Ragnarok (2020) - Drama

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A small Norwegian town experiencing warm winters and violent downpours seems to be headed for another Ragnarok -- unless someone intervenes in time.

IMDB: 7.3
Stars: David Stakston, Jonas Strand Gravli
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 52 out of 407 found boring (12.77%)

One-line Reviews (161)

I don't care about the drama that some uninteresting teens deal with, in their uninteresting lives, in an uninteresting story, it is BORING and OVERUSED.

A cozy, mind blowing series!.

Dark, unexpected .

It's an exciting series with some really interesting characters and I hope there will be more of it in the near future.

The CGI was cliche and anyone under 12 would cringe at it.

Good, but slow with horrendously bad English .

Despite the bad acting, ok screenplay and ok production, this is a very entertaining series.


An unintentionally funny (but at the same time oddly boring?

Imaginative , slow burning retelling .

Thrilling Norwegian Fantasy Show-hopefully one of many more to come.

I watched the whole season because the premise is good, and I like the anti-polluter crusade, but this was just a waste of time to watch.

In the world of much noise and confusion, this is the type of art which can bring calm to our dispersed instincts.

Well it was really super predictable which is a very bad thing for a mainly mystery supernatural show secondary drama and third thriller so if the plot had maybe some more twists and was thicker than that it could've been sooo much better.

Gripping first series.

Well worth watching!

A very gripping and interesting start .

Very intriguing and interesting story.

I enjoyed it - strong with flaws .

Even though it is kind of slow, I really enjoyed all the fight scenes.

story is gripping...

Boring and annoying.

For me it fell short due to flat dialog and predictable (at times stupid and nonsensical) storyline.

Everything seems to slow down, and people start doing illogical stuff.

Surprisingly entertaining .

Slow and steady wins the race .

But if you want to watch it, do so with Norwegian sound and English subs, their accents while speaking English are unbearable.

Such a confusing show .

Surprisingly good and intriguing series .

I enjoy these young Scandinavian actors, the slow way the story is unfolding, the lack of hysteria.

Total predictable show.

Starts as a great slow burn twisting and turning leading to a brilliant story and outcome..Enjoy

The ending did feel abit rushed and for something that did so well at slow burn, it seemed to skip a couple of beats in the story.

They cannot write a good story either, apparently, because the story is weak, choke-full of cliches, choke full of plot-holes, slow, shallow and quite boring.

The emotional challenges the show puts the main character, and the audience via the death of a likable character, are severe enough that you want the main character to pull out a sword and go medieval while the other part of the story is trying to paint a reality with high school relationship drama and coming of age stories.

Worth the watch

Pacing is slow, also sometimes I felt that I am watching twilight which is bad.

Greta Thunberg Propaganda .

Potential wasted, and a waste of time .

The story is boring.

By using the all-time cliché of dumping barrels somewhere in nature, which eventually start leaking.

Positives: An enjoyable story Good character development Most of the acting is good The plot isnt hard to followNegatives: Kills the better character in first episode.

I was immediately immersed in the story.

Exciting, calm and powerful .

completely loved it from start to finish, yes a little slow moving, but I like that, you kind of connect with the character's more, stunning visuals, beautiful Norway, can not wait for season 2, and the finale....

Finally a fantasy series worth watching.

enjoyed it a LOT!

I don't think I'll see another scenario, where the main character is shown so loser, it was just a waste of time for me

As the title says, it was unexpected.

Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Logical holes as big as mountains (pun intended) and yes, it is enjoyable and highly watchable until you realize that everything could've been solved in three, not six episodes.

BUT, the subplot of the mythology supernatural good v evil isn't nearly as interesting-in fact, it's way overdone and frankly boring and juvenile.

Considering that, I find the pacing a little slow.

This tv show is very bad..Slow so much.

Engaging; Well acted; Interesting; Lovely scenery .

It started with a slow build, and kept getting larger.

Very enjoyable!!

Pretty guessable plot but it was very enjoyable, particularly if you love Viking history and their mythology as I do.

The series plods on through 6 episodes and gets more ridiculous as we go along.

exciting..thrilling .

I want to say with it, they have left so many chances, the ambiance, characters, it was all okay, but with every episode halfway through all the episode lost all its brilliance, tension, it became so boring and ending was so sloppy and disappointing, it is ultimately nothing more than a bad soap and scandinavian unworthy, the creators get a 10, the elaboration and processing a -8, remains about 2 stars.

I highly recommend it

Entertaining despite the Netflix social engineering status quo.

We enjoyed it so much that my family who notoriously does not watch anything with subtitles watched the first three episode with the subtitles on before they realized you could select English as an audio option.

Maybe I have to describe it like, "it goes so slow" with good characters, and story then when something really start to happen, it finishes.

Slow start but got interesting and got me hooked then turned super cliche, predictable and tedious.

It all made for engrossing viewing.

It's setting and characters are so odd they add to the story, when you retell what you have watched to others, it sounds really stupid, but it is so engaging I couldn't stop watching, the hot Nordic types assist many shots, it screams out for a series 2.

Unexpected and surprisingly good!

Really enjoyed it .

The characters do an amazing job acting out there intense emotions, and mind you this show is packed full of those emotional intense moments!

Interesting flick that was quite suspenseful.

It starts out slow, but gets better after episode, but when it slows down it can be very boring, and when it picks up it gets exciting.

Odd thing, I fell asleep and had to rewatch a few episodes; thus, Norwegian calming enough to lull me to sleep (it was somewhat hard on my Italian ear to listen to; though, not nearly as bad as the German, Dutch or Slavic languages...

A superb director, fantastic actors, engaging screenplay and a very big special effects budget.

Definitely worth watching.

Cliche - that's one word to express whole script.

Second, there is a big empty Room in a Cave with Lights and a "Dont enter" Sign, doesent look suspicious right?

Enjoyable: Town is Edda see Poetic Edda .

Why are the Giant Parents aging way slower than their children?

It's compelling and a slow burn, it builds to cliffhanger...

Compelling story, a bit slow at times .

It's so slow and there isn't avreal climax.

The mother is a well known comedic actor, and her take on this struggling mother who constantly tried to stay positive despite her «rebelling» children and obvious underlying mental issues was breathtaking and accurate.

However, in the USA, we are more inclined to like a movie or series that is entertaining.

What a boring and flat story this is.

If you watch this show for even two episodes you become bored at the pace and character development.

This is very slow starting and is probably one of these series that you will appreciate more when it is finished.

Really enjoyed it, some of the acting could have been better, and the series could need a bit more special effects and action.

Amazing, Gripping, New concept, Crisp and Breath taking location.

I really did, but the writing is just not original, and the plot crawls along going nowhere and is very unfulfilling.

Then new look at the Norse mythology is rather intriguing.

It's kind of dark, engaging, dramatic and an interesting ws

This series didn't really catch my interest from the trailers, but I was bored and watched it anyway, and now I can't wait for season 2.

Really enjoyed the way it was slow and so realistic , looking forward for the next season with high expectations

Was a bit to slow and very little action.

But this Magne guy is so introvert, silent and slow that I felt the urge to yell at him.

So many cliché's - Netflix, please .

The Jutul family is fascinating.

The scenery is breathtaking at times, the cinematography great, the atmosphere amazing, acting is good.

Unfortunately the plot flatlines early on, loses steam and blunders its way into 6 episodes of a waste of time.

First of all it starts slow but very intriguing.

Such an awful waste of time!

The scenery, the script, the performances all gel together to give u an enjoyable experience.

Let's hope this series will get several more seasons, and that this is just one of many more thrilling Scandinavian movies and TV shows to come.

Really enjoyed it.

But unfortunately nothing happens in whole season.

Seriously, a long drawn out Norwegian Twilight.

This was seriously entertaining - the more so because it wasn't full of Barbie and Ken dolls like the usual offerings.

Good but nothing happens.. .

Literally everything was predictable in the show, I would certainly skip this

Decently entertaining.

Norse legends, coming of age story .

Well it's nice story good plot but very slow for my taste, at first it doesn't give you straight what's happening (and that's nice) and when you get a little bit what's happening they turn it again just to make more episodes(?

It's part Spider-Man style coming of age with superpowers, which is my favourite part - watching Thor realise how far he can really throw a hammer.

Well what a cracking little show - It's only six episodes long, but very easy and enjoyable to watch.

The set where is filmed is really beatiful, but they are not using those posible battlefields, the final battle is boring, short and inside an abandoned building The magne character can be more agressive, he´s so quiet and he got the powers of thor, also it doesn´t have enough action the serie have a lot of potencial i hope they take advantage of that

The scenes are suspenseful and to sum up the series in one word: binge-worthy.

It certainly is worth watching the series, you won't be disappointed.

Beautiful vistas and fascinating characters .

Teenagers will probably think it's dull.

I enjoyed it.

We highly recommend it!

The first season, though it's a bit slow the story is really gripping.

The show is set in Norway and depicts the coming of age of ancient gods and giants - a retelling of Norse mythology.

Entertaining .

Insane "Greta" propaganda .

There are lots of repetitive scenes, the plot is hammered into the audience beyond oblivion and gets old in the process, the characters are all talk and no action (remember the People's Liberation Front of Judea in Life of Brian?

Slow and boring .

Dont waste ur time people.

It was a waste of time watching this serie.

The story feels aimed at teens - at times it has holes that aren't explained, though the acting is so engaging, and the fun parts are fun enough that it keeps you entertained, and is well worth a watch.

I really like that the show is slow and steady, not jumping into everything at the first chance.

There are so much more stupid Things in this Show, and there is nothing happening until its Over.

Enjoyed it.

It's different, it's weird, it's really f*ing entertaining!

Very enjoyable .

Very entertaining .

I usually don't watch shows with subtitles because they usually distract me but I found the story to riveting to give it up.

The trama is boring, dialogues are terrible, Terror scenes are ridicolous.

I highly recommend it

Truly enjoyed it .

The show is such a cliché from start to finish, with the Twilight vibe from the perfect and rich Jutul family, to the big brother with the mischievous little brother (Loke wannabe anyone?



Slower, darker, better version of Smallville .

Its very well made and u wont find a single dull moment in the entire season 1.

Gripping first series .

They kept harping on cliches which only needed to be mentioned a couple of times which by the end was really tiresome and annoying.

Slow paced, terrible characters, plot holes galore .

Worth the watch .

The cinematography is often breathtaking showing those Nordic landscapes, while you get sufficient characters' development to make you care enough about them.

There is simply nothing positive to say about this show, a complete waste of my time.

I recommend this show to people who are happy to enjoy a bit of an impression of Norway and who are ok with a slower story telling.

I watched it in English, as I hate subtitles, it did not let me down, the first 2 episodes was ok, but it only gets better and better, definitely watch it for something different, a solid 8, giving it a 9 because of the bad reviews, definitely worth watching!

It promises way to much and nothing happens.

Entertaining and being foreign made it more interesting .

What A Waste Of Time .

) this was one of the most painfully slow shows to watch.

Fascinating .

Really enjoyed it.