Rambo (2008) - Action, Thriller

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In Thailand, John Rambo joins a group of mercenaries to venture into war-torn Burma, and rescue a group of Christian aid workers who were kidnapped by the ruthless local infantry unit.

Director: Sylvester Stallone
Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Julie Benz
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 83 out of 782 found boring (10.61%)

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230 odd people die in the film, and about 150 are in the last 10 minutes, and it gets incredibly boring.

co.uk/world/2008/feb/18/burma The fact that the film is staying so close to the facts, stating them in such a straightforward and almost understated way, backed by what appears to be real footage from Burma rather than trying a sensationalist piece of propaganda brings it credibility as something more than a mindless action film.

Intense with more depth than you might think .

Directed by Sylvester Stallone (Rocky Balboa) made an intense action/adventure/thriller that is somewhat different to the original Rambo series.

It really surprised me the first time I saw it and remains a gripping action classic, plus it contains Stallone's best dramatic scene he's ever done.

It's entertaining throughout.

It had serious points to make, and made them well in the context of an entertaining action thriller.

There's really hard to comment on this one: on one hand they did well on what they were trying to accomplish which seems to be the clichéd story line with awesomely action packed battle scenes.

Enjoyable .

I loved the intense gore -- arms and legs blown off and people shot at close range.

Now take away all the nostalgia of the eighties action movies, and the diminished expectations many of the public had with action movies, and what you get is a very average, very formulaic movie.

If you really do feel the need to defend this film, you could always say the setting and background of the story are original and absorbing.

Stallone claims that it was due to a lack of a compelling story.

Despite its faults, 'Rambo' is a very entertaining action film which at the same time makes one wonder about the horrific situation in Burma.

The story was there, the action was there, and the level to which it was presented was very intense.

He makes a living captaining a boat and capturing Cobras and other snakes and selling them to a nearby village for the sake of entertaining tourists.

Thanks it was entertaining.

I didn't care much for this movie because I thought it was mostly pointless.

I have to admit it was a guilty pleasure after sitting through the excruciatingly boring first half of the movie with its silly plot line and wooden characters.

Why does he speak in empty platitudes?

Rambo the movie is realistic, harsh, fast paced and well directed.

This film is an action packed thrill ride from beginning to end.

Story is simple, but engaging.

The violence is intense and graphic and this has to be one of the bloodiest films of all time- limbs, various body parts can be seen flying around the screen- it really is grim stuff and is backed up by the stat that it has the highest body-count of all the Rambo movies.

Old, grizzled, and jaded he's still got it, and watching his demonstrate that for the better part of two hours is surprisingly entertaining.

Perhaps that's why i enjoyed it so much

Stallone is magnificent in his iconic role and the final battle is truly breathtaking.

The action is very solid, even though the movie is super blood thirsty with unbearable gore there is a pulse to the film which stops you from tearing away from the screen which really makes this film powerful.

The villain has hardly any dialog and if he does speak it's of a foreign variety making the villain one-note, clichéd and overall pretty dull.

I just think people who love pointless action movies are the ones that loved this movie, and nobody else went to see it, by nobody else i mean people who actually look at a movie at a less superficial level.

The movie ultimately I found boring, characters unbelievable, and editing choppy and lacking fluidity or ease, and then it just sorta ends with Rambo coming home to his dad's farm.

The writing and directing is pretty unbearable, especially some horrible dialogue uttered from the captain of the rescue squad, who was the most irritating character of the film.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

I went into this thinking, "oh another Rambo film hours of pointless shooting and terrible acting.

In the film, the woman talks to Rambo as if she already knows him and these early scenes are over-dramatised and get all heavy and pretentious- when all she wants is a lift up the river!

So I walked in expecting to be bored a bit while they do that weird thing called character development.

This pure adrenaline action watch would unleash raw blood fight, the likes of which are rare to find in even the most brutal action films.

The story was very engaging and made the movie a lot better to watch because it wasn't just a senseless shoot 'em up gore fest with no meaning behind it so that was good.

It is rather short at slightly over an hour and a half, so that also helps with the pace and makes up for some of the slower moments before the real action starts.

First blood was by far one of the best action movies of it's time if not ever but the next two, big big yellow lemons so i went into watching this movie with very dull hopes.

The action will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire 1hr 33min.

But don't get me wrong here, i found Rambo 3 somewhat more entertaining.

You would expect silly campy dialog and crazy over the top action sequences at times that could make fall asleep.

This was the first movie I ever walked out of.

Spouting curse words form a volcanic neck, he doesn't help them at first, but after a rather contrived "explanation" scene in the pouring rain, Rambo is enlightened, and off they go.

Rambo will please the action fans looking for intense action.

The disagreements between Rambo and the rescue team, the attitudes of Lewis, the relationships which are vain at the beginnings and get better later and the rebels's support are cliché and also all these make the movie cheap.

This can be perfect as recruitment propaganda catchline for bringing new American soldiers to fight in Iraq (yet another pointless dirty Vietnam where the real mince is being made).

Rambo is extremely entertaining and well worth the time.

This, I felt, was very unexpected given the nature of the character.

Splendid and rousing musical score by Brian Tyler.

Recently, most action type movies have focused primarily on special effects, fast-moving kung fu, and the like.

The action scenes are breathtaking.

this is a complete waste of time- several people walked out after the initial five minutes- wish I'd done the same- it was sickening- its time to put an end to increasingly violent movies- the kids in our inner cities watch these & think its OK to shoot & stab each other at will...

There was no longer any emphasis of Rambo being socially inept in real life, and no story about people not liking war vets.

"Rambo" returns to the era of the action film that seeks a universal and compelling motivation for its bloodbaths.

The extremely intense action throughout the movie.

Interestingly, the freedom fighters of Myanmar have enthusiastically embraced "Rambo" as a heroic validation of their struggle, and are reportedly smuggling bootlegged copies of Stallone's film into the country as a rousing morale-booster.

' Because that last battle was so intense.

So Rambo takes them there, an unexpected event happens on the way.

But it's very boring at the same time.

The story is intense and just right, no philosophical point of views and no dragging.

The dialogue was flat and predictable.

It's a movie for adrenaline lovers and frantic thrillers buffs.

But unfortunately,"Rambo:The Last Blood" -the worst movie of the franchise - was made.

The action is absolutely breathtaking.

Most of the PG-13 rated action films of today are just simply boring and not worth much so it was very refreshing getting back to the good old days when it was okay to be politically incorrect and have fun being that way.

There is even a dream sequence where Rambo is tortured by his past and is way too long for a dream sequence.

The movie is intense, action - packed and utterly violent.

I should have learned my lesson 10 years ago when I stormed out of the boring and pointless "Copland".

I give Rambo a 10 out of 10 for pure action, adrenaline, and some of the best acting by a rather unknown cast!

Boasting the finest cinematography and the best editing of 2008, the movie's 1 hour 20 minute running time shows the empty-heads like Peter Jackson how it's done.

Since t has no plot to speak of and most lines are laughably bad, I wouldn't call this a masterpiece of film, but it's certainly one of the most thrilling action films you will ever see.

What's entertaining about Rambo is its straight ahead 80s-style approach to the action genre.


The violence and images are also more intense and believable.

Yes, Rambo does what he does best and takes out so many of the vile baddies- its breathtaking action at its finest and is great to watch on the big screen.

Rambo 4 fails to be an entertaining spectacle or a considered exploration of an important issue.

And again, Tyler's stunning score adds to the intensity of these set-pieces.

The script is what I had the most issues with; the story is unimaginative and very predictable and has little or if any story building moments in it.

That said, Rambo is enormously entertaining, violent as hell, and you get what you came for.

So while the end sequence was great and gory, it kind of lacked that suspenseful moment just before, at least for me.

Which i think shows in his work, its more enjoyable for us as an audience.

Violent and silly, Rambo is at least entertaining .

Do I enjoy a film with virtually no storyline?

Stallone, as always, mumbles and grunts his way through his part, which, considering the laughably pretentious dialogue assigned to him (especially in "reflective" voice-over narration), is probably the wisest choice he could have made under the circumstances.

+ get blown up, including people (who also get maimed in varied and exciting fashions) this is the film for you.

Sly's very smart and articulate off screen but he's always had trouble with dialogue and "Rambo" suffers here as much as "Rocky Balboa" did in the same department; luckily Rambo doesn't talk much, but some of the early scenes between him and Julie Benz teeter on the edge of cheesiness.

The film is boring until Rambo saves the day with his bow and arrow.

i watched it with my girlfriend and we were so let down..yes the effects were good and the subject matter was shocking but it was just cliché after cliché and the director just could'nt make it work..stallone of course carried the whole movie on his shoulders but that just was not enough i'm afraid..i like to think i'm fair with giving a review because i know how much work goes into a movie and that of course we all have different tastes but guys and girls give this one a miss and try and forgive stallone for selling out for a huge paycheck making us fork out money to be let down..i gave it a five for the subject matter and for stallone being present...

This is by far the best fast paced action movie I've ever seen.

There is no real plot, no real character development, and little dialog.

Basically waste of time .

Having watched the other 3 Rambos really surprised me that this one had absolutely no storyline at all.

It's incredibly convoluted and once again very silly (yet takes itself way too serious), but admittedly, it's much more entertaining than the 3rd film, and some say this is the best Rambo to date.

Even the most pointless b-grade actioner has some feeling of purpose.

After an hour of this you start to over-load on their pointless cruelty and have built up a really strong dislike for them to the point you wish someone would just shoot them all with an incredibly over-sized gun.

RAMBO is a pure adrenaline thrill ride from beginning to end.

Brutal, intense and just insane!!

For the rest of us though, its quite hard to follow and over the top most of the way through.

It was an action packed adventure for everyone who has ever liked action movies, Rambo, or has common sense.

And this movie is worth watching even for non Stallone or Rambo fans!!!!

This is just Boring, and just too tiring to watch.

Now, in 2008 Rambo is more than restored he's reinvented in a totally compelling way...

However, there are moments where the chaos comes across as chunkier, somewhat more considered and slightly more entertaining (or, at least, engaging).

It is a short film with a ridiculous story but at the same time was entertaining with its exploration of body mutilation.

The movie is boring.

Nonetheless i still think its the best Rambo movie ever and enjoyed it very much.

If you can get past this, though, it truly is an entertaining film.

The message behind the film tracked with me as well, and I found that to be yet another unexpected plus.

Of course the movie is far more violent than the fist one and it's not as unique and clever, but it's a really great adventure which uses the "rambo cliché" to it's best.

Just about everyone agrees that this movie is about the most entertaining you can find in blood-profusion violence.

a good, solid (yet predictable) storyline and of course it's incredibly gory, gritty, sweat & rain-soaked Rambo-Enigmatic mystic-realism with a powerful, on-the-money sound-bed hitting every note(in precision-perfect tempo with every head-popping, blood-splattered, gut-ripping explosion...

The final confrontation on the massive gun is so entertaining, just because of its sheer amount of blood.

The rest of the film she gets dragged along.

I enjoyed it.

worth watching and I will surely add it to my Rambo trilogy collection.

Stallone made a beautiful work bringing back Rambo in the places where he belongs, a jungle in some south Asian forgotten country, I mean, f**k the damn boring desert and the annoying terrorists, Rambo is made for buldozering Vietnamese-like nasty armies in the jungle with an arrow and a knife, no better, with a Tarantino-fashioned machete (!!!

One of the worst movies ever...

While the intense rape and massacre scenes are graphic i believe that they are included to give the world a realistic glimpse of what war is really like.

if you're an action junkie and you want to be on the edge of your seat you will love this movie and you will watch it a few times...

After a few scenes, it gets boring to watch so much blood dropping, spilling, splashing or exploding around.

So to conclude, what really made Rambo a success was that it was very well directed, on a very predictable storyline.

again this is the best action packed Rambo of its time and nothing will come out in the future or past that will beat this movie...

Rambo is an intense and visceral experience.

The story in this fourth Rambo-movie is glued together as a jungle-adventure / rescue mission in which our hero barely gets any real action to deal with, in the first act of the movie he feels like the slowest cat in town, now he agrees to help a group of Christian relief workers into war-torn Burma - now Rambo drops them off, and as soon as they have arrived, they get attacked and are taken prisoners.

It is, however, undoubtedly gripping, as well, if you can stomach it.

I found the movie entertaining.

This was one of the, if not the, WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN.

But making us wait way too long for the great action to kick in is a bit of a disappointment.

But RAMBO should at best be viewed for what it really is - entertaining rubbish and not a fly on the wall documentary featuring areal life political on going conflict

It's despicable all aroundIt's really a snooze fest that is very hard to stick with.

It seems our wait has finally come to an end from an unexpected source.

Stallone is also one of the best actor/writer/director's of all time too because his films are entertaining.

Although the movie has some aspects a little tough to take , this exciting film still has its magnificent moments.

Rambo doesn't use his exploding arrows or bazooka which was featured in the second and third movies, but the action is way more bloody and gruesome this time around and more gripping while being less silly.

I could keep going on and on about this and I really enjoyed it and it made it up to my top 10 best movies list.

) But in times of bland and forgettable Hollywood action entertainment with its pseudo-clever lines and outrageous situations, this (literally) visceral down-to-earth approach earns some extra points.

Rambo is by far the most entertaining action movie I have seen in years, and I hope Hollywood takes notice by giving us a trip back down memory lane more often.

But let's talk about the entertaining part: Stallone turns out to be a great and modern action- director, totally getting the essence of today's directing.

Slow start bores you so much that even the moderately fine finale can't save this disaster.

there is no plot.

Die Hard 4, though it had a good story and enjoyable cast, seemed to suffer with overdone special effects.

I was on the edge of my seat, my heart was raising, palms were clammy , filled with emotion, anger, joy and satisfaction when the bad guys got obliterated by the true all time warrior of the big screen,, Rambo is back, better, meaner, angrier, powerful, explosive and larger than ever before.. When the bad guys need to be taken out there is only one solution...

So here is Stallones entertaining wake- up call.

Unfortunately the action scenes were so engrossing and time consuming that to me the movie felt like it flew by.

What follows is a non stop ride of extreme action where in the process of rescuing the hostages, you'll come to see the bloodiest scenes that could happen in war and may action maniacs a huge adrenaline rush.

Brutal (If Predictable) Storyline Leads To Great Character Growth .

But, the character is a bit simply and empty.

The action was uninteresting in the film whether it be the complete distraction from digital blood or whether it just not be good.

But with one of the more brutal and compelling trailers behind it (the nasty Youtube one, not the TV spots), I decided to give it a whirl.

The viewers must brace themselves for the gruesome and suspenseful ride they are taken on, once more, told through the eyes of the ex-military soldier who made the choice to stay in the war zone that so many have lost touch with long ago.

Then came Rambo: First Blood Part II, another propaganda driven film in which the Rambo of the franchise single-handily defeats Communism in Vietnam.

All were boring and plot less.

Of course the script also paints the opposite opinion with the aid workers trying to help & frowning on any sort of killing but luckily for the audience Rambo's point-of-view wins out in the end & we are treated to some spectacularly gory & action packed set-pieces which I thought were tremendously fun & entertaining.

" This is a powerful, compelling, riveting movie with tremendous cinematography presenting a harrowing story.

It's still enjoyable!

Rambo has very little plot to engage in and what plot it does have is ruined by it's predictability.

You owe it to yourself and your grandchildren to take a couple hours out of your life and experience this profound, intense piece of art and let it impact you.

The mercenary group's character were so over the top in acting however it came off like farce to me which was actually really entertaining, seeing their macho lines fall dead in the air, Stallone giving them no respect.

Stallone serves up an adrenaline rush of gore guns and death.

Overall this was one of the most (if not the most) fast-paced, exciting, realistic and enjoyable action/thrillers I have ever seen; and the plot was pretty darn good too!

I personally think you don't need to see the previous Rambo films to enjoy this one, but First Blood is worth watching.

The bloodshed is fun is not the only reason for rating 6, movie is enjoyable.

Yes of course it's exciting.

definitely worth a watch if you are up for some violence, but perhaps too cliché to rate too highly

Rambo is a bloody entertaining film (and I mean that in more ways then one).

Action packed movie with a great story!

Do I enjoy graphic, bloody, intense violence?

It's fun, it's entertaining, it's brutal, and it's way better than the last two films in the series..Fortunately Sylvester Stallone approached "John Rambo" (or "Rambo" as it was retitled and which I'm not too keen on to be honest) with a fresh mindset.

Poor writing and directing, overuse of digital blood and uninteresting action sequences make this a failure of a film.

Pure adrenaline fuelled action .

Expcept for about 15 minutes in the middle, the whole film is action packed.

No script, no directing, no content, no message, no acting.

Did I mention the over the top violence was morbidly entertaining?

His mundane life is interrupted and eventually unhinged due to a simple decision - to help others, and only because he can rather than he should.

For the most part, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and it succeeded in its goal of being an adrenaline-packed action extravaganza.

I was fine with watching two hours of shoot em up action, its watching 45 minutes of Stallone give himself face time and a half hour compressed executions that get's truly tiresome.

Critics will whine as they always do about the excessive violence, gore and lack of story.

In fact it's hard to follow who's who because the purpose of this film is to give you a mega dose of violence so you can get revved up to shoot up the next school so the lefties can take weapons away from law abiding people.

Then again, the action scenes weren't too subtle, either - but it was entertaining, in a sick sort of way.

Visually, the film is stunning, and director/star Sly does a great job with the action, using fast, frantic, hand-held camera-work, combined with blink-and-you'll-miss-'em moments of nasty gore in which heads explode, guts are spilled, and bodies are blown to smithereens (using a convincing mix of prosthetic and CGI effects).

The innocent group of individuals wanting to help civilians and the mercenaries sent to save them were functional as characters, just slightly dull and unmemorable.

It is so well done, so intense and exciting!

However, this did not seem to hinder the 'watch-ability' of the film in anyway, meaning that the intense action scenes and awe-inspiring strength of John Rambo certainly provided a hard knuckle busting film...

My advice: save your money and stop rewarding this second rate movie maker and so-called "actor" for continuously churning out unwatchable crap.

Stallone's iconic Vietnam vet killing machine extraordinaire John Rambo is back with a vengeance in this entertaining and at-times-over- the-top brutally violent chapter in the franchise instilling some new blood(shed) this time with our reluctant hero called into action when an American missionary troupe is savagely attacked after he escorted them into the Burma jungle resulting in their dire need of rescue.

From there on the movie picks up and is quite entertaining.

I just think more attention could have been paid to the story as opposed to the "good supply of body bags" direction the film took (First Blood was one of the best action films of all time and only one person was killed), which would have reduced the gratuitous number of clichés promulgated by Rambo for ninety one minutes and made it actually worth watching.

As an informative tale of human drama you might be better served sticking with Hotel Rwanda, but as an entertaining shoot 'em up you can't go past Sly, even nearly 30 years on from his first action flick.

What makes this "Rambo 4" stand out among not only Rambo movies, but battlefield thrillers in general, is its crisp, no-nonsense, focused approach, doing away with the easy pitfalls of too much build-up or tedious "messages".

poorly educating, highly entertaining .

Boring piece with a quite satisfying action moments.

Entertaining action film, big improvement over the last Rambo films.

After about the 50th dose of blood and gore, the movie actually becomes funny (and therefore more enjoyable).

" This movie contains possibly some of the most stunning action cinematography ever filmed by a Hollywood studio.

Stallone top notch, no story, over-the-top violence .

A man of few words, but intense personal conflict, Stallone's Rambo is an iconic presence on screen.

i remember seeing a trailer once on another website and thinking oh my, what a film we are in for, so i gathered a few friends and off we went to see it, firstly i was delighted to hear he'd kept all the original music which was just brilliant, so u get that real Rambo feeling right from the start, and the film doesn't drag out too like a lot of these big budget action films u see more of these days, this guy knows who he is, hes not running round trying to find out who he is, oh no, it starts steady and builds nicely in to an unbelievable pace of action and drama, i was a massive Rambo fan anyway, but of course along like a lot of other people i didn't want to see Stallone fall flat on his face running round with an oily body and a skimpy vest on in another so called flop of a film, the guy is in his 60s now, and hes still in brilliant shape, and he realises that he just doesn't need to run round in vests any more blowing everyone up, instead, he runs around in a tatty t-shirt blowing everyone up, but this time in a more believable and satisfying fashion, after seeing what the bad guys are up to this time, i loved this film, right to the point, no UN-realistic action sequences or plots, its just breathtaking!

While I will say this movie got downright disturbing and gruesome at times, that was why it was an entertaining and cool film.

Movies such as the Bourne trilogy, 300, or any of those movie that preach the idea of "how to live a better life" movies, are essential empty in essence.

Just a waste of time.

But as the film needs a plot, Rambo agrees to take them up to Burma, and from then on we get a suspenseful, angering, and a gore-fest of an action film.

Since when does an ACTION movie need great drama or a confusing, winding plot?

I've always felt that Stallone has been a highly underrated artist and like his Rocky character is constantly written off but the last two years have been a thoroughly enjoyable trip down memory lane.

I found all of the action sequences to be really exciting and intense; exactly what you hope for in an action movie.

Although it's as predictable, straightforward, but solemn as previous Rambo actioneers, "Rambo" is also as old-fashioned as any of the 1942-1945 World War II Hollywood propaganda movies that justified U.

It was so boring, that I walked out of the theater after the first 15 minutes.

But anyway, this movie is definitely worth watching and well deserved 10/10

Like it's namesake celluloid character it was meant not in a serious way, but as an over the top cliché'.

There is NO message in the movie (other than a 50 cal machine gun can do some serious damage).

It was entertaining in a grisly sort of way.

Its simply mind blowing.

As the rather contrived title of my review suggests, this film is rather like the mission which it portrays.

Does it automatically make the movie worth seeing and entertaining?

I don't necessarily mind it, in fact that's what kept me from falling asleep watching it.

Predictable continuation of the movies .

I left the theater feeling so ripped off.

Really pretty boring during first half except for some short "bad army kills villagers clips".

Here the storytelling evolves into the compelling.

Stallone is enormous as the tough and rebel one army man and excellent Julie Benz as suffering missionary , in addition the veteran Ken Howard and including some flashbacks of deceased Richard Crenna in an enjoyable homage .

You will be on the edge of your seats for the vast majority of it, if you aren't puking your guts out in the bathroom.

If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

Rambo isn't that much of an interesting character, and is rather quite bland at times.

I can't remember a film that was just gory, and I left the theater laughing =D So funny...

After a brief exposition, the main 80% of Rambo IV has no plot, hardly any dialogue, no suspense, and.. well, very little of everything else, really.

Sylvester Stallone decides to take the world's longest civil war and put it center stage in this riveting film.

The technology to produce the graphic detail is awe inspiring.

I applaud Sylvester Stallone because while I believe he was trying to make the film entertaining (as any filmmaker would do), I honestly believe he was aiming to show the world what is going on in Burma.

Either one should be entertaining.

For a well-paced and gripping drama with a message you can't go wrong with the latest Rambo.

Stallone does a great job as both Rambo and Director, he capture the action sequences beautifully and keeps them fresh and exciting.

Look at the pointless bloodshed.

It was clear that he was having fun playing this character again, twenty years after Rambo III came out, and the energy he gave off was enough for this film to be entertaining.

So i will give this movie 10/10 because it is enjoyable, bad ass and completely worth the money (Although being from the UK and having to go out of my way to see it as the Odeon would not show it).

Brutally violent yet stunningly entertaining .

Overall Rambo IV is mind-numbingly brutal and an all out action packed movie.

The script is a bit disjointed.

This movie was so intense, it had me at the edge of my seat quite a bit throughout the movie.

Bloody and action packed .

From start to end you will feel the adrenaline flowing through your veins.

However, "Rambo" does not disappoint with its action, there are limbs being sliced off, guts hanging out, heads being blown off, heads being sliced up and it is all very very exciting.

Please, people, don't waste your time or money.

The pacing is spot-on, I was neither bored nor overwhelmed(which is not at all to say that the action is anything less than epic) for a second, from start to finish.

Camera-work is dynamic, pacing is uneven at times, and Brian Tyler chips in with a thrilling score that stays within the franchise's realms plus also incorporates Jerry Goldsmith's iconic pieces into its soundtrack which was a welcome delight.

As directed and cowritten by Stallone (with Art Monterastelli), this third sequel is ultimately as shallow as it is thrilling and absurd, achieving a level of murderous dementia that would leave Michael Bay slack-jawed in astonishment.

Action packed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

The first hour moves at a snail's pace.

In the line of going-berserk-with-adrenaline action, this is another installment of nostalgic RAMBO series.

Perhaps because it shows balls and this movie is basically one big testosterone driven action flick, that will keep your adrenaline pumping throughout.

I thought with the unrealistic (yet some how entertaining) Rambo 3, the fourth installment would surely be the massacre of another 80s iconic character.

For the most part Benz is kind of boring and doesn't really impress and I know she can do better because I was a fan back when she was on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.

The movie is very boring .

too predictable .

Despite a terrifically high body count and endless footage of stomach-churning carnage, it's amazing just how utterly dull an action movie "Rambo" turns out to be.

Rambo III was entertaining...

,Sssssllllooowwww (specially if someone is being killed with an arrow in his eye) , totally predictable Plot, plus more Bad acting.

The effects that went into blowing people up in this move are just mind blowing.

After watching this movie, the first word that comes to mind is "pointless".

this movie is a little boring when it comes to certain parts of the movie It's all about these people want to save the world and stop the violence .

However, it was a bit tough to see all those heads, arms and legs flying during the battles, but it boosts your adrenaline for sure!

Very intense.

If you're looking for a pure, entertaining, mindless action film, this one delivers.

Worst movie in ages .

There is no doubt about the absolute idiocy of many film critics who on one hand applaud simple one dimensional non-original, plagiarized, repetitive, bloody, gory zombie , slasher films and ridiculously non factual so called anti-war films then condemn this Rambo series.

Depending on who you ask "Rambo" is one of the following: one of the best action movies in years, possibly THE best, a vile piece of exploitation, or an uninteresting, pointless, dull mediocrity.

Stallone has made yet another forgettable, unwatchable turd to add to his already lengthy and unparalleled list of cinematic turkeys.

To show one or two heads explode is OK, when they keep coming, you start to get bored and realize he is doing it to cover up the lack of plot.

This is definitely the most action packed movie I've seen in years, and if you haven't seen any of the Rambo movies, it won't matter.

But if you love "On the edge of your seat action", "Hold your breath tension", "Adrenline pumping" "Old School Nineteen Eightes shoot up action", that pulls no punches; then do your self a favor and put your pedal to the medal, and get on down to the theatre at Warp Factor 9 and treat yourself to an awesome-fun, pure escapism, mindless, popcorn munching great time.

the storyline is quite weak though, since it's very predictable what's gonna happen to those missionaries.

If you are a Rambo fan, an action fan, or if you just like movies that are intense and/or anger you, I highly recommend this film.

This film resembles Stallone's final goodbye to Rocky Balboa, which was shot in a slow 70's style.

You know that things will get screwed up somehow and that Rambo will be called in to fix the situation, so some of the Burmese-territory exposition is a little tedious.

Beyond that you're getting an uninteresting story of Ram-blow, the mysterious ultra invincible tragic hero who is willing to sacrifice everything to save a woman and her Christian missionary friends.

Incidentally, one is never really sure why the atrocities on the Burmese villagers are being perpetrated (and on whose orders) which, if one isn't bothered to come up with the expected metaphors, rather makes the relentless display of carnage throughout seem somewhat pointless and altogether less than entertaining – despite the familiar strains of Jerry Goldsmith's stirring Rambo theme!

Ho hum, boring.

This is the most realistic Rambo and shows how intense and horrible things are in Burma.

We are always taught by American propaganda how soldiers and being a soldier is defending and fighting for the good old USA.

The most enjoyable of the sequels, even if just to satisfy a bit of blood lust.

But I found it to be more cheesy and extremely over the top than entertaining.

There is a lot of violence that kind of goes overboard but this is a great action packed film.

Now, if this is indeed due to digital blood, then this could've easily being overcome by not having digital effects and sticking to practical effects which seem far more realistic, far more gory and more exciting.

The bad guys are just as corrupt and ruthless, but the exciting conclusion where they "get theirs" is less beautified and exotic than the previous two Rambos, replaced with a sense of chaos and ugly slaughter.

"Rambo" is quite possibly the most nihilistic violent film with blockbuster ambitions ever released and, albeit entirely pointless and forgettable, it inarguably delivers thrills and great entertainment.

It's already been said, Stallone is back and up to the legend, it's unnecessary to be one of his fans to enjoy this movie, it's an hard-boiled and heavily action packed movie with great visuals, musics and sfx (except for a few surprisingly bad ones).

This bringing of the saga full-circle to the conflict where it began is an intriguing idea that is quickly lost in a deluge of blood.

I can honestly say what I saw of the film was mind-numbingly boring.

Latest Sequel Is Actually Quite Enjoyable .

I liked Stallone's comeback in the recent "Rocky Balboa" better, but this was still an entertaining flick.

Sly delivers fast paced action.

You can compare it with a thrilling roller-coaster of 90 minutes ...

I do not ordinarily recommend movies relying so much on sheer blood and guts (and much of the carnage here is rendered via obvious fake-looking CGI effects, I should add), but this action packed Rambo installment succeeds at what it sets out to do.

But this dreary shoot-em-up series is certainly tired while Still-Lackluster Staclown shows up looking like somebody's fat uncle.

It has both great and entertaining action while also keeping humanism aspects of it intact, which was in the first Rambo movie.

So it leads to a predictable set-up with the fools administering aid for all of ten minutes before a siege of bullet-ridden carnage has them held hostage.

And the final battle scene is beyond intense.

It's intense.

Mind Blowing .

Of course, the action is fantastic, but what's equally amazing is that the non-action bits are just as riveting.

Thrilling and moving Rambo episode in which he returns to war and to rescue American prisoners .

But its all in good form, and the sheer gore makes the film worth watching again and again.

the atrocities felt real and compelling.

It is replaced with realism which amounts to some of the best and most intense action sequences I've ever seen.

It combines elements of "Apocalypse Now," "The Killing Fields" & the first two Rambo films and is grim & intense from beginning to end, not to mention it's one of the most violent films ever made.

However the violence won't even out in the rest of the movie, from the time JR begins to join the action the violence begins to get very enjoyable indeed.

Although, this movie isn't as comparable as 'Commando', it's is an entertaining and bloody movie that action fans will just want to see.

there is no plot whatsoever.

While the action set pieces aren't as good as First Blood Part 2, Rambo definitely has its entertaining merits in that it's very gory and the kill count is high.

Lots of violence, but far from pointless.

The movie is full cliché.

Really, the only glaring problem with this film is that the plot is very predictable.

The special effects are truly something to behold and make for some very gory but entertaining, and to some degree more realistic, action.

The film is entertaining and surprisingly well put together, however, where the taut thrills and emotional/philosophical battles in Rambo's head brought some depth to First Blood, the carnage and mostly silent soundtrack—besides the explosions and gunshots—of this new creation bring the adrenaline level to a boil if leaving any semblance of story way behind at the ten minute mark.

With a brisk running time of just 80 minutes, Rambo is a hugely entertaining film that never fails to stop and when the adrenalin is running, Neo can assure you that it won't stop till its over.

Rambo is also very well cut - it is short, intensive and never boring - not even for a second.

one critic called it boring?!?!

Some of the scenes were pretty intense.

A genuinely enjoyable, emotional thriller with barely any violence and as simplistic as it was as a character study it still worked.

this movie was clearly made for the call of duty crowd and its terrible to see this rated a 7.2. Let me summarise the movie Blood,Gore,Bad acting,Boring and 50.

The writing wasn't overtly 'bad', but there were some moments that felt a bit too cliché.

If you want an action packed movie that will have you leaving the movie theather hyped up then this is the movie for you.

Adrenaline-pumping action in its purest form .

With all that praise heaped on the action scenes, it might be easy to overlook the unexpected.

Other times, the music was extremely thrilling and heart-pounding during these intense battle sequences.

Inhumane actions that manage to convey some totally unexpected emotional impact.

Powerful and harrowing movie with stunning cinematography.

What I got was a boring, repetitive, ridiculous, gratuitous mess, that has clearly been made to make its ageing star as much pension money as possible before he can't do these mad stunts, with no emphasis on even a hint of quality.

Then near the end of the movie is a scene in a Burmese army base camp, which is the site of debauchery that would give Blood Diamond a run for its money, and throughout the story you see more and more gruesome and barbaric practices by the Burmese army that they basically get away with, then it builds to a climax that's so exciting and long in coming that I found myself smiling broadly and giggling like a schoolgirl.

Brief set-up, then a non-stop adrenaline rush leading up to a fantastic climax.

John Rambo is a sleeping giant, and though the movie is intense throughout it jumps to another level when Rambo realizes what he is and comes to accept it.

The slow moving first hour felt like an eternity, consisting solely of setting up the clichéd, nonexistent plot, which is nothing more than a variation on the Rambo II premise and countless other action movies that came out in the 80's.

So character wise this story is bland and great at the same time.

The story is so basic, completely predictable to the point that the whole movie is disappointing.

Part II and Part III became comic-book yarns with every action and war film cliché' you could imagine, chronicling Rambo's adventures to rescue POWS still held captive in postwar Vietnam and then rescuing his friend by helping the Mujaheddin in war-torn Afghanistan.

It starts out a little slow, with Rambo just living a simple life, as all the Rambo movies do.

Don't waste your money on this piece of crap.

Needless to say, I enjoyed it...

As an action movie it holds its own as the action is unrelentless and entertaining.

I had to wonder though when I left the theater, how many people are really going to 'get it' and think about it beyond the visual spectacle that it is.

Than he goes back for more when the chick gets kidnapped (how predictable!

The development is quick and Rambo does what he does best before things get boring.

There's no cheap scenes, all the stunts are highly entertaining without looking too fake and for once the blood and gore in cinema looks spectacular, is a visual treat, and doesn't seem OTT unlike horror movies especially the Saw franchise where the blood and gore aspect goes over the topSylvester Stallone with limited dialogues conveys it all through his eyes, face and body and he gives a superb performance, Graham McTavish comes off as a Vinnie Jones ripoff, Julie Benz is pretty good and the rest are great

Don't waste your time seeing it.

But if you love your adrenaline cranked, this is a must watch.

Ropey CGI, questionable acting and plenty of gore - Rambo is an entertaining 80s throwback .

Cliché, stamped, dumb movie about the 'Good Guy' convinced by the 'Beautiful Blonde Girl' to get her into trouble and then 'Shooting - Everyone - To - Save - Her - With - The - Help - Of - A - Bunch - Of - Assholes - Who - Turn - To - Be - Nice - Guys'.

Its the most boring movie , i have ever seen.

The movie is superbly entertaining...

What this movie is, is an adrenaline, action-packed, blood-soaked shoot-fest.

The supporting characters are pretty bland too, from a formulaic damsel in distress to a proponent of nonviolence who has to learn to be violent, etc. The film also never really explores why Rambo likes killing so much even though it does admittedly attempt to address the issue.

It was good, but ultimately pointless; you know that the peace-corp types will be wrong, and violence will be the only solution, and it will result in a major bloodbath (seriously the most violent of the series).

outside of the action it actually has a compelling story and enemies that you really want to see dead.

It was constantly entertaining, i was so engulfed in the whole film i actually stayed while the ending credits went up just to see if he finally did meet his father.

Entertaining action picture with room for a little thinking (maybe) .

If you are a fan of action movies, then "Rambo" tops the list of action packed movies!

The critic stated how he was bored with the anti-war Christian rhetoric.

Consider every movie has a climax and Rambo had a great climax & end sequence, but the climactic edge is where all hope seems lost, the good guys are about to die and you as the viewer are on the edge of your seat.

Overall: Better than II and III and Sly can direct somewhat entertaining action.

) Man, this is almost non-stop action and suspense/ Yeah, a bunch of it is overdone but overall, it still was an entertaining movie.

you expect an impossible mission and a bulldozer Rambo running over it and thats what we got , an action packed film , very entertaining , with a little pointer to Burma's tragedy , to be honest after i watcher rocky i didn't expect sly to do that well on Rambo .

this IS the most violent movie ever made, but it's a pure adrenaline rush, and a spectacle of technical efficiency to behold.

Colours are rich and the entire movie has a warm palette helping to convey the intense jungle heat.

I was thinking today how weird it is, this is a genuine action movie, the one people have been waiting for years to have, and it took the old school to bring back that exciting feeling.

the story is believable, the action is intense, the sounds effects are excellent, and the acting is on par.

The action scenes are unparalleled, more intense than "Black Hawk Down", "Saving Private Ryan" and "Stalingrad" put together.

Sly delivers a back to the 80s action packed popcorn fun-ride.

As expected quite a few intense action scenes occur.

Even the slow start is almost serene, using the Apocalypse Now ever-flowing, insidiously slow but constant stream to lure us into a deeper part of our own selves.

I'm just laughing reading the bad reviews where people claim to walk out of the theater because they cannot handle the violence.

Later, Rambo teams up with a group of mercenaries (of whom the irony is flatly obvious) and stages a rescue mission within a the enemies' compound that is by turns frenetic and confusing (it's raining and takes place at night).

Fortunately, though the writers/producers didn't get everything right, they pleasantly surprised me by providing a film that is quite enjoyable and worthy of the Rambo title.

Moreover, "Rambo" makes the rugged battle scenes in Ridley Scott's adrenaline-fueled "Black Hawk Down" and Steven Spielberg's bullet-riddled "Saving Private Ryan" look like pugnacious paint-ball-blasting tournaments.

Stallone has made an unexpected K.

"Rambo" is one of those franchises that adds a more confusing title with every new installment.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen .

What we DO expect is something dramatic and intense action and on the surface, Rambo delivers in spades.

It will definitely satisfy fans of the series, though I had a weird feeling when I left the theater: did I really just pay to see Rambo?

I clearly have some problems with Rambo, but the plot was enjoyable enough and the action was constantly entertaining.

The supporting characters were irritating, the story was uninteresting, the overuse of digital blood was infuriating and the action sequences seemed rather bland even with the development of computer technology.

We have here the fourth installment of Rambo, and to my surprise it was enjoyable enough.

Nevertheless, action scenes and movie effects are stunning in this part.

I was obviously expecting a lot, but here it is way over the top, very repetitive and horribly gratuitous.

Matthew Marsden is exciting youth and strength.

Movie is extremely fast paced, once the action starts it only stops near credits.

Then enters the entirely bland and unconvincing Julie Benz, and it takes her about 30 seconds of dialogue for her to convince him.

But there's really nothing new here; it's a cookie cutter plot, the cinematic equivalent of empty calories.

Mindless gore, stupid slaughter, empty all over...

However it is at times entertaining and it superficially covers and bases itself in parts of the world which are torn apart by violence and the film even manages to show (in limited and rushed areas) how war has skewed and demoralised John Rambo as a man.

The script was overly simplistic and predictable.

The throat rip was awesome and the last action scene where he mows down the Burmese bad guys should go down as one of the most action packed and gory scenes in action movie history!

The third one had the highest body count and was the most outlandish and cartoon-like, but in my opinion, the funnest and most enjoyable of the original 3.

But it is quite bland entry in the series.

To sum it all up its pretty much a fast paced brutal action film with some nice "get to know yourself" things thrown in along to way.

Entertaining .

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen, I would rather watch Agent Cody Banks 2 than this piece of crap again.

And by the end of the film the Rambo as originally shown in the First Blood comes to a nice concluding arc that spares cliché.

It's not pretty , enjoyable or heartbreaking .

how the hell is that boring?!?!

I am serious when I say I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie, and the only other movie that did that was The Dark Knight!

During contemporary days, it comes through as a very predictable film with nothing that's refreshingly imaginative or creative.

The action scenes are unparalleled, more intense than "Black Hawk Down", "Saving Private Ryan" and "Stalingrad" put together.

'Engaging' targets at up to 2,000 meters 'with incredible, smack-in-the-middle precision...

i wouldn't say this was an enjoyable movie because there is too much death and destruction for it to be enjoyed.

In a time where most of the more action packed movies are taken over by CGI, shaky camera, girlie-men, sissy boys and in general total boredom and lack of anything positive, it's a great relief that at least one guy is faithful to the genre.

The scenes of carnage in "Rambo" are so intense and gory that you'll shudder with revulsion every time a bullet pulverizes somebody, including the hideously repugnant villains.

There are several parts of the movie that are that cool and that intense.

An Entertaining Way to Pass Time .