Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 (2015) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

Hohum Score



After falling in love, three roommates experience changes in their lives.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Luv Ranjan
Stars: Kartik Aaryan, Omkar Kapoor
Length: 137 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 5 out of 38 found boring (13.15%)

One-line Reviews (29)

Definitely worth watching.

Story is totally confusing.

Overall, the movie was entertaining and a fun watch.

While guys will find this movie entertaining, girls will be judging as an one sided drama.

But a 10/10 movie is supposed to be more than just merely entertaining whilst bordering on offensiveness.

Exaggerated instances of girlfriend pampering, gold digging like it's the end of the world, pretentious party-sex-sex-party brawls are some of the elements that the story uses to create humor.

Don't waste your time Go watch PKP2 and enjoy 2 hrs from your busy life.. 7/10 stars by me...

First half is slow and second half in unbearable.

Though one-sided, the Writing still remains engaging & the dialogue, are simply superb.

Conclusively, It is a must see, as it is enjoyable, witty and a comical flick.

Worth watching .

In the end I will say that it was worth waiting and worth watching.

To summarize, entertaining (loved the monologue!

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 is a comedy movie with humorous scenes and dialogue, fast paced and full of 'punch' lines which is surely not a waste at all.

They again fall in love with the girls who possess characteristics of the women fraternity which have been described as greed, confusion, indifference, inconsideration, gullibility, impracticality etc.It packs the right punches in some scenes, the screenplay is little inconsistent and loses the main focus as some situations are impractical and we cannot identify with those.

Jokes apart, this movie starts with a slow pace, picking up with jokes and towards end this movie takes the whole new level thanks to Kartik Aaryan!

Sunny has definitely given an entertaining performance and Omkar Kapoor is also good.

Some scenes are just out and out entertaining.

But the young viewers easily get to understand what's being said (behind the beeps) mocking the questionable Censor Board, that insists on muting some key words even in a film given an ADULT rating pointing towards all confusing standards.

Familiar one-liners, anti-climactic second act, and lack of visual sex scenes is what salvages the whole movie from becoming a putrid bore.

Even though it has a similar style of first part, this story line is much more entertaining and much more realistic.

An entertaining, innovative and hilarious movie .

While the comic effects of the movie were holding up and was enjoyable from time to time, for me the fun was a little marred seeing an image of urban woman portrayed this way.

The first 30 min of the movie is bit boring and really stupid jokes and after that till half time it's OK; after the half time the movie is good with really innovative and hilarious dialogues with Catchy non stop speaking of Gogo character which was really funny.

Despite moving on a similar-seen before path, the film still scores well in terms of entertainment basically due to its young realistic feel, local language, enjoyable dialogues and performances specifically written from the point of view of its 3 victim boys projecting the girls as simply mean, ignorant, greedy, money-minded and wicked witches just there to exploit their foolish boyfriends using them to the maximum.

Kartik Aaryan's 7 minute long dialogue is awe aspiring, jaw dropping, inspiring and one of the most entertaining part if the movie.

' So, on the whole, according to my experience, Its a waste of time and money, can be easily skipped, better to watch its prequel on laptop, or else do whatever you want to do man!

This monologue is lengthy too and have some interesting punches but bores due to rush and meaningless performance.

Screenplay enhances this confusion.