Religulous (2008) - Documentary, Comedy, War

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Bill Maher's take on the current state of world religion.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Larry Charles
Stars: Bill Maher, Tal Bachman
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 47 out of 360 found boring (13.05%)

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Or make you bored.

From a Latino preacher who believes himself the direct descendant of Christ to a Rabbi who rejects Israel and embraces the president of Iran to a past-his-prime hippie who worships cannabis, Maher has dragged out a loony bunch to underscore his belief that religion is irrational.

Because it is just so damn entertaining.

The answer is predictable.

I thought I knew exactly what to expect with this, but enjoyed it even more.

Reading the reviews posted by people here is quite compelling (to review as well, that is) on it's own, just due to the hypocrisy of their claims in spite of a movie warning of just that.

As it is, the film, though well made and often absorbing, only rates a 7/10.

Bill Maher is just so entertaining to watch.

Hugely entertaining, enlightening, hilarious and ultimately frightening what more could you ask from a couple of hours at the movies?

I recommend Frailty to anyone who would like to see a fictional, story-line illustration of the main theme of this documentary/propaganda film.

I gave the movie an 8 because it was an incredibly entertaining movie.

Most of the duller ones must have wound up on the editing room floor.

In summary - cheap laughs, standard mainstream agenda and good dose of propaganda.

A very well made documentary, Religulous is an enjoyable look at religion through the eyes of Bill Maher.

With me, Bill is "preaching to the choir" but I find this film repetitious and even boring after a while.

So I clicked and began the biggest waste of time I actually watched all the way thru.

The film was fascinating and entertaining.

It confirmed my hunch about the movie being a big nonsensical drama/propaganda.

An intriguing piece of work which clearly shows you the inconsistencies in the fundamentals on which many religions are based.

Which is way too long a period of time for people like Maher, where making a movie (i.

My only criticism, may be at around the seventy percent mark, the movie dragged just a little.

While engaging laughter and probing the unknown, Religulous is a great exploration into the mythical God and our views about the creator.

A very funny and entertaining documentary about Religion, religions and faith from the perspective of stand-up comedian Bill Maher -an agnostic and devil's advocate- who interviews different pastors, priests, and religious leaders to prove his point.

There are fascinating aspects to the film.

Debates aside, the movie is entertaining because he interviews the wackiest extremists religion has to offer.

A highly intriguing movie led by Bill Maher in which it documents through mockery around the exposures and controversies behind religion; particularly Christianity, displayed through awkwardly funny social interactions in the humorous styling of Larry Charles that made the US sitcom 'Seinfeld' the success it was.

There is unexpected goodwill and kindness from a group of evangelists "attacked" by Maher; they pray for him, and really mean it.

Waste of time.

Why is he making a propaganda documentary about God and His non-existence?

But if you've wondered if some of the things in Christianity or Judaism or Islam are strange, kooky, backwards, primitive, or just downright silly and stupid, then Maher delivers about as absorbing a discussion as one could hope for in a popular-documentary format.

Letterman-style self-indulgence .

Save your money and time; skip this film, and I guarantee you won't regret it.

Since he seems incapable of simply presenting a compelling case directly, he relies on video manipulation and sarcasm to pretend he is making a irrefutable point.

The film rambles - it has no discernible form at all - and it ends up not only with no conclusions, however shaky, but no message at all.

"Religulous" is an entertaining piece that might not be suitable for viewers with strong convictions about what they believe.

This film's biggest achievement is to show that Believers of all religions only see the positive aspects of THEIR faith for themselves, and just as easily dismiss all atrocities and contradictions as misunderstandings, politics, and propaganda.

Superficial but entertaining.

Waste of your money and time.

Very enjoyable.

A propaganda against the 3 main belief systems in the world.

he comes in contact with some fascinating and/or bloody-minded people, who really give an interesting sample of people's interaction with their faith, and we see how it basically has to be sustained by faulty reasoning to keep propped up (as very little in the way of proofs of anything supernatural can substantiated).

If you have a little bit of brain, please, don't waste your time.

This film approaches its content as a documentary, without a narrative tacked on, which incidentally makes it far more engaging.

His "Religulous," directed by Larry Charles, is an entertaining, funny, angry, thought-provoking journey from the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Via Dolorosa, the Qumran Caves, to Stonehenge, Habibi Ana (and a Moslem Gay bar), the Vatican, the Holy Land Experience Park in Florida, the U.

Another fascinating aspect to the film is that it is far easier to make fun of people from the outside looking in.

picking parts of it they like and ignoring that it uses the most despicable flat out elements of propaganda, throwing in hard-on and "you stole my wallet" jokes.

Which might be funny had it been a spoof of anti-religion bigotry, but instead his mania to prove his untenable point leads to an uninteresting exposition of a dull and frustrated white man's inability to comprehend the world around him.

Some of the brief segments are quite entertaining like the no-nonsense opinions expressed by Father Reginald Foster, a Catholic priest, senior Vatican scholar and the Pope's principal Latinist.

Openness changed to propaganda .

But it is obvious a waste of time in the film as it is in real life.

Overall, I enjoyed it.

Offensive, intolerant and pointless .

Showing all the religious turmoil in the world, and the dramatic music playing in the background, and with Maher calling all unbelievers to come out, make this some sort of anti-religion propaganda.

I think the ideas and scenarios are compelling.

It's worth watching even if you are deeply invested in the bible, if only to be part of the discussion.

A very one-sided documentary that I personally found very entertaining.

In spite of this, "Religulous" is very entertaining and informative, and in spite of its flaws, Bill does maintain that his gospel is "I don't know.

Probably the most intriguing person interviewed is Senator Mark Pryor (R-Arkansas), an avowed creationist who calmly defends his beliefs to Maher's constant haranguing by admitting that "you don't have to pass an IQ test to be in the Senate".

Worse, it's boring.

To atheists, agnostics, or religious people who are still "searching" or who can otherwise tolerate counterpoint, I think the movie is very worthwhile and entertaining.

You even see how many believers have taken it overboard by creating a religion theme park for tourists to see something that simply just makes money and uses religion as a propaganda tool.

Shady, underhanded, dishonest anti-Christian hate propaganda movie in which the legitimate Christians utterly destroy Maher's arguments.

This film is a confusing statement from a confused "agnostic".

And maybe not only religious leaders have made it hard for us to think clearly -- maybe political leaders, world leaders of all stripes, benefit from our confusion too.

" Maher becomes extremely pretentious in his interviews and will not listen, rather dictate the course of the interview.

BUT if you do it by means of selective information, editing tricks and propaganda that links every Muslim in this movie to suicide bombings, 9-11 images and similar hypocrisies then its wrong and far from scientific discourse.

Don't waste your time on this one.

Bill didn't go to anyone who could hold their own in a religious debate, which in a sense, is propaganda that ALL religious people or anyone with a personal faith are dumb backwoods hicks.

This film is about the human race taking responsibility of itself and stopping the damage it has been doing for far too long.

If anything, Religulous is more consistent, because it is spared the great disservice of introducing a tiresome theatrical subplot for its last act (remember how old the whole Pam Anderson thing got in the other movie?

The film contains many predictable moments of Maher cynicism and ridicule, such as with the ex-Jewish artifact merchant and the Hispanic second coming of Christ via Puerto Rico.

This superficial treatment might be permissable if it was genuinely entertaining (Likewise, with the man who claims to be Christ, antichrist, and John the Baptist in one, a few weak banana jokes were all the film delivers), or if it covered any breadth of world religions.

Maher tried to belittle and make fun of religions and the people that attract them, there is a funny, engaging movie that can be made about this, bill maher just failed at it, don't give up the day/night gig bill.

This documentary is fairly entertaining as it contains some funny jokes from Bill Maher and some scenes that will make you laugh.

I do though find it fascinating that the virgin Mary concept and 'The Rising in 3 days ' is not new.

Interesting, self-indulgent and Islamophobic .

nice and entertaining...

What bothers me a bit about this fairly entertaining documentary is that most of the people Mr. Maher talks to are intellectually on a much lower level than he is.

If Bill needs proof of why people believe in got, please walk into an Intensive Care Unit, or to the gutters where the less fortunate live and try solving their problems.

A bit boring for doubters and just plain frustrating for believers.

A very entertaining movie if you don't take it too seriously and forgive Maher for bullshitting the viewer now and then.

Biased but entertaining .

But it's very entertaining and challenging to those who have never stopped to question all the pitfalls of structured religion.

Bill Maher's audacious look at the hottest red-button topic of all, "Religulous," is a vastly entertaining and informative documentary about the craziest aspects of religion.

Unfortunately, the move starts to slow down after he lampoons Scientology.

I was enjoying certain parts of this film and found it entertaining, though not brilliant, and certainly quite self-indulgent.

He just came off as an asshole in a poorly edited, contrived juvenile smear campaign.

Such flaws, and others, occur, but I am still giving it a 10 because it's very entertaining and thought provoking.

At once the "documentary" is transformed into a propaganda machine where interviewees are cut away in favor of Bill's own expositions.

I liked the film and found it very entertaining.

Add to this using some of the kookiest representatives for different religions, as well as overlaying mocking text to distract from a half complete interview and you have one of the most pointless attempts of examining a subject that really does need a deeper look.

I must admit, but there was so much deception and manipulation to the film and it enforced bigger propaganda and stereotypes.

Anyway, he makes for an entertaining and funny presenter on this documentary against religion and religious thinking.

It is a waste of time.

This is Maher's entertaining means of exposing some of the silliness in terms of hard-core beliefs in religions.

So, the concept immediately struck me as intriguing, ambitious, and daring.

With the upcoming presidential election it reduces a hopefully enlightened perspective to that of mere propaganda.

I like this format of film, and the subject was good one for someone who is not a moron to tackle, but the editing at least helped the movie to be somewhat entertaining.

This is really boring and typical of Bill......

Final verdict: Whether you love it or hate it, it's worth the watch because it raises good questions that everyone should consider.

Many of the characters were fascinating and i couldn't understand how they could believe the things they do - that they were Christ reborn, that they had been converted from being gay, that Cannabis was religious and more.

Horrible, bland .

The film jumps around a number of countries and continents, precis thousands of years of religious history and still manages to produce an extremely entertaining collection of interviews and segments in which people of different faiths all make an idiot of themselves.

Maher's notoriously flippant wit is demonstrated in what the movie producers are oddly calling a "fascinating spiritual journey".

Why then is there this pointless debate about the dates.

Entertaining with a message .

intriguing and courageous piece of work .

Pointless .

It was very entertaining, though clearly has an agenda.

This movie was such a waste of time!!!!

Maher's ironical chuckling protects the documentary from boredom.

Really enjoyed it!

Sometimes frustrating as Bill had to exit an interview and also deflect at other times a bit because he could not get a word in edgewise, but also intriguing, hilarious at times, and although possibly not historically accurate (I've heard both sides), does a great job showing just how ridiculous certain beliefs would be by simply changing dates and names.

After, I did see this film the friend I saw the film with had a quite long conversation with me regarding religion that I found to be fascinating and this is one of the reasons I decided to see the film is so that I could get into a good conversation with someone about what I had just seen.

It's just an entertaining film.

Maher allows the audience to judge for themselves the mental clarity of those who preach and the resulting torrent of confusion, thus becomes the source of the world's insanity.

For example, I find it very fascinating that Maher can be in a film for 101 minutes and expect the audience to laugh at a joke for the fourth, fifth, and even sixth time, when very few people laughed the first time around.

Rousing music & inflammatory speech hammer the dangers of religion into the audience.

This was partly due to how interesting and entertaining it was, and partly due to the fact that I wanted to take notes on it to write this review properly.

As most one-sided biased anti-religious propaganda does it, this one - as well - focuses on Christianity and Islam - only 2 religions - to convince us that all religions are bad.

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However this film to me is a self-obsessed piece of propaganda.

I loved how rebellious and intense this was.

this film is very confusing and inconsistent.

My main critique is that sometimes he launches into his pretentious holier than thou pontification that gets boring if it goes too long.

But Bill, you get a bit boring when you repeat over and over again the atheist mantra that if you can't touch it, hear it, see it, smell it, taste it - it plum does not exist!

In fact it is boring.

I highly recommend it to anyone who is already an atheist or agnostic.

He blames Christianity in particular on many pointless deaths--which has had its share, though far smaller than most!!

His jokes aren't that funny nor his observations particularly insightful, but in combination, he manages to be reasonably entertaining and interesting.

Rather entertaining.

A lot of this is pretty boring, the information level is pretty low and the jokes are not funny enough to make this a comedy.

All others can pass on by Religulous with a sigh of relief they dodged a real waste of time.

Or worst, express his own propaganda driven point of view.

In order to achieve this objective, he frequently jumps to irrelevant conclusions, confusing his victims so that a close-up camera shot may catch a puzzled face, thus the viewer may go ha!

The use of subtitles (speaking for Maher when he actually could not), an extra-commentary on the scene, was rather unexpected, and thus funny.

He gives his opinion at the last 5 minutes of the movie, love it or hate it, but it is compelling nonetheless.

The wit makes what could easily have become a dull, anti-faith rant a very funny, (admittedly, not thought provoking) enjoyable documentary.

Religulous is far from perfect, but it's a fascinating piece of film-making.

But the whole movie is edited in such a typical TV entertainment way with goofy inserts, answers cut and empty facial expressions edited in.

As a documentary, this film is pointless, you are not going to learn anything about religion, faith nor history.

Compared to all the confusing G.

Propaganda techniques?

I also find it fascinating that the abnormally long and overplayed scenes in the movie slipped through the quality control cracks.

Maybe Maher *thought* it was funny because he kept smiling at his own banal 'jokes' that he spouted after cutting away from conversations in which he got destroyed.

"If your faith is strong, your conviction in your God is unbreakable, then this will not detour you," says Reeves who now is liking water so he can stay awake until the end of his interview.

While I found it very funny and entertaining, there is one thing that kept me from saying this was a great movie, it was way too biased.