Road House (1989) - Action, Thriller

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A tough bouncer is hired to tame a dirty bar.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Rowdy Herrington
Stars: Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 24 out of 288 found boring (8.33%)

One-line Reviews (104)

Ben Gazzara does an excellent job as the town's feared guardian and tormenter and when Dalton (Swayze) gets his revenge for things I cannot reveal it's exciting.

Roadhouse is a perfect Netflix watch if bored.

entertaining .

Healey's untimely death in 2008 make his performance here even more engaging.

Road House is a great modern western and top notch fast paced and action packed entertainment.

Otherwise don't waste your time.

The fight choreographies are extremely satisfying and indescribably entertaining, every punch thrown is filled with male brutality and every time someone's knee was smashed by a low kick, the boy in me was pleasured immensely.

Entertaining .

This is just one movie that will have you talking whether you think it's so bad that it's one of the worst movies you ever saw, or like me, you think that it's so bad that it's a classic.

Road House is an enjoyable and easy to understand film.

Patrick Swayze tries to tame a wild bar in this yawner that only comes alive only when Swayze and Kelly Lynch get intimate with each other on screen.

The fight scenes are competently handled here, and the characters are an engaging bunch {an axis between Dalton and his landlord Emmet is particularly warm}.

Exciting to see the doctor who falls for Swayze be so talented, compassionate and be nice too....

Be that as it may, Road House is an entertaining film regardless.

He makes time to sleep with the local stunning doctor.

Decent, entertaining and perfect for relaxing.

It's exactly everything that eighties classics are known for and that's why it's a must see and it truly is entertaining.

Now here's some rough and rousing entertainment certain to get some enthusiastic cheers out of its audience.

It is from 1989 and comes in in the nick of time before the '90s hit and movies became drab.

Yes, this plot line sounds like an episode of "Walker: Texas Ranger" and plays like one too, however it is a wonderfully entertaining piece of cinema.

Drawing you in is the contemplation of greed vs honor and righteousness vs killing, Compelling you to continue watching despite your initial impression that this was just another B rate 80s movie.

It's fun, packed with spirit and laughs, it's just right on the mark, entertaining, and captures the mood of those times of yonder, when style was more than a phone!

Nowadays it is all boring sequels and prequels and univirse films where every woman is an engineer and hates herself and is ashamed of her own body and so hides it.

I will admit that I was bored during the first half of this movie.

Some movies are enjoyable for the movie experience and nothing move.

My girlfriend and I nearly laugh our bladders empty at some of his flying leaps and cosmetically perfect kicks.

We're then treated to the obligatory 'love interest' sub plot which was pointless and terrible.

OK, it's not exactly a monster or slasher flick, but it's every bit as stupid and action packed.

There are plenty of scenes that try to exercise the movie's dark and serious side, but they just end up being boring distractions from the cheesy fights I want to see more of.

It is a long violent, pointless film; its purpose is to distract rather than comment or create.

Full of action, character, wit, roundhouse kicks, drama, romance, roundhouse kicks, snappy dialogue, sexy performances, and more roundhouse kicks.

This is a flick to watch over and over when you are otherwise bored!

The film is too long for its storyline.

This really is one of those guilty pleasures - a silly, inane movie, but possessed of so many elements for guys to enjoy, mainly regular bouts of ass-kicking, that a guy has to watch it about once a year to get his fix of adrenaline and a picture of how the world should work.

The dialogue was predictable and clichéd, the acting was very poor and the plot was mind numbing.

Cheap-looking and completely empty.

great entertaining movie .

Everything else is literally white knuckle brawling and macho flexing that is so ridiculous that it is fun, funny, and over the top that it's entertaining.

Roadhouse has a flawless and totally unpredictable story line coupled with extremely realistic action scenes and also the right amount of homosexuality and Southern values.

A complex film, evocative of an American Society of yesteryear.

Good action packed fun give it a go you'll be surprised.

The action scenes, which are very lively, are the best things this often cliché film has to offer.

It's a world of its own, with never a cop in sight, and the surprisingly intense atmosphere - you can smell the hot summer Saturday night - draws you in.

Yes predictable.

Plenty of fights in this action packed movie.

Road House is full of laughs if you're willing to suspend your disbelief and go along for the ride, but if not, you'll find yourself just plain bored.

Road House, is still as relevant and politically compelling as it was the day it was made.

It features enjoyable performances, some great performances, and an easy, casual, basic story.

" Road House also made its way into Bad Films We Love, Edward Marguiles and Stephen Rebello's fine compilation of the worst movies ever made.

not good, maybe, but definitely fascinating.

The Swayze character: He finishes his intense tai-chi workout and lights up a Marlboro!

Entertaining junk and eye candy .

For years, I insisted that this was a bad film which was accidentally entertaining.

Healey's untimely death in 2008 make his performance here even more engaging.

, it's action packed, with great fight scenes and fantastic performances (in my opinion) and i say it's a must see for everyone!

Obscenely enjoyable .

Action packed entertainment .

Road House is a gripping story of trying to run away from your past only to have your past thrown at you like a beer bottle smashing full-throttle towards Canadian-guitar legend Jeff Healy.

Exhibit B: Take one look at the scene where the bad guys are shooting at Dalton's approaching (and empty) Mercedes and try not to laugh.

Seeing it again recently thanks to a sparkling new DVD release I was surprised to find that I enjoyed it once again, albeit for somewhat different reasons.

I actually enjoyed the last half of this movie, but the first half was unnecessary and boring.

Obscenely enjoyable.

Very Exciting.

A totally engrossing, classic tale of good vs.

The kind of film that could only come out of the 80s, this entertaining home-town action-flick is just as cheesy as you'd expect but always stays on the right side of silly and is enjoyable because of it.

This film is not going to win an Oscar, however i found it to be extremely entertaining, and it had a few shocking moments, plus Ben Gazzara is extremely menacing as the main villain!.

At the very least, one can appreciate it on the level of entertaining trash.

Lively and Entertaining .

I'm no expert, but neither is old Patrick: Slow kicks - and only able to do them with his right leg, stupid looking posing in WHITE THIGHTS...

The fight scenes were choreographed brilliantly, the action was hot, and the boring scenes where people talked were kept to a minimum.

The whole movie was pointless, swayze proves he doesn't shine as well in a movie in which he doesn't dance, and well you get sick of his southern tough guy act about 15 minutes into the film.

Great entertaining movie, with a bit of nostalgia of the golden years of 80s.

Ben Gazzara proves to be a dull bad guy and the production values are low from top to bottom.

Also, notice that crafty director trick of making her look nerdly in her "boring" hair and oversized glasses, so that later on when her beauty is revealed, its got soooo much more impact !

it is a fast paced guys movie.

One minute she seems so empty and annoying and then a couple of times she really lets loose a decent performance.

"Road House" is everything a bad movie should be, and it's a hell of a lot more entertaining than a lot of legitimately "good" films.

The whole movie tries to peddle a weak plot with, partly thanks to abhorrent dialogue, an uninteresting and generic bad guy.

" And of course the cops consider that a convincing testimony, and everyone goes home like nothing happened.

Boring .

It starts out promisingly and has some good moments, but if I'm totally honest I just found the bulk of the story dull and uninteresting.

In terms of plot and characters, all I can say is everything is just stale, or cliché.

"Road House" runs a fine balance between hilarious and unintentionally hilarious, and this is what makes it so entertaining.

the fight scenes are very unbelievable (people get walloped 20 times and still get up for more), but Patric Swayze is excellent, Jeff Healey's music is superb, and even though the plot is nonsense, it is thoroughly entertaining nonsense.......

A totally engrossing, classic tale of good vs.

If you are looking for a deep intellectual drama, you are in the wrong place, but if you are looking for an enjoyable couple of hours of action packed adventure this is for you.

but ROAD HOUSE is an enjoyable, satisfying film.

It's worth watching.

Whatever the intentions, this movie is very entertaining and very, very stupid.

Patrick, like Socrates has seen fit to bless us with such intense wisdom so that we may see the light.

With a fight movie like this there is no plot; it is rather a shoving of Patrick Swayze and fake blood together.

You get one of the most enjoyable and entertaining films of the late 80's, Road House.

, It's Action Packed With Great Fight Scenes And Fantastic Performances.

I don't understand why the film didn't do very well when it came out back in 1989, it's very entertaining and fun to watch.

This really is one of those guilty pleasures - a inane movie, but possessed of so many elements for guys to enjoy, mainly regular bouts of ass-kicking, that a guy has to watch it about once a year to get his fix of adrenaline and a picture of how the world should work.

The only down fall of this one is boring weak villains, other wise a must see.

I think the story is compelling enough.

The most entertaining portions of the pic are Dalton's methods in dealing with yahoo troublemakers; these dangerous dudes are reduced to clownish oafs by Dalton's effective tactics & knowhow.

Never the less it's great entertainment, enjoyable to watch although you shouldn't take it too seriously.

Extremely predictable, full of clichés, totally boring.

For me this film is one of the most enjoyable movies to view over and over again.

Despite its flaws, the film is incredibly entertaining, never dull and has pretty decent replay value.

Complex and evocative.

and act bored by the ladies who come onto him...