Raw Deal (1986) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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A former FBI agent turned small-town sheriff agrees to help the FBI chief infiltrate the Chicago mafia when the FBI chief's son is killed by them.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: John Irvin
Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kathryn Harrold
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 22 out of 116 found boring (18.96%)

One-line Reviews (75)

This had a chance to be quite a riveting story, and it is at certain times, just not nearly enough for my liking.

Even though this is not Arnie's highest quality production, it still remains fairly entertaining.

I give it a 6/10 for been slightly more enjoyable than average.

Tedious, just like Bruce Willis films.

But because I was bored I gave this film a shot (pardon the pun).

Everything else is a bit naff as well, action etc. Some of the dialogue is fairly snappy though.

The conversation between Arnold and Darren McGavin, which provides some backstory, is so contrived that a high school creative writing student would seem like Shakespeare by comparison.

), Arnold struggling to deliver the priceless line 'He molested, murdered and mutilated her' (the film is worth watching for this moment alone), the ridiculous attack on the bad guys' quarry hangout which sees our hero effortlessly picking off numerous villains while fishtailing his car at high speed, Kaminsky's reckless suggestion to start a bombing campaign on the city's police precincts (what's a few maimed cops in the pursuit of vengeance?

I rarely watch Arnie movies, because they're usually all action and no plot, just one head bad guy against another head bad guy, and his hench-men shooting it out, until Arnie steps in.

Now that doesn't mean the story is perfect far from it, it has a lot of parts where guys sit around talking about mob stuff, the kind of thing that in film, gets just a little boring.

Great action sequences sprinkled all throughout the film with a tremendous and unbelievable shoot-out at the end of the movie to the explosive and thumping music score of "The Kaminski Stomp" which raises the adrenaline level of the theater audience to it's limits.

The film is superbly exciting and the movie really keeps you going until the end.

Arnie has been scripted with some trade mark phrases and director John Irvin (Hamburger Hill) stages some exciting action set-pieces.

The script is amazingly trite.

Between the brilliant The Terminator and (for me) some of his most entertaining movies (The Running Man, Red Heat, Total Recall) Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in this typical 80's action film where he plays a former FBI agent tasked with infiltrating a Chicago crime syndicate and tracking down an informer responsible for the deaths of many law enforcement officers.

It had a boring story and boring action scenes.

Arnold has a "witchy" wife and his job as a cop is going nowhere.

The undercover plot was interesting, but there was a weird abundance of plot for such a bland-looking action film.

I have a firm belief that even the stupidest of movies can be entertaining, and perhaps even great, if helmed by an individual who understands the material and realizes how to successfully translate it to screen.

This is a film that is basically all talk with very limited action, which makes the plot go at a slow pace; it almost seems the filmmakers were trying to give this flick a Godfather feel to it with its overly preachy mobster scenes.

While it has serious plot holes, it is thoroughly enjoyable if you are a fan of Arnold the actor.

The one-liners are snappy, the stunts are hot, and the women are even hotter.

Altogether, a boring movie.

Quite unexpected that one.......

It is not well-made, Arnie's acting is, as usual, less than stellar, the others generally don't act very well, the plot is weak, and the whole thing is tired and predictable.

And the viewer is inevitably going to wonder: why did they torture us for over an hour with all the secret-agent business, just to get to a "Commando"-type final showdown, where Arnie is able to kill dozens of enemies simply because they are too stupid and slow to get him first?

While generically laid-out and a little slow in parts, it's competently slick and amusingly bruising by sticking to its strengths.

Schwarzenegger's cover is ridiculous and they barely spend any time setting it up which is only noticeable because of the slow break in him KILLING THINGS!!!

It is totally mindless violence, no scene really stands out as being either original or even very memorable, but it remains an entertaining 90 minutes.

The story kind of works, and I mean that, it is pretty thrilling and you generally don't know what's going to happen.

Raw deal 1989 is a typical action fare the story is typical this makes a dull film the music is bad they could have done better.

It's fun, and it's entertaining.

A quintessential example of what not to do in a film, yet, very entertaining.

Finally, I forgot to mention Kathryn Harrold.. She looks stunning in the film!

I recommend this as an action night starter to get everyone in the mood for plotless explosion filled awesome.

The acting isn't up to much, Arnie is very wooden in this I must say while it's left to intense character actor Robert Davi to bring a bit of class to the thing.

Now, he is very much a part of American culture and American film lore, which I think makes his bad acting in this movie even more entertaining, although sadly it doesn't make the movie any better.

His job is boring, his wife is mad, and he just wants to catch a break.

His wife (Blanche Baker) hates him because he resigned instead of fighting for his job, she's bored in small-town America, prompting her to ice a cake with an expletive frosted on the top.

The action is poorly staged and mostly boring.

It has every cliche in the book, several times over.

His funny one-liners and accidentally funny scenes are what makes many of Arnold's movies enjoyable.

It will go down in my book as one of the most boring, stupid movies I have ever seen.

In fact, I would consider this one of Arnie's worst movies, not that it's particularly bad or anything, just that it's so generic and lacks the welcome comic relief of something like COMMANDO.

The story is a little slow and spends far too much time establishing all these supposed drama between the two warring mob factions, the Patrovita crime family, and the Lamanski crime family.

Also, some of his best one-liners are here and if for nothing else, the movie is worth the watch because of them.

So literally the entire undercover business was a giant waste of time.

In short,it is mind numbingly dull and a complete waste of time.

The scene is filmed with such drawn out zeal that it could only be defined as sexual.

Arnie's trademark deadpan humour is welcomely abundant here,and there's a surprisingly intricate plot to follow which is a pleasant surprise,as well,of course,as loads of exciting action,with the exception,unfortunately,of any explosions.

I remember watching it as a kid, and it was very boring.

If empty-headed punch em ups aren't your thing though, you can easily skip this one.

And, you get a couple of exciting car chases with Arnold given a chance to pummel mobster goons(..he even gets to throw men through windows and tables).

It still is a let down, but as a hilarious bit of 80s bad action entertainment, it can still make for a pretty entertaining time.

There are a few punch-ups here and several crates of expended shell casings, but nothing we haven't seen in other, better movies, and the gaps between action sequences are just unbearable.

"But then there's always the sight of Arnie driving a truck through a building, lighting a stogie then using the lighter to set a road on fire to stop a cyclist, pretending to snore to eavesdrop on someone and even watching "expressively" as a woman (Harrold) rips off her dress in the middle of a restaurant, throws the dress at him then storms off in a slip.

I wished I had a dollar for every cliché I could identify in this piece of trash (I would have been rich).

Raw Deal is a pointless, mindless, predictable shoot-em-up film with little to commend it.

This is a movie right after Arnold got famous with "The Terminator", BUT everything that made "The Terminator" so enjoyable, is also present in this movie as well: terrific action AND good jokes.

Alternately boring and idiotic .

A gripping 80's action thriller with Arnold's best acting performance as well as some of his best 'one man army' moves outside of Commando.

Worth the watch for the lines .

As I said, this movie is not Arnold's greatest work but is worth the watch if you are up late at night, have nothing to do on a weekend afternoon, or you just would like to see a generally entertaining video from the video store.

The problem is, once Arnold starts making his way into his mission, the story gets really boring.

I also remember watching the movie a second time as a teen, and I STILL found it boring.

Only the trailer is worth watching.

This movie was bit below his star capacity, and not outrageous enough to be the best of his movies, but still is an entertaining piece to watch.

There is virtually no plot.

Arnold takes on the entire Chicago syndicate run by mob chief Luigi Petrovita, Sam Wanamaker, with predictable results.

I'd love to be able to say this a run of the mill all out action effort give it 6/10, lament about its lack of originality, point out its near cut and paste qualities and leave it at that, but damn, this is one confusing film.

It's just too bad this movie is so routine and rather mundane at times as well.

Raw Deal is saved from being barely a five out of ten, to a solid six literally by the last half of this film which turns in a typical, rather campy action, vengeance follow up that redeems the rather drab slow moving plot of the rest of the film.

Raw Deal was never going to win awards but it's an above average production, fast-paced, action-packed and entertaining.

The confusing part is how Arnie ends up in the fire fights he finds himself in and why seeing as he appears to be virtually invincible does he have to infiltrate the mob's ranks at all (the figures involved are all seemingly publicly known) before killing them.

In looking back to 1986, it seems that Raw Deal probably represents a lull in Arnie's career.