Rampage (2018) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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When three different animals become infected with a dangerous pathogen, a primatologist and a geneticist team up to stop them from destroying Chicago.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Brad Peyton
Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 102 out of 687 found boring (14.84%)

One-line Reviews (452)

The visually stunning designed creatures as they rip through military vehicles like a kid playing on an Atari 2600 (not a pretty sight...

There's not much to think about with Rampage, which is what makes it "brainless" entertaining.

The movie is boring to the point where I had no issue with walking out if the others with me agreed to as well (only after it ended did I know that walking out was on the table for all of us).

Highlighted by an entertaining scene involving the animals (gorilla, wolf, crocodile) growing in large size as we see them destroying the city of New York, their buildings, cars, etc. Another positive is the chemistry and relationship we see with the Rock and George (the gorilla) throughout the film.

I found the storyline very entertaining, even though i feel like the main character, played by Dwayne Johnson, was unhumanly strong in this movie.

As for the other characters, they were more bland.

👎 Bads : Storyline is predictable.

The plot of the movie is simple but a bit confusing as I was never quite sure in what ways the animals were genetically modified.

Don't waste your time .

All of the human stuff is mostly boring though.

Very entertaining, a Must See for me.

What a waste of time that I'll never get back.

I lost track of the point at which giant George becomes responsive once again to his former friend and master Davis, but he suddenly turns tail and goes up against the other two behemoths in a knock down, drag out that takes out a good chunk of the city.

High budget, poor acting and predictable story line??

You can spend time with typical action scenes full of cliche.

Very enjoyable.

:D Though ending was quite predictable & kinda disappointed me.

Action packed, and quite comical.. .

Far better than JW Fallen Kingdom (got so bored towards the end) and though I didn't mind Godzilla a while back, this is simply more fun.

I will add that Johnson did play a rather "different" character so that was exciting to see.

Between the dull, overplayed storytelling devices, awful script, budget special effects and barren acting performances, I'm not even sure if an honest effort was made to fight that tide.

The action scenes were also intense, though some of the explosions I personally felt were partially tacked on.

Moments of humour intersect all the dramatic action and it makes for a very enjoyable film.

The colour scheme is this drab grey and brown dusty thing, this doesn't help the tone of the film, which is trying to be upbeat and comedic.

Entertaining movie .

But every character in this film just; very bland and forgettable.

As it is, if this is the worst I see all year, then it is going to be a very good year because this one was enjoyable.

Thrilling to the Bones!!!.

The film was very exciting and gripping.

Unfortunately, it's boring and uninventive until the last act.

Did I mention the game was dumb entertaining fun?

Predictable, and boring...

IntroductionIt feels like only yesterday I watched an action packed movie, featuring a great ape.

Rampage is definitely not the best movie of the year, but it is entertaining and a movie you can just watch and enjoy without having to sit there and think too much.

George is by far the most loveable, enjoyable, and most convincing character in the movie.

The Plot is also pretty lousy and extremely predictable, especially the ending.

I really enjoyed it even if it was, at times, very very silly.

Dumb, Loud, stupid and entertaining.

It is a formula film with big budget , a nice and lovable lead ( almost a superhero ) , a supporting character to ask questions in order to create the illusion of the unfolding of a predictable plot , generic villain , CGI creatures and action scenes with a lot of jokes

Ape-zilla, Croco-zilla, wolf-zilla = Well budget cliche .

First of all, the idea of giant beasts fighting is something we have seen so many times, it's really dull a this point.

This movie is pretty good, if you haven't seen it but want to just get out to the movies to have some fun then this is the movie you need to see, story is ehh but the action as well as (some of) the character development is worth watching and experiencing.

Big and Dumb and Boring, Rampage Takes Few Risks and Reaps No Rewards .

I really enjoyed it and would buy it on Blu-Ray.

The final act of the movie is all about the culmination of where they started together at the beginning of the film, so if their chemistry doesn't work for you, then you may want to leave the theatre before it really dives in.

Rampage movie review "Great fun family Sci-fi action, with some engaging acting"- (9/10).

It's fast paced, well directed.

Given its a game with no plot and characters that they couldn't licence for this, where was Godzilla?

then all movie is so fun it maybe dumb it could look silly it's strange but give this movie a BIG SHOT believe me it's nothing bad compare then comparing any another SC-FI bullcrap channel this is a lot better believe me this movie you don't wanna miss out it's a lot fun, it's intense if you love Movie Monster Flicks battling each another feels opposite to Godzilla this is right movie for you then !

Whilst again, the storyline was a little predictable, this kept it suited to a whole family audience.

'Rampage': A Fun, Entertaining Action Movie That Remembers To Be Dumb .

Bottom line: not good enough to wow, not bad enough to cringe, yet entertaining enough to have a good time watching it.

It's all very heavy handed, yet it's just so undeniably entertaining!

The action scenes are enjoyable.

The cast are enjoyable to watch with worthy performances by Naomie Harris from Pirates of the Caribbean and Jeffrey Dean Morgan from the Walking Dead.

So intense.


Straight out of the Stallone/Schwarzenegger school of acting and like the aforementioned an immense screen presence, totally wooden but hugely enjoyable he carries the movie on his obviously large shoulders.

Malin Akerman and Jake Lacy play cheesy villains of a cliché corporation on wanting to create deadly experiments for there own personal gain.

After the first few scenes as we're introduced to the main character of the film, we're given a reason to what happening, rather than the typical monsters just show up cliche storyline and cause chaos motive which most films seem to adapt.

The third act is too long (I guess it has to, since that's the part of the movie the videogame shows).

If you expect monster movies to be deep, have a compelling story, and a lot of meaningful dialogue, then you aren't living in reality,This is an action movie, things get destroyed and blown up.

Between the dull, overplayed storytelling devices, awful script, budget special effects and barren acting performances, I'm not even sure if an honest effort was made to fight that tide.

Why, of course, who wouldn't want to become best friends with one of the most dangerous, unpredictable animals on Earth?

It's a fun, entertaining, no-brainer action movies .

This movie is full of action but some action scenes are very dull.

No Plot...

That's a common complaint about giant monster movies, there's not enough monster action, and I get the argument that there needs to be humans to follower else the monster stuff becomes monotonous, but there really was t enough here and the human stuff for the most part was really bland and uninteresting.

The first part that I managed to stay awake through was an utter waste of time...........

Leveled by a trite script, inane dialogue and hammy performances across the marquee, this visually impressive but ultimately boring adaptation of the little known and least liked video game from the 1980s fails to garner a high score.

All the bad guys die, the good win - nothing wrong with that, but it's so dull made, the acting is so poor, the whole movie, which I had to watch while being on a long bus journey, I was asking myself, why on earth is Dwayne accepting such a role.

Of all the video game,movie adaptations this is a surprisingly good one,definitely worth the watch.

This is a film I recommended watching on the big screen totally worth watching.

There are no end credits scenes though, so don't waste your time waiting around for one.

Entertaining with action packed scenes, huge monster fights, and great humor.

Johnson gives a pretty good performance while other characters are a bit cliche.

I simply don't get the reviewers who score movies like this so low because it does exactly what it's supposed to do: give you 2 hours worth of adrenaline filled fun and action.

Yes, it had cliche moments, and scenes where military was just useless fodder like most monster movies.

The only redeeming quality this predictable, slightly boring, knockoff has going for it, is Jeffrey Dean Morgan's pointless but undoubtedly weird character that brings a strange amount of enjoyment to an otherwise bland film adaptation.

The story isn't well-written, and the characters are either uninteresting or unbelievable, but the action is worth watching for any monster movie fan.

The plot was excellent, the actors were great, and they managed to make it fairly entertaining despite the shortcomings in the script and direction.

It has more endings than an Elton John retirement tour and culminates, eventually, in a CGI fest that left me cold and bored...

and the monsters , I know you can smash over 200 house in the game , but to make in the movie could be a lot boring to see , they did a great work Warner Bros.

And it does its job, which is entertaining and being a lot of fun.

The Rock is uncharacteristically boring.

Honestly, I went to go see this movie not expecting much, i was very bored and just wanted something to do.

Entertaining .

Rampage was a very entertaining movie!

I swear it takes skill to make a giant monster movie boring.

It's really just your average popcorn flick, but it is still enjoyable for what it's worth.

You could do a lot worse with pointless, smash-em-up monster movies, and it would be hard to name many better.

The spectacular battle in Chicago is quite something if overlong and a bit repetitive.

This movie has all the ingredients for a bad action movie: unrealistic, cheesy, predictable, 3 giant animals....

It is not a deep film, the script is not great but it is a mindless, cheesy and enjoyable film with plenty of mayhem.

This includes Rampage which my oldest son dragged me along to see today.

Having blowouts this well-realized but cramped into the finale and sidelined for so many boring humans talking feels like running out of quarters at the arcade on the cusp of beating your high score.

The first hour or so of the movie is so boring and uninteresting that i just can't believe it.

Why do you have such dull motivations for what are two Captain Planet villains that will not work at all once it either clears up or everyone dies and there would be nothing to spend the millions they would selling the bad gas thing.

Boring and peace of junk like skyscraper no effort in acting .

Utterly uninspired, ugly and ultimately pointless.

Cheese, cliche, corny, cringey.

I and story direction is pretty solid, considering it from a button bashing game, but I can see why some people may find this film a little dumb, but at the end of the day this isn't an intelligent film it's not meant to be, its a fun entertaining film that is meant to go the way it did.

He reaches across demographics and tastes, there are no jagged edges to him, he is smooth, charismatic and just plain likeable (Much like George Clooney or Jimmy Stewart in that regard) and for the most part, saves the film from being exhaustively dull with all of it riding on his charisma.

Generic, but enjoyable .

cheesy and action packed just the way I like it.

So bad it was actually entertaining.

The story was dull, drama was bad, and no focus on the connection between characters.

It was all fun and I enjoyed it for what it was.

Unfortunately, the charm of the gorilla-human interaction is much more compelling than any of the human counterparts.

It was highly predictable all the way through and then they drug the end out to be as absolutely sensational as could be and in so doing, they made it just intensely corny, mind-numbing, and tiresome.

I would rather have a short movie that a three hours long movie with boring dialogue and lame action Overall Rampage deserves to be watched on BIG screen.

I feel like this is just a well-budget cliche film that was starred by Dwayne Johnson.

The action scenes where George fight the other monsters were definitely thrilling, which makes it hurt that much more that this happened in the near end of the film.

Empty content .

It's slow, boring, and stupid.

It's just bland noise and spectacle.

but it's also mildly enjoyable.

The Bad"Plot a little predictable".

The characters are bland and so unforgettable.

But it had no story, it was devoid of plot!

I wouldn't really say that there are a lot of cliches in this movie, but it does get predictable at times.

Exciting, Funny, interesting.

So many, many, many movies now feature these tiresome, redundant climaxes of CGI chaos and non-existent cartoon adversaries clobbering each other until one of them falls over for good.

It was action packed and had great special effects!

Other than the nit picks I have, the CGI was very well done, the action was intense, and most of the characters are likable.

The video game had no story whatsoever and this is a desperately silly attempt to convert it into a film.

The movie is extremely entertaining and is a popcorn film, not a shakespearian tragedy, or serious film, just pure cheesy fun.

The plot is boring, the acting is atrocius, the writing, directing, cinemotagoraphy, and soundtrack are all dull, and worst of all, it's not even fun.

) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan who turns in one hell of an entertaining government agent, and of course George the gorilla is also one cool dude.

Enjoyable fun movie that provided more than its lackluster special effects.

But it sure as hell was entertaining and had surprisingly good visual effects!

But his character in this movie was so terrible that i almost walked out of the cinema.

And it WAS genuinely entertaining.

It is action packed and nice cgi and special effect.

Only two things need to be said about Rampage : it was terrible and I somehow enjoyed it.

The actions and the big scenes were breathtaking.

Really enjoyable!!!

People complain at how silly the plot is, and even so the film remains highly enjoyable and has enough thrills and fun entertainment.

Good action ,great special effects And Dwayne Johnson is as entertaining as ever.

The last act of the film, boisterous and excessive as it is, is exciting and basically fun - just a shame the film took an hour and a half to get there.

✅ Verdict : This movie is a commercial action flick with loads of adrenaline rush and heart pumping action and the amazing Dwayne Johnson.

It is so empty and boring content, and also feels like a movie where you rushes through it fast.

After an actually exciting opening scene where a space station lab disintegrates and scatters a infectious pathogen across North America, a wolf, an alligator (it seems) and George himself are caught in the chaos when it crash-lands.

Very action packed, t-shirts too tight, and a healthy dose of comedy.

The film is well made and the barnstorming and exciting action sequences are as impressive as the special effects.

It is through Johnson's and Morgan's screen presence that the empty plotline for two-thirds of the movie moves along at least, briskly.

the movie was entertaining, and on the entertaining value alone I gave it TEN STARS, Ii kept my interest and attention level up, That and I love seeing Hollywood totally destroy Chicago, that alone would have been FIVE STARS.

the Rock as usual, but ALWAYS entertaining!

The monster effects and the scenes of urban destruction are truly breathtaking, and the movie moves at breakneck speed so it's all easily digestible.

The acting and the plot were so so, but it is still worth watching.

Rampage is simply an exciting creature flick with fun senseless mayhem and heart pounding action mainly towards the finale.

"Rampage" is no more than an exorbitant disaster film, full of spectacle and sometimes enjoyable humor.

However, the two main villains are ridiculously over the top and cliché, plus Joe Manganello is really wasted in his very small role in this film.

It's relentlessly entertaining with Dwayne Johnson's charisma and the often over the top action set pieces.

The style of the film is also very hit and miss, there is some huge exciting action scenes involving these creatures that got me invested.

Rampage is a complete waste of time, and most of all, a complete and utter trash hole of a film, and a shameful contender in the action genre.

watch the trailer save your money .

Don't waste your time on this.

In any case, the whole plot is contrived and plays out exactly how you think it would.

There is not as much action I was expecting, but I still enjoyed what was given and the final battle is mind blowing effects.

If you can do that and are you willing to invest about an hour and a half, you'll enjoy this film for what it is: an exciting popcorn flick.

Rampage is certainly action packed but it's cliche line after cliche line.

I enjoyed it very well.

Movie deserves appreciation for its kind , its fun and entertaining.

Fast Paced.


Coming from someone who wants to show The Rock support in all that he does,this movie is just pure boring.

Action packed and loved how they incorporated humor!!!

I was enjoying this for a while, but then boredom strikes.

Very entertaining!

a mindless monster movie, which is mildly enjoyable .

What a waste of money to make a predictable typical action movie.

For the most part it is fast paced and thrilling, except in the middle when the movie sorts of bog down a little since they wanted to give the Human Actors and Actresses more screen time.

It is action packed throughout.

Entertaining .

A bit predictable and OTT, although the opening scene did have me intrigued.

Not all the film is bad because when the monsters are fighting it's really enjoyable & amused.

Enjoyable for what it is and kids will love it.

Fast Paced and Thrilling, A Must See .

Although the movie doesn't offer anything new to the Monster Movie Genre, it's still entertaining enough to fulfill what most people probably paid for.

Substance Lacking But Wildy Entertaining.

I have seen and read reviews of other movies based off of games, and this is the only one that I know of that is this entertaining and well-executed.

This movie was very predictable with a poorly developed plot.


It's entertaining - the Rock + Jeffrey Dean Morgan cowboy relationship brings out the best in both actors, the villains are cheesy, there's very little reliance on the love interest and more of a focus on the relationship between George his friend - essentially this film is exactly what it should be.

Another pointless Hollywood production as of late, and can be described with 2 words - predictable, superficial.

The third act is pretty epic and entertaining when all the monsters rampage.

Not serious and fun it may be, but for me it us tedious

Pros: 1) Great VFX 2) Climax battle scene 3) Dwayne Johnson is entertaining 4) Emotional Bonding between the lead actor and the animalCons: 1) Villain's motive seems "illogical" 2) Some forced comedy scenesNot sure why there were many negative reviews for this movie.

It is big and loud and action packed.

Those last 20 minutes are cool, but the rest is just boring.

and they had to make it so boring to watch....

A very entertaining movie .

We walk into Rampage eagerly expecting the plucky, action-packed silliness of 2017's Kong: Skull Island, but emerge with a film so top-heavy with sodden portentousness, sparse spectacle, and banal military jingoism that it tips dangerously close to the grim train wreck of 2014's Godzilla.

The movie is not bad, it's just really slow and stretched, the plot could've taken 60 minutes maximum, the only thing interesting was the ending, 5 stars because of the rock and the gorilla

If you don't think too much about it, they can be quite enjoyable though and most of them are very funny too.

If it's boring and you have nothing else to do than you can watch this movie, it will past your time

Action packed.

I cannot honestly recommend it but if you are dragged to the theater by your kids or grandchildren you can certainly find worse ways to dump a couple of hours.

It's really just that entertaining.

I find this boring & I'd rather see him being challenged.

But the plot, plot device, and sequence of events are seriously predictable.

Now, even though the writing isn't that great, the saving grace that is able to carry this film from a total failure to a semi-enjoyable ride is the ever-charismatic Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

While it is enjoyable to watch stuff breaking there is not really much done in terms of characters or story to make it matter that much or have the audience be invested in the final fight and it does not stay with you once the film stops.

Same repeated cliche movie....

There's humor, action, and some occasional drama to make this one of the most entertaining movies of this year, that's for sure.

Based on a video game with no story or characters to speak of, from a time before many of his fans were born, it sounds like a dreadful basis for a movie.

Yet, it went beyond my expectations and "the Rock" does it again with a beautiful action packed movie.

As has been the case with the last three Dwayne Johnson films that I have watched (Fast 5, Furious 6 and Skyscraper), the action is utterly predictable, totally preposterous, but still mindlessly entertaining popcorn nonsense, perfect for when you just want to switch off your brain and enjoy maximum destruction with zero concern for logic.

The antagonists are one dimensional and pointless.

Silly, fun, and mindless but an enjoyable toss-off actioner.

Verdict: the action sequences are good and the movie fails from becoming a bore.

The humour wins the day and definitely makes for an enjoyable movie experience.

Again, that is what a movie like Rampage is supposed to do to a certain extent but this film often slips into pointless, incoherent chaos.

The other parts of the movie are simply boring and super unfunny.

It was dumb, entertaining fun.

kinda cliche.

If you're going to make an updated 1950s version of a giant animal movie go big and be entertaining.

Cons: Plot was simple and predictable.

I watched this with my 12 year old boy and we both enjoyed it.

" I enjoyed it.

Despite the ratings this was actually a good movie..kind of mighty joe young meets Jurassic park..action packed from start to finish and the rock suits these types of movies..definitely worth a shot..

I found the first half of the movie good and interesting, but then i just got bored in the later half for some reason.

A somewhat enjoyable cop out.

On the good side, the tension and the pace are managed pretty well, which makes the suspense sequences effective and enjoyable.

enjoyable over the top totally unbelievable unadulterated FUN.

I was truly bored out of my mind through the movie.

Wild, exciting and actionpacked...

Bottom line the effects are stunning.

Fast paced with a great storyline.

Really do like Dwayne lately, he is in my top 10 actors at the moment, this movie was fun from beginning to end, amazing special effects and great story, its funny, sad and exciting and everyone will love it, credits to the director, keep them coming you make great movies.

It's goofy fun while your in the middle of it, but remembering what was enjoyable afterwards is like popping a quarter in an arcade game and trying to recall what was fun after the game is over.

This is quite intense, and not for kids, most likely would give them nightmares.

All the characters were cliche; each character had their own stereotype.

We enjoyed it.

The monster effects are great and the scenes with the ape at the beginning are really good, but it could have done with more humour - played straight, it's not as entertaining or fun as it could have been, ending up flat and boring at times.

The Rock does a good job here -- we enjoyed it.

With the formulaic action, cliched dialogues and an unbelievable amount of unadulterated cinematic junk.

Directed by Brad Peyton, who also worked on Dwayne Johnson's films Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and San Andreas, this is a fast-moving slam-bang action fest.

This does exactly what it says on the tin - it's fast and furious, entertaining and fun.

The original Rampage came out in 1986, when games were simple (you moved from side to side either punching things or shooting them or gorging on white dots and ghosts) and repetitive.

It was an entertaining, light, fast, action movie.

Just saying i enjoyed it to the max as it delivered what was promised : a movie about a RAMPAGE!!

If you're looking for a fun, entertaining and action then this movie will please you.

) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan who turns in one hell of an entertaining government agent, and of course George the gorilla is also one cool dude.

Dwayne Johnson brings us a thrilling, adventurous, funny monster movie.

This movie may be predictable, but its really really entertaining.

Especially the third act which was ridiculously engaging.

Still, Jeffrey Dean Morgan knows exactly how much scenery to chew as a curiously overstaying fed, with a cowboy twang worthy of Sam Elliot, and he's surprisingly entertaining for it.

The film is entertaining, although predictable and flat.

It was so boring.

Pros: Plot was simple and predictable.

cheesy, predictable, unrealistic...

Asides the whole action, CGI, effects, screenplays Nothing new to the story, a bit baseless movie, but enjoyable to watch, just a good action movie nothing more or less

Worth watching.

Cliche and predictable .

Pretty much watchable to pass your time if you're bored though.

The film created an enjoyable, mostly effortless watch, with enough complexity to satisfy my desires.

Rampage isa brilliant couple of hours of pure enjoyment where you're free to marvel at how good the CGI is, how enjoyable JDM is to watch, and how massive Dwayne Johnson's arms are.

I'm sure the adrenaline junkies will give this 10 stars right and left.

Dialog were so predictable and poorly written that i rolled my eyes more then ten times during this flick.

Rampage is an extremely entertaining movie.

The worst movie ever made.

Humoristic, thrilling, well staged!

But at its core it's just a dumb, fun, often silly film full of entertaining action sequences.

Also "Rampage" does not entertain, but bores for the first hour, thanks to the horrible scenes in which the two main villians are present ( among the most terrible I've ever seen).

waste of time .

The movie is light and entertaining with plenty of action.


So he is all of that in this film that carries few surprises, but if you like Johnson and you are in the mood for a smash-em-up film that is pretty much paint by numbers with predictable supporting characters out of central casting, this should fit the bill.

Either way it is an enjoyable, fun movie!

Sadly, what they arrived at is a predictable, cliché ridden story - saved by a third act that delivers on the premise and elevates the movie back to acceptable levels.

I didnt feel bored.

The movie isn't that bad, it has some pretty good CGI effects and a rousing action star performance from Dwayne Johnson.

Save your money .

Stupid plot but entertaining .

Action packed King Kongesque adventure .

but I enjoyed it.

Despite having four screenwriters, the plot of this movie unfolds in a manner that is extremely familiar and predictable - you'll always be one (or more) steps ahead of the characters and the situations.

I enjoyed the action packed unexpected scenes.

If you're looking for 100 minutes of outlandish entertainment this is worth the watch.

The results, however, are more absurd than thrilling.

The action is fast paced and holds you at the edge of your seat for each scene.

The adrenaline and the drama is epic in this movie....

A lackluster story that succumbs to cheesiness and mundane tactics, Rampage needed to dig deeper to unlock the primitive energy locked up within.

Entertaining Movie .

To conclude, Rampage is not a great movie, but it is a fun movie if you are into monster action, Dwayne Johnson badass-ness, and overall an entertaining movie.

Solid entertaining Johnson vehicle .

Highly entertaining schlock.


Once Rampage gets to the three animals destroying Chicago, the movie does get enjoyable.

An Entertaining Movie of Giant Animals Rampaging Throughout City of Chicago .

A mindless action film with a simple and predictable plot, cliché characters, passable acting and destructive action scenes.

Like a lot of games, there was no point, but it was entertaining.

this is one of those movies that only worth watching on television.

Other reviews of this movie in here are talking about how stupid the plot is, or talking about all the plot holes or the dumb decisions from the characters But for me, the biggest problem was how much time they wasted with all this pointless and boring scientific explanationson why the animals grew and with all the pointless and annoying exposition from the federal agent guy or the evil scientists or The Rock.

and the last 30 minutes are unbearable.

There were slow parts, poor chemistry with a love interest, and less than one-dimensional characters (if that's possible).

Many of the set-pieces in which these creatures dispute without contention brought to my memory immediately the hyperstylized and bombastic "King Kong: Skull Island" by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the dramatic and slow-burning "Godzilla" by Gareth Edwards and, of course, Ishiro Honda's Japanese masterpieces.

plenty of on the edge of your seat action and the good guys win.

This movie can go from fast to slow in a drop of a hat, and the scenes in which these happen rarely work.

Improvements were made to an extent, but the story lacks a lot of sustenance that could have helped craft a more engaging story.

I didn't mind this movie, whenever I need a light fun entertaining movie The Rock always seems to provide.

that's nothing unusual these days), but grade-school humor and predictable plot makes this an asinine attempt with a whole bunch of stupid thrown in.

Nobody will see this movie for compelling characters and dramatic scenes.

Anyways the arcade game was wonderful, but to have all that go to waste with this movie makes me think that people will make anything for money.

Very entertaining.

That is the premise on which this film is made, and is why it's so damn enjoyable.

If you want to watch the worst movie of 2018, go ahead and watch.

The movie itself has no storyline, that's why the sidekick girl has to explain everything along the way, even the duo villain talks about their plan as they are in a scene.

Entertaining .

Fun and Entertaining .

It was kind of boring and cool I guess.

Dwayne Johnson's enormous charisma makes every scene he's in enjoyable, Naomie Harris makes for an interesting sidekick and Joe Manganiello is a surprising highlight as a sexy mercenary.

The antagonists are one dimensional and pointless.

It was entertaining for the first half hour or so and with each iteration of a bigger badder mutant it became less entertaining.

From an exciting sequence with mercenaries fighting with a giant wolf in the forest to George's escape on the plane.

It's a ludicrous irony that the fun of watching a building crumble on my Commodore 64 was more enjoyable than the mind-numbing fury that was this movie's big ending.

Action packed.

It is a silly but enjoyable monster-bashing action movie starring our favorite Dwayne Johnson.

Breathtaking special effects .

He had fun with this character, going over the top with a Texan drawl and cliche after cliche.

Dwayne Johnson Charms his way out in this stupid yet extremely entertaining flick.

Lame, Cliche and Predictable .

Pretty much everyone on the cast gave a convincing and entertaining performance.

I would wait for better movies but this was a waste of time and money.

The Rock gives a solid charismatic performance as expected as does Naomie Harris, both of whom work nicely as a pair and have some pretty engaging drama.

If a couple of decades ago you had told my teenage self that I would have groaned with boredom watching a movie where giant monsters lay a metropolis to waste...

Overall, this is a movie that was entertaining if you disregard the logical parts.

Its no masterpiece, sure, but it was extremely entertaining and did a lot of things very well.

Entertaining movie .

A really enjoyable action / sci fi/ popcorn flick.

Ridiculous But Entertaining.

As I said, it's all a bit stupid and predictable.

The villains a group of executives running a research company known as Energyne which runs much like if Weyland Yutani merged with Umbrella and had more boring motives for letting horrors against nature loose upon the people of Chicago.

The film's greatest flaw is that it's wholly unoriginal and devoid of any compelling conflict.

Very entertaining .

The friendship between Rock and George was very entertaining!!!

Entertaining CGI-Fest .

It's relentlessly entertaining with Dwayne Johnson's charisma and the often over the top action set pieces.

Took my mind into the movie where I didn't once look at my phone, totally absorbing.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Again these are small details that didn't take too much away from the film, I still enjoyed it.

The story itself is generic but enjoyable.

Nobody will see this movie for compelling characters and dramatic scenes.

Cringe worthy, predictable, cartoon villains, cliché, doesn't know if it should be silly or serious, and so on...

Sure some actors, weren't overly convincing, and sure the story weren't groundbreaking, but as a monster movie, it was entertaining from start to finish, and surely a movie I could watch more than once.

Turns out the movie is actually entertaining.

This film is very interesting, the chemistry of the Characters David and George the albino gorilla is very funny and interesting .. This film is still worth watching the whole family.

Action packed and nice CGI movie .

Suffice to say, I talked her into seeing this one so while it was not a super fantastic film, it was surely more entertaining to me than that other film would have been.

The acting's pretty good and it was entertaining throughout the majority of it though.

So, let's call it a successful game to movie adaptation if only sporadically exciting movie on its own.

Malin Ackerman's flinty corporate scoundrel is as bland as they come, and instantly forgettable, though Jake Lacy is more fun as her goofball brother/co-conspirator.

Enjoyable ride .

I will see The Rock in any movie, whether that be the rated R failure that was Baywatch or the entertaining family flick, Jumanji.

Predictable Action Movie Based On A Video Game Franchise .

It's a very entertaining action movie.

Every single cliche of an action/horror/adventure flick rolled up into one.

That's all part of the stupendous, winking tone - which will probably piss a lot of viewers off, even though I quite enjoyed it.

Movie was funny, action packed, heart warming.

Very cliche film.

Entertaining nonsense .

The cast was engaging, funny, and you could tell they tried their best!

"Go see it with an open mind and a desire for loopy, goofy, exciting fun.

From the makers of the Dark Knight and Aquaman so expect to be bored.

The story is lacking outside of the action, the excitement goes and becomes dull, silly and predictable, with an ending that is both overblown and ridiculous.

But at its core it's just a dumb, fun, often silly film full of entertaining action sequences.

Verdict: This was quite a massively enjoyable throwback to the kinds of movies made back decades ago in which giant monsters attack a Big City and it's up to Our Heroes to make sure they get defeated.

For a point of reference, I don't rate a movie on how well it was put together, I rate it on how enjoyable it was.

Very awesome movie and entertaining, I enjoy every moment.

Very entertaining.

Pretty entertaining.

The punch lines were predictable, and generally not funny.

Entertaining .

Logic is only going to slow things down.

It's just an empty CGI spectacle that we have all become desensitised to and has all the breathtaking punch of TV static.

I was bored in a few scenes where I feel like I shouldn't have been.

Dwayne Johnson does a descent job here, Malin Ackerman is quite enjoyable has the villain, It's Jeffrey Dean Morgan that really enjoyable hams it up here, I mean he is quite the scene stealer.

got bored glad it ended when it did.

Funny and entertaining .

This movie is a entertaining movie for those who like action or even some time off.

It had potential to be more entertaining.

Director Brad Peyton has enough chunks of thrilling action sequences which you can enjoy in your big TVs.

SummaryGreat fun family Sci-fi action, with some engaging acting.

Action packed!.

Logic is only going to slow things down.

If you want to waste your time, you can waste it with this movie.

The Rock has a few good scenes in it, and Akerman makes a sexy femme fatale villain (Lacy is mildly amusing as her dimwitted brother too), but other than that the movie is pretty dull when it centers on the humans (and all the unnecessary plot nonsense).

The film won't harm the unstoppable career of The Rock, however, compared to the average of his films and the previous and much more exciting disaster movie with the same filmmaker ("San Andreas") is sadly inferior.

Like I said an escape from the rainy dreary day outside for 109 minutes.

Pointless video game adaptation.

But it's a little slow leading up to that.

Action packed movie - has no laughs.

The only bad thing I can say about it is that a handful of the lines were a bit cliche.

Repetitive curse words show a lack of creativity; they're not witty or amusing and they add nothing to the entertainment value of a movie.

Unexpected entertaining .

Predictable, a not very good supporting cast and bad dialogue.

An enjoyable and funny movie to watch, it's hard to hate a Dwayne Johnson movie such a great guy.

I was on the edge of my seat alot.

The military could not be dumber, the characters more cliche, the use of weaponry more unbelievable.

Story was done before but totally enjoyable.

Rampage has the thrills and The Rock to make this one of the most exciting of the action-creature features of this year.

Surprisingly, one of the unexpected elements to this blockbuster is just how gritty and ruinous the narrative's tone is.

Don't waste your money .

A pure waste of time and money...........

It's still nothing that you haven't seen before, but it does become entertaining enough to drag the film as a whole up to passable entertainment.

Great , yes it's unbelievable but had the family together and really enjoyed it

The film is more enjoyable than I thought.

An Exciting Action-Adventure...

Some standard cliche characters (business evil, military destroy, oh and yes a "man in black" secret agent type).

Somebody for the love of god put the rock down like they should have done before this absolute waste of money they could have spent on nhs!

Mindless fun and an enjoyable monster pic.

Its a pure entertainment and action packed movie.

And thus, after a momentarily elating prologue in an exploding space shuttle, we're treated to loooooooots of time to get to know our human (boring!

👍Goods : Dwayne Johnson's Charisma Action Packed Sequences + VFX Entertainment Package .

Brad Peyton has a history of making pointless movies.

The Rock delivers another entertaining performance in Rampage.

Because other movies exist, it is objectively not that good, but it is still extremely entertaining.

Over the top evil vilain, helicopters and people conviniently showing up exactly when they are needed, comments by the actors about stuff you'd expect the audience would say etc.Well worth the watch though and Yes.

Likewise, a certain sequence - not well executed - reminded me the beleaguered and repudiated "the Mummy" by Alex Kurtzman, a film in which the only set-piece vividly intriguing and excellently edited was that of the plane, the free fall.

I'm glad that I watched it till the end cause the ending (even being absolutely predictable) was probably the best part of the movie.

The acting is fine, some funny moments, the action is well paced and exciting to watch.

Annoying actors & confusing things made me dislike this film.

YESTotally entertaining and I LOVED the three mutant creatures and the cast.

Overall, even with this film being cliched or predictable, it does what it sets out to be.

Definitely the worst movie I have watched this year.

Rampage is hilarious and enjoyable in its attempts at seriousness and a pretty great time if you turn off your brain.

It's entertaining.........

More Action: You've stuck it out through the ridiculous plot, been teased by the small, and often pointless skirmishes, and you've gotten through the lacking characters.

This whopper of a motion picture contains ample fodder for the desperate moviegoer including far-fetched plot details, fast paced action sequences, multiple setting sites, just deserts, destruction & explosions, juvenile humor, guns, and just enough swearing and blood to garner a PG-13 rating.

Based on a video game with no story or characters to speak of, from a time before many of his fans were born, it sounds like a dreadful basis for a movie.

All of the human stuff is mostly boring.

Beautifully entertaining, like so many films with Dwayne Johnson.

Furthermore, the special effects are breathtaking as well.

Waste of time B Class Movie .

The original Rampage came out in 1986, when games were simple (you moved from side to side either punching things or shooting them or gorging on white dots and ghosts) and repetitive.

Action packed, big, loud, and a lot of fun.

All in all, the film is an enjoyable action fun fest with cheesy moments and acting.

I give the movie one start, because it's such a boring, and just another movie with The Rock...

However, it was just dumb and predictable.

7 feet super hero that can recover from 9mm wounds on the abdomen and keep running like nothing happened?

"Ready Player One" is out of the game because, although it shows hundreds of references, it does so in an easter-eggs mix and not as a story itself, in fact, it's an adaptation of Ernest Cline's bestselling, as Steven Spielberg's kinematic adrenaline must be excepted from this fearsome category.

Entertaining nonsense .

Cliche after cliche .

A complete waste of time, another same line based movie by Brad Peyton where the city is destroyed and Dwayne Johnson saves the day.

The scene where he stops that dumb-ass Brett Wayden and then lets him walk away towards his well deserved destiny quite enjoyable.

Rampage is action packed, humorous, a bit over the top with some of the gore-no f words (thank you), and ultimately has monsters-which I find quite entertaining.

The most realistic and entertaining fiction movie .

If you just want to escape into an action packed movie almost from the start to the end for 109 minutes, I believe that you will enjoy this film.

I know you're strong Dwayne, but a bullet in the guts and you're still here like nothing happened?

Entertaining .