Redemption (2013) - Action, Drama

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A damaged ex-special forces soldier navigating London's criminal underworld seizes an opportunity to assume another man's identity.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Steven Knight
Stars: Jason Statham, Agata Buzek
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 27 out of 135 found boring (20%)

One-line Reviews (77)

There are a few odd plot strands which serve to bore more than bemuse, but it's the lack of engagement or even really excitement that kills any enjoyment that could be found in the relatively slow and dull picture.

I won't spoil the movie, but if you go in knowing that it's a slow burner, with layers of story, and believable if infrequent action you will probably enjoy it.

This was unexpected.

It is a finely directed production, with tight editing, an unobtrusive but memorable score, stunning cinematography, and acting that moves well beyond the clichés one might expect for an action/drama movie.

Having said that Hummingbird is an enjoyable ride.

Entertaining, although predictable and somehow preposterous .

Totally worth watching.

I enjoyed it very much, and was glad i didn't knee jerk away from it thinking it would be another action vehicle for Statham.

Round-Up: I did have to keep on watching this film over and over again because I kept on falling asleep.


This is one of the worst Movies I have Ever seen (And I've seen some bad ones , I can assure you) It's not the acting or the characters , it is the story itself ...

It's a compelling and haunting movie that absorbed me into the situation and setting.

After he suffers a beating at the hands of some street thugs, he fortuitously ends up hiding in an empty upscale apartment, the owner of which is away for 6 months.

I highly recommend it.

and above all something quite unexpected, it was a comedy, it was at times hilarious to watch, funny quotes all over.

S "Hummingbird" is a much better title for this movie, so why it's also called the rather bland "Redemption" I have no idea.

He flees and ends up in an empty apartment; he soon learns that the owner in out of the country and won't be back for several months so decides to stay there.

There is nothing really predictable about this movie except what we know from its title and if you look at it closely enough you can certainly see several clichés in its plot, but they are so well done that they make this movie even more enjoyable.

The lack of action wasn't a problem for me, but what was a problem was the largely boring and uninvolving story - there was no tension, no suspense, no action, no...

then again, what was the most formulaic and contrite scenario: Chinese triad in London dealing human trafficking, shylock, prostitutes, drugs....

Frequently revisiting the soup kitchen and Nun who runs it (an absorbing and interesting sub plot) he sets about trying to atone for his past life, save the girl, and make amends with his ex, and daughter who doesn't know him - hence the title of the movie.

In other parts, it has an engaging exploration of the characters' bleak little world.

He plays a gangster who falls in love with a nun (yes, seriously) and I found their relationship pretty compelling (and their relationship is basically what this whole film is about).

Jason Statham has this screen presence, he is just entertaining to watch.

Now rather than reveal any more of this movie and risk spoiling it I will just say that it had potential but failed to establish a concise storyline at the beginning which caused confusion further along.

The interaction between Statham and Buzek is compelling from start to finish as they both attempt to heal each other during a summer of violence, compassion, and redemption.

The acting is hammy, the plot barely passable, the dialog abysmal, the pace incredibly slow at the start which just increases the frustration as it dawns on you after less than 30 minutes that you have completely wasted your hard earned.

Disjointed .

But if you expect action packed Transporter-esque movie you are wrong in this one.

Stop calling this an action movie, don't waste your time thinking it will be like parker or even blitz.

The characters in Knight's film are gripping people with problems.

Despite an odd mixture of genres and several different plots, a very entertaining film.

Joey Jones (Jason Statham) is an alcoholic, homeless military deserter on the run from a military court martial: being caught up in the life or death circumstances and the eye for an eye philosophy of the Afghanistani war zone he fled the unbearable trauma and has been hiding his memories in alcohol, living with street people, sharing a cardboard box with fellow homeless Isabel (Victoria Bewick).

A real lack of cohesion, which consequently creates a slow pace.

The movie is very slow.

A movie that works on all levels; well worth watching .

Extremely boring .

" This degree of confusion is an indication of something amiss in conceptualizing a film.

If people are smart enough ,tastefull enough to dislike this movie or be bored with it, it doesn't mean they are whining, it simply means they are probably a bit smarter than your dumb a**.

Jason Statham and Polish actress Agata Buzek meet in this movie to form one of the strangest, unexpected and most beautiful couples one can see.

By the end of the film I was left feeling quite empty and disappointed, and judging by the money that it made, I'm not the only one.

Chuck Norris in 'The Hit-man' (1991) acted as a cop pretending to be a criminal, however in this film Statham is much more immersed in the criminal world.

It surely has punching but they are used for torture rather than exciting action set pieces, though they may still remind you of a standard action film.

While his performance was terrific, this slow moving film leaves a lot to be desired.

The movie has some believable drama, some unexpected symbolism and a very convincing and entertaining script (not without flaws of course).

It was boring and Abit unrealistic.

horrible screenplay, scenario, plot and most of all, formulaic .

Hummingbird has a better way to tell the story but it's already a fascinating film to watch.

Scenes that explain the personal issues were way too long to keep me interested in them, as far as how much crap someone can take and i felt the movie used too many controversial points in trying to keep the attention of the viewer, which in my case totally backfired because it lacks credibility.

Indeed, writer & director Steven Knight's first film as a helmer is a hybrid crime thriller and an intense psychological character study about a loose cannon who literally wants to redeem himself.

Similar to many Jason Statham action thrillers, Redemption/Hummingbird is more loosely a typical action film but nonetheless a solid attention seeking slowly paced drama, with several action fight scenes.

If you are in the mood for a well crafted, well acted film of some depth, then give the formulaic summer blockbusters a miss and immerse yourself in this film.

The film is rather boring and uninvolving.

Tip: All the brogues in the film become hard to follow without the subtitles.

Agata Buzek Shines as a Nun, that Returning Special Forces Joey Smith/Jones Admires, and is Especially Helpful and a Compelling Character in Her Own Right, Along Side the Brooding Soldier Suffering Greatly from the War Experience in the Middle East.

Of course, I was expecting the usual amount of action, fights and gunshots, but still this movie was enjoyable - especially because he did pull of this character and portrayed it well.

There were some strong moments where I thought the film was going to pick up, but then it took another unexpected turn that simply felt out of place and incoherent.

I just saw this movie a couple of days okay, i was bored and wanted to watch a no-brainer movie, easy story some action etc. That what you basically can expect from a movie with Jason Statham.

This film is like that moment when you are shaving - or, alternately, putting on make-up - and you suddenly take a hard, unexpected look and see that you are ugly, and there's not a damned thing you can do about it.

As for the film, it does get boring after a while and it only picks up when the nun isn't on screen.

The film is very entertaining, and another reason why the dramatic parts don't bore the viewer is Jason's presence in them.

So watch this one if you want to see another side of Statham and more importantly another side of your typical monotone and implausible revenge thriller - It will surprise you if you expect exactly what I did before watching it.

At least this movie had some very pointless jokes and a nun who slipped on her road.. yay!

Most of us watch Jason Statham movies because they are formulaic action flicks.

A longer running time and better focus on the more thrilling aspects of the story would make it overall more effective.


Uneven at times, "Redemption" is nevertheless entertaining fodder.

Obviously there is a back story which involves JS working as muscle for a Chinese firm, but the interaction and storyline with the "Sister" makes this a more enjoyable and credible movie.

So with no expectations i started the film, but soon enough I went from lying down on the couch to sitting on the edge of it.

His rather cliché statement, "I drink to weaken the machine they made" would probably resonate with a male teen.

Review: This isn't your typical Jason Statham movie, with loads of action and a pointless storyline which was why it didn't really blow up in the movie world.

And after the initial (slow) beginning of the movie, it does have some action to deliver too.

I would fully expect a lot of Jason Statham fans to be disappointed with this movie, and those expecting the usual fast paced wall to wall action may feel a little let down.

The filmmaking is as magnificent as it needs and the performances are quite gripping.

This movie is just awful its waste of time.

A different Statham movie, but enjoyable nonetheless...

It simply couldn't compute in the Hollywood head that they could have made this film *without* the fling in the bedroom with all its emotional violins, and it might have actually been a decent (if very slow) film.