Python (2000) - Action, Comedy, Horror

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After a military plane crash near a small American town, a giant man-eating snake sets off on a killing spree. The locals must find a way to eliminate the snake, with the help of a scientist who knows about the snake and terminates it.

IMDB: 3.7
Director: Richard Clabaugh
Stars: Frayne Rosanoff, Robert Englund
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 79 found boring (12.65%)

One-line Reviews (35)


It is a movie that you are bound to stay awake to watch through.

Adults should be aware as well that this film is incredibly intense and the savagery depicted is not meant for the easily impressionable.

The acting was terrible, a pointless nude scene, cheap graphics, and no story what so ever.

I it is the worst movie I had seen up to the point when I got it...

"Python" is a rapidly paced and weakly scripted attempt to cash in on the popular revival of the creature-features, but even the least demanding horror fans will consider it a waste of time.

He is always enjoyable.

Even if its a total fake creature and totally bland and uninteresting, well, it'll be a lot better than focusing seventy percent of the screen time on the even more bland and uninteresting cast.

As a result, it became one of the most boring and tasteless excuses for a film.

Small town locals and a scientist band together to hunt disown a giant snake after it breaks out of a military plane and kills a lesbian and her bisexual mate, the latter of which is the town slut, it's a tiresome running gag that she's been with everyone in the town.

From the chase into the bunker, the eventual realization discovery where it came from that allows for the great parts afterward of them trying to get the complex wired against the snake which features the great suspense with the attempt to get the explosives working again after a malfunction, there's a rather enjoyable air with this one setting up the big finish at the industrial complex which gives this a stylish and fun finish.

Well I got those two, I just forgotthat it should be dumb, lightweight, but also entertaining.

Bogh, and Gary Hershberger has fun playing around with the standard fright film conventions, with the saucy lesbian variant on the inevitable have-sex-and-die libidinous couple cliché rating as an especially nifty touch.

Casper Van Dein's performance is terrible, while Englund is enjoyable to watch.

The considerable box office success of the deliciously cheesy "Anaconda" not surprisingly inspired a rash of derivative, yet still enjoyable low-budget direct-to-video cash-in copies.

including the battle in the forest where the military's frantic race to stop it from getting away generating some pretty fine shoot-em-up action in the forest as the snake swirls around the area to attack them, a really enjoyable encounter with the friends hanging out at the shack in the woods, which not only features a great suspenseful stalking through the house starting with the initial ambush in the shower and leading into a high-energy car chase as well, and the final encounter in the underground lair which really has a lot going for it as well.

The plot is laughably predictable, bad special effects, no real characters that you could identify with, the ending is pure pap.

Python: An Intense Thrillride .

It was a complete waste of time!

cameo by Jenny McCarthy there is a laughable moment when Lisa threatens the snake with a shampoo bottle, and a rubber ducky overall a cheesy flick but pretty entertaining you could do worse recommended for a night of cheap thrills **1/2 out of 5

The story all though ridiculous is enjoyable as it unfolds and does have some very small twist.

The story is also a disaster, I don't actually mind predictability but it was the complete lack of suspense, thrills or excitement, bland atmosphere and lethargic pacing that I did mind a great deal, and Python has all of these.

Some scenes do manage to be entertaining though, like the decapitation scene and pretty much every bit that involves Robert Englund as the crazed professor.

Other than that, it was pretty lame and predictable.

Also quite exciting are the bigger action scenes involving the snake going along throughout here.

The cinematography is stunning and is essential to creating the menacing mood of the python's lair.

Python is not one of those I was entertained by, in fact while the beginning sets things up nicely and has all the makings of an enjoyable enough movie it was simply terrible.

That is what I thought at first, but as I watched it it became more and more enjoyable (especially the opening sequence, not a bad way to start off your movie).

just plain awful, a waste of two hours of your life .

The dialogue is both cheesy and trite with nothing memorable or much that adds anything to the movie's quality.

I suppose Robert probably had some debts to pay or took the role as our evil scientist out of sheer boredom.

They must have blown their whole budget on Englund (I thought hewould have made enough money to retire by now-either he lost itall or is just kind of bored, or took the job as a favor to someone)and McCarthy, because as I said, the effects were terrible.

A lot of the story seems to focus on these bland, tasteless and just plain annoying characters that you either don't care about or just plain want to die.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen .

God was I bored watching this.