing (from Spain) set to the razor-sharp guitar playing of Mexican artists Rodrigo y Gabriela.

An enjoyable adventure .

Unexpectedly Enjoyable .

Ultimately, the movie is saved by its pacing and its animation, which, as much as I hate to admit it, is absolutely stunning in 3D.

Humpy and Puss are given flashback scenes with entertaining back stories.

Compelling storyline and all-in-all great fun for the entire family.

"Puss-In-Boots" is the most entertaining CGI (animated) movie I've seen since "Despicable Me" and "Monsters Vs.

The storyline is unpredictable.

I was quite looking forward to watching puss in boots and when i did see it, i was bored pretty much tot he point of sleeping.

Simply said; this is a very entertaining movie.

Unneeded, but entertaining .

However, her character's personality and actions were very predictable The animation was great, very colorful and realThere were a couple funny moments, specially at the beginning and all related to Puss.

I've always liked Puss In Boots as a character and was really exciting to have fun with this film.

The movie is cute and has some good snappy banter and even a well choreographed cartoon dance fight that had me smiling.

Salma Hayak brings the goods as the voice of the attracting Kitty Softpaws, her voice-acting is as well-chosen as it is predictable.

Well entertaining movie, Puss's characterestics are very Robinhood style, very comedic and funny, especially tergeted and recommended for the younger Audiences 👍

Many funny scenes and lines but also much dramatically compelling close calls abound especially in 3-D.

A spin off prequel to the Shrek franchise, and it follows the character 'Puss in Boots' on his adventures before his first appearance in Shrek 2 , 'Puss In Boots' is an exciting & entertaining flick, that is worth watching.

The story of the fugitive cat 'Puss in boots' is compelling enough to grasp the viewer in his adventures and there is a lot of other interesting characters, some cute and some stereotypically evil ones on the way as well.

Especially Humpty Dumpty, who is of course absurd to have as a villain, works out really well and entertaining for the movie and Zach Galifianakis did a great job voicing him.

It's more balanced this way, though a bit dull since it has been done many times before by the Shrek-films.

A prime example of this is the dance-off between Puss and Kitty at the feline-only dance-club named "The (G)litter Box" (where the G in the neon lettering is always on the fritz) complete with a musical number that is fresh, upbeat and engaging with a multitude of interesting visual gags ensuing in the background.

The brotherhood subplot is strong and gripping, and provide the emotional elements to make "Puss in Boots" even more credible as a film for the whole family.

The timing is good and Humpty Dumpty (an old sidekick of Puss who has a major role in this movie) has some nice one-liners, delivered by the always enjoyable Zach Galifianakis.

When I walked out of the theater 1 hour and a half later, I was like "wow", because I never thought about how great Puss can be as a comedy character.

An engaging, funny and also very poignant narrative of old relationships and new ones each alike being tested.

Also, the whole relationship between Puss and Humpty Dumpty is simultaneously confusing and stupid.

I think it was a good movie, not on the level of the Shrek tales, but worth watching.

Engaging storyline, and nice that the writers put some back story into Puss in boots.

The boring parts are: when the puss does battle dance with the kitty,when The puss is in jail, and when the characters are having conversation I'll give rating 6 of 10.

"Puss-in-Boots" is one of the funniest and most entertaining animated movies I have seen in recent times.

) These elements combine to make a film that is sometimes more confusing and awkward than funny, with a few genuinely hilarious moments mixed in.

Sleepworthy for Adults; Enjoyable for Kids .

The dance fight at the tavern is hugely entertaining although you wonder at the tastefulness of moves such as 'The Litter Box' in a children's film?

I enjoyed it.

By no means do I imply however that it was an overly simplified, mundane script either, that wouldn't go together with Puss' vibrancy.

But when it comes to the second half(after the flashback), it's large but the story has a very little plot.

I like it because there was exciting and funny scenes in this film.

I hated him, mainly because he was so predictable and his decisions changed drastically from one minute to another Most importantly, the whole story about the magic beans and the golden goose was extremely disappointing.

The movie is pretty much a waste of time in my opinion.

The story was good, and I enjoyed the action and adventure parts of the film as they were exciting and fun to watch.

Entertaining Family Fare.

But at the very least, this is a well done and constructed movie, with beautifully composed animation and camera-work, thrilling action scenes, and to add to all this, Henry Jackman (Whose musical score is surprisingly pretty awesome) clearly channels the great Ennio Morricone, complete with gorgeous Latin Salsa rhythms, and sweeping choirs.

Banderas seems to be having a ball playing the titular character, and the final third is satisfying, if yet a little predictable.

Because there are interesting parts and the boring parts.

It's suppose to be cool and exciting.

It gets lazy in the second half and a bit predictable in the end.

Everything about it looked so realistic, from the water to the fur to the dust to the people, it was breathtaking and really helped you to get more into the story.

Very impressive and entertaining animated story.

Adults will find "Puss in Boots" entertaining too, as the plot is filled with proper adventure that is appropriate for both adults and children.

The first half is exciting and great to introduce the cat hero.

The action sequences are exciting and funny at the same time.

From all, I think this movie very entertaining with many tense action, and jokes and foolishness from the characters.

Whatever the case may be, the movie is entertaining enough.

My best recommendation for Puss fans is save your money and skip the movie theater..Wait till this comes out on DVD and is about the $5 to $7 mark..Then it will be worth while for a movie night at home..

It's a good movie, it was enjoyable and well animated, if it was a stand alone film (as in Shrek didn't exist) then it would be even better.

I never thought that I would sit through 90 minutes of the most irritating, repetitive, and pointless story in a full-length, mainstream cartoon.

The movie felt kind of fast paced at first and everything was happening real fast.

The story was slightly patchy in places, but it doesn't matter too much as it is full of some great moments that make you laugh, plenty of exciting parts, and of course fantastic computer animation creating great effects and character, a good fun animated comedy adventure.

The film itself, however, struggles to maintain the entertaining antics of the first two acts – a dance-off between Puss and his rival / love interest Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek) is exhilarating – when it comes to the cut and paste final act.

Puss in Boots is entertaining for both children and adults.

I quite liked the Kitty Softpaws character as well as the villainous Jack and Jill protagonists but felt that the tie-up with Humpty Dumpty somewhat contrived.

The plot was original and extremely fun, there was a perfect balance of back plot and story that gave an entertaining insight into Puss.

The music is rousing and gives a sense of jollity and adventure, and Puss in Boots is a cleverly written film with cat puns, witty dialogue and veers from Daesperado, Zorro to Mother Goose and a touch of Sergio Leone.

Simply a very entertaining movie, that more than serves its purpose and is a real much needed breath of fresh air, after already 4 Shrek movies.

I gave up halfway through, and I only didn't walk out because I was too bored even for walking.

Below average but enjoyable .

The fairytale theme is coherent in here and makes for a compelling crossover world.

Kitties are great but a very pointless tale .

Entertaining and by the numbers .

Entertaining, adventurous and fun for people of all ages, I would recommend Puss in Boots to anyone looking for s good family film.

All the chase scenes, the flying-through-the-air scenes, the long back stories grew tiresome, so I can only give it a basic five stars.

The plot moves on predictable lines.

Though the ending was a little confusing.

This movie has all that, a compelling story, a good message, funny characters and a lot of humour, including a healthy dose of those "in-jokes" intended for the adults in the audience, in most cases the parents who tag along with their kids to watch the movie.

I think adults would get bored by this.

Anyone else, especially those who are Shrek fans, should find this film pretty enjoyable.

) If ever there was a more pointless inclusion...

The visuals are stunning.

The only film in the last five years that had such a stunning shot was in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, when we are flown onto the workshop floor where whole planets are being made.

Seeing a cat drink milk from a regular glass is funny and watching milk get spilt in slow 3D is captivating.

Their chemistry is what that makes this movie very entertaining and humorous.

It needed to be more entertaining with funnier situations.

Also the references to fairy tales was enjoyable as in the Shrek films.

Overall, a fun film, beautifully animated, generally exciting and clever.

To sum it up I enjoyed it more then recent Shrek 3 and 4.

Adding 3D effects and cutesy side-kicks cannot make up for the lack of having a compelling story, an interesting plot and well developed characters.

Joining the ride is an equally intrepid girl kitty and one of the worst animated characters in DreamWorks history: Humpy Dumpty, voiced by Zach Galifianakis, whose back story with our furry feline is as boring as it is pointless.

For what it gives us, it's a pretty entertaining movie and shows a lot to give.

It distinguishes itself somewhat by focusing more on action and less on fairy tale gags than the Shrek movies, but it's not enough to make up for the very flat, predictable storyline.

In spite of all that Puss in Boots is pretty entertaining, and it's notably better than the last two entries in the Shrek series - animation included, while the animation in Shrek Forever After was lazy and bland, Puss in Boots was made with a lot of imagination and attention to details; the animated cats are all hilarious, their behavior filled with wonderful observation of the real world counterparts, lovely visual gags that make up for the general lack of fresh humor.

However, the each of the characters' character has enough charm and wit to keep the film entertaining for the full 90 minutes and conclude satisfyingly.

It's an entertaining movie, to please both young and adult, and will definitely be a good choice for a "family get together" evening.

Very Entertaining.

With superb animation works and nice plot the movie was enjoyable.

Even if the story is predictable, I love seeing the hero rise tale, it's always so uplifting.

They were all boring and dull and if I had to pick a favorite I would go with Puss and Kitty.

Puss In Boots may be a little cliche and the twist may not make a whole lot of sense, but that doesn't mean that this movie isn't entertaining, action packed and funny.

All in all, puss in boots is an exciting family movie with lots of laughter and adventure.

The visuals in this film are stunning.

Nothing memorable, but enjoyable nonetheless .

Well worth watching.

Overall, Puss in Boots is a fun family film that really knows how to be entertaining.

It's still enjoyable to watch in the big screen and 3D.

There's nothing new that was brought to the table, but it has enough wit and charm to make it an entertaining night out at the movies.

Here's the bad news: the story is cobbled together and confusing - children used to strong story backbones like the Pixar films may find their attention wandering.

The new villain was intriguing and the other new characters were well done as well.

This aside, it's well made, pretty enjoyable and it's got Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots!

All in all a very entertaining animated story, if you are in the mood for an animated story.

It had great laughs that were aimed at both adults and children, the plot was entertaining and original.

There was only 1 or two halfway funny jokes in the entire movie, the rest of it was frankly dull, just the continued overextending of a tired formula that has become synonymous with Disney over the past 16 ears.

Dreamworks apparently managed to produce the "Avatar" or animated films: an un-thrilling story with dead tropes played straight, relentlessly obvious from beginning to end, and exhausting pretty much every cat-related joke and pun humanly imaginable.

Puss in Boots is another entertaining Dreamworks animated movie .

The film attempts to turn bad guy Humpty Dumpty into some sort of hero because he has given his life for the kidnapped Golden Goose, but this is misguided and certainly confusing for the younger audience.