Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) - Horror, Musical, Sci-Fi

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A worldwide epidemic encourages a biotech company to launch an organ-financing program similar in nature to a standard car loan. The repossession clause is a killer, however.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Darren Lynn Bousman
Stars: Paul Sorvino, Anthony Head
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 34 out of 283 found boring (12.01%)

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the songs are simply stunning.

From its fight to get the wide release it so justly deserves, to the stunning visuals, to the contemporary music, to its revolutionary concept, Repo is a beacon of hope to movie goers lost in a sea of Disney's latest PG-13 family friendly romps or romantic comedies starring aging has-beens.

Still, kudos where kudos go, this film manages to raise itself from most of the repetitive garbage produced these days and delivers a punctual and emotional finale that will leave you feeling oddly satisfied.

I'm sorry to bash the critics only to become one myself but from my point of view this movie is stunning in many different aspects.

(the Surgeon/Repoman), and middle of the road (the violence is too goofy and repetitive to make an impact, there is no real suspense).

Some of it is laughable, some of it completely unbearable, all around some hackneyed story that could have some level of simplistic pleasure (as far as these stories go, which by the way Saw fans, Bousman does his Saw 3 trick here of flashbacks as a means of making up for actually, you know, progressing the story meaningfully).

Here he steals the show at every turn: his character is the only one who's actually compelling and his singing voice is pleasant and warm.

), is truly co-writer Zdunich, who as Graverobber is equal parts creepy, sexy, and intriguing.

At the Movies called this the worst movie of the year, and I can't blame them.

) sexy people, great catchy songs, intriguing, original plot lines, cool sets and costumes, and more.

It had an amazing story, the songs were wonderfully written and performed, and the music itself was breathtaking.

There are as well scenes of intense and genuine emotion; some of which come somewhat surprisingly in cartoon feed-ins that a whole new level to the movie and help move the story along.

This movie had nothing , no plot , no good songs , no acting abiltys.

The cast is absolutely stunning together.

Joseph White's dazzling cinematography gives the picture a stunning garish look; the use of comic book panels for the flashbacks is an especially inspired touch.

All the characters were each enjoyable in their own right, the actors and actresses portraying them brought them all to life very well.

Save your money, go rent Rocky Horror(Get the UK version!

I went to the Austin Fantastic Fest previewing of this film and thoroughly enjoyed it.

i found the first half painfully slow.

But it's ultimately occasionally cheap and boring for an over-the-top rock opera.

The plot is somewhat confusing, and often things seem to be thrown in out of nowhere; the term "red herring" almost seems insufficient at times.

They alone are worth watching the film for.

" takes off, it becomes a deliciously unorthodox model musical, with the sung dialog filling in bits of nuance, foreshadowing, and psychology that would have come across as bland in a conventional narrative film.

" The songwriting is atonal, unmelodious and unmemorable, the lyrics banal with nary a rhyme within earshot, the acting derivative and stagy, and the construction of the piece seems to have been done with the guiding precept of, "Throw everything you can think of at the screen and see what sticks.

A Unique, gripping experience .

Paul Sorvino is an obvious choice for the role of Rotti Largo, an intense, contemptible, ruthless corporate giant whose face is perfectly etched with anger and disgust, rotten to the core and dying of a cancer progressively getting worse(..his duo of gun toting female guards shoot the doctor for bringing him the news, just a sign of how the state of life is in this depressing future).

But it is exciting at times and some songs are energetic and catchy(Testify, Legal Assassin) .

Visually, I think this film is very stunning.

I came across the video for the song "Zydrate Anatomy" and was immersed in the nursery rhyme style of the song and the catchy words.

pondering and escape route if this reached a Max Payne level of unbearable.

Im appalled that the critics are saying its the worst movie ever made.

This movie manages to combine humor, horror, and song in order to make a very creative and very enjoyable experience.

It's extremely entertaining, and highly original.

The story is captivating, the characters moving, the visuals stunning, and the fans incredible.

This movie contained quite possibly the most generic and uninspiring music I've ever heard.

The detail in the dark, metallic/computerized world is inventive and intriguing to behold.

Sorvino is fascinating to watch when he is let loose and he has a singing voice to rival any star of stage.

It is unwatchable and can only be classified as a scam.

Unfortunately, the other characters were not so fortunate, as the lyrics were painfully inane and banal at points.

This movie is first and foremost unexpected.

It was beautiful to watch and extremely entertaining.

is filled with beautiful environments and stunning costumes.

The acting is intense.

The visuals are stunning and whoever thought up this vision of the future is a genius.

The visuals are breathtaking and the production values exquisite , costumes , everything...

The soundtrack was fascinating.

The visuals are completely stunning, and like a true opera, you see things that will make you laugh, things that make you cry, it will make you think, it will make you tap your feet and sing along, it will make you want to bring a GRAVEROBBER home with you.

Audiences can expect the unexpected when viewing musical talent such as Brightman and Skinny Puppy's Nivek Ogre.

Such a movie gives me hope - that sometimes between all the remakes, prequels, sequels, reboots and directors cuts and whatever bores we still get now and then a gem to watch.

Grotesque and Macabre this film has me squirming early on, gut ripping yet strangely intriguing, soon enough I began to sit forward in my seat anxious for more!

When something is this different from the norm, it's bound to throw-off the easy-going fine-cinema-whores who like their movies so unoriginal they're as easy to watch (and as boring) as staring at a wall.

Within the first 5 minutes I was completely wrong, blown away and precariously perched on the edge of my seat waiting for the next tasty morsel.

While I thoroughly enjoyed it, I don't think that it should be released in every theater in existence.

This is a movie you'll either hate or love but I highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys watching something different every now and then.

I'll admit that the music itself isn't anything too memorable, the hard rock/industrial beats are fantastic, but the lyrics, while good for progressing the plot, end up being a bit disjointed, not rhyming often and choppy in their delivery.

The music is not, as so many are claiming, repetitive.

The Genetic Opera" is composed of equal parts "awesome," "terrible" and "what the Hell just happened," coalescing into a singularly unique and strangely compelling musical narrative.

It is opera, it is a musical, it is horror, it is camp, it is comedy, it is action, it is romance, it is thrilling, it is DRAMATIC!

But this was worth the watch and would be recommended

It gets boring watching the same movie for years and years - I know, I did it.

The Genetic Opera" screams, "Pretentious!

The film takes place in 2046 in it's own Gothic and dark world - it's visually stunning and due to the complexity of the construct I can see a lot more films being spawned from this.

Having been to 4 other Fantasia fest in past years i can safely say this was by far the most exciting of all.

Right from the start this film is bonkers but soo soo colourful and engaging - the opening credit's themselves should keep you hooked and wondering what the hell is going to happen in the film.

I think this film will be overlooked except for by a few lucky people who will purposefully seek it out, which is a massive shame because this is the refreshing change that the dull modern cinema of today needs.

Buy the soundtrack, it's more mobile and just as enjoyable.

I am not too much into the SAW torture stuff, but found those films intriguing too.

There are a couple of songs which (thankfully) depart from this, giving us a more subdued but intense, sultry sound.

It's visually stunning and grotesque at the same time.

Has its flaws, but it is a unique and entertaining film.

The Genetic Opera really is one of the worst movies I have ever watched.

It's all just pointless exposition.

It's gripping up through the end, and flows smoother than hot butter.

I only heard about the film in early October, by then it had, while small, a very devoted and intense fan base.

The costumes are almost amusingly reflective of the characters who wear them, from Nathan's dreary grays to Shilo's mourning garb to Mag's elegant "diva wear" (as we've since dubbed it) and Rotti's beautifully tailored suits.

This was an entertaining, Shakespearean- style musical complete with the new addition of "comic-book frames" telling parts of the story along with a full, dark-themed scenery.

The music was catchy, the visuals stunning, the concept outlandish, and the whole thing seemed to be nothing short of visionary.


Pretentious, misguided trash .

The yawn inducing plot is interrupted several times by the seemingly pointless Zydrate harvesting grave robber who's part in the plot ends up minuscule and random making him nothing more than a narrator with a lot of screen time.

As for this film, if you can call it that..I am quite sure it will end up in the top 10 list of worst movies of 2008 for many critics (in fact it already has for a few).

Now it's Unwatchable.

was agonizing, excruciatingly pretentious, and memorable only in its badness.

And as someone who can dig pointless and excessive violence when done right here it's just done wrong, totally hackneyed there as well...

Repo is original, exciting, and a breath of fresh air.

It was a bloody, disjointed and disgusting film.

The plot is also incredibly thin (and predictable).

Entertaining, Gory, Atonal.

Exciting and varying .

I enjoyed it all.

Unfortunately, the movie pays little attention to developing the story, preferring to spend more time on mind-numbingly boring musical numbers.

But as a horror fan who enjoys a bit, I found out thoroughly entertaining at some points, and even limit-pushing at others.

Gory without being a two-hour, plot less blood fest, musical without being cheesy, suspenseful without being aggravating, dramatic without being melodramatic, Repo!

For the rest of us who have grown up some, the appeal of the clichéd mass-produced Gothic image is more of a bore than eye candy.

I see plenty of you saying how much you enjoyed it.

REPO is hilarious, gut-wrenching, sexy, horrifying, fascinating, and completely original.

However, as soon as I heard Darren Lynn Bousman was directing I was deeply worried, as I absolutely hate the Saw series with a passion (personally, I think Saw II is one of the worst movies ever made).

First of all, i'm sorry this movie has an audience, any person who is into music first of all will ADORE this movie, my roommate went with me and she is far from the audience and she enjoyed it because Sarah Brightman of course was amazing in it.

I have seen musicals that are completely singing, and you get tired of all the annoying repetitive music.

Then at the end, a lot of conflict emerges and a lot of pointless stuff happens.

By the end of the film one would be hard pressed to explain how the characters all end up in the same place, but it has long since ceased to matter because you've either accepted that the film is fairly divorced from reality, or else, you've walked out of the theater.

I've been waiting for something new and exciting to hit the screens.

The music is both intense and beautifully harmonic...

Now that it's here, I can easily say it's one of the most visually and conceptually unique films to come out of the compost-heap year of 2008, and also the most rousing movie musical since "Sweeney Todd.

A few songs stood out as particularly confusing, and a few were at least tolerable.

Anthony Stewart Head is powerful and sometimes even electric, providing the only genuinely engaging moments of the musical.

The three Largo children, Bill Moseley (Luigi), Nivek Ogre (Pavi) and Paris Hilton (Amber), in my opinion, didn't have enough screen time, but what they had was always entertaining.

I was literally on the edge of my seat throughout most of the running time!

While the story background is great and well-detailed, the plot itself is boring.

A Genetic Opera is a hauntingly intriguing rock opera.

The constant and anti-rhythmic singing was still annoying and I still couldn't see an instant cult classic in it, but at least it started to get compelling.

I have never seen something so rich, horrific (I'm a wuss) and stunning in theatre today.

The harmonic layers are an aural masterpiece, each watching/listening brings yet another layer, from the choral repetitions to the rhythmic dialogue all within the backdrop of a harmonious but varied musical score, running the gamut from modern rock through jazz and even Sarah Brightman's stunning operatic style (rendered in Italian).

I too enjoyed it.

Mix in some snappy sci-fi tech and the song numbers (Which are meant to be understood as common speech-- not as musical numbers) and you have a slasher show with rhythm.

The Genetic Opera delivers a beautiful and stunning example of the type of directorial devotion that Hollywood has lacked in the last few decades.

The ending twist was great and quite unexpected.

add a lot of songs, and a lot of scenes, and you get a lot of confusion.

this movie is so incredibly entertaining and thought provoking, it really gets inside of you like a transplanted organ you need to live.

I would say this movie is more like a mix of SAW and Phantom of the Opera, with a kick of humor which was totally unexpected.

With stunning performances by the entire cast, including Paris Hilton who actually earns respect for doing this role and not phoning it in.

Visually, the aesthetic is fairly engaging.

The story is clear, concise and engrossing.

Anthony Stewart Head was very entertaining--when he was in his repo man persona at least.

The same goes for choreography, which has a few good moments, but is mostly rather dull.

Without it, there'd be no story.

There were unexpected twists, as well as great character dynamics that made it interesting, fun to watch, and the story line (with the help of great graphics and comics) was easy to follow.

The story is so utterly cliché, it almost hurts.

is the most entertaining film I can recall ever watching.

That in itself makes it worth watching.

This is not the safe, predictable Goth cinematography whatsoever.

and nothing happens.

Some songs are much stronger than others, and if you're not in the right mood, it can be tedious and possibly confusing at first.

And I am still falling asleep to the sound of 'Zydrate Anatomy' or 'Legal Assassin' in my head.

The cast are great, especially Vega and Head, and some of the songs are pretty genius and toe tappingly catchy, but there are long segments of parts that are a little pointless, and this is the 97 minute version, so heavens knows what the long version is like.

Beautiful and fascinating .

The visuals of the film were stunning.

you won't be disappointedDon't be put off that Paris Hilton is in it , she is surprisingly not bad in this film, the only film with her in it worth watching!

Sometimes, the plot is downright confusing, such as Rotti Largo's plan to get revenge on the Repo Man by taking his daughter whom he loves, except that he actually wants to give her his company and kill the Repo Man, except that he never actually gives it to her, and somehow this relates to a song about gold.

The sheer concept behind this movie was so fresh, and the intrigue so compelling.

is just too tedious for there to be any fun to be had.

Some people may find this movie entertaining simply because of the gore but the ridiculous story just makes it unbearable.

Stunning, additcting, tragic, beautiful .

Disturbing, yes; entertaining, of course—despite the subject matter; complete success, maybe not quite.

is a scene of unnecessary narrating, which makes everything more predictable and prevent the audience from thinking themselves.

Accompanied by other brilliant actors and voices this movie is a very enjoyable piece of work!

They were down to earth and entertaining.

But she doesn't because this movie is so f**king predictable or so you think...

But in the end the execution was so miserable this will certainly be in the top 3 of worst movies of 2008 for me.

Is that the film felt a little short after its stunning climax.

The lyrics are expertly crafted (and while some lyrics are on the cliché side, I didn't mind), the music itself is astonishing and very diverse (covering everything from a jazzy sound to punk to goth-rock to any other kind you could think of), and the singing on everyone's part (particularly Sorvino and Head) is as close to perfection as you can get.

But the setting is bogged down by the boring, self-pity plot.

In other words, don't waste your time.

Bousman, to his credit, assembled an intriguing cast: Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Anothny Stewart Head (a stage veteran who's also appeared as Frank n' Furter in Rocky Horror), Spy Kids star Alexa Vega, elevator-music superstar Sarah Brightman, renowned character actor Paul Sorvino (Law and Order, Goodfellas), horror vet Bill Moseley, and, in a shrewd bit of meta-casting, tabloid magnet Paris Hilton.

Decorated with a beautifully dark, Gothic, and gruesome atmosphere this film is visually stunning.

It's extremely original, it's visually stunning, and direction and production values are extremely high.

There was NO plot or character development.

Alexa (Pena)Vega is quite an enjoyable screen presence, miles away from the "Spy Kid" she used to be.

The Genetic Opera to be a lot of fun the first time round, but I suspect that with further viewings (leading to a little more familiarity with the tunes), it may become an even more enjoyable experience in the future.

It is a visually stunning movie with a very catchy soundtrack.

The movie has a strong style, but personally, I found it overambitious, empty, and sometimes annoying.

Both movies are enjoyable to watch through at least once for anyone...

so their ability to produce convincing prosthetic recreations of the inside of your chest cavity is simply stunning.

It was very entertaining and had an ending I couldn't have predicted.

SciFi) Crap can be very entertaining.

Technically, she's the main character of the film, but the flaws in her one-note (in every way) performance are easy to ignore when she's surrounded by so many fascinating actors and characters.

The songs are uniformly tasty and rousing, with the fiercely ripping "Testify" rating as the definite stirring stand-out tune.

The characters are all unlikeable, the music off-putting, the production and art design purposefully dark and oppressive; the entire affair reeks of performance art snobbery and sado-masochistic self-indulgence.

Third all the people in the movie had no purpose , Why was this movie made , everyone in the movie was pointless.

The strong point in this movie to me, was the artistic setting, Repo has a grim Gothic feel throughout the whole movie, with a very dark ambiance, and a lot of great costume designs and idea's, which is enough to keep one somewhat amused throughout all the confusion.