Resident Evil (2002) - Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

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A special military unit fights a powerful, out-of-control supercomputer and hundreds of scientists who have mutated into flesh-eating creatures after a laboratory accident.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Stars: Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 169 out of 1018 found boring (16.6%)

One-line Reviews (674)

Still Resident Evil worth watching if you don't mind blood and guts.

It was hard to follow.

) so I guess flushing outthere characters would of been a waste of time.

Resident Evil is a good video game adaption, and a pretty entertaining zombie flick with the perfect blend of scares and action.

But anyway, I just re-watched it and found it entertaining and exhilarating.

Anderson's personal brand of loud noise, sudden scares/shocks(or attempts at such) and intense rock music.

Fast paced thriller with a well chosen cast, especially Milla, and stunning sets and production design.

I'm unwilling to waste my time on this review.

I felt that the movie was very unique and I love movies that stand out from the regular predictable ones.

I also thought she was the best part of "The Fifth Element", acting against one of the worst movie killers of all time, Bruce Willis.

Whether you have heard of the video game or not,if you are expecting a fast paced frenzy accessorized by the lush color that blood will provide than this may be your cup of Joe.

Plot- Tomb Raider didn't have one that made any sense; Resident Evil has a very methodical plot, with a few sharp, predictable twists that make it enjoyable popcorn flickage.

This movie has no beginning, no story and no ending.

The film did seem disjointed -- probably because the Producers chopped up his film.

Not terrible, however the video games are more entertaining than this movie .

Visually the film is gritty and very grainy with a very cold colour temperature which creates suspense but looks at times boring and unappealing.

One of the WORST Movies of all time.

Still there are some enjoyable moments to be found here.

Brought to you with a chilling soundtrack, plenty of intense horror sequences, and jam-packed with some exciting choreography and action- Resident Evil is a truly timeless Sci-Fi thriller.

Their on-screen 'friendship' made it entertaining to watch and also the scenes between Milla Jovovich as Alice and Eric Mabius as Matt was also good.

Entertaining and a fun zombie thriller.

I have played them but i found them to be quite tedious and slow.

OK, so I'm incredibly bored and this movie is on TV now and I forgot how bad it is.

The plot is crap, the zombies are 100% cliche, the actors cannot act.

If you're a fan of the games, this movie is worth watching.

The only turn-off is Michelle Rodriguez, who plays Vasquez from ALIENS again, except without the likability; her character fails to engage on any level, making her plight (she finds herself the victim of a zombie bite) rather uninteresting.

For anyone who has played throught the videogames in the series (especially the GameCube remakes) will know that it was the immense tension, slow build up, film noir-like lighting and the gritty characterisations that made the zombie action so brilliantly scary.

Which falls on every common spot and/or cliche in horror movies, like only two survivors (the chick and the guy), a fast wipe out of the rescue team and the facility overtaken by the zombies.

Overall it retained the essentials of the game and was quite entertaining.

Anderson actually managed to capture the essence of the "Resident Evil" games with this 2002 movie, and at the same time he managed to make the movie action-packed and thrilling, as I doubt a movie as slow paced as the game would prove for less adequate entertainment.

It's a zombie/monster movie with Milla Jovovich as the gun-toting heroine wearing a short skirt and long leather boots (yes, she looks stunning) ...

Jovovich is absolutely stunning in the movie and she plays the part well.

Intense and Strangely Compelling .

To sum it all up a bit i found this movie rather good, it has some flaws which puts it down a little, but generally it's a good driven action movie that is worth watching if you're into this kind of movies.

Although at times predictable, possibly intentional, it was surprisingly suspenseful.

The plot, whilst good, in my opinion for the significant film length, had to be epically supported by tension building effects such as strange sounds, changing lighting, unpredictable occurrences, and appropriately fearful responses.

As for the movie, I thought it was fairly entertaining.

All in all, I found this movie to be very exciting and it should appeal to those who like an action-packed thriller of this sort.

Resident Evil had the possibility to become an entertaining pop-shocker.

The truly artful aspects of cinematography, sound, music, atmosphere, mist, slow pans...

Resident Evil is the worst movie.

Anderson did a good job of translating the main game elements (a secluded mansion, an underground lab, a viral outbreak, a mysterious pharmaceutical company and an employee that reports to somebody on the outside) and managed to wrap it all into one fresh, suspenseful entity with some nice editing and an energetic score.

It's real on the edge of your seat excitement.

It is an effective creepy mix of slow brooding goth-noise and clean accelerating techno-metal.

There is a big difference twixt being scared (which I was looking forward to) and being startled (which is just a waste of time)!

The sequence where several characters are trapped in the bright,shiny corridor with a deadly laser beam is the highlight of the film and contains one of the coolest and most unexpected decapitations I've seen in awhile.

Everything is predictable and boring.

The audio commentary from the cast and crew on the DVD is entertaining.

pretty entertaining flick .

Then there's the cookie cutter cliche group of soldiers.

I admit some scenes were super awesome, and I was on the edge of my seat.

This was one the most mediocre Zombie films ever made and one of the more mediocre and predictable so called horror films since the "Scream" era started.

Surprisingly enjoyable .

I found Milla Jovovich's character Alice quite boring and bland, whereas I did like Eric Mabius' and Martin Crewes' characters of Mat and Kaplan.

I did, however, find Alice to be compelling, as long as the sequels do more to expand her history and explain how she became an absolute bada**.

I agree with another poster who said that the editing was really disjointed.

As the film opens into its later segments and you learn more about the main character and the storyline you seem to be one upping levels it's an intriguing experience and a brilliant approach.

Yawn, boring.

The "evil computer" subplot is ridiculous, the fact that "bullets don't seem to stop them" yet that is exactly how they stop them, and the entire virus plot is contrived.

Time has treated her well, I see, quite a few years later, she is still this stunning long- legged beauty with this amazingly aquiline face.

it is predictable and plodding, the twists are sign posted only those alseep could miss them!

The Pace of the movie was very slow and actual zombie is not shown until much later in the movie.

I highly recommend it!!!!!!!!

The only thing I really found compelling was the beginnen.


However, the story plot were confusing and had pulled down the standard of this movie.

Classical thrilling film with blood and gore.. .

It's entertaining in a trashy kinda way, there a quite alot of references to the Resident Evil games in there and you can always just gawp at Milla.

Obviously taking the overrated but still enjoyable 'The Matrix' as its model, 'Resident Evil' totally lacks any of the excitement and freshness of the latter movie.

But Resident Evil is ever fresh, ever thrilling monster.

A very enjoyable adaptation of the survival horror games...

Then when the rushes still seem boring, throw in two nearly nude scenes of Mila for the teenage pervs to salivate over.

Some of the acting was quite woody, But Milla Jovich and Michelle Rodriguez shone in the fast paced horror.

This movie had great makeup for the zombies, and a great action packed sequence of events throughout the entire movie although the plot outlined could have used some work the gore effects in the movie did well and the survivors did a great job working together to create a suspenseful movie that will keep you wondering whats gonna happen next.

dull .

While this movie was somewhat enjoyable on a sophomoric level, it could have been so much better.

I rate this up there with Stallone's movie "Driven" as one of the WORST movies ever made!

She was compelling and believable.

Certain scenes reveal their game origins; there's a scene with some zombie dogs that is both chillingly atmospheric (like RE2 was), and exciting, as the situation keeps getting worse every time you think it's over!


They step off at the research center and after a very long and boring house scene which makes absolutly no sense you finally get the feeling that something is about to happen.

Surprisingly Entertaining .

They managed to create a compelling personal story for the main protagonist (Mila) and explained the context and plot very efficiently.

(Sorry not to have mentioned "SPOILERS", you'll miss the pleasure to discover this beautiful and unpredictable story).

Uninteresting .

Having never played the game myself, I didn't quite know what the film would be like, but I quite enjoyed it.

As far as I am concerned, it was a very good video game-based movie, and an entertaining zombie flick.

Some of the imagery is the best I've ever seen in a zombie film & the design & look is incredible like the underground Access tunnels scene with the dripping water & grimy walls & old pipes that are heroes have to crawl accross that's an incredibly exciting & intense sequence as is the iconic laser hallway scene & the test subjects tanks scene when we first meet a zombie & the atmosphere is so raw & full of dread with it's dark smoky look & then hearing a metal being dragged accross the floor noise it's a zombie dragging an axe, just some of the greatest suspenseful moments in a zombie film I've ever seen, this movie doesn't get the recognition it so deserves & yes the other films in the franchise are not very good & don't come no where near the level of brilliance & quality here so this one 2002 movie that started it all should be considered a "Cult Classic" & it's definitely the best movie made by Paul Anderson.

This makes the story move incredibly slow.

I've read quite a few reviews on how this was nothing like the game, well that's what I loved most of all, it kept me on the edge of my seat.

Films are all about creating a world in such a way that the registration of that world is the whole point; it should be engaging work.

I think the Resident Evil movies are a waste of money and time.

The idea of having a Resident Evil movie was really exciting to me as a lover of Resident Evil 2's action and horror elements.

How could a person who made something as stunningly tense and atmospheric as Event Horizon make trite like MK and Resident Evil?

Decent waste of time, no more.

Anderson) being very poorly directed and boring.

That being said, it's not a good reason to see this movie, but it is entertaining.

Entertaining movie based on a video-game.

The systems here are quite fun to overcome in the house' security offers a rather intriguing start here that goes along quite nicely with the system underground providing plenty of thrilling times here with the laser grids, control panels, supercomputers and high-tech containment units give this an effective base along the way to string the action off of.

The acting was decent, introducing new characters to the RE world (which kept things unpredictable as to who lived and who died, which made it more interesting in my opinion), and being the same director who did the original Mortal Kombat film, it was filled with plenty of flashy fight scenes to fast music.

The movie combines action and horror in such a way as to be both frenetic and dull simultaneously, and without any chills or thrills whatsoever.

The acting is terrible, and all the characters from this film just seem just way too plain and bland to care about them.

The film is very intense and builds up suspense perfectly, even when they first entered the Hive i expected a horde of zombies to attack them, it was great.

Probably the most entertaining scene in the movie, altough it isn't entertaining at all.

Resident Evil had the potential to be one of the scariest films ever made and instead it has been violated and torn apart until all that has been left of the masterful composition of the game is a few lousy references and a distant memory of an engaging story.

But, to play into the old scary movie cliche, the black guy(who happened to be the most interesting character) died towards the beginning.

Exciting zombie adventure .

Many computer games have deep, compelling storylines, great atmosphere, and can stand shoulder to shoulder with other works of art.

The first half hour of the film is all build up, getting more and more intense as Milla Jovovich wakes up in a mansion confused and without memory.

Good idea, terrible movie, dont waste your money.

It seems to be a much better version of John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars, which I found to be an absolute bore.

A literal translation of Resident Evil would probably be really dull.

I thought that the plot was quite original and the director had taken a few good concepts out of the game to make this an enjoyable film.

Indeed, it is somewhat pointless since it is neither the first Aliens-wannabe, nor anything like the best-equipped to carry out such imitation; and this supposes that imitating another (perfectly good) film is even a good idea in the first place.

and if they dont rewrite it, it would obviously turn out to be predictable.

That is probably the only movie adaptation of a video game that up until this film, is really worth watching.

Early impressions are favourable, with slick visuals and meaty, evocative sound design.

A creation of slow building dread and suspense is well handled throughout, alongside some nifty visual moments and a good if slightly clichéd bunch of commandos all adds up to a darn fun ride.

It's an action packed movie with two dimensional characters, a stupid computer that doesn't inform its company about any warnings or events thereby killing and sending people to their deaths.

It seems really plodding when it simply goes from one scare to another, with no hope it seems.

It is a real "jumpy" movie-I was on the edge of my seat the whole time wondering if that person was "going to get it.

And of course, there's the ending, where the enjoyable Jason Isaacs makes a good-sport-style cameo in a rather pointless scene that doesn't appear to connect with anything we've just witnessed, including a creature that would make a Harryhausen stop-motion flick look like Lord of the Rings.

But the dogs really looked stunning.

In my opinion, this movie was an unfortunate waste of money for both, the viewer as well as the producers.

All in all though, despite a few flaws, this is still a highly entertaining action flick.

Hence, some things are predictable; for instance, you know anyone who gets bitten by a zombie is gonna eventually turn into one.

The special effects look barely dated and convince with a gripping dystopian atmosphere.

Very tense, it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

I wasn't expecting much from the film, but then it got my attention from the very first minutes and just kept the adrenaline level high all through the story.

Although it didn't have the amount of gore I hoped it would, it still had an extraordinary amount of action that kept you on the edge of your seat.

Milla herself is stunning.

There was no story.

I thought Resident Evil was a good entertaining movie, that followed the video game quite accurately in terms of scenarios and characters(zombies, that is).

She shows more personality than Jovovich and is believable in a highly contrived situation.

Deep and well build characters, stunning action and a script worthy of the video games.

cool, slick, action packed and scary .

Every cliché in the book is present here, from the actions of the zombies to the situations our characters find themselves in and the finale, amongst other things.

The special effects are stunning and the movie is very loud, very fast, very violent and FUN!

Yet, in was also intriguing and entertaining in the process.

There's a few plot twists in there to keep things entertaining for people looking for a nice story, and for the hormone-driven males there's a couple of nice partial nudity shots of lovely Milla.

Resident Evil is an enjoyable film to watch.

'Resident Evil' was entertaining and worth the 90 minutes you are spending,

In a single line, don't waste your time or money on this movie, It does not deserve it.

" Kudos Anderson, you made a video game movie worth watching.

It's worth watching once just to study the colours.

But there is never any doubt, this movie wants the action part in focus, and that it does well, this is far from a horror movie, and it's not spooky or scary at all, it's a driven action movie with a lot effects, but that is entertaining enough, just don't go into the movie expecting pure horror.

This is a fast paced, high-tech, high-action, horror film that keeps you entertained from beginning to end.

The lurid and misleading title aside, the whole point of this type of film is to be thrilling.

So basically it all adds up to this: Pretty much everything in this movie has been done before AND better:Zombies: "Dead Alive", "Evil Dead"; Butch Pretty Girl Heriones: "Alien", "Terminater 2";The Laser Sequence: "Cube"; CGI Monsters: "The Relic", "The Mummy", "Lord of the Rings";Boring Characters (if you could call them that), Dull Plot, Bad Acting, Bad Editing, Bad Visual FX, Bad Dialogue...

Overall the movie still hold up and is entertaining all these years later.

Overall, this is a worth watching movie.

The movie is 100 minutes but fairly fast paced and has an engaging story, so you met characters as the movie goes.

We've seen dissapointments ranging from dull (Final Fantasy, Tomb Radier) to utterly horrible (Mario Bros.

This film is incredibly bland.

Waste of time.

This helps when they look bored and confused and disclaim their lines as if wishing they were somewhere else.

This has to be one of the most stunning, well done movies I have EVER watched.

*yawn* The film has few plot twists which I wont spoil here.

IMHO 'Monsters' should come unexpected and in limited amounts to make it more thrilling.

Utterly predictable and full of "startle scare" scenes.

After a despondent scene where Alice and Spence hover pensively over the body of a main character's relative for several minutes in an empty office, the very next shot is a jump cut of them frantically running for their lives in a totally different location before pushing through a door and slamming it shut.

You've got Romero's groundbreaking Night, Day and Yawn...

The special features and commentary by her, Michelle Rodriguez, Jeremy Bolt,> and Paul Anderson was intriguing and entertaining.

Not scary, but entertaining .

Resident Evil is the worst movie.

was a monotonous, predictable waste of time and it is doubtful if I will ever watch it again.

Anderson has bought to life a boring, stereotypical 'blockbuster' type film which is an insult to the original games.

Scary and exciting...

An average film, but entertaining nonetheless.

I think the material he had to work with is abit dull.

The introduction of the first game is quite exciting, showing us all the cinematic importance of the game with a man stepping into a corridor, being attacked by something unknown and the name "RESIDENTE EVIL" appearing in the screen in red blood.

The film did this in a suspenseful, fast-paced, and terrorizing way.

The locations are particularly intriguing as the entire movie takes place in a dark underground research facility and its immediate surroundings.

What a surprise, a movie loaded with great special effects with no story.

Still, the next time I decide to watch a zombie movie I think I will pick one that is a zombie movie all the way, and not one where the zombies were thrown in because the writers got bored.

Anderson who known for writing and directing movies that are both dull and terribly dull, has brought us an adaptation based on a famous video game of the same name.

Very enjoyable .

Entertaining thrill ride .

Title: Resident EvilCondensed Storyline: A special militaristic unit has to make their way through an underground base to shut off a supercomputer, but first they must get through the base which is full of zombies Notable Acting: I found most of the characters quite boring and as soon as I was starting to get invested in a character, they got killed off.

A glorious waste of time.

The story is so painfully slow that it seems to take forever to get started, and never really delivers enough energy to put you on the edge of your seat.

The game was fascinating.

Is the ending a standard movie cliche?

On the other hand be wary of someone who gives it a 10 out of 10 because they might be one of those crazed, lunatic biased fans that jumps at the sound of an unexpected groan.

Though definately not an Oscar winner, Resident Evil is an enjoyable zombie flick.

It was when the zombies appeared that this film disintegrated into awful cliche ridden vacuousness.

If you are a hardcore zombie lover then you might not like it, but otherwise its very entertaining!

The plot's only good point was that it was an original piece of work with nothing I could see taken from the game apart from some of the names and monsters, but if you took away the dogs, the licker, the umbrella corporation and racoon city and called the virus the U-virus or something similar then nothing would remind you even slightly of the game, which can sometimes be a good thing if the writer can come up with an original story better than the one in the game, but he can't, it's predictable (you know who the bad guy is after the first 15 minutes) there is no suspense other than that created by the overly loud sound-track which accompanies ever scare so you can hear the "surprise" coming every time.

" cue exciting, techno music for the ten seconds of climbing down stairs), and awkwardly-placed flashbacks.

Most of the scenes or either too wordy and bored me, or the room is that full of zombie's that you can't pick out the characters!

T-Virus is released intentionally by someone, so they can get away scot-free with the virus and anti-virus without witnesses, for profit of course to those lazy reviewers like Richard Roeper who think the whole thing is pointless.

and its worth watching at least once fan or not.

Many parts of the film are more gut wrenching than suspenseful.

' Her contrived bravado is weak in comparison to earlier sci-fi tough girls such as Private Vasquez of Aliens.

She's a waste of time and space.

This movie is entertaining and a great popcorn movie that i recommend to those people who want a movie that are looking for a great Sci Fi movie.

This was one of the better parts of the film, Milla Jovovich racing through corridors, beating the crap out of zombies, executing amazing flying kicks off walls and firing some flashy weaponry made for entertaining watching.

The film simply looks ugly and drab - nondescript metal corridors and rooms full of boxes and hokey machinery.

It has its entertaining moments, and if it's given the benefit of the doubt, it has its rewards as well.

After this unexpected event (and very gore), Alice and the demas, safely someone already, deactivate the red queen (the first appearance of the girl).

Boring, slick and instantly forgettable.

For this classical thrilling film,i will give 10 stars.

This movie is nearly unwatchable on every level.

It's a straight and entertaining horror-movie, with a music score that is just a bit too extreme.

The soundtrack underlines the film's atmosphere and comes around with sinister, liberating and gripping nu metal and alternative rock music.

Milla Jovovich is a knockout, and some of the zombie attacks are kind of scary, but this movie tries to make up in stylized action what it lacks in plot.

Not a true HORROR film, but still entertaining .

It's one of the most thrilling Sci-fi films I've ever seen,though containing some terribly gory scenes.

It does a good job of creating the settings and atmosphere of the games, but it all too often wanders into noisy MTV-style visuals which dissipate the tension and make the zombie attack sequences confusing rather than scary and suspenseful.

The score by Marilyn Manson helps, along with the grinding heavy metal soundtrack, to create a feel that is dark and creepy one minute, pulse pounding and exciting the next.

Even though some of the twists and turns are predictable, they're still effective!

All in all it's pretty entertaining stuff, well shot and well lit, with an excellent soundtrack (kudos to Marilyn Manson, the absence of whose whining lyrics provides proof that he actually has some talent).

An adrenaline pumping gore filled horror Shocker.

Despite of its outstanding visuals and production values,it loud,cheesy and formulaic.

The script is at times suspenseful and at times god awful mostly coming from poor dialogue and badly delivered one liners.

"Resident Evil" is just plain BORING!

In fact, the initial plot is rather intriguing: We are set in a secret, underground facility where biological weapons are being created.

S Anderson, the film is incredibly boring and every scene consist of the same repetitive set up.

They couldn't lift a variety of imaginative characters and creatures, beyond a fairly uninteresting entity.

I must say that "Resident Evil" does keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

If you want some entertaining distraction for an evening, get a bag of popcorn and pop this movie into the DVD player - it's a fun movie.

The Actors deliver a stunning performance for a fairly decent casting job.

However, this movie has a very interesting and much of the way pretty original and unpredictable storyline, even though it is probably stolen from the game, i never played the game, so i can not tell.

In places it was boring too, with a distinct lack of chemistry between any actors and poor 'one liners'.

I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole movie.

But, if we have no sex and no interesting plot, it's really boring.

It keeps you on the edge of the seat all the time.

There was a lot of repetitive music but it was good because it totally fit the scenario and was pump-up music that was light then progresses to heavier and more intense.

There are some excellent scares in this move, so I highly recommend it to those who crave those sort of things.

I liked & enjoyed every second of the movie , it's really worth watching even if you are not a fan of the game...

These 3 really made the film really worth watching.

***WARNING - POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD***First things first, let me get a few things off my chest from the get-go about common complaints I keep hearing about the movie:Common Complaint #1: No plot - B.

Entertaining Zombie Flick .

It was an engaging story, moved like lightning and had some excellent scares.

`Resident Evil' actually has a rather intriguing beginning and a very effective (and brave) ending.

Mila Jovovich finding herself in a strange place was intriguing, as was the lead up to her returning to the underground city (despite screamingly awful dialogue) and all seemed good.

Seldom have so many fired bullets and so much fighting felt so incredibly slow.

And I can honestly say that this particular first movie in the franchise keeps being as entertaining as it was the first time I saw it.

Intense film .

It was still enjoyable, and worth watching (worth owning if you're into this type of genre).

In fact she's stunningly breathtaking.

Resident Evil is fascinating proof of this on two levels.

It's an enjoyable way to spend ninety or so minutes of your life, and it had enough of that to make me see the sequel when it gets released.

But Resident Evil is the best adaptation of a game it's cool, slick, action packed and scary!

A literal translation of Resident Evil would probably be really dull.

)I might have enjoyed it more.

That majority of this movie is movie is cliche after cliche and you almost always know whats going to happen next.

Yeah good suspense & very exciting Action make RESIDENT EVIL a great film & one of the best Zombie flicks out there!!!

The plot is contrived and predictable, the acting and diologue is terrible, and I don't think I have ever felt less attached to a main character.

Very intense .

If you have to work for a living I suggest you spend your hard-earned cash on something (anything really) other than this total waste of everyone's time.

But as the intention was the first one, then Resident Evil, is one of the most enjoyable and job fulfilling movies recently.

All the dialogue that follows after that is a bunch of useless, boring exposition.

We get this 99 time out of a hundred, and it is dull, and it just isn't fun for anyone who isn't a Nazi.

Nonetheless, in its own right, this film is highly entertaining.

Mabius does come off a tad boring, though.

Brilliant, mysterious, intense and creepy sci-fi-horror .

The heroin (the main character, not the drug) was very well played by a brilliantly cast and beautiful Milla Jovovich, who received some very imaginative and exciting action sequences, and executed them extremely well.

Weak, dull, derivative, amateurish, under-written, under-directed, and generally disappointing.

However there are enjoyable references to the games such as the Licker creature which appeared in Resident Evil 2 (VG) and stalks the cast throughout the film.

Once the zombies appear, the tone of the film gets much more intense, especially with scenes from some of the game's more "popular" enemies.

The script is boring.

On the edge excitement .

Anderson tries to hide the lack of depth in the script by constantly putting characters in compromising positions in order to utilize the ever-predictable jump-scare tactic.

For those of you who may not have any exposure to the games, the film with doubtlessly seem overly contrived and unnatural in pace.

Rather like persisting with a dull film in the hope of catching the odd crumb of gratuitous nudity, here I was soon hankering after some proper, sleazy gore to alleviate the tedium.

But somehow, I enjoyed it.

Maybe I was making a mistake, expecting what is effectively a big-budget mainstream flick with a major cast to be tense or scary, god knows most of them aren't, but it was the fact that Resident Evil failed totally to make me even worried for anyone until I fell asleep watching it and a large explosion jolted me out of my kip.

The story it is dumb and original as it can be, repeating several of the clichés used in every previous zombie film that have been done to death (No pun-intended) "Resident Evil" it's a lame film, being way too overrated and boring.

People've said, 'No plot'; to which I say you're commenting on the wrong flick.

A really boring and dull movie.

This movie was pretty good it was surely entertaining enough.

The basic idea for this movie is pretty cool, and visually the movie is engaging.

The plot is basically about a girl named Alice who worked for the Umbrella Corporation, who gets amnesia from a chemical and gets dragged in and has to team up with a group of commandos that is trying to infiltrate a underground lab called The Hive in order to turn off the super computer called the The Red Queen that killed off the workers after a virus outbreak.

Excellent movie, non-stop action, intense, edge-of-your-seat.

The film moves along to slow, the dialouge is trite and the action sequences are predciatable.

On the other hand, if you enjoy brainless (no pun intended) action with little plot, then this movie is an enjoyable waste of 101 minutes...

In the end we get an action-packed but brainless effort where the endless parade of mutilated and bloodied monsters chasing scantily clad heroines down corridors and up stairs becomes just plain tedious.

A horror movie with no scares, and one of the dullest "action" movies I've ever endured.

I found the film to be exciting, scary and well made.

The silver screen version gives us the Umbrella corporation, secret labs, empty mansions, mutant dogs & of course lots of zombies - all stock elements of the Resident Evil series.

I think Paul Anderson did a good job in "Event Horizon" and even in "Soldier" which was better than expected but here he uses a too much video-clip style and the movie was quite uninteresting.

Jovovich is great being the kick-ass woman who slowly regains her memory and a bunch of martial arts and gun skills, Rodriguez is also feisty, the supporting cast all do well also, the special effects and makeup for the zombies, mutated things and scientific stuff are all cool, and the music by shock rocker Marilyn Mason gives the action edge, it is exciting compared to the rubbish or average sequels that followed, a great science- fiction horror action film.

The story is nothing short of brilliant because it will have you captivated and immersed into a world of zombies that like to bite!

Anderson keeps us waiting on the edge of our seats for that moment to finally happen.

The action was boring and stupid there was one real battle with the zombies and in it they just kept shooting them in the chest magazine after magazine in the chest I thought they were supposed to be special ops a highly trained military force and not a bunch of idiots.

The film starts out slow, offering background information on the Umbrella Corporation, and introducing the viewer to the victims caught up in a situation they were ill-prepared to handle.

As an action film the movie delivers lots of highly entertaining action scenes and is not boring at all.

Leading this predictable band of gun-toting rogues is Britain's own Colin Salmon, of the most recent Bond films fame.

The truth is that Milla Jovovich contributes a very capable and entertaining presence and performance to this work.

FILM : Bland Characters.

The worst movie made since Firestorm.

So with Jovovich proving to be a real hit, this will provide an enjoyable experience to watch, and remains the best film in the franchise.

' but you can forgive it all because it's entertaining you.

Simply one of the most boring, predictable and generally anticlimactic movies ever made, only being surpassed in it' awfulness by it' numerous sequels.

Paul Anderson uses every cliche in the horror film genre to try create suspense to the extent it got cheesy.

), and the action -- what little there was -- was just plain boring!

I was unexpected that the laser would turn out to be in the net form.

Jovovich is superb and wears a gorgeous red dress and mini skirt contraption, along with big black boots that show off her stunning legs that seem to lead all the way to the Promised Land.

Zombies are dumb, clumsy, and slow.

I was on the edge of my seat.

To predictable and only effects don' t do the trick to me.

And for heaven's sake don't waste any hard earned allowance money on this dreck.

"Resident Evil" is a painful, slow-moving exercise in sheer torment for every single one of its 100 minutes.

Very Enjoyable .

some people might really like her attitude, but in my opinion, her acting is pretty much like cheap trance music: repetitive.

This all considered it was downhill from there, but entertaining.

Third, there essentially is no plot.

Still, worth watching.

I rated this 3/10 - the only thing worth watching here is Mila Jovovich.

The characters are quite intriguing, especially enigmatic lead character Alice played by an excellent Milla Jovovich, tough police officer Rain Ocampo played by Michelle Rodriguez and the holograph played by Michaela Dicker who represents the facility's artificial intelligence known as the Red Queen.

the rest of the cast are predictable cannon fodder which the never rise above or even breathe life into there roles!

a)The effects are nice b)Acting is +/-, very predictable.

honestly,this movie is just one long bore,with a bit of action thrown in occasionally.

The Ring, because this film keeps you on the edge the whole time, something The Ring does not do.

I will concede that I found the original Mortal Kombat somewhat entertaining.

If you are a fan of zombie-movies then you should definitely give Resident Evil a try, its certainly worth watching at least once.

I just found it far from gripping and the involvement was really lacking.

Its fairly enjoyable rubbish, perfect for a wet-afternoon on video rather than a must see cinematic experience.

I think i fell asleep for the next half an hour or so, nothing happened apart from some back story about Alices husband and the cops sister.

In addition to finding the film entertaining and action packed, though, I was also disturbed and genuinely frightened by it.

There is no story here, just a bunch of crappy clichés and poorly orchestrated "scary jump" sequences where something crashes into a window.

Just when I'm getting immersed in the story, the movie is over!

It's not going to go into my top ten list, or even my top 100, but it is an enjoyable way to waste an evening.

All you will get from this film, and indeed the plethora of abortive train wrecks it's spawned, is an uninteresting rehash of things you've seen before, nothing has even been used in an original way.

I can see why some people might enjoy this but to me it was a pretty big bore from start to finish.

All in all though it was a very good action packed movie that takes place before the first resident evil video game, and it does a good job in the new plot line to : )

The only other actor I recognized in the cast was Eric Mabius ('Welcome To The Dollhouse'), but hell, I was battling to stay awake throughout.

Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez and the rest of the cast have good performances and the non-stop action is engaging.

For every scene that's fun to watch, there's another that's just plot-stopping, whether it's watching it's watching the survivors move from one bland-looking corridor to another, or Milla Jovovich jump-kicking zombie dogs in slow motion, or a computer program tiresomely going over the very simple zombie rules.

And how about the highly entertaining death scenes.

Obviously if you don't like horror-type films, this probably won't be for you, but I enjoyed it, and found it much better than expected.

If you want a fun but suspenseful action film with fun action scenes and great scares look no further.

There were some good and entertaining action scenes in the movie.

Advise: if you want to make a movie, spend money on either a good plot and build your effects around it or spend your money on effects like `Eight Legged Freaks' and no plot.

Anderson (AVP Alien Vs Predator, Event Horizon, Mortal Kombat) made an enjoyable horror film that mixes science-fiction and action quite well.

And that should only be worth the Empty Box.

The most interesting characters die very quickly and soon we are left with cliché-drawn actors that flip up walls and use leg kicks to the zombie's heads.

The use of what could be the ugliest soundtrack in movie history provides a boost to erstwhile predictable moments of terror.

"Resident Evil" (the game) had a very interesting and atmospheric story, with believable characters and an exciting plot.

What actually turns up is every cliché known to horror movies.

Milla Jovovich is stunning as the heroine, Alice.

Every single moment of the film is a hundred percent predictable, so the 'plot twists' are obvious and the scary parts are simply not scary.

Highly, highly, highly entertaining, gory, violent, and just all around fun.

**YAWN**Throw it all together and what do you have?

I don't mind that so much, but I wish Anderson would have added a few more cool moments and set-pieces to Resident Evil, to balance out the boredom.

Don't waste your time.

A young woman with amnesia awakens in an empty mansion, alone she is soon joined by a SWAT team sent to investigate a mysterious occurrence in the mansions subterranean secret labs.

Unlike its preceders, Resident Evil provides an intriguing story, a solid and likable cast, and ties up its own loose ends before setting us up for the sequel to follow.

I love the plot of this movie; exciting, fast pace, and with more than a few "freeky parts.

Entertaining, to say the most .

The movie also had some confusing parts.

Highly entertaining, an intense action-thriller .

The movie starts off with promise, nice little exposition, and a state of confusion...

All in all, a really entertaining game, RE fan or not!

The ending climactic train set piece is enjoyable and fast paced, and the laser hallway (imagine, 3 soldiers, trapped in a hallway, with lasers that chop things in half) is pretty neat.

One of the worst movies I have honestly ever seen.

Or.. "there were a lot of cliché lines used"...

First, I name entertainment according to how I enjoyed it.

The problem is after this good start the movie then spends the next forty minutes going nowhere .

The scene where a soldier was trapped on some facility pipes just above some hungry dead folks - it seemed that the zombies were going a little too slow tring to get the guy, watch the scene and tell me if you weren't wondering why the zombies didn't just crawl right up there and get him.

Resident Evil is a fun, energetic and entertaining film.

The movie takes an hour (after 2 glorious minutes of actually scary elevator stuff) to do a lot of boring exposition.

The action scenes were enjoyable, and it was nice to see a movie not plagued with excessive martial arts.

You'll thank god that this realm of boredom only lasts for 1.5 hours (more than needed anyway).

Wooden acting, stereotype cast, predictable story, no tension.

The pace of the film is also without fault, with the relentless action and tense sneaking around gripping the attention of the viewer, and never letting go.

The scares in this flick are anything but cliché.

blood, spatter, BORE .

Amusing film,the best:Milla her pretty body and that sexy gown,boots included,but all the line of the history is predictable,if you want "fast-fun" watch it,no more to look for.

Truly Unwatchable .

The action felt forced and was extremely predictable.

The story was fast-paced and exciting plus the ending made me want to see Resident Evil: Apocalypse (it's sequel) due out in 2004.

A cheesy, juvenile action blockbuster, but at least there's lots of adrenaline .

Dull, dull, dull.

The extra long beginning and stupid ending made for a confusing and frustrating trip to the theaters for me.

Overall it was is pretty predictable with forgettable characters.

but there are many scenes and elements, which, as an "old school" re-fan, i just find boring and unoriginal.

It's a one-trick pony that is relentlessly noisy and tedious.

Exciting Flick.

let's film them in an otherwise empty room !

The ultimate escapism protagonist titilating the men and allowing women to feel empowered by how she maintains her stunning beauty while fending off shameless groping perv.....

I love this movie & it's mix of exciting action scenes & moody creepy Horror & dark futuristic sci-fi setting, a stunning mix done perfectly.

No plot.

But it's also wildly entertaining, and is clearly full of the rampant eye-candy that Director Anderson relishes in.

this director/screenplay writer is know for bad movies so if your going to watch this movie be prepared to be bored out of your mind.

The dialogue however wasn't the greatest at times, it was a little predictable, and some characters are written out too soon for you to care about whether they survive or not.

but then the rooms conveniently empty when they needed to add some dialogue to the movie...

I guess they tried to make the movie enjoyable for the people who already knew Resident Evil and the people who never heard about the game or the series story....

What it does have is many characters that will one day go down as classic heroes and villains, with a conspiracy plot that was original and highly entertaining in how it was uncovered.

It's extremely Hollywoodish and the ending, though unpredictable, was disappointing and in my opinion, silly.

A weak story and even weaker execution make the film often confusing and it seems like the filmmakers expected everyone seeing this movie to have already played the game.

We have Alice instead of Jill Valentine, no Chris Redfield, no Wesker, no storyline where the elite crew investigate Bravo Squad, find their remains and are met by zombies, where only three of them then manage to flee to a nearby mansion.

I will give points for a confusing situation (the viewer and the amnesiacs never quite sure who are the good guys and who are the enemies) and an overpoweringly unconventional ending.

Indeed, it is somewhat pointless since it is neither the first Aliens-wannabe, nor anything like the best-equipped to carry out such imitation; and this supposes that imitating another (perfectly good) film is even a good idea in the first place.

There are also a predictable twist relating to a betrayal.

Resident Evil was an exciting, and fun film.

Just because the zombies are slow, doesn't mean the movie should be.

Although RE isn't an award-winning film, it sure has some intense action and scary scenes to keep the viewer looking at the screen as well as pumping out the blood, gore and entertainment.

And on top of that, it's an action film with horribly cheap and boring action sequences.

If you need proof of that fact that Anderson is NOT a good director, just observe how can take wonderful, engaging stories and turn them into lifeless, generic, Hollywood-friendly steaming piles of crap that he can peddle to the masses who need only a an action-packed, brainless film to lure them, salivating, to the box office.

The buildup becomes too redundant for RE fans, and too confusing and slow for newcomers.

It's supposed to be a horrormovie, yet it's quite BORING!

Although it doesn't take much to get me biting my nails, you do want a few of the cast to live through the film, so the action scenes were both entertaining and scary.

The scary parts are a little too predictable, and there's a wide range in which zombies get put out of commission to the point where it seems pretty unrealistic (e.

While wandering around in the empty mansion she's joined by "cop" Matt (Mabius) before the sudden SAS-style arrival of a group of commandos, lead by One (Salmon), then later by Rain (Rodriguez) when he gets splatted.

And it is based on the intriguing idea behind a video game.

The make-up and special effects of the zombies were cool in the beginning of the movie, but some how they started to get dull throughout the rest.

Maybe a little cheesy but stylish and entertaining.

when in a situation like that you should be on the edge of your seat.

It might not be the best or most original movie, it still is an enjoyable action flick that is perfectly watchable.

***END SPOILER*** POSITIVES: As already noted, the opening is truly intriguing, successfully capturing the viewer's attention.

It was an engaging story, moved like lightning and had some excellent scares.

For die-hard fans of the original 'Resident Evil' video game series, this film may come as a disappointment, as the general horror and darkness that made the games so unnerving has been ditched here, in lieu of an intense action-thriller.

Resident Evil Is Everything A Video Game Adaptation Should Be.. Smart, Scary, Sexy, Action Packed and Bloody!

While I have never really understood the dislike for Anderson, finding his films to be mindlessly enjoyable popcorn fodder, I had to admit I was also disappointed by the news, and just a little bit wary.

In conclusion, Resident Evil may be flawed and relatively brainless at times, but it's entertaining and way, way better than its terrible sequel.

The music throughout the film is interesting and fitting yet can become somewhat tedious.

Likewise, the rather art-house flashback sequences in glorious black and white with a graveyard setting, all merely create confusion because their accomplishment is clumsy rather than deft.

Powerfully entertaining and thrilling, I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good sci fi flick with all the elements to keep it interesting.

thinks that were wrong 1) the action took place in totally uninteresting places.. At least make it pretty!!!

The story was very bland, and the zombies weren't even scary at all.

"Resident Evil" was, originally a series of really enjoyable video games.

It grows tiresome fast and I wanted to shut the movie off about halfway through I was so bored.

It went too fast in the beginning and too slow in the end.

the poor young woman dragged down into the hive and has to face flesh eating Zombies, Demon Dobermans and strange newt like creatures that reminded me of Abe from the Abe's Odyssey games.

Unfortunately, like everything else here, these are trite.

That movie was a waste of space, time and money.

However, there are several other things that make a film enjoyable, and it just doesn't work here.

After all the action with the releasing of the virus, Milla Jovovich's character is introduced in this long drawn out scene.

Personally, I'm finding her a bit tiresome.

As a Resident Evil fan, I am glad they took a huge chunk of the actual plot of the game series and told it in an entertaining movie-like way.

Now taking Resident Evil from a different point of view: it is an OK Hollywood movie, entertaining and very similar to the video game (T-virus, killer Dobermans, Train, Licker, Umbrella).

Entertaining action/horror/thriller is certainly well made.

I will say that "Resident Evil" is a very intense zombie movie, and it definitely feels like you are right there in The Hive, deep underground with the characters in the movie.

She is joined by an "elite" military unit, which includes a Michelle Rodriguez, who plays a tough-nut military chick, but who actually spends the majority of the film with a permanent grimace, and kinda grant outs her predictable lines.

There is no plot.

He clearly is capable of making a good and enjoyable film, which he proved with 1997's underrated Event Horizon.

It is not as scary as other films, or even less then the VG, but this is probably due to the predictable nature of it.

One by one the rescuers succumb to either the Red Queen or the Zombies, and we are sitting on the edge of our seat waiting to see if anyone survives.

Great ending, engaging sense of tension and some effective 'jump' moments made this a helluva good rollercoaster ride for everybody in the movie theater I attended.

The acting is really bad, the "action" is slow and there's a lot of mindless violence.

If you want to see a very attractive woman kill convincing zombies in an entertaining and vaguely futuristic action/horror movie, go see it.

If you want to see a genuinely scary zombie movie try some Romero or Fulci classics, or the underrated 'Living Dead At Manchester Morgue', and if you want to see a thrilling and engrossing SF death trap thriller go no further than 'Cube' (or pick up a copy of Algis Budrys' classic 'Rogue Moon').

The sci-fi action horror film can be a little hard to follow at times, the music is sometimes really cheesy, and there are some extremely juvenile lines.

But the most exciting part is the end!

If you watched this with no prior knowledge of it's apparent genre or the video game it's based on, you'd probably enjoy it a lot more and maybe even give it a 7 or an 8, but for me the removal of the 'one person, 200 zombies and only a gun between them and certain death' vibe of the game, and the constant shocking ignorance of basic flaws in certain scenes makes it a dull, boring piece of style-over-substance mainstream tosh.

One thing that made this movie fall from a 10 to a 9 though was the starting was very confusing, making me think I missed part of the movie, even though when you see the rest of the movie it all makes sense.

i would probably rate this movie a 7/10 - it's more entertaining than mega-budget trash like the Matrix Reloaded and more professional and intelligent than the junk John Carpenter puts out

) moves solidly forward and there aren`t any boring moments.

Pretty soon, the whole film degenerates into the standard action/horror film cliché.

But it's entertaining....

The spectator seems to be the most endangered specieshere, I believe at least some of them must have died of boredom.

"RESIDENT EVIL" is ridiculously underrated & yet it's more exciting than most huge budget films at the cinema now!!!

Definitely a very entertaining movie and a wise choice.

So predictable!

I was actually glad when they were systematically/predictable killed off.

The acting is subpar, the plot is by the numbers, and the movie moves slow.

Resident Evil is fascinating proof of this on two levels.

It gets intriguing to hear what the scientists have been up to and to learn that Alice is outside trying to find survivors and keep herself off the grid.

it was slow...

Noisy and VERY tedious .

Mindless action with numerous quick edits somehow always becomes boring.

Even by today's standards, I still found them enjoyable.

Sure there's a little goofiness afoot and some of the FX are unimpressive especially by the standards now as well as being slightly repetitive at times.

Dull of the Dead .

I found myself yawning after "hell unleashed".

This movie was very exciting.

The story is a pretty complicated one for a zombie film and there are always a few surprises and enough tension to keep the film thrilling and exciting.

Also, using a child's hologram as one of the main villains in the film was an excellent idea and very intriguing and she was actually kind of spooky.

Milla Jovovich is bland as a main character, Michelle Rodriguez being a far better suited for the role.

He could deliver all of his lines in monotone and display one facial expression.

I sincerely enjoyed it from shocking beginning to the horrific ending.

It was extremely suspenseful, disturbing and interesting all at the same time.

I read some reviews before hand and was quite disappointed when people said that the film was incoherant and hard to follow.

I did and enjoyed it.

Therefore, it presents a convincing and unpredictable plot, what´s indeed rare in this genre.

Awful and boring.

As well as the great-looking gore and zombie make-up here, these issues make this one enjoyable enough to hold off the few problems in here.

This movie really stays true to the game, which is as unpredictable as they come.

In fact I was quite suprised by how entertaining it is.

So many things was remembering us some thrilling moments of the first two video games : the zombies crawling on the ground to bite our feet, the amazing mansion, the train,...

the film goes on with all zombies,pretty boring because there could have been more different monsters except the dogs who kicks ass!

It does have some good scares, and some of the zombie scenes are quite intense.

What's interesting about a super-powered, bland, nearly invincible, amnesic Mary-Sue with no depth?

and you say there's no plot.

Paul Anderson, as we all know can do games (Mortal Kombat)and horror (Event Horizon) Well done paul for giving us an entertaining film.

It however is an enjoyable action flick with some horror elements in it, that is worth seeing.

After hours of having sat behind my boyfriend in boredom while he played Resident Evil on Dreamcast, I wasn't expecting much.

It is very long and satisfying.

I'm not gonna nominate it for an Oscar, but it was entertaining, and much more so than "Tomb Raider.

A pulse pounding score, slick visuals,some exciting stunts and a quirky sense of humor all give reason to watch this film.

The plot was well laid out and I thought was blood filled and intriguing enough to be eye stimulatingly pleasing.

truly one of the worst movies ever to effect the human consciousness.

State of the art FX enhance this adrenaline-pumping scifi caper and propel it into the stratosphere.

This exciting picture contains thrills , chills , action-filled with fierce combats and lots of gore and guts .

Yes, it is a film that almost exclusively alters, disregards and even disrespects its source material, turning the original slow-moving and deliberate Romero-esque video game into a goofy, pseudo-James Cameron-inspired action extravaganza.

But after that in this film, we didn't really get to see many references, and the nemesis transformation near the end was unexpected and weird.

Once you get that behind it's just great - relaxing and intense at the same time.

but the real confusion comes in when the actual plot starts.

I expected survival horror, what I got was cheap action with cliché Hollywood shock scenes.

Well Worth Watching.

It's based on a video game (Capcom's hugely successful video game, to be more specific) and usually that's not a very good sign, since all those game-based horror movies have absolutely no story construction and the special effects as well as the set pieces always look far too hectic.

Overall "Resident Evil" is way above average as far as video-game to silver screen goes, however the movie itself only provides enough entertainment to cover you watching it maybe 2 or 3 times after that the movie becomes kinda boring.

However, while the walk through the Hive before the mutants are found is pretty dull, there's a lot more adrenaline as the film goes along and the group faces the dangers of this underground facility.

Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez elevate the script, which manages to slowly unfold a story intriguing enough to keep you invested for the runtime.

Resident Evil is a fun, entertaining film.

Don't go in expecting something that will change the world, but do go in expecting a pleasant, mildly thrilling action flick, with lots of exploding bodies and bloodbaths.

She has amnesia, special powers, a bland personality, and a magical ability to stay alive.

The slow revelation of the mystery is superb, including who Milla really is.

It was a successful zombie movie, utilizing the jump scares and the hyperkinetic pace needed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

the story follows quite loosely and the characters are pretty dull and boring.

The set-up is intriguing and brilliantly executed.

The zombies are slow and drudging, and there is little to be feared from them.

I love the featurs in the film, they were simplying breathtaking.

It was very exciting and I shall probably have to go out now and hire a computer console in order to play the game so I can take part in the action myself.

The production design is convincing enough, giving us sleek quasi-futuristic designs, and the production design does lend to some cool action sequences and even a couple of reasonably intense horror segments.

Oh, and there's a deadly laser beam, which is fun to watch for the most unexpected decapitations I've seen.

And now we have another classic cliché - the action/thriller countdown, conveniently displayed on screen in big, digital numbers.

My suggestion save your money and get yourself a tin of paint, you'll have a lot more fun watching it dry than you would do sitting through this steaming pile of horse manure.

But with a super-computer running the show and mistrust and amnesia gripping the surviving humans, it's a mission fraught with peril at every turn.

I mean, the script may not have been the best, and you hardly get to see the actors do any acting, but the it still keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Which creates some good suspense and great action scenes which build up to a fantastic third act with an exciting final battle on the train.

This was quite an enjoyable if slightly flawed adaptation.

The acting is sub-par (even by Milla Jovovich's standards), the plot is laughable, the action is dull and repetitive and the Matrix style bullet time effect is over used.

Anderson wisely cuts to a shot of an unrelated empty hallway and cuts back to the characters having made some sort of miraculous escape.

I wasn't really expecting anything good from a video game conversion, but it was surprisingly entertaining and frightening, definitely worth the admittance.

But anyway if you want an action packed ride with a few scares thrown in this one is for you.

Spectacular , action-packed and thrilling first installment of the ¨Resident Evil series¨ , adapted from the video games characters produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi .

Gets kind of dull after a while.

You can tell though, that they put some work and thought into this movie to make it entertaining and halfway logical, for a zombie movie.

All the characters were enjoyable to spend time with, we got zombified dogs, and a story that kept a bit of intrigue as to what everyone's motives were, while also being intelligent enough to keep my full, undivided attention throughout.

A game I have never played, and after sitting through this tedious, overblown bore, never ever will.

It was just too boring and stupid.

The underground lab where the zombie outbreak starts is a really creepy setting for a zombie movie & the whole idea of a group of marines having to sneak in & shut it down is very exciting with a great sense of dread atmosphere, one of the best scenes in the movie is the terrifying laser corridor sequence, it's a scary scene & we lose most of the soldiers in that Corridor before we even get to the zombies!!.

It´s exciting and very entertaining.

After being dragged down into the Hive, she faces horrible flashbacks of what has happened.

This film basically has no plot, or even if it has, it has been poorly constructed.

The games are intelligent, action packed and scary as hell.

Entertaining movie (sort of), a little boring.

Follow the RE guideline:-Add a bunch of gimmicky, annoying and irritating camera angles, matrix-esquire slow mo and other pointless stuff that never ever looks "cool" at all.

Go see Resident Evil if you enjoy a fast paced movie that is never corny or badly written.

Again, i mean no offense, and it's OK if you do not love Truffaut of don't think so highly of Film Blu; or maybe you think that Ran wasn't awesome, or that Metropolis is boring.

It felt like this movie was made for me as at the time i was obsessed with Zombie films & i couldn't wait to see this & it didn't disappoint at all, infact it was even more enjoyable & entertaining & exciting that i could've imagined!!.

I didn't think it was a good movie, but it was an entertaining mindless romp of zombie killing fun.

Anderson shows an inconsistent hand at staging and filming action sequences; the movie's numerous shootouts and fight scenes are only mildly exciting at best, hampered too often by close-up shots of big guns and expended shells.

Resident Evil is enjoyable.

Resident Evil is one of the much more enjoyable game-to-movie adaptations as usually these are pretty mediocre or just plain awful (Street Fighter, Double Dragon, Super Mario Bros.

Once the action kicks in, the pace is great and the survival aspect mesh really well with the intriguing plot.

And if cliché dialogue isn't enough to distract from otherwise entertaining gunfire and bodily dismemberment, the film's tedious pseudo-scientific explanations of the virus and how a human body is ‘zombified' will remind you that your remote control sports a fast forward button.

Also Milla Jovanovich fights zombies in a sexy red dress throughout most entertaining.

Add the awful characters and we're left with the action which is frankly dull.

Sure there are better movies out there, but this one does deliver what it promises: zombie action, cool heroine (Milla is unbeatable here - with Sigourney as Ripley out of contest, of course), tension, and - from time to time - even the relatively unexpected plot moves.

Boredom, thy name is Resident Evil .

This movie was so bad I ended up falling asleep half way through.

The pacing is poor, the dialogue is mundane, and it is not scary enough for the horror flick it aspires to be.

All characters are new (and very bland and one dimensional).

I enjoyed this action packed movie with not a moment to miss as the characters were always in predicaments, the bringing back of the "night of the living dead" genre

A waste of time .

Until then, we're subjected to boring build-up and the lamest, slowest zombies since the first Resident Evil game.

I gave it 2 because it was entertaining at some parts and Mila is good to look at.

And it was unsurprising to see the introduction of a "superbeast" into the movie, to allow for a greater amount of pointless CGI.

The movie is an action paced survival story and is a fast paced movie.

But altogether, it's fairly entertaining.

Very Exciting .

The story is bogus, disjointed, and incoherent.

We then meet Alice, a woman inside an eerily empty mansion at night.

Maybe a little cheesy but stylish and entertaining.

The film does tend to get a little confusing, and a bit too much sometimes.

The movie is action packed and has some great actors!

they were all contrived, cheap scares that last barely as long as you are in the theater.

Kicks and punches are unconvincing, the gunfights mind-numbingly boring.

She gets up, gets dressed and walks around this empty house without saying a word for a few minutes.

Good acting, it is suspenseful and action packed and has epic story !!!

Characters spend the vast majority of the time running from point A to point B, without thought or ingenuity, to the extent that the viewer is soon faced with a tiresomely uninteresting series of disconnected and repetitive episodes.

Far too many closeups, combined with horrible editing, give us a sense of complete confusion.

Otherwise they're just slow, weak and stupid, poor opponents for an action heroine.

I didn't feel this film was bad because of the action actually, it is what makes this slightly exciting and at least the movie has a certain horror element too it and can make you kind of jump.

Regarding the latter, even with the good special-effects, nonstop violence only serves to become boring after awhile.

Great special effects can't save this mixed bag of action, horro and sci-fi that is neither exciting, scarey nor innovative.

So we did and I must say it was really entertaining!

In between is the aforementioned metal cacophony, bad acting and uninspiring special effects.

It seems to me that I've heard many articles stating the Resident Evil movies are "terrible" or "a waste of my life".

This movie is intense due to the unusual action sequences in the film.

well, yawn.

Semi-Entertaining action movie .

The other, once you know it's there it leaves you empty ever after.

The laser hall scene was intense.

Add in that it's totally predictable, the characters are dumb and that the creatures are like something Nick Park would make to scare his children, well it's not got much going for it.

Usually when you watch a B action you can get bored simply because it's like every other B action.

Total cliche .

What a waste of time and space!

Just slow, walking dead.

Regardless of what anyone says about this film, I enjoyed it.

My boyfriend dragged me to see that movie....

I didn't even know what this film was about before i saw it, so i was rolling around on the floor in fits when i realised it was a zombie film, but i quickly composed myself and got into the swing of it and enjoyed it.

I love the medium just as much as I love movies, but when a couple of people up at Hollywood decided to merge the mediums together, 9 times out of 10 the merge turns out to be a waste of time and money.

Characters walk slowly through hallway, predictable zombie jump scare, characters kill zombie, repeat.

It is very exciting to revere many secrets such as who is she and what she wanted to do before she lost her memories.

The raspy moans, the sound of mutilated flesh merged with torn cloth being dragged along a corridor.

Things like that and some of the dumber, repetitive action scenes can get annoying.

This is a fast paced, creepy and at times funny movie that is a must see for any fan of the zombie genre.

Obviously, The Licker is CGI-created but its movements are stiff and disjointed making it seem like it was a plot twist thought of at the last second and belatedly laid out over the finished product.

But for fans of the games it is an interesting and enjoyable film, and that was what was intended more or less.

Milla Jovovich, while nice to look at, gives a dull and lifeless performance.

If you are bored and want to have a very good time then rent this movie because it will be worth it.

i was on the edge of my seat the whole time!!

Paul Anderson has decided to make Resident Evil as much of an action movie as it is a horror, making it all the more entertaining, and while the jumpy moments and scares are second to none, with perfect timing and an excellent score by Marilyn Manson all adding to the effect, each of the action scenes - particularly the ones including the Hellhounds and the licker, are edge of the seat stuff.

90 minutes of pure bliss - snappy one-liners, some absurdly good acting for this kind of movie, and enough blood and sticky goosh to keep any die-hard fan happy.

Verdict: still good and entertaining.

The Story is so intense and the actors are really doing a great job, including the Zombie actors.

Thrilling from start to finish .

The numerous characters are all given enough dialogue to give you a 3-dimensional feel to them and all are dealt with in a fitting way, the story is close to the game but still entertaining and suspenseful, the creatures are well used and fit in to the story aptly and while it would have required a much bigger budget it would have saved me the 2hrs of boredom sitting through the filmed version gave.

SummaryTension building effects such as strange sounds, varying lighting, unpredictable occurrences, and appropriately fearful responses were lacking.

I must say that this film is above all things, very entertaining.

Granted I do have my "I wish" 's about the film too but like the others said, its a horror flick you let them slide and keep an open mind so that you are able to enjoy the rewarding aspects of the film, which are fresh, unexpected and plentiful.

so an entertaining movie that is better than most video game movies.

Now this film is a mess for the most part, especially the last hour of it, but it's still a entertaining mess and the pacing is well done although it seems to skip a lot of parts and scenes.

To put it more plainly,this flick appeals to exactly the audience it was intended for,and on that level,it's pretty exciting fun.

The bad: Well, at times the action does get tedious and convenient.

It is SO old and predictable.

Overall, Resident Evil is an awesome film that is loud, action packed, and entertaining.

Exciting adaption of the video game finds a group of soldiers led by Alice (Milla Jovovich) sent to an under ground lab to contain a deadly virus that re-animates the living dead and having to deal with an out of control monster and an annoying computer.

The movie kept a great on the edge of your seat feel through the whole thing, and all of the gamers out there are sure to love the game tie ins as I did.

There's a great mix of cold Technical cybernetic futuristic surroundings, with the underground Hive base, & old fashioned bloody flesh-Eating zombie carnage, it's this mix of Sci-fi & Horror that makes Resident Evil very exciting,edgy & Awesome.

Simply put, this is a very boring movie.

Still, an overall enjoyable film.

It's not especially original, but all is well linked, there are no major flaws, and even the quantity of pretentious laughable quotes is beyond the usual limit.


This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat staring at the screen with your mouth open.

even though there were scenes in reference to Thir13een Ghosts and how could we forget-Night of the Living Dead, I still thought it very entertaining.

A very unrealistic at best film, really only worth watching once, unless you're one of those gaming nerds who can't get enough of Resident Evil.

She is stunning throughout the picture and honestly feels like the only character developed by the way she plays her role outside of the dialogue and story development.

The action scenes are dull and leaden.

This movie was terribly boring and slow to watch.

However, the film is very entertaining even as it plays up the cliches of the zombie genre.

The point of the story and chosen characters is confusing and just weak.

Its still mind boggling to me that the film is actually a reasonably scary horror flick!

Whereas there are some elements still retained from the game(laboratory is under a mansion outside Racoon City and is owned by Umbrella Corporation it seems that the director got bored of transferring the franchise to film, and instead made the rest up.

For a zombie movie, this is pretty boring.

For a zombie movie, then there is a lot of action in "Resident Evil", and it works out well, especially since the movie starts out slow, dropping hints to the fans and slowly builds up the atmosphere and director Paul W.

The game is exciting, dark, unnerving, original, and generates incredible atmosphere with it's blend of sound effects, eerie music, engaging storyline and characters, and innovative game play.

and the locations used reminded me more of a pointless van damme sci fi movie than of the house in the original game.

I only expected a bit slower movie, less sudden things, and more emotions and better graphics of zombies (human ones).

Even though I was in an empty cinema (matinees are so cool), the dialogue was at the right volume so there was no reason (other than for cheap scares) to whack the volume up to maximum and make me jump out of my seat every two minutes.

This was the worst movie and it isnt even like the game except for the zombies of course.

I would recommend this film to any Resident Evil fan, and highly recommend it to anyone who has never seen anything to do with the films or games.

Yesterday I saw it on TV and I enjoyed it very much!

We then see the unexpected return of the licker, which, after shredding Martin Crewes to pieces, is disposed of with great effect.

Also, the whole film is entertaining.

This movie was visually stunning and the special effects were nothing short of spectacular.

The gore is as always present, we love it and if you remember all the times you jumped to the ceiling when you got scared from a zombie or something else non-exciting creature jumping out...

Instead we get cheap jump scares that are plain predictable, lame slow-motion, tame combat and pretty clumsy, looking CGI.

Her character here is a walking cliche, a kick ass tough talking Latina seemingly cloned from the one played by Jenette Goldstein in James Cameron's 'Aliens', a movie which is ten times more exciting than this.

Lots of suspense, but it doesnt slow down, just a rollercoaster ride of a action/horror movie

It's a quite good action/SF/thriller with execellent shooting and stunning effects.

It's what makes this movie convincing, entertaining, frightening and apprehensive at the same time.

I had a more enjoyable time playing the game than watching this movie.

Mind you, these zombies are rather more aggressive looking that Romero's....!All in all, a very entertaining movie, doing exactly what it says on the tin.

Other than that it's a complete waste of time.

some parts are predictable (music cues-gotta love 'em!

She put down the empty cup that had held her raspberry slush puppy.

Overall a totally enjoyable movie, with quite a few good scares to boot.

You'll see a computer with self-preservative instinct, amnesia victims, underground (literally) secret labs, a corporative private army, a deadly virus, a predictable betrayal and all kind of old third-rate nonsense.

) It's as if in all three cases the writers got bored halfway through and said "Oh, heck.

Save your money .

I mean, I enjoyed playing the game and decided to give this movie a try even tho most remakes of computer games to date have left me pretty bored, and this is definitely no exception.

its scary, suspenseful, well-acted and had good action sequences.

The fights are exciting.

Michelle Rodriguez, playing in vain as the Vasquez-hack of Aliens (more about this later), tops him by emoting one emotion along with her delivery of lines in monotone.

The ending is a perfect example of how failed the writers were in their attempt to present something interesting and epic and instead give us a bland conclusion, where Milla walks out into the world to see desolation, burning streets, and no humans.

The exciting ending does a great job at making you want to know what will happen next.

think of the cube-influenced laser beam trap, the boring cast and score (consisting of a whole bunch of cheap metal riffs with boring synthies).

I just a little bored.