Quantum of Solace (2008) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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James Bond descends into mystery as he tries to stop a mysterious organisation from eliminating a country's most valuable resource.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Marc Forster
Stars: Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 249 out of 1000 found boring (24.9%)

One-line Reviews (926)

I truly have to say that this movie is among the best and most entertaining movies I have ever witnessed!

Not because the plot is stupid, but because it's plain boring and so not like a Bond plot should be!

It's anti-exciting, annoying and just plain rubbish.

I had forgotten specific characters' relevance to the storyline, I had forgotten much of the whole deal with Vesper, so plain and simple it was a big action packed mess the first time I watched it.

This film is a pure waste of money & the audiences time.

He's this limp, languid, licorice-whip French guy with NO personality and NO motivation, right?

Daniel Craig's Bond is a much more compelling character than Bond has ever been and this tragically vicious story is what has made both of these films among my favorites of the decade.

You pay your writers a ton of money to come up with exciting stories, right and this is the result?

Add to that a vengeful Bond girl(Camille) who wants to kill Colonel Medrano who has links to Dominic Greene and you have an intensely gripping Bond movie.

Bond's dark and very dry humor is also in top form here.

First of all, I agree with those who say the action scenes are jumbled and hard to follow.

The film also is hindered by the dullest scheme ever by a Bond villain - a plot to control Bolivia's water supply!!

The action begins in the first seconds as we get an extremely intense car chase in Italy(further into the film we also get boat and plane chases which are both fantastic)which stands up to the ones form the Bourne trilogy.

But i enjoyed it very much.

As anyone will tell you revenge is pointless -- nor can it be anything else in a Bond movie or the censors will wield the big scissors -- so in the end this is also a pointless movie and one that feels oddly dishonest.

Sure the movie has more dramatic action sequences than the TV-series (because of $$$), but Daniel Craig and his character are totally uninspiring and lack any charisma.

The action-packed film does not provide the comic relief of old and it does not even provide viewers with a last climatic action scene, for the ones that open the movie are far more stunning and complex.

With Macdonalds it is a particular range of burgers prepared in a particular way, with Bond it is exotic locations, beautiful women, exotic villains, complex scripts, engaging and humorous character interactions, solid character development and spectacularly vivid and clear action sequences.

The villain is so uninteresting.

QUANTUM OF SOLACE lacks the boundless, unexpected energy of CASINO ROYALE.

Poorly conceived, and sadly predictable failure of a film.

Personally I would place this Bond alongside those enjoyable, if sightly forgettable, ones like Live and Let Die, On Her Majesty's Secret Service (the most underrated Bond) and Diamonds Are Forever.

The action scenes are good as always, and David Arnolds themes are exciting as is the theme song Another Way To Die by Jack White and Alicia Dixon.

The movie was enjoyable to follow, and the two hours really flew by.

She is stunning.

Despite a few well earned points, Quantum of Solace is a thrilling misfire and arguably won't win many fans.

Most Bond cliché's from previous films are done away with.

It just lacked the engaging and engrossing elements that "Casino Royale" has.

Completely unwatchable.

There was no story to tell.

The length allows for no story telling and it feels like a chapter in a book rather than an entire story.

Splitting up the movie in parts to comment: Plot - Very intense start, continues from Casino Royale.

So overall, "Quantum of Solace" has its faults, but it's enjoyable, especially once you put its two major faults aside.

Those incidents signpost events in the rest of the film, which is tired and empty.

I can tell you the good parts of the film in just this paragraph: David Arnold's score and the Four Tet song at the end (but NOT the opening theme song), the cameos from directors Guillermo Del Toro and Alfonso Cuaron (spot them if you can), and the unexpected appearance of Stana Katic from "Castle".

It's pretentious and tonally clashes with the dark character study of Bond that the script is going for.

I shied away from seeing this new film for quite a while after hearing horrible things about the story, pacing, editing etcetera but I have to say that I found it incredibly entertaining.

So Quantum of Solace achieves the rarity: an interesting character-driven, evocative action-blockbuster.

However this movie does contain some cute girls who had enjoyable performances, Olga Kurylenko being one, and thought of giving her less credit than she deserves is appalling.

You know economy is in trouble when you see a James Bond movie with:No transformer sports carNo funny gadgets or a modified wrist watchesNo Miss Moneypenny and witty flirtatious conversationNo Q to present the imaginative new technology, to tell you well known science fact and express his warm and fatherly concern of 007's welfareNo new visionary spy technology, just boring product placements for products that lack consumer luster.

It doesn't help that the opening titles that accompany "Another Way to Die" are incredibly generic and bland, whereas "Casino Royale" featured a stunning montage of playing card symbols integrated with some awesome animated fight sequences, the "Quantum" titles feel like a step backwards.

Well they certainly do, the opening is one of the most fast and gripping car chases I've ever seen, as Bond evades gunmen along Lake Garda in Italy.

This is definitely a movie worth watching, and there are definitely some excellent parts, the opera house scene that others mentioned surpasses any other Bond (even Casino Royale) in Bond-esquire operation.

Daniel Craig's performance is uninspiring and the story itself is so devoid of anything that even remotely challenges ones intellect that the entire movie becomes a bore, and James Bond movies are not supposed to be boring.

Camile by execution, and Bond by delivering a fate worse than death to one adversary and slow death in the desert to the other.

There are just so many problems such as plot flow, direction, character development, very uninteresting villains, and most importantly, all the Bond story and character elements have been stripped away.

The Opera scene stands out as a sharp and stunning piece of movie making, setting Q of S apart from the Mendes efforts.

So despite a throwaway villain, an anticlimactic structure, and tiresome editing, many pieces of Quantum of Solace do work, and though it may hurt at times, you might just come out of this one smiling anyway.

Entertaining in a generic action-movie sense.

And lot actionscenes and no real plot.

This is an unexpected turn with Marc Forster at the helm.

However, with so many strands the plot could divert into - the eventual settled story-line feels a little safe and one-dimensional instead of a more complex plot line revolving around the intriguing 'Quantum' organisation.

Story is confusing, plot meanders.

Sometimes I couldn't follow all the action sequences because they were cut too quickly and finally it was too fast paced in my opinion.

While the story is intriguing and Craig presents another convincing performance as Bond, what was this director thinking?

" Also, very confusing plot, not about much.

Confusing actions scenes.

The action is in your face, but the plot requires one to actually think- something many viewers have forgotten to do in this "beat the audience with your message/there is no message" movies around today.

He doesn't say anything memorable, he doesn't do anything worth remembering, he looks like a depressed diplomat and most of the time he stands around looking bored.

I got incredibly bored.

Its brief running time does suggest that director Forster could have spent more time luxuriating in the exotic locales – or examining the milky curves of Ms. Fields' body for that matter – but the snappy transitions (locations stylishly established with appropriately ornate fonts, to boot) and hyper-efficient story-telling (it most certainly does assume you've seen Casino Royale) are part of the film's charm.

Over time though, it got progressively worse with the also unwatchable Die Another Day as the low point.

The title song was a dreary mess, so forgettable that I wager singer Alicia Keys couldn't even whistle it back.

And in that lies one of the film's most entertaining fortes.

The villain lacks everything - his plans are boring, his organization unconvincing and he at no point seems to be any threat to Bond.

The action sequences are superb, and though the movie was overall fast paced, I did not find it difficult to follow the story line.

Yes it's a shaky cam, yes you can barely see whats going on but when you do it's adrenaline galore.

But this sequel has no story or I did not see it.

Bond's witticisms and dry, ironic sense of humor are nowhere to be heard in QUANTUM, with Craig mumbling in a lifeless monotone behind a face that rarely changes from a grim mask of cold indifference.

More drawn out, not worth following convoluted plot.

There is no story line.

Olga Kurylenko is absolutely stunning.

However, despite her best attempts at a charming performance, Gemma Arterton's throwback to the 'traditional' (ie: more passive) Bond girl proves a misfire, her brief and uneventful role marking how unnecessary and out of place her inclusion was in the first place.

The action scene that follows is confusing, though.

However, Foster knows his demographic, and almost overcompensates for the film's surprising complexity on the action front, saturating his film with enough viciously intense fistfights (though complaints may ensue over coordinator Dan Bradley overly recycling his distinctive style from the Bourne series), explosions and various vehicular chases (car, foot, motorcycle, boat and plane respectively) to enthrall even the most jaded action junkies.

He is just so plain, boring, and nothing about him is memorable.

The boat chase is another very exciting, albeit difficult, series of scenes to capture.

After the great Casino Royale Bond makers decided to sap even more out of what we know as James Bond making him a incredible bore.

Her most intriguing aspect is her somewhat similar situation to Bond.

Felix, instead of being a smart, useful, and funny friend, is a waste of screen time and contributes nothing at all to the story.

But this is not what I want to see in a Bond film, it is dreary and sucks all the fun out of the film.

Damien Greene is probably the most boring villain in Bond history.

This time, they did tone down the ridiculous vulnerability and inexperience regarding love, yet brought a seemingly complicated, but actually bland and boring plot on the table.

Secondly – to the complaint that the plot can't be followed, or is confusing/silly etc.Marc Forster is very visual story teller, so much of the plot is revealed with an image.

A fast paced chase over and under the Italian ceramic tiled roof tops ensues ending with a dramatic upside-down grab for guns as Bond once again comes out a split second ahead in a heart gripping duel.

He has provided a fast paced action film spliced with artistic shards that complement this film very well i.

It is devoid of a worthy villain, a sexy promiscuous woman, entertaining action, gadgets, wit, humour, levity, fun, heart and a soul.

Olga Kurylenko, in what has become one of her most mentioned roles, is an intriguing ally to 007 and, whilst it would be interesting to see her in future Bond entries, behaving as an even more capable ally to Bond, her involvement here is simply the result of an unnecessary sub-plot involving Bolivian water supplies, an assassination that happened too long ago to care about, and a villain that Bond isn't even really concerned with.

I would mention however that this film is not at all terrible, and is entertaining and good to watch if your looking for any regular, popcorn thriller, I just think if your a fan of the James Bond series, you will find this one a bit frustrating to watch.

The difference is The Living Daylights is far more exciting and better paced than Quantum.

The cast involved are decent, the plot is fairly intriguing, the locations are tremendous and the music is satisfying.

In the 50s, juxtaposing technology as some grand scheme that would rob us of our prosperity, may have been disturbing then but now it is cliché and about as unbelievable to us as the initial premise that technology would set us free.

You can be sure there is some action, such as a boat chase, and other memorable and often exciting moments, such as Bond and Camille trapped in a cave, and M expressing her concern about Bond's actions.

Not recommended for those who like a good, gripping storyline, I'd give this a straight six out of ten, not any lower score, simply because it was a Bond movie and Bond movies have their reputation for being really exciting.

The picture contains sensational pursuits , frantic action packed and stimulating scenes like are the happenings on the Opera theatre , the breathtaking dogfighting , and the final in Bolivia location .

Some critics have complained that Quantum presents a boring, revenge-fueled Bond, stripped of all characteristics.

White"), is an uninteresting pseudo-environmentalist / industrialist, whose agenda is as vague as everything else in the plot.

Daniel Craig makes the movie worth watching by playing Bond as more vulnerable, more human, and ultimately, more impressive.

This movie is basically crass in a Tiffany box: colourful or colour-matching scenes to impress the viewer and make him forget about the lousy settings, the pointless roughness of the protagonist, the paper-thin dialogues and the overall lack of sophistication in the movie (I mean: a rape scene?

So, to respond to the main detractors: the opening car chase was thrilling, those that tell you they felt sea-sick from the editing should go and watch antiques roadshow and stay out of the cinema.

While Quantum of Solace is certainly watchable and admittedly entertaining at times, the overall lack of substance and memorable drama or thrills makes this entry to the franchise quite hollow.

The Bond girl is boring, the villain is laughable and the tone is all over the place.

To the bond fan: Watch it if you can, but will be a waste of time for you.........

The biggest pro,the action,while the editing does get bad at times,I personally think that the fast paced editing makes the action more exciting.

This is unacceptable, and I nearly left the theater fifteen minutes in, I was so put off.

The story is easily the worst part of the film with the stakes being so low and confusing making this a hard narrative to sit through.

This is like an MTV video that goes on way too long.

Then the interest faded fast, and the story got striking dull to me.

) however when the credits of Quantum of Solace were on the big screen I was thinking something like "I liked it, fun, very entertaining, Bond talking in Spanish (only a few words and some of them don't make a lot of sense!

But "Quantum of Solace" has no plot at all, at least none that I could discern.

The best Bond movies are action packed and embellished with the elegance of the characters, their clothes, the locations in which the scenes are shot, and the various eye-candy perks - Craig's posterior in tight chinos makes me want to go to the gym more and get tight chinos for myself.

It was in the style of a Jason Bourne film: super-quick cuts of action that are more hectic than exciting.

First of all, the film has no plot, a totally unrealistic story line, and by far the worst direction ever.

Daniel looked awesome and played in his key, but the lack of story made considerable damage to QoS.

In the books he was a misogynistic alcoholic with a violent and unpredictable nature.

Stunning action and characterization .

It was so confusing at points I even heard a few people in the darkness of the cinema mutter phrases like 'was that Bond that just got shot?

The latest James Bond film is essentially attempting to mimic a Jason Bourne film in this sequel to the excellent and exciting Casino Royale which was created with the intention of rebooting the franchise.

The film is certainly worth watching (given that you need to have a certain tolerance to an extremely shaky camera) and certainly worth the money and time.

The sequences of fast paced motion held my attention better than I expected.

It takes away the intelligence and realism of the predecessor not by going back into the common Bond traits, but rather by exploring all of the cliché moments of any other Hollywood action movie.

Weakest and most boring movie in Agent 007 series after restart .

The roughness and cruelty in the fights (a certain 'realism'), the editing as a confusing yet engaging element, which does not allow us to see the whole thing from the outside, instead brings us closer to the film.

Riveting Craig, Great Action Make Up for Uneven Plotting & Characterization .

James Bland .

Also, almost all the characters in here are unlikable, including the "good guys like Bond's boss "M" (Judi Dench), who can't utter a sentence without profanity, and another foul-mouthed female "heroine" all make this practically an unwatchable movie.

It's a little weak but there are more than enough double crosses, red herrings, and frame-ups to distract from the fact that the story is underwhelming and hard to follow.

Fueled by action sequences and lightened by British wit and charm, this film should be enjoyable to both those wanting to become familiar with the Bond films and those diehard fans.

I guess some people think that shaky camera-work and quick shots cause an adrenaline rush.

Previous films in this franchise had a Great beginning & ending,the rest of film had an exciting interesting story line.

Well,it makes me sick to see a movie like this,with no plot and a James Bond that is totally unbelievable....

I thought I would wait an savour the new gadgets and action packed adventures of James and his team.

I watched it again, eleven years later, but right after I had watched Casino Royale, and the movie worked better and the confusing dialogue made more sense.

My roommate and I walked out of the film very confused and it took me some reading up on the plot on Wikipedia to really understood what went on.

Too much hand held camera action (blame the crew hired from the Bourne movies to work on this one), so-so villain, simple or confusing plot (I still can't make sense of it).

Though Casino Royale opted to deliver a stripped down Bond, eschewing the techno gadgetry which the franchise had made its stock and trade, it did hold true to the axiom that a Bond film requires a credible and engaging villain, and it's in this area that QS also falls short.

But what hurts this movie the most is that the action sequences, while mostly pointless to the story, are poorly done.

This film is quite a letdown after the stunning 'Casino Royale'.

This second Bond film with Craig shows his version can still be fun, and his adventures, amazingly, given all that's been hacked off, still contain some of the glamorous, extravagant feel of the earlier films and of Fleming's silly, superficial, but irresistibly entertaining novels.

Wilson and Paul Haggis screenplay, (who re-wrote the credited Neal Purvis and Robert Wade's first draft from scratch) actually benefits the film,thanks to it capturing the disjointed state of Bond, torn between a dour desire for revenge ignited by the death of his love, with a thrilling blood rush to dive head-first into a mission against the murky dealings of Dominic Greene,and Bond Girl Camille, who is kept tantalisingly ambiguous over who side she is on.

These do keep coming, but they are full of jerky camera work, intense close ups and high octane stunts that push the envelope of disbelief even further than some of the Bond's of the 70s and 80s.

he just slams the boat through whatever comes in his way, pilots a Dakota plane over a desert in a thrilling dog-fight sequence, only to escape without a parachute after the plane loses an engine, then blows up a hydrogen fuel cell tank to escape from an conflagrated room and finally, he lets the villain run lose in the desert to have him experience his end rather than inflicting it upon him.

Save your money.

There was certainly plenty of action, and lots of exotic places, but NO PLOT!

The movie was action packed.

A few years ago, however, a new Bond (Daniel Craig) brought a new formula (prequel) to the Bond franchise with Casino Royale, a gripping film that satisfies action fans as well as provides all the traditional Bond landmarks (albeit some in their inaugural forms) as described above.

The pointless trials of Dr. No and the vast underground and undersea empires of Spectre are replaced by an all too believable geopolitical plot to economically and politically subjugate the people of a nation.

The editing makes it, for me, completely unwatchable.

There's no story here, just what was left over from the quality film this mess follows and there's absolutely no emotional investment in what's happening.

They have removed any ounce of humour and we are left with DULL.

Overall if it's an entertaining action movie that you want …then this it.

However, this is minor and it does provide for entertaining action.

I will admit it's not the finest Bond film and is a disappointment compared to the previous film,Casino Royale,but I think this movie dosen't get enough credit,it still has some great action sequences and an overall very thrilling storyline.

Witnessing a movie that is boring, pretentious and a source of physical pain is something I recommend avoiding and hating.

Bond seems on the edge of cracking an deadly important and deeply secretive plot that affects the entire world.

Also like others I hated the song but I watched the movie and walked away thinking that it wasn't great but not terrible, so justified my expense of seeing it on the big screen and was an enjoyable evening out with my wife.

A very confusing editing doesn't allow you to keep up.

Each more defined action-sequence has its part in this story, which remains grimmer than any Bond previous to the 2 redefinitions, and on the whole we have drama gripping over into the action.

Ever since, I have been catching a lot of Bond movies on TV and they are all enjoyable.

It is "The Bond Identity" on adrenaline.

The movie may have been loud because of the explosions and aerial shots but it made me yawn.

The actors look very bored with this minimalist pathetic script which apparently was written by 3 people (always a bad sign).

All in all, despite the flaws I could pick out, I left the theater grinning like an idiot.

An oddity for a 007 film to be sure, but one so enormously entertaining that both fans of the series and those unfamiliar with Bond are sure to be swept up by its gleefully madcap grandeur.

A boat chase (yawn) ends with a boat flipping for no apparent reason (I know there was a big hook involved).

Sure, the action junkie will be reveling in their glory, but everyone else might feel like the film is being a bit tedious and underhanded with what they want to do for the remaining time.

The opening car chase (yawn) you can't tell what's going on.

And something about bolivias water supply or something but anyway this was one of the more action packed bond flicks.

My wife enjoyed it .

It looked and felt more like a straight arrow action flick rather than a compelling Bond story that we've adulated to over the nearly 50 years.

I prefer the subtle, intriguing, espionage thrillers that Ian Fleming wrote for James Bond.

And the whole movie is crammed packed with scenes just as boring!

In its efforts to keep up with the modern craze for constant action in movies, the Bond filmmakers have turned an enjoyable and mystery-action series into a fantasy and sci-fi series.

Quantum of Solace, despite having possibly the shortest runtime of all Bond movies, manages to be more confusing and complicated than most; and at the same time, feel like little more than an interlude between Casino Royale and Skyfall, making me feel that it could have just been inserted into an extended version of the first Craig film.

The plot is of course unrealistic, as usual, and much more than in the old films; it's also true that at a point the action sequences look like a big commercial of several brands but on the whole I would say that the story somehow works and, though lacking in credibility, manages to catch the viewer so that many moments are enjoyable.

This movie is a waste of time!

Which might be forgivable if there was at least a compelling story to follow.

So anyway, they just so happen to land directly above a sinkhole which just so happens to have the most easily accessible exit in the history of any place where any character was ever trapped in film history, and then just so happen to end up in a spot where they can easily recognize the villain's plan (which was over AN HOUR into the film - didn't know the purpose of any of the action up to that point, which made it tedious and boring), etc, etc.Notice the excessive usage of the phrase "just so happens".

The stunt work is very impressive, though the rapid-fire editing often makes it difficult to follow.

"I used to be on Saturday Night Live," remarks Macdonald, momentarily breaking out of his character (James' father) to address the audience, simultaneously delighting most and confusing all.

Sure it makes for a believable sequel, but the villains in the plot are purely banal.

It was kind of confusing.

I mean, there practically is no plot.


The film was not a typical Bond, it was just an average action movie with weird directing and uninspiring acting, and it was sometimes even boring.

It is an extremely dull film that contains little of the trademark fun, wit and panache that are present in most of the rest of the series.

But then again, perhaps they did this because they knew the story they were working on seemed incomplete, boring and just not satisfying at all.

The high expectations audiences were left with after the closing shots of Casino Royale were never going to be met under these circumstances, and — in spite of all its flaws — Quantum is still an enjoyable action flick that, hopefully, a few years from now, will be remembered for having served as a somewhat disappointing bridge between two fantastic Bond films, and not as having been the beginning of the end for the Craig's run as cinema's iconic hero.

The ending was explosive and exciting to say the least and well was the classic compound in flames which should feature in a few more films today.

My main problem with Quantum Of Solace is the obvious lack of plot.

The style was really awful and confusing at times.

Boring none bond like movie .

It is the dull, boring middle film with wafer-thin plot, unimaginative and poorly edited action scenes, and lots of weird cuts and scenes that confuse the audience.

Far better than the yawn fest of Skyfall (massively overrated).

Unlike any other movie series ever created, Bond depends on certain formulaic elements to be a Bond film – to stray from them is to deny what the Bond film should be – exhilarating, sexy, fun, escapist entertainment.

It's hard to follow much.

The result is utter confusion about who is punching whom.

Usually the word 'mysterious' would conger up notions of intrigue and excitement - negative, this group seemed to be about as boring as the operas they choose to convene their secret meetings at.

This lacks the personal punch of a Le Chiffre, yet for the attentive viewer, the new villains and their organisation have intriguing intersections.

a bit monotonous and tiresome, don't you think?


The credits are the best ever for a Bond film, and they're followed by a breathtaking and dangerous looking chase through the sewers and across the roofs - Bond chasing M's bodyguard, who, it transpires, is a double-agent.

So overall, it's a epic and VERY enjoyable movie, it has a great plot, great acting, and spectacular action!!!

First we have a shooting scene, without action or even violence, followed by a few racing scenes, that made me reach for the M&M, which seemed more exciting.

You can't even tell what's going on half the time because the shots are so confusing.

I have never walked out of a Bond Movie, until Casino Royale, I got about 20 minutes into that rubbish and left.

Good action, confusing story .

I have to say that was probably the most action packed bond ever.

The bad guys are a bit of a let-down, I'm especially getting a bit bored of the ordinary looking, non-threatening master minds like Dominic Greene (played by Mathieu Amalric) here, he resembles Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) from Casino Royale a bit too much and I hope they go after another kind of an approach in the next film – before it get's too repetitive.

As each gets closer to the ground and try to grab the gun lying on the floor, we see lots of uniquely suspenseful upside-down shots of the gun getting closer and farther away as each of them swing towards it, misses it, and swing away from it again.

Extremely thrilling, and a great contribution to the series .

Underrated under the towering shadow of Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace picks up just minutes later with a lightning fast, thrilling uniquely edited car chase.

One of the most exciting, heart-pounding cinema experiences was to settle down, see the curtains pull back, hear the Bond theme and see the gun-barrel move across the screen.

In his second James Bond film, QUANTUM OF SOLACE (QoS), the riveting Daniel Craig again proves he's the most ruthless 007 since Sean Connery, blasting the Bond formula with a breath of fresh air -- that is, when he and the cast can catch their breath between great rock'em-sock'em action scenes that wouldn't be out of place in the BOURNE movies (no surprise, since some of the BOURNE personnel were on board)!

The plot from what I could make out of it wasn't very good, weak Bond villain, and cliché character motivation, and average dialogue.

I can't defend this movie because it is incredibly dull from start to finish.

As an action film, it was exciting and worth watching.

Bond aligns with an unlikely partner in vengeance—the beautiful Russian Camille (strong and stunning Olga Kurylenko).

Writer Paul Haggis is more then talented enough to make Bond compelling and debonair without the need to return to Connery era dialogue.

And yet, the whole film moves at such a breathless pace between Europe, Hiati and Bolivia that it's always enjoyable.

Aside from some exciting action scenes, albeit some over-the-top ones including lots of chases, this film is basically is just an action flick with a poor storyline and an uneven plot.

The film is entertaining, it just doesn't feel like a Bond film.

An engaging Bond film on both levels.

No script and a lot of noise .

The movie is still utterly entertaining and a good watch, except for certain plane scenes going for 5 minutes+.

Replaced instead with bland, confusing political espionage, and a completely forgettable bad guy (And I mean FORGETTABLE.

One thing I will hand to the cinematography, the action unit director knows that you can shoot exciting action sequences without the use of shaky cam.

I was having a hard time staying awake at some scenes.

Those who complain that there are no gadgets, or that its too action packed.

but after that it was very good, highly entertaining.

The opening sequence, with its unmotivated, unexplained, pointless, sense-jarring car clashes and spins and falls, is designed just for them, to say: don't worry.

Instead we get exciting chase scenes on roof tops, boat chases and airplane sequences.

Gemma Arterton plays another festive female agent going by the intriguing name of Strawberry Fields.

However it does make for an entertaining time at the movies...

QoS suffers in the wake of Casino Royale and Bourne, both of which are grander, grittier, more stylish and more exciting, even in their quieter moments.

It continues the gripping adventure exactly an hour after the end of „Casino Royal".

The high-speed car chase is hot with a hand-held camera providing shaky and quick shots, thrilling the audience and creating intensity and adrenaline.

Although not as good as the first, this latest Bond is just as good and equally entertaining.

A clip-show of action packed scenes that was suppose to keep you engaged, doesn't do it.

An intense, thoroughly entertaining film.

All slickness, wit and class of Casino Royale is gone instead movie throws us in galore of pointless action.

Still enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed it!!

There is little plot that actually makes sense as things become tediously confusing.

An entertaining bond flick .

Waste of money.

It's a grandiose world plot, but is far more compelling than something like Dan Brown's latest turd.

Poor plot, pointless villain and lack of love-interest for Bond are made up for by an action packed roller coaster.

Also the music was disappointing here, I love the music in these Bond films, my favourite Bond song is From Russia with Love, but the main theme is somewhat messy and bland and the incidental music isn't as clever or as innovative here.

I found the action impeccably realized, breathlessly fast-paced, and really suspenseful and new Bond Daniel Craig has brought toughness and swagger back to a character that seems to have been missing some of each in the past couple decades or so.

I would much prefer to hear a slow ballad, instead of that garbage.

Four things—Craig is excellent, the best choice for this role ever;--fortunately the comical things were dropped, no more jokes;--QUANTUM OF SOLACE resembles some of the early '60s Bonds by the weird, uncanny feel and atmosphere;-- Dominic Green is an awesome villain;--the girls were so—so;--the Craig sub—franchise is more Bourne than 'Bond';it's practically a new thing, a brand new franchise, enormously better than the previous one ,a sensational, suspenseful realist thriller more like Bourne.

It is a little more complex than 'Moonraker', yet still easy enough to follow and, I dare say, much more engaging, as a story.

The first half hour or forty-five minutes of the movie are so confusing, and the chase scenes are so heavily edited, that by the time some sort of plot develops, you have already lost interest.

He got there by winning over all audiences by being a perfect cocktail of immaculate action hero and charming playboy, setting standards for gadgetry, cars, action sequences, filming locales, memorable villains, stunning women and more.

We take this confusing journey with Bond.

They used some background action, like horse race, combined with fight scene and went back and forth at high clip to try and create even intense action!

I had been reading some reviews so I just went to see QOS expecting an action movie and nothing more than that..The action scenes were OK I guess, though quite messy at times & very short which made it hard to follow.

Criticisng Bond is as pointless as detailing why it is impossible for Sante even to exist, let alone run a toy factory in the North Pole.

Craig just sleep walks through the whole movie and is very bland.

Lack of story and lazily paced.

But after I left the theater, I found my view of things transformed.

Totally uninteresting.

The first act looks a lot like Bourne Ultimatum; shaky-cam nice and present, insane editing, crazy amounts of close-up shots, and raw, relentless, intense action.

Since there were so many action sequences, I easily got bored with the film and could not keep up with the wandering plot, which has as many holes as James Bond's car in the opening car chase/shoot-out.

A fast paced action, extruded through a tired plodding story line.

Too much editing and fast cutting, it is quite difficult to follow.

Because of those exciting actions I thought it was innovative as I hadn't seen such breath-taking actions in the previous 007 movies.

Immediately following on from the exciting 'Casino Royale' climax we open proceedings with a superbly choreographed car chase, before a classic Bond-versus-antagonist chase scene and already you are licking your lips ferociously.

That's because there isn't anything happening, it's just a random collection of roughly 'Bond'y bits, stuck together * having very, very silly scenes, for no reason - ropes and clocks and car chases all spring, horribly, to mind * having irritating villains - who in turn have irritating henchmen with silly haircuts * being a random collection of roughly 'Bond'y bits, stuck together, yet still managing to feel longer than the age of the universe * having a crap, boring theme song I imagine there were some severe meetings after this hit the cinemas and bounced back with a loud splat on the producers' doorstep.

I am guessing Marc Foster was attempting to give viewers a shot of adrenaline and put them in the car with the drivers.

If the editing had been a little bit slower and focused, the action sequences in the film could've been amazing; as they are, they simply rank as average.

The emotional theme of the film is getting over deception and loss, and how Bond balances dangerously on the edge while doing so.

The character's emotional development -- at first cocky and naive in Casino, and then injured and broken (after Vesper's betrayal and death) in Quantum -- is far more rewarding emotionally than yet another formulaic rerun of the tired Bond archetype.

The fact that this is a direct sequel,I liked in other films(such as the original Halloween II),here it seems pointless,as no characters have changed since the last movie.

Quick editing, faced paced in your face action, exotic locale and big, big yawn!

I've seen so much of this tripe of fast car, fast boat, fast plane, fast foot chases that I'm bored with it.

Terrible credits and title-song, too much plot, no "Bond moments", no humor, MTV editing instead of direction; dull, plodding villains, and stylized location credits which kept popping up in every font under the sun.

modern fighter w/skilled career pilot nonsense is predictable and an insult to the intelligence and attention span of the audience.

Bland, James Bland or Royale With Cheese .

When I do see even the action is boring.

Mathieu Almaric as Dominic Greene, the film's villain, is perhaps the most BORING Bond villain ever!

The action sequences are mind blowing.

By no means is this a great film, in fact, it's surprisingly uneventful.

Watching it was like watching a two-hour flick book - fast and confusing enough to bury any trace of a plot.

The plot is dull and can be difficult to follow, the villain is an absolute joke, and the action scenes were so hard to follow at times.

Cheesy jokes have been removed, but replaced with just dull, random pointless dialogue instead.

Bland .

The opening adrenaline inducer always kick-started my lust for fast cars, jumping out of planes and the such.

It's a weird and seemingly pointless action scene.

The story is excellent, the action is exciting, and the acting is spot-on.

Thanks to Craig's confident and commanding performance, Forster's visual sensibilities, and an array of breathtaking action sequences, Quantum of Solace succeeds in continuing to reboot the Bond franchise for a new era.

There are also some bizarrely pretentious moments of editing scattered throughout "Quantum", such as weird fade-outs just before the third act and the overly flashy and distracting location title cards.

Action rules all else -- plot, dialog, character development and all the other strengths that made Casino Royale (and, for that matter, From Russia With Love over 40 years ago) so enjoyable and satisfying.

It's tricky instead of intriguing.

He offers a fitting backdrop to the rough approach of the film in many scenes and his slower tracks are appropriately moody.

But it also has a brutal, dogged quality to it, and there isn't anything here that you haven't seen done a hundred times (notably in the recent Bourne movies, which have more intriguing story lines to along with their well-orchestrated action sequences) and done better.

Continuing off the intriguing storyline left from Casino Royale, it was expected that Quantum of Solace would continue to showcase quality story telling.

We even considered leaving the theater early because we were bored by this movie.

Thought the action scenes were well done, but there we far far far too many of them, to the level where they just became boring.

In spite of a poor plot and other aforementioned flaws, the movie is nevertheless quite entertaining and, perhaps because of my low expectations after reading some very critical reviews ahead of the screening, I didn't feel terribly disappointed.

The action hits right away, taking place twenty minutes after the end of "Casino Royale" with one of the most exciting car chases I've ever seen.

The directing was poor, there was no real excitement, everything was very predictable.

The movie starts out with a long car chase scene, followed by about 2 minutes of story and dialog, followed by a long drawn out fight/chase scene, then another short storyline/dialog scene, followed by a long boat chase---etc, etc. There is about 15 total minutes of storyline surrounded by lengthy chase scenes.


seems contrived and hurried.

When I watch a Bond movie I want to escape to a world where the impossible is possible accompanied by suspenseful action packed ending with real fire, not CGI graphics, which really upsets me that they did that.

We go to see every Bond movie (and have seen them all) because they are hugely entertaining, exciting, and enormously amusing.

It is elaborately staged, but the rapid cutting and maddening pace makes it more confusing than exciting.

I found the movie dull, boring, trite, contrived, convoluted, rushed, & terribly edited, directed and written.

It makes for exciting maneuvers as the action goes up, down and all around.

The stunning Kurylenko is so miscast that I laughed on more than a couple of occasions.

Time and space and character must be present to make the action suspenseful.

The action sequences are choppy and borderline unwatchable at times due to the constant cuts.

Accounting for a score of 7 for this plot-less extravaganza are some welcome additions: a German opera house performance - and Bond's ace handling of a beat up DC3 aircraft.

I hate the kind that lazily relies on explosions and car chases to fill space and to trigger the automatic adrenaline rush that mindless viewers seem to crave.

However, as much as I find the character building scenes more visually stunning that the action set pieces, I really do get the feeling that the movie is incomplete.

Forster tried, I'll give him that; he had 'em shake the camera like nobody's business to imitate some kind of exciting unsteadycam trend he saw in his own pointy little head.

Dead boring, to tell the truth.

What was that big pointless building and why?

That enjoyable B-class is gone for good.

The storyline is unbelievable and confusing.


This is what happens when there is no clear plan, no story and no tension.

The intense foot chase goes for a few minutes culminating in an outstanding rope, wench and scaffold-born fist/gunfight in an building interior work site that ends with Mitchell dead.

Absolutely breathtaking.

The action, especially the opening, was thrilling and I didn't really notice any pacing issues.

Despite the beauty of her substitute here (which still comes up short, if you ask me, next to the stunning Miss Green), the character of Camille (Olga Kurylenko) is so one-dimensional that Bond doesn't even entertain the notion of making love to her (a first for a Bond film for sure) and the one episode where he does go to bed with a girl – a red-headed M16 desk clerk (Gemma Arterton) that goes by the name of Strawberry Fields ('tis pity she didn't wear flowers in her hair, though) – seems like an afterthought merely intended to make her death scene a welcome tribute to Shirley Eaton's iconic fate in GOLDFINGER (1964)!

Olga Kurylenko gives a decent performance but Gemma Arterton is quite pointless and could well be skipped entirely.

It does have an exciting and fluent storyline with true Bond elements: action, cars, chicks and bad guys with megalomaniac intentions to rule the world (which fortunately are now more political and less campy in nature).

The action scenes in Quantum are OK overall but the opera scene was legitimately breathtaking.

Craig didn't seem like he was the same Bond like the last film, where he was a sophisticated agent on the edge.

He's no match for Bond physically in any sense, but their final confrontation is entertaining if only to watch Greene yelp as he's swinging an axe for dear life trying to avoid Bond's fists while his fuel cell-ridden desert hotel explodes behind them.

He adds a new layer to a character who was getting boring with the same old same old.

Quantum of Solace is thrilling, wondrously-paced, and almost complete nonstop enjoyment.

the action scenes were boring and the acting is uncool.

This is perhaps the worst movie I have seen in a decade.

First of all, it's made like a music video, very confusing – there's little engagement with the viewer's modest needs for understanding plot and character motivations, little things like that.

Of course the simpleton Bond lovers immediately jumped to the mantra of: 'no plot, who were the bad guys, why wasn't there any gadgets, why does Bond look like the bad guy'.

As I said here, at the beginning, "Solace" is, as action movies go, fairly entertaining.

It's a fascinating and topical notion that deserved further development.

Not this time, we just see her wake up with dull grumpy big ears.

Solace is action packed from start to finish.

Kurylenko's pure rage and desperate need for revenge against a man who killed her family and burned her house down around her as a child, is a surprisingly interesting subplot to this story and seeing how her and Bond relate to one another while trying to use Greene to get to the people they want is one of the most compelling aspects of this story.

Yes, this movie starts off with a very nice car chase scene and is a very action packed James Bond movie.

Over all, just what we've come to expect from a modern Bond movie, it just lacked a little humour to lighten it up a bit, apart from that, pretty enjoyable… if a little over complicated.

The first, we find out the boring fact that Mr. White isn't the head of a SPECTRE-like org, he's just a pawn of it.

Continuing directly where the last film ended and bringing back characters and storylines from that film is an interesting premise, that could have made the new story intriguing and unique.

The promise of a 007 adventure being a direct sequel to the previous instalment was, for this franchise, thrilling and unusual.

Marc Forster, director of "Monster's Ball", "Finding Neverland", and the UNWATCHABLE "Stay", just doesn't know how to handle action, and he tries to make up for it with chaos.

But i watched it again, with an open mind, and quite enjoyed it (as long as you can stay awake through Alicia Keys abysmal song).

The Action In This Film Is Relentless And Riveting.

The women are bland.

We've been expecting you Mr Bland.

Finally, the film is genuinely thrilling.

A few observations: Much of the early criticism about the film stemmed from accusations that Bond girl Camille was "dull.

Large chinks of the Decalogue are totally cliché and boring.

Quantum of Solace is the weakest and most boring film in a series of films since its restart in 2006.

I actually left the theater after the second action scene - that's how bad it was.

One of the most thrilling trailers of the year had me pumped to see James Bond's 22nd official adventure, Quantum of Solace.

This movie has no story, plot holes and a terrible villain and Bond girl.

It is a real shame that the second half of this film was so poor and uneventful.

Again, if a good director was behind Quantum, I'm sure I would've enjoyed it much more.

Every cut lasts half a second, making impossible to tell what's actually going on and sucking any enjoyment out of what should be an exciting opening.

All of the action scenes are close up, momentary glimpses that are difficult to follow and go on endlessly.

Other characters, especially the villains, however, are so bland that it is almost funny.

You know something exciting is happening...

The story, the action, the stunts, all were outstanding and plenty exciting.

The explosive car chase film at the start really set the scene although, as far as I can tell it was utterly pointless it is one of the best action sequences i've ever seen.

Quantum of Solace is completely worth the watch, it was a lot of fun, it has it's small flaws.

The action scenes are generally okay, even if the cutting pace would have benefited on being slower and the camera shots wider so the viewer could grasp everything that's happening.

David Arnolds music is compelling.

It is a fast paced and action filled Bond flick that lacks a few defining characteristics of a Bond film .

An absurd and preposterous bore .

Here everything is done quickly and in an exciting manor to, justifying the action genre.

The plane scene is VERY boring and that was supposed to be one of the standout set pieces.

Solace's major flaw - and, as a Bond picture, this is utterly unforgivable - is that it routinely gets caught up in dull, blasé situations and lingers.

The villain is boring and presents very little threat .

Just as we were starting to see Bond's human side, starting to gain a new interest in this character, he once again becomes invincible, and as we were beginning to find with some of the older Bond films, this is boring.

This might not be the worst Bond film of all time, but it certainly is the dullest.

Pretentious, the lot of them!

the editing on this movie was unbearable.

However, I will say that of course there were a lack of humor, the action was so poorly edited and there were so much action, that you actually felt bored at some times!

Quantum opens with a car chase that rivals the breathtaking construction site foot chase from CR.

The little information thrown at us viewers is squeezed inbetween action-sequences, delivered in hasty dialogues most difficult to follow.

Perhaps, that is why the climax is such a dull affair!

The filming of South American locales enjoyable Judi Dench as M is once again brilliant and I cannot think of any other actress who could do what Ms. Dench does with the role of M.

The reoccurring annoyance with this film that made it nearly unbearable to watch was the constant scene/camera angle changes during any given portion of the film.

Add the great locations and you have an enjoyable movie.

While I liked some the action particularly the beginning like I said, but some of it lacked the thrilling spectacle I was kind of expecting.

The plot is just dull.

Over seventy percent of the film's criminally short run time consist of fast paced action scenes and chase sequences with too many explosions.

Then there are random shots and edits that make zero sense and provides the reason why I say this is an unbearable experience for the eyes and ears.

This wasn't camp and, I'll say it, rubbish Bond of the Moore years (and *shudder* Die Another Day) this was Bond of the novels, cynical, brutal and perhaps a touch Sociopathic, while Eva Green was as intelligent as she was stunning, offering a nice change to the usual airhead that Bond shags and leaves.

Bolivain Dictator Sub-Plot - pretty pointless in the scheme of things.

What is most stunning is how Casino Royale had viewers on the edge of their seat with the mere action of a POKER GAME and yet the colossal boat chases and roof-top acrobatics and down-hill car-flipping chases have people on the back of their seats, placidly staring and wondering what is happening, why it's happening, and when Bond will do something 007-y instead of just being a generic pawn in a gigantic action sequence that could just as easily be slipped into a bland straight-to-DVD movie without much trouble.

The plot about the oil was bland and uninteresting.

The movie is emotionally resonant, and the climax is pretty thrilling; the ending is good, too.

Bond jumps from country to country in a flash and it's very hard to follow what is actually going on.

The Film's Story Is Very Engaging And The Action Is Outstanding.

I will be looking closely at the credits next time before I waste time arranging for babysitting and forking out money to see the next Bond movie in the theatre.

Even during the minor slow moments where Bond is clearly searching for clarity, he still gets no time to make himself appear as anything different.

It's fast and furious (literally), smart and engaging.

Once again Judi Dench and Daniel Craig and a terrific cast come together in a fast paced and dynamic film that hits you like a speeding bullet from the first frame to the final scene.

Alicia Keys and Jack White's "Another Way to Die" is one of the worst and dullest opening theme song ever made for a Bond movie joining the roster of Madonna's "Die Another Day" and Cornell's "You know my Name".

Important events go by fast and the foreign accents make vital pieces of the puzzle difficult to follow.

If every film has every element without fail, how boring would that be.

The title sequence and song, which is what Bond films are famous for was also crap, all it did was move around the desert with some minimal CGI effects, and half the time the song is incomprehensible as it the seemingly boring music which is just a continual repeat of one short sequence and does not even sound like anything that would open a Bond film, at least Casino Royale had a proper song and sequence.

Action was fast paced and awesome!

Bond only perfunctorily sleeps with one of them, not even bothering to charm her, before resuming his confusing dreary mission and pathetic moping with girl number two.

I watched it at midnight (the first screening of the movie) and I stood an hour in line and I don't regret it because QoS was an entertaining action movie.

It was a shame to honest and its the directors fault in my opinion even if the plots weak at least make the film enjoyable to watch.

We left without even seeing a single credit (never done that before) and we exited the cinema walking slowly through the cold brisk air while shamefully passing other like minded people, realizing that by some means this great legacy of James Bond cinema movies has now come to a dull-toyed, intelligence-insulting blurred meaningless stunts with senseless unromantic script to a clear and relentless COLD death .

Ponderous in being slightly opaque .

The confusion allows MR White to escape.

The action scenes are straight from the Borne movies in that they are annoyingly hard to follow (and don't follow much in the way of being believable).

A pointless note I will make is that the first time I saw this film I actually did not understand anything about this film, mostly because everyone was talking so fast and mumbling.

The action in this one is still as riveting as in its predecessors, the Bond is still awesome.

I was told it was boring and it was confusing.

Skyfall (2012) thankfully redeemed the James Bond franchise and was explosively entertaining from start to finish, and to date has been the best Bond movie in the Daniel Craig era.

There is a beautiful score to further generate the adrenaline feeling.

While the action is still gripping, if somewhat less original, it is the story that is most thin in QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

The Brocollis have produced another thrilling adventure.

" Everything that we love about James Bond has been stripped away and all is left is a boring generic film that will be etched out of mind.

It now seems mandatory for directors to partake in the George Lucas "faster-more-intense" and Paul Greengrass "shakycam-mounted-on-top-of-paint-blender" schools of film making, only now it's called "contemporary gritty action.

Not as good as "Casino Royale", but an entertaining action film nonetheless (SPOILERS) .

All in all, an entertaining movie - it is a BOND film after all - just not up to the usual standards.

You certainly do not get such qualities in Quantum of Solace, the plot of which is difficult to follow.

There only so many flat one liners and pathetic innuendos that the audience can take, as in some of the Brosnan era films....!! The only criticism I have is that the camera work in few scenes is jumpy, fast and confusing.

The Worst Movie Ever .

James Bond is now a bit more serious and intense, and a bit less of a playboy (though he still is a bit of it).

The film is just two or three brilliant scenes stitched together with unnecessary, boring action sequences: like all sequels, it isn't as good as the original.

While trying to avoid spoilers for anyone about to go and see it, it contains an enjoyable car chase, some good foot chase sequences and gun fights, and some enjoyable smart comments that have come to define Bond.

On my second viewing I was rather surprised about the fact that I actually enjoyed it(which prompted me to delete my original review).

I know I cannot get people to start liking this movie so I'll give you Five Reasons while its worth watching.

The plot line was also to be desired as it was dreary and had what seemed to be weak basis of story; it was a very generic action flick with a weak ending.

Yes, this section is dizzying and confusing.

It is something I have noticed in the last few years - that movies are hard to follow because they show a scene, then move on to the next scene before you can see everything or read what the previous scene was showing.

Pretty exciting stuff, right?

But it certainly is watchable, and I think that if Casino Royale hadn't created so much hype, people would have enjoyed it more.

The plot is incoherent, and the characters paper thin and dull.

His evil scheme is rather uninteresting and straightforward, offering few real surprises.

Save your money and rent the DVD .

Events and characters feel contrived.

But it went back to the been done before, predictable routine.

Extremely well made, with stunning set pieces this is a movie that starts and goes from almost the instant the film begins.

Apart from the 1st 25 minutes, this film was an utter borefest.

Pointless most Boring Bond film Ever.....

It was cool and entertaining though I relived being scared as a child during the Backdraft attraction at Universal Studios!

Agent Fields (Gemma Arterton), Bond's other conquest in the movie, is also a pretty ghastly cliché of a character, reminding me of Caroline in Goldeneye, and her death, which should be the emotional keystone of the whole piece as Bond realises that he can't get close to anyone without hurting them, is just glossed over, then forgotten about.

Mathieu Amalric does a good job with what he is given, but the character is boring, not evil enough and not once did I think this guy was dangerous.

To wit: Great action scenes (I guess), lots happening (judging from the sound) — but the camera work was jumbled and oversliced and overspliced and confusing, and all the great stunts and work was WASTED.

The song that played whenever there was any mention of Vesper was beautiful, and the small significance of the love knot necklace was stunning.

Worst Movie Ever .

Bond Girls: Both Bond girls are simply boring.

Quantum of boredom.

Take away the gun barrel sequence from the beginning of the film and show it at the very end of the film when people are standing up ready to leave the theater.

Roger Moore & Sean Connery would walk out of the theater before the opening credits after seeing the first ridiculous scene.

First of all, James Bond and the characters around him were dry and cliché.

Where's the intriguing thriller?

It's very hard to follow the action.

This feature and Craig himself manage to keep Quantum of Solace afloat but its dull action and poorly scripted characters that almost has it sinking.

QoS is thin in every conceivable category except boredom, where there is plenty to go around.

Also, Camille came off kind of bland as just seemed to 'be there'.

And the film takes us on that journey, replete with exotic locales and entertaining set-pieces.

Every time when something "exciting" was going on, the camera spun like in a tornado and the shots were cluttered and edited so short that my brain couldn't process anything.

Where Casino's storyline took some time to develop giving us the foundation for the series rebirth, I found Quantum to be action packed with a tight storyline.

Quantum of Boredom.

As one of the few people who thought that "Casino Royale" was just okay, I found its action-packed sequel "Quantum of Solace" to be genuinely entertaining.

It may lack the grandeur and substance of Casino Royale, but Quantum of Solace is nevertheless a unique and thrilling Bond film and one hell of a good time.

We saw how Bond was born, and it was exciting!

Unlike Skyfall and Spectre, Q of S contains relevant and snappy dialogue between the characters, mixed with excellent action scenes that every Bond audience expects.

Supposedly, the filmmakers didn't want Greene to have any distinctive gimmicks or characteristics that would make him larger than life, the better to show how banal evil can be.

It is very hard to believe that the same men that penned Casino Royale, the men that know their story better than anyone, could write a movie so lost within itself and so disjointed to the point of extreme confusion.

After a while I stopped bothering to try and follow the storyline in favor of just watching what turned out to be an excellent, mindless - yet extremely exciting - action flick.

She too is out for revenge and has some meaningful discussions with Bond about that (one being in a cave, following a chase sequence with planes that *should* have been thrilling, but was actually quite ho-hum).

This very entertaining sequel to the popular Casino Royale has received a lot of critique and it must be said that this critique is not deserved.

Personally, I did not find it bad as such, only tedious.

Here as there we had a solid first film with good performances, character depth and engrossing action scenes.

Action scenes are too fast paced and the editing is off.

This film has no plot - so until the final seen in the desert, there is simply no storyline of substance, and its been replaced by too many gratuitous 'Bourne-like' chase and fighting scenes.

The revenge story on the girl's part was clichéd and predictable, and the revenge story on Bond's side was not fleshed out enough.

But a charmless monotone Bond trudging through two of the poorest nations on the planet after a laughably lame little French villain who can't even dispose of his ex-mistress, partly due to a Jim Carrey lookalike henchman who's literally tripped up by Bond's female assistant then wears a neck brace for the duration of the movie, these things just exhaust one.

The location photography is often stunning.

However, it has an intriguing plot, and it's nice to see a low-stakes Bond movie every now and then.

I love the dark and intense Bond, but there has to either be some levity or a really intriguing premise because otherwise it just becomes a chore to get through otherwise and that is exactly what Quantum of Solace is.

Bond has become a far more complex and intriguing person to get to know.

Olga Kurylenko plays the part of Camille and again a bland name suits a bland character.

It's convoluted and overtly complicated to the point where trying to be witty and smart but ends up becoming confusing and pointless.

Its not exactly jaw dropping, but highly unexpected.

The performances are skilled, the stunts are exciting (thought some of the CGI could have used fine-tuning- particularly a fall through a glass ceiling), and Craig is starting to warm up a bit more to the suave side of Bond.

First of all, there is no plot.

Some good action sequences but a mediocre plotline make for a disjointed James Bond film.

Craig meanders through the Bond role with little to no charisma this time around, M is criminally under-used and the girl is dull and barely attractive.

First of all, I want to say that I left the theater after 30 minutes because I could no longer stay and watch the rest of the movie.

The action is bold is unrelenting, the slim running time is comprised mostly of high energy sequences, and serves as an apt compliment to the slow burn of Casino Royale.

just spoiled by incoherent and pretentious cinematography and editing.

Terrible, Dull, and NOT BOND .

Many feel that CASINO ROYALE breathed new life into a film series which had become stale and frankly boring.

M was boring.

Very entertaining film.

But see this for film what it is - a lean and hungry return for the best Bond actor since Connery in a rather dull storyline.

waste of time, has nothing to do with 007.

it is possible to have a confusing car chase!!

Some may miss Bond's dry-Martini and his wit, but this is a pretty dark and exciting ride with blasts to keep you awake through its surprisingly short runtime.

In fact, Die Another Day, with all it's faults and awful innuendo, is still an entertaining Bond adventure.

Great action, no story - a film unfinished and unpolished .

But, he bore no resemblance to the character that made Bond, Bond.

" Dominic Greene is among most boring in the series.

This time the script got it right with a believable villain and intriguing organisation, that can pull the Bond franchise into a new era (I'm actually interested in seeing the downfall of Quantum).

Enjoyable to watch, There are some issues though.

This is confusing because we have to figure out where we are and what is happening.

Even though I did like Quantum of Solace, finding it to be enjoyable in a mindless sort of way, for the most part I thought it was nowhere near as great, entertaining or memorable as Casino Royale.

Dominic Greene was boring, uninteresting, and barely even qualifies as a villain.

Overall, one of the least intriguing Bond films.

Coz it represented a type of film and entertainment (even tho it was a bit repetitive) that I enjoyed every few years.

Even Bond seems bored!

Now we have this action packed MOVIE that lacks the passion with which it was stated they were going to do in bringing back the Bond films.

And more entertaining by far.

No matter how ridiculous the Bond toys were, they were entertaining.

Overall i have enjoyed the movie - fast paced (too fast sometimes), good image directing, nice special effects.

The beginning scene is particularly poor, as both Bond's car and Quantum's car are black in colour, making it difficult to follow.

" and other such statements show that while she still respects Bond, professionally as well as emotionally, she can still retain her snappy professional composure).

otherwise i would have walked out and given it a 0

Quantum of Solace contains absolutely none of this, as they morphed the franchise into a similar series of intense spy movies with cold main characters seeking closure and vengeance because of the past.

Mathieu Amalric has a creepy look that could have been put to good use, but Dominic Greene is a painfully boring and clichéd bad guy.

Bourne 2 and 3 were on the edge, Bond makes it top over in lightning speed.

Incredibly Fantastic Riveting Bonafide Bond A 10 .

of which he is clearly capableI found the movie to be quick, exciting, with enough plot twists and confusions to make it a relatively light but enjoyable and intellectual diversion.

The action is fine, the character work is good, but the plot around it is needlessly confusing and the antagonist is a joke.

This new film has an action volume to please the most hungry action fans, and though it is great to look at, it quickly gets boring and uninspiring.

One of the complaints about the film is the bland villain.

The Bond plots are always way too confusing for my puny little mind, also Bond's ability to know foreign places inside and out.

Now i would say that they look like all other action movies except of and specially Quantum of Solace is really boring with lot of talk and talk, really no action at all and its just because its 007 i'll give it 3/10 otherwise i would give it 1/10 awful and tell people that its waist of time to see the movie.

And most of those chase sequences highly disjointed.

The title may come from an Ian Fleming story but it's still a very dull one.

Overall "Quantum of Solace" is a heavily flawed, but a fast paced and action filled Bond flick that lacks a few defining characteristics of a Bond film.

With a script fleshed out by Academy Award winner Paul Haggis among other writers, they waste no time in engaging the audience in action scene after action scene.

The directing sucks, the characters are dull, there's too much action and that Craig seems wooden and that the Title Song is awful.

In Quantum, he was just on the edge.

He nails the brooding edge of the character once more and adds even more physicality to the role, while being compelling with his expressions.

So, while the film can't stand on its own, it is a very nice bookend to the tale from a couple years back, one that many thought too long and drawn out, things you won't be saying upon exiting the theatres this year.

The scene where Bond gets his nuts whacked around by the villain was as a man myself one of the most torturous experiences is have ever had in a movie theatre after every hit a piece of me died.. and just added to how serious these films were becoming serious and boring.

On the upside, the DVD video of Jack White and Alicia Keys doing the latest Bond song is probably more entertaining than the movie itself.

Instead just iron gripping strength brought out by Daniel Craig's Spy hero-007.

I see it as boring nonsense now.

And why do modern villains have modern abstract art and monotone rooms with much free space?

(over) edited to within an inch of it's life and replete with stunning stunts and thrills.

This film is dull, long, boring and badly directed.

And the classic gun barrel, as in CR, appears in a way that makes it new and exciting again.

So the movie ends up a boring convoluted mess.

It's all too confusing and this is mainly not due to the very fast editing of many sequences.

This sense has been used is far too many films & now is boring.

What is then left in the film is a piece of poor exposition tied around multiple action sequences that ultimately have a sense of confusion attached to them.

The action is the best of any Bond, beautifully filmed and engaging.

" My second and now third viewings, I enjoyed it a lot more.

This is only the second James Bond movie I have seen and I enjoyed it much as the first one, Casino Royale.

Beforehand I was interested in seeing what Marc Forster would do with a Bond film, afterward I was only bored.

The desert isn't a large enough piece of the movie to warrant the entire opening cinematic, and the whole experience is rather uninteresting, unlike the brilliance we saw in Casino Royale.

Fantastic, Thrilling and Captivating .

The film itself is very fast paced as Bond jumps from location to location without much in between.

Unfortunately, the producers have reverted to casting a typical, bland, model-type who can't act as their choice of Bond babe.

It's not a Bond film, it's a bland B movie with expensive action sequences that are neither exciting or fresh and the editing is of the "Let's agitate the viewer's eye and they'll think that they are excited rather that simply irritated" - the editing is so frenetic that you I really found myself drifting off - at one point I went "Oh Bond is hanging upside down - how did that happen?

Its gritty, brutal, fast and action packed.

In a day and age where lengthy 'blockbuster' films are drawn out with lots of back story, QOS deserves some praise for being the shortest Bond film ever.

And even M's contribution is too cliché, reprising the "cant trust him" lines from Casino Royale.

Given the lack of narrative, it just seems pointless.

Overall though, I find this a very entertaining film.

My M&M where the most exciting and mind blowing that happened in that theater, and i don't pay that much to sit in a ill lit room, where i can't talk for 2 hours, just to eat M&M!

A stunning sequel to Casino Royale from concept to action!

The acting is just as intense as Casino Royal and Daniel Craig continues to make his James Bond a more human hero to the extent that this guy actually doesn't come out of a fight unscathed.

The action, from the car chases, gun battles, stunts and hand to hand combat are all top notch, but with such little heart and substance to guide it along, it all gets boring after a while.

From giving the movie the pointless title of "Quantum of Solace" (which only highlights the lack of Ian Fleming material they had to work with) to the awful, grinding dirge that they selected as the song by Jack White and Alicia Keys, things are already off to a bad start from the second the film kicks off.

The ending was excellent and quite unexpected, adding to the overall suspense and action of the film.

However, the film is gritty and intense at times.

Unfortunately, it suffers from nonsense lyrics that have no flow, tell no story or even relate to the movie itself.

That's probably due to a confusing plot.

Bland as he may be, Greene isn't short of any enemies.

What I wanted this time was a Bond right on the edge, embarking on a savage quest for revenge and I'm afraid I felt I'd been cheated.

The cut back and forth from the Bond action to the race action again and again was utterly unrelated and therefore pointless.

It opened with a great car chase scene and had a promising storyline, but then the story got a little confusing.

Her interaction with Bond is so confusing that she seems forced in to the story, probably for sex appeal.

Whilst "Quantum of Solace" is quite flawed it is still a rather enjoyable action experience.

Don't waste your money on this, thinking you're going to see "Bond, James Bond" 007 "shaken, not stirred.

He is dull and uninteresting, as is the film.

Instead, they have made him smaller than life, and showed just how uninteresting evil can be.

This movie stands out in the way action-sequences are shown, even more fast and entertaining then in Casino Royal.

It's a much darker Bond and you can see some uncaring sides of him that make you say, "I can't believe he just did that," but its entertaining nonetheless.

medrano was cliché and quite topical.

But her screen time was worth it, it was enjoyable, she was hard-hitting, expressive and had no-nonsense attitude about her mission, which is also a personal vendetta as we later discover.

The 22nd chapter also offers an extremely anonymous and boring villain.

First of all the repetitive "Parcour Sequence" which we already saw in Casino Royale.

I made sure I watched Casino Royale literally hours before going into Quantum of Solace and I do think it enhanced how much I enjoyed it because it could succeed in being one big film.

The first third has very little plot except to tell the audience that there is an evil worldwide organization.

Yes, the action scenes are *very* quick and it can be hard to know who's doing what to whom, and while I admired the cutting between the chase and the Siena Palio, for example, I found the same technique confusing in the opera sequence.

On my third viewing I really enjoyed it, in fact a lot more than some of the older Bond movies(YOLT,DAF,LALD, TMWTGG, Octopussy,AVTAK and the Brosnan Bond's not including GE which I like.

It's sub-sins are: * being a crap Bond film - like the Timothy Daltons or Pierce Brosnans, when after Casino Royale we thought we'd at last left all the tedium behind* forcing Daniel Craig to appear in a crap Bond film, just after he established himself as Connery's only equal * forcing an audience to sit through a crap Bond film, after being led to expect more of the brilliance of Casino Royale * forcing Ian Flemming's ghost to be anally-raped at gunpoint, similarly to how the Indiana Jones character and the audience were anally raped at gunpoint by Spielberg and Lucas * having no plot, whatsoever - no matter how hard you try to piece together what's happening, you fail.

Some spoilers through out this review of an very good action film that brings me to mind of Mission Impossible that was equally action packed to me.

The fights and the shoot-outs grow monotonously repetitive.

Because am a boring person I sometimes listen to the audio commentary on DVDs, it was Gladiator which mentioned that a way of telling if an action film is well made is if you can follow what's actually happening in the scene, which is where Quantum of solace sadly fails.

It is garbage, it is excrement, it is a waste of time.

While the pacing of the film is totally engaging, the film is generally unsatisfying.

Exciting and beautiful .

Terrible signature tune followed by a car chase that reminded me of watching Lord of the Dance DVD with 1 sec clips added together ad nauseum (literally), no gadgets, no humour, no story, nothing at all.

Olga Kurylenko sure is pretty to look at, but her character here is about as memorable as her character in Max Payne: one big yawn.

But no, the revenge story plods on and gives enough excuse to Bond to beat up bad guys.

" It is things like that that make this Bond movie just boring.

I think the next film will really push the Quantum storyline to an exciting level and Im already looking forward to it.

There is absolutely no plot to this film whatsoever.

While some might argue that it was a necessary scene because it revealed to the audience the bad guys' dastardly plot, what this scene really does is capture the essence of this installment of the Bond franchise: pointless and over the top.

He goes by the name of Dominic Greene and he's just as boring and nondescript as the name suggests.

It's always intriguing, and often exciting or beautiful.

However right now it is too vague, there are just a few faces with no real plot to them.

Confusing and gives a headache.

2 hours of unwatchable action scenes for one name?

But seeing as there was no plot this meant nothing.

Also a little hard to follow are the action sequences themselves, but like the "Bourne" movies, they also have adrenaline-pumping thrills.

Intense action scenes, although some still unrealistic at points.

snoozer If you enjoy good fight scenes, decent car car chases and hot women then I would suggest this movie.

Despite the frequent, frenetically edited car, foot, boat, plane chases, I still felt that most of the action remained fairly bland and without any real threat.

Low Key but enjoyable for much of the time .

First the Bond movies got ruined by hiring the ugliest man on the planet to play the part of Bond - who previously served as exciting eye candy for women.

Mathieu Amalric's Dominic Greene does a good line in smarmy, but he's so weak the film nearly crumbles under the weight of his banality.

" A pretty cheesy and boring Bond line if you ask me.

As such, the film never quite gels as a whole, but the sum of its fragmentary parts proves too entertaining for one to mind.

The result, its on par with Die another day, boring with total blue screen over kill, their was just nothing worth remembering about it.

They have removed any ounce of humour and we are left with DULL.


Ho hum .

While it may not be better than Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace is a fairly glorious expansion on its predecessor, beginning with a thrilling car chase that becomes an even more thrilling foot chase, and from there, almost never lets up or steps wrong.

But all of this gripping doesn't mean the picture doesn't have some entertainment value or things worthwhile about it.

Once I saw it at the Cinema, within an hour I'd forgotten what is was about, Don't get me wrong the FX were amazing, but that's all this movie was - there wasn't really a coherent plot, (about some Enviromentalist intending to take over Bolivia's water supply, or something, I don't really remember) and despite 'QOS' being by far the shortest Bond Film of all time as it clocks in at barely over 90 Minutes, by the end I was incredibly Bored.

All of the action is brutal and whether it's a fistfight, a chase in the sea or in the sky, or a fight with an axe while a hotel is burning down around them, every scene is wildly commanding and had me on the edge of my seat.

So, going into the sequel cold, I must say how disjointed it all felt.

The opening sequence was pointless & confusing (YES!

As the movie does get on, it is almost immediately interrupted by a chase sequence, also with every possibility to be good but spoiled by this boring mere montage of quick cuts.

I don't hate "Quantum of Solace", the performances are pretty good across the board and the action set-pieces are thrilling (even if they're ruined by the abysmal editing.

We booked out Gold Class at Greater Union in Sydney George St, got there early to avoid the rush, but the theatre was nowhere nearly empty!

The action sequences are scary and breathtaking.

i would still recommend it as worth watching.

Nevertheless QOS is an entertaining movie with a mediocre to good villain.

It's an action thriller, and as such it is occasionally thrilling.

I am certain that this is a "trick" the movie companies are using to increase DVD sales/rentals, because you can slow down and stop DVD's to catch what you miss at normal speed, and you can use subtitles to understand what the characters are saying.

"A classic Aston Martin car chase, a speedboat set-piece, a breathtaking motorbike stunt, and a hand-to-hand fight, Bond is back baby!

The Bond movie producers seem to have acknowledged the stunning success of the Bourne spy franchise.

Quantum of Solace is an action packed film, and definitely an enjoyable watch.

it is just SO SO SO unbelievably boring!!!

It is all action and no plot or narrative direction to help the audience understand what on earth is happening.

The antagonist is dull and ends the film in an action beat that feels really out of place.

Apart from the film being absurd and preposterous all the way through, actually, its worst sin in my eyes was that it was all a total bore.

The Bond girls are both engaging and challenging.

The intriguing storyline is definitely part of the reason that Bond has once again become fashionable.

That said I was very excited to seeing this new "Quantum of Solace" and expected the unexpected, unpredictable, as well as some of the clichés such as sexy girl on the side...

this one has a fair amount of action,which are all well done,but ti also has its slow spots.

This was a bit confusing as Bond had been shown that he was almost inhumanly strong (ripping of the door handle).

The opening sequence was unwatchable with bad cuts coming at me so quickly no information was to be had until the title sequence began.

This was the most dull bond I have ever seen.

Riveting stuff.

I've got to say I was disappointed, I've always been a big fan of Bond but this just wasn't a Bond movie, the plot was so boring I couldn't even remember what it was.

Kudos to the snappy editing by Matt Chesse and Richard Pearson.

Set-pieces are a tedious mishmash of quick cuts, with zero sense of spatial relationships.

Fragmentary, kinetic and vastly enjoyable - a Bond for its times .

So here we have action piece, after action piece(yawn), what's the story?

Dull right?

You have to really pay attention to what everyone's saying or else you're left five minutes previously and still wondering why that guy was killed and who these people are, etc. This is why I watched it twice - and as a result I enjoyed it more the second time of watching as I understood more about what was going on.

Now, don't get me wrong, the film looks great, is very entertaining, and has some great set pieces (the exploding hotel at the end is the standout).

The movie was exciting, though not in the more formulaic Bond fashion.

All the money must've been spent on pointless and unoriginal action sequences and explosions.

The plot makes very little sense at all, and the disjointed direction makes it even harder to follow.

The director doesn't know w tf he's doing, the editor is having a seizure, there's no real plot in this movie and the movie is the same generic 2000's action movie with a forgettable baddie and it has the somehow worse editing than Taken 3, honestly with how they gave and Oscar to the Bohemian Rhapsody for editing I don't know how they didn't even nominate this movie for best editing.

Quantum is a bore .

Cute but shallow, boring women, a villain that seems to simply be bored most of the time and thinks up things to do...

Another boring 007 film with plot flaws galore.

Thought the story was bland, the bad guy a non-entity and the dialogue poor.

The villains are unimpressive, the malevolent plan is rather weak and the many actions sequences seem to have been extracted piece by piece from far more effective and more entertaining action films.

Boring opening credit sequence.

While the action sequences of Casino Royale were stunning, the same can not be said of those of Quantum of Solace.

The pace is all off as well and it feels like one long action scene, it's like the film cannot slow down and that results in nothing being given room to breathe or develop.

While I was watching the film, I simply enjoyed it, and thought that was the end of the matter.

He is as impressive as he was in "Casino Royale" but this film's script is very uninspired and just plain boring.

The entire movie was disjointed, hard to follow & repetitive.

Instead what I got was a poorly shot formulaic action flick that could have starred any everyman.

The movie might be a bit hard to follow.

Their occasional fast action and thrilling chases were part of more well-rounded plots.

By the way the villains are totally boring and stupid.

For old die-hard Bond fanatics, QUANTUM OF SOLACE may very well be the most "un-Bondian" installment yet; its action sequences are often frantically shot and haphazardly edited to the point where it's tough to tell what is going on as we're assaulted with too-quick cutting and resulting confusion.

The downside is that Dominic Greene is still a hanger-on for most of the movie; dull as dishwater, that one.

Don't get me wrong, this was a very entertaining,fast moving film, there were no boring part's of this film and the action sequences were brilliantly done.

But Mathieu Amalric as Dominic Greene is just too dull, too nice and too prissy to come across as even remotely evil.

The supporting actors are good, the action is intense, and there are not many quiet moments, This is Bond at its most intense and brutal.

I think they have taken away the black and white cold war propaganda and moved it into the grayer realm of globalization.

I enjoyed it more than Royale which was previously my favorite Bond movie.

It's too simple & empty regarding the arrangement and hence, sounds like a song written & performed by a mediocre high school band.

Forster seems to have tried to write his own signature on this film - creating a dry, gritty, fast but ultimately dull experience.

filmed too up-close and edited too quick with shaky camera movements) for traditional 007 fans, though they were entertaining enough for me that I didn't mind.

" I also really like Olga Kurylenko as main Bond girl Camille, her arc throughout the story is dark and compelling and she has one really captivating character moment during the finale.

This is a follow on to Casino Royale, a kind of part 2, the first time done in the franchise, maybe that is why its not as good as it could have been, its a bit slow in parts and its got a kind of anti-climax at the end.

Then we have daffy CGI fights, lots of preposterous plot points, crap title sequence, unnecessary dodging around the globe, one dimensional women, a clunky reference to Goldfinger, a crazy "empty hotel" finish etc. Big disappointment after Casino Royale – they obviously thought people would go to see the sequel in droves so they might as well not bother.

Bored is one thing I never thought I could feel in a Bond film.

I can count on probably 2 fingers the number of times I walked out on a film.

This may be a Bond film, but I don't think it deserves the honour of being one and I don't think this is actually Bond anymore, just another Jason Bourne, with just pure uninterrupted action which steadily becomes more and more boring.

Literally unwatchable, just a proof of what entertainment tends to become as we go along .

While "The Man with the Golden Gun", "A View to a Kill" and "Die Another Day" were all worse, I thought that this was the most boring Bond film since "Thunderball".

The script is full of pointless dead ends that receive and inordinate amount of attention.

Unfortunately here he is let down by a story which is often hard to follow and which in the end reveals it really wasn't worth following anyway.

'M', in the person of Judi Dench, is worth watching as usual, being given a bit more to do this time.

They are confusing in the extreme, making the watcher wonder what, exactly, is going on at various times.

And the famous Bond-introduction sequence of "Quantum of Solace" was also horribly boring and deathless, compared again to "Casino Royale's" innovative and dynamic approach.

It's just a bit bland compared to what we were set to expect.

To elaborate on which ruse is used to set 007 loose is pointless.

Did the producers fall asleep?

I won't try to explain the plot in any more detail, except to say that it is very complicated and often difficult to follow.

As you may know, many of the trademarks (clichés IMHO) of the series do not make an appearance here: none of this Bond getting the girl at the end and all that malarkey, and that's perfectly fine with me: I thought it had gotten kind of boring and, given that they're in a period of reinvention with Bond, it was time it got dropped.

They should all be forbidden from future outings of Bond films, and Ms. Broccoli should license this franchise to producers who know how to make a good movie with a compelling story.

Unwatchable .

The action sequences and editing is all messed up which makes this movie look bland and thrown together.

This leads to confusion as its difficult to tell the characters apart when the fists are pumping and the bullets are flying.

I went today with high expectations but was really bored.

The action makes up for a boring plot and simplistic storyline.

While it is enjoyable to watch the high-speed action scenes and of course see Craig do what he does best, the Quantum of Solace is let down entirely due to the lack of excitement and direction in the plot.

That is also partly due to the fact that the directing is extremely fast paced and hectic.

It has the action, the stunts, and the fast paced car chases everyone loves.

The disjointed building in Michael G.

But to its credit, Quantum of Solace is far superior to any Pierce Brosnan Bond film, and a pretty entertaining movie.

Nothing happens with the Mr White scenario.

And where is the stunning SCENERY?

The fact that the audience is forced to play "Where's Waldo" during an already intense scene is beyond me.

The plot, which in my opinion is very confusing, did not follow any true Bond movie.

Since our most entertaining thing about the evening was trying to find the nibbles in the dark, I would wait until the DVD comes to your local Blockbuster and goes to weekly, get 5 friends to chip in and you'll have value for money.

After watching Quantum of Solace, I had to come home and watch half an hour of an old Bond flick, The Spy Who Loved Me, just to get the bland taste out of my mouth.

Every aspect of this story is predictable, every character a reiteration of previous characters, every special effect utterly superfluous in a transparent attempt to fill in those spaces where the dialog fails or is entirely absent.

Of all the actors in smaller roles, the always entertaining Tim Piggott-Smith as the Foreign Secretary was the only one who made an impression on me.

You would have thought you saw a watchable, but boring and forgettable action movie.

When the diabolical plan is revealed, it makes me yawn and say "you gotta be kidding me that organizations are covertly plotting for that...

After I left the theater all I could do was sigh.

In the chase scenes, it's fine to keep things ambiguous and confusing.

I greatly enjoyed the rest of the action scenes, save for the boat chase which was lame and just dragged the bit in Haiti too long.

Following on from 2006's hugely successful Casino Royale, successful because it practically saved a franchise, is Swiss director Marc Forster continuing the tale but unfortunately, he cannot bring his style and European inspired grace that gave us the slow, rewarding and powerful character driven dramas such as Monster's Ball.

Ho Hum.

Gemma Artertron gets my vote as the most boring Bond girl ever as Strawberry Fields, though I quite liked the "Goldfinger" reference with her death.

I found it fast paced and exhilarating to watch--which is the point of the movie.

To me this is exciting and I only wish the next film was being released next year.

Mr. White hinted that he was in an organization and someone started shooting and Bond chased after that guy and a whole bunch a crap happened and Bond is wanted by a bunch of governments and then it gets uber confusing.

Well, for me Daniel Greene is the most boring antagonist ever in a Bond movie.

Bond fight scenes should be thrilling, not a blur of skin, metal and shattering glass.

The performance is bland and it feels like the script is incredibly limiting on the lead actors.

After the Bond franchise was successfully reinvented with the very watchable Casino Royale, it immediately kills itself off again in with the eminently UNwatchable Quantum of Solace, aka how to make a complete mess out of something basically very simple Let me be clear: I like most of the old Bond Stuff...

Great and Entertaining.

The first glimpses of the Aston Martin and the music set the tone for this dark and exciting movie .

There is nothing wrong with the construction of the action sequences, but they are just dull, not gripping in the slightest.

I thought it was incredibly boring after Eva Green showed up.

The film is very entertaining though which is its main purpose.

Craig is still refreshingly scrappy when compared to Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan, but he's also turned Bond into a rather boring character, more terminator than international man of mystery.

Everyone is just itching for an emotional breakdown or some kind of pointless quip.

I demand to know, I know it was by far the worst part of the film, pretentious, confusing, unnecessary, and, above all, absurd.

Camille's pretty much a complete bore and the chemistry between Kurylenko and Daniel Craig is essentially nonexistent.

Sure, this was disappointing, but this ultra-thin plot left a lot of room for very engaging subplots centered around Quantum, and I'm already getting impatient for the next installment.

It's choppily edited right from the beginning with a car chase that would've been thrilling if we could've actually *seen* half of what was going on.

But the worst offense is the contrived "explosive hotel" in the middle of nowhere, in the desert.

oh, except for boringly predictable plot devices and a fiery climax to the movie.

Banal intro; banal music; stylized and uninvolving action sequences; no real mean villain; and several lost threads in the story.

Then on top of this most action sequences are cut alternately with another scene creating a stunning orchestration or ballet-like feeling I have only seen previously in very good movies (directors like Martin Scorsese comes into mind).

For one, the film has little to no plot taking place.

It felt bland as a filler for Casino Royale (2006).

The action design just can't cut it - at times being downright ludicrous, and at others plain confusing.

It also features a breathtaking series of frequent action scenes, combined with wonderful special effects.

Though, the whole intriguing background of the Quantum organisation (the main worldwide terrorist organisation in the movie) is interesting and offers many expectations, there doesn't seem to be enough here to arouse satisfaction, as the movie also suffers from lack of character development.

As it is, it is basically one long chase with lots of spectacle but ultimately little of the story that makes a film compelling.

There are so many weird and boring subplots that go nowhere.

He's weedy and understated but he's also kind of boring.


The story lacked anything resembling an intriguing hook, it was all over the shop, and the villain was, for the lack of a better term, absolutely pissweak.

"Quantum of Solace" is perhaps not one of the great Bond films, and while I would not like to see "Quantum of Solace" become the template which the Bond series will follow in the future (it is only completely satisfying when taken in context as part of a larger storyline), it is still not just a good action thriller, but an often gloriously enjoyable Bond film, and a fine entry in the series.

Olga Kurylenko is rather bland for a Bond girl.

There was no plot, and he still drives a busted Ford and talks on a cheap Sony Ericson phone.

The characters are all boring and only capable of being angry, the action is one massive mess, the plot is ridiculous given this more grounded portrayal and Bond has gone from feeling like a real person to a crazed wrecking machine.

Quantum lacks this, and leaves us with a rather dull action experience, at least from this angle.

It's a cold, gray, dead and poorly executed action film that's pretty boring to watch.

Add to that some Extreme Close Ups and all Sense of What Goes On is Lost in a Placebo of Adrenaline.

However, the script's horrid characterization of a legend and disjointed plot tear down the movie, and this can all be attributed to the fact that it is a sequel, something this series never has, and never will need.

These are the moments when Quantum of Solace is most engaging: when the characters are silently bounding through these vague streets, tunnels, and rooftops, and are completely focused on the task at hand.

The opening is good with a spectacular chase along the Italian lakes, but the main problem immediately becomes clear; it's unbelievably hard to follow the scenes which are so shocky and far to hastily.

Was Bond's mission engaging?

Most shots were dull and lifeless.

A fast paced and very entertaining film .

Unfortunately, this is also where things don't just turn confusing, rushed, or poorly directed, but utterly pointless.

But the story is very well executed in this movie once you remember what happened in Royale, and moves along at a frenetic and action packed pace.

The action sequences (or at least, most of them) are quite thrilling, and translate well on screen.

Bond, bland Bond .

I feel asleep during the airplane sequence because it was so utterly boring.

Enjoyable title song by Alicia Keys and stirring musical score fitting to action by the usual Bond last entries , David Arnold .

It was a revenge story which is good however it doesn't really go anywhere, it's just a slow action film.

(Spoilers)It also moves at a sharp pace and features a 2/3 of the way through stunning plane chase scene.

Short, humdrum interludes of 'exposition' became punctuated by explosive bursts of utterly preposterous and boring special-effects.

The story was a good one and all the supporting actors did a great job of making the film seem real and exciting.

I fell asleep, that never happens.

Craig is a relentless force, intense.

The action scenes, although frenetically paced, are gut-wrenching and mostly exciting.

However, due to the film being so action-packed, the fast pacing makes the film hard to follow and the plot quite confusing.

Sure there is a lot of action but I would have hoped that the director would let us discover another psychological side of James Bond especially after the death of the woman he loved and for who he was ready to leave MI6.

the film itself, it's so boring.

And whatever the faults of the old Bond formula, it rarely produced movies as tedious, confusing and visually jarring as Quantum of Solace.

Their pretentious behavior worked as a repellent.

The titles were a bunch of boring shots of sand and little animated Bonds running this way and that in the most unimaginative Bond main title in history.

The CIA side-story was also quite boring, and Jeffery Wright, who played a green, vulnerable, and human Felix Leiter in Casino Royale, was restricted to a maniacal, emotionless, robot in Quantum of Solace.

Craig delivers an intense, personally motivated Bond, in the tradition of Dalton and Lazenby (the Wrong Way to play Bond).

After the critical and commercial success of precursor Casino Royale, one would have expected producers to take the safe route of carrying on the franchise with the same self-reflexive yet supremely entertaining tone.

Confusing, all over the place.

Bond Month #22: An Unbearable Viewing Experience, even with so much potential .


The plot is confusing and ultimately unimportant.

He acts fine in the slower more drama orientated scenes and just as well when he is about to be burnt alive in the middle of the Bolivian Dessert.

Maybe they weren't, though; maybe I was just so bored with the lack of substance in Bond's search for revenge that what ended up sticking were all those ideas and political sentiments.

Past that the plot is in general confusing and not that cohesive and in the end leaves a lot to be desired.

This movie was such a waste of time that I don't plan to ever buy it.

They are very bland which gives them a lack of depth, which is why I found myself not caring much for any of the characters.

It becomes too easy for him after a while which makes for boring viewing.

"Quantum of Solace" takes its name from the short story in "For Your Eyes Only", but it really has no plot similarities whatsoever (trust me, I read the story just to see if there's any similarities- there are literally none).

But its still a boring ending to a dull as hell movie.

Most of the conversation in this movie very terse and uninteresting.

I love the idea of giant secretive organizations, but the effort to make their meetings interesting often ends up feeling odd instead of intriguing.

Certainly enjoyable by anyone who loved Casino Royale, just don't watch it expecting a film as good as Casino Royale.

Olga Kurylenko's fierce simmer makes her a wonderfully compelling female lead, even if her chief motivation is overly familiar (vengeance), and Mathieu Almaric is deliciously slimy as villainous Dominic Greene, all the more effective by how eerily plausible his character is.

The locations are stunning and the supporting cast carry their characters with a fair degree of depth.

), MK12's uninspiring title sequence, etcetera, and you have my biggest disappointment of 2008!

The film does seem disjointed.

But setting it as a sequel taking place immediately after the earlier film is bound to alienate some viewers, as well as causing confusion in later years when it is shown on TV as a standalone film.

Well, to be exact, there is no plot to follow and hold the film together.

One of the problems with Quantum of Solace is that it focuses too little on plot, paying more attention to action that's very much in the vein of the Bourne films, brutal and intense.

) an uninspiring soundtrackAnd whoever came up with the insane "idea" to put the new Bond actor at the beginning of getting his 00 status...

"Quantum of Solace," with all its flaws, is still entertaining due to some really nifty action sequences and Craig's overwhelming appeal.

The story is very fast paced for a bond and gadgets are not really existent apart from the Sony phones, computers etc. I've never seen bond with so many cuts and bruises!!!

The pacing of the movie was very slow at times and could have used some more action or story development.

The story begins with MI5 infiltrating a secret society of money men, which sounds very promising, but then the mystery is revealed when the society turns out to be this very drab looking Frenchman and his lanky sidekick.

Her straightforward, snappy attitude still remains ("Impress me...

I'd become so tired with the awful cheesy Brosnan collection and its appallingly unrealistic plots, dreadful acting and tedious lines that i'd almost given up on it.

However, the action kind of lulls in the second third which drags the movie towards the final, fiery fight.

The action might have been more entertaining if you didn't get the whole "seen it before", "Been there done that" sense with the action sequences The action is really entertaining, and nonstop.

The director attempts to salvage the movie by packing in some scintillating but confusing action sequences.

It is highly entertaining full of exciting duels and chases, at land, sea and air.

This movie is worth a view on HBO if HBO decides to waste their money on it.

But with the jumpy action, hard to follow story, and slightly uninteresting dialog, rent it on DVD instead.

Worth watching!

The action scenes are straight from the Borne movies in that they are annoyingly hard to follow (and don't follow much in the way of being believable).

This is a Rather Boring Bond and is about as Unexciting as a Bond could be.

I rate this film 73% for being very enjoyable.

This movie took me for an unexpected ride.

Mathieu Amalric is also bland as the villain.

Considering that the film opens in the middle of an intense car chase and rarely lets up through the length of the movie, yeah, I'd say that's a fair statement.

With action sequences that are not only hard to watch because of the shaking and cutting, but downright boring.

Bond was never going to go straight from CR, where he had just earned 00 status, to QOS and be all smooth talking and charming, In QOS Bond still finds moments for this, but he is so angry and is hurting inside because of Vesper, he is mainly just going through anyone in his way towards those responsible, yet don't worry about smooth when it comes to dispatching those, some of the action is breathtaking, Bond showing that when its time to fight, he will take on anyone.

Making a James Bond film as a realistic, tense, action packed, edge of your seat thriller is now the order of the day.

Where's the glamour, the stunning beauty of the scenes?

Sure, nowhere near as good as 'Royale,' heck, not in the top Bond films, but still enjoyable.

In Quantum of Solace, Bond is little more than a one dimensional killing machine, and the nuances of character that made Casino Royale so absorbing are entirely missing here.

The plot had the potential to be very exciting, but it is told in such a confusing and mundane way that you lose interest very fast.

The movie is full of pointless scenes and talking, without witch things might have smoothed out.

The plot was scattered and felt disjointed, at the end of the movie I really had no idea what had been accomplished.

Some may find this perfectly intense, which is fine.

That being said,the film,while dark,is somewhat less dark than it's predecessor,making it more enjoyable for hardcore traditional Bond fans.

Instead we get: sadism, brutality without any reason, uninteresting one dimensional characters, unknown actors, uninteresting women (compared to Pussy Galore, Honey Rider,...

FINAL VERDICT: I could barely make it through this movie, it was so boring because there is no story to follow.

In "QoS", the action scenes (of which this film is almost exclusively filled with, for lack of a coherent plot to adhere to) are just too quick, too frantic, too incomprehensible and entirely pointless.

The action was unreal and there were a couple times I had to take a deep breath as Quantum of Solace was so intense.

To say it is confusing would be kind.

It's all really exciting thrill-a-minute stuff, and doesn't let up for a second.

With its confusing plot and weak characterisation, Craig cannot save "Quantum of Solace" from being the weakest since "Licence to Kill".

Don't get me wrong, I am a big Bond fan, but the franchise was getting ridiculous and boring.

A very confusing film .

In both we seem to have a lazy formulaic sequel relying on action and hyper-active ( and incredibly frustrating ) editing.

The villain is very dull and uninteresting – I did not feel much fear or hatred against him at all.

Mathieu Amalric is a good actor, but his character was so boring that it doesn't matter.

Boring, boring, boring!

It makes for great spectacle but the gravitas with which it is dealt could become a bit self-indulgent if left unchecked.

I also think there did need to be some clearer, perhaps slower-paced intervals of exposition, just to make the narrative more user-friendly.

It feels like a boring action film.

Casino Royale made a mark partly thanks to the novelty of Daniel Craig as Bond and of the darker, more realistic atmosphere, which Quantum of Solace follows, but it also had a simple yet intriguing story, a memorable villain and an interesting romantic interest - all of which Quantum of Solace lacks.

- finally the ending, was bland at best.

Craig is intense and very believable and pulls it off with what looks like little effort.

This movie has confusing start and lousy ending.

So falling short of expectations that had been set to high heights, Quantum of Solace is still a great ride & is still very enjoyable.

"Quantum" is the briefest Bond in history and the least compelling if you're a traditional 007 fan.

A lot of what Bond does is both funny and intriguing, although I felt Bond was missing his "Gentleman" stature that I had come to love with Sean Connery.

It so much silly action which is sometimes stunning but often just senseless and so repetitive.

Wow, remember when Casino Royale came on the scene and gave the Bond franchise a shot of adrenaline that no one expected?

boring, boring, boring...

The plot is simple, but entertaining.

I proceed on the basis that James Bond films are a) expensive; and b) formulaic.

Well I liked it very much and found it very entertaining.

You can only take so many pointless car and boat chases before you switch off.

The storyline is pretty bland.

The car chase ends abruptly and the uninspiring title song, "Another Way To Die," begins.

But the film overall has a pretty lame and difficult to follow plot along with just being kinda boring.

Unwatchable garbage .

"Terrible and uninteresting opening sequence that doesn't act as a precursor to the main plot at all" Did you not watch Casino Royale atall - Mr White was shot in the Leg at the end of that film.

The one other thing that stands out is how the film was shot It is Martin Campbell who directed it (Goldeneye before that) he totally understands was the public wants and if he had came back for Quantum it would of been a whole lot more enjoyable.

The screenwriter and the director homed in on those stylistic elements that made Bond fascinating to watch, eschewing gadgets in favor of the potency and novelty of Bond himself and keeping the action sequences at least reasonably within the limits of suspended disbelief.

The action scenes are nearly unwatchable because they cut and filmed the scenes much to fast, to near and with hand cameras ??

Realistic, gritty, edgy and fast paced.

Personally, I left the theater feeling quite satisfied.

It's quite boring, actually.

It is muddled with problems in the plot and sometimes is hard to follow.

All in all it's a confusing mess of a plot that is more in line what you'd find in the latest Xbox 360 game than in a feature film.

I have seen the movie twice so far and have come to think it's a little better than I first thought when I had left the theater.

Not the worst Bond movie, the worst movie, PERIOD.

Besides, during the film, even in a simple conversation between James bond and hotel receptionist, there a lots of change in camera angle each lasts for 1 or 2 seconds, mostly closeups, confusing us to see a clear view of the scene.

But what makes "Quantum of Solace" less of a movie than "Casino Royale" is that it almost wants too much to be the modern Bourne-Bond, but with it, it reverts back to the cliché-Bond.

Not the same old Bond, but entertaining .

The plot was just too hard to follow and make matters worse, you didn't even care.

Judi Dench continues to make M a fascinating character in her own right, part boss and part surrogate mother.

Mathieu Almaric is a good actor who is saddled with an uninteresting character in the form of Dominic Greene.

The villain is bland and unthreatening.

Time after time the splintered action sequences just caused confusion from being bombarded with incoherent images and sound.

It's as though they make movies to impress other movie makers instead entertaining the public.

What we got instead was a total letdown of main characters, both bond girls being bland and boring, the villain (Greene) being one of the worst in the series and a Jack Reacher James Bond.

And Bond never says, even if a bite trite, we expect and demand it, that is him saying, "My name is Bond.

Now if you check the comments by IMDb users you will find that this film was a complete disappointment for many, a lot of reviews with 6 out of 10 stars and what I just write about liking more Casio Royale is probably the most repetitive phrase about Quantum of Solace.

An Entertaining Sequel .

This is as much fun as watching paint dry.

There is some shifting focuses before it grows boring, then it seems to be more shallow than the film would have you believe before and, once again, it gets lost again and somehow muddled.

Dominic Greene is another dull villain.

Following boringly in the trail of 'The Dark Knight' the hero is dark and moody, on the edge, which means you get a dreadfully one paced, one sour look performance from Daniel Craig, only relieved by one good gag about Dame Judi!

It is near the beginning and finishes a rather boring chase.

Colorful and fascinating cinematography by cameraman Roberto Scheafer .

The action sequences are so disjointed and jumpy as to leave the audience totally confused.

The only thing that kept my head in the movie were these random little thrilling moments and these out of nowhere action scenes.